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She’s driving me crazy. Or am I the one driving myself crazy? I can’t tell anymore. Ever since Scarlet Rocket showed up in the flesh, she’s turned my structured world upside down. My neatly ordered life, my hand-painted Aliens versus Vampires figurines, my expertly curated comics collection—none of these things provide any shelter from her sexy, sassy onslaught. It’s a disaster of my own making. She didn’t exist until I created her. Now, I can’t get her out of my mind, and all I want to do is get her into my bed. Never mind that she’s a thief, a liar, a con-woman. Every step she takes leaves chaos in her wake. And damn if I don’t want more of it.

Note: This is a full-length romantic comedy that will have you guffawing, or at least snorting hard.

Rating: 5-stars


You’ve Got Fail by Celia Aaron has the super funny, super hot, super fun factors down completely. I couldn’t get enough of the these exciting scenes and characters. Their flaws are what make them so irresistible. A nerd who has a degree in English Lit, is buffer than most jocks, and has a heart of gold is a keeper. Plus, his own blog writing is hilarious. That is Willis. And he has an issue. Everyone thinks he’s a woman due to his blogger name Scarlet Rocket. But that’s not his only growing problem…a woman con takes his name and everything Willis built into a career could go down if he doesn’t catch her soon…

Who knew that men who play with action figures and love fantasy movies could be so freaking hot? Daphne aka Scarlet Rocket was surprised with Willis. Willis being the real Scarlet Rocket blogger. However, once Daphne realizes what kind of mark Willis is, she can’t sop using his name…and if that fates have it, neither will her PR manager.

Willis is beyond furious that the woman stealing his glory is a beautiful redhead. He happens to be a sucker for redheads…and that isn’t helping his case in stopping her. Then, he finds out she’s a thief and wants nothing more from her. That was until his PR manager uses the fake Scarlet Rocket woman to work as a clutch for Willis. Willis new problems will be controlling his lust towards the beautiful thief, keeping his relationship completely professional, and watching her to make sure no trouble comes…

Yet, life is full of surprises and the more time they spend together the more their instant chemistry sparks out of control…

You’ve Got Fail is by far the best romantic comedy I’ve come across as a reader. This, hit the spot perfectly. Sexy as hell, fun, and one that pulls me into its pages. Wow! Hot geeky nerd and a gorgeous redhead thief kept me turning the pages. Absolutely , a must have for all TBR piles! I highly recommend it to all.

Enid Part 3 by Lucy Mitchell

Enid Part 3


Lucy Mitchell

“Polly – what have done you done?” screams Enid, in my head. The realisation of what I have just done hits me hard. I let go of the phone receiver and it clatters onto the stone floor.

I can hear the operator asking me to confirm my location but I can’t bring myself to say anything. They will trace the call.

“I told you to stop Enid but you wouldn’t listen” I whimper, kneeling onto the kitchen floor. Hot tears stream down my face.

“You have made me so angry Polly” shouts Enid. “Go into the backroom now so that I can start my waitress shift and sort this mess out!”

I shake my head. Enid’s shift must not start tonight.

“Polly do what I say, I am strong and you are WEAK!” hollers Enid, in my head.

“I can’t Enid” I say, wiping away my tears with my apron.

“But I did it for us Polly. You know that!” Enid exclaims.

“I never asked you to kill all those men” I say feeling very cold and starting to shiver as their faces flash across my mind.

“Polly I killed them for a reason, you know this. I did it to get back at that nasty trucker who did those horrid things to you, all those years ago” says Enid.

A familiar dark feeling glides across me. I can smell his pungent body odour, garlic breath and gasoline reeking clothes. I can feel his grubby hands on my neck.

“I know Enid” I whisper, bringing my knees up to my chin and rocking fast to block out the images of him.

“He never paid for what he did to you Polly, there was no justice” says Enid calmly.

I shake my head and break into uncontrollable sobbing at the thought of him, lurking in the shadows outside of the diner. Waiting.

“I was there for you Polly after he left you for dead in the parking lot. I nursed you through all that. I made sure you never worked another night shift again, just to keep you safe” said Enid.

“Oh Enid what have I done?” I cry out, staring at the phone receiver. “You are right. You were there for me after he drove away in his truck, and this is how I repay you. I am so sorry.”

“Its ok Polly, he made you weak” says Enid.

“He changed me Enid” I say rubbing my face hard until it starts to burn. Anger bubbles furiously inside me as I think about his grinning face.

“Let me start my shift Polly. I will get rid of customer no.8 and then do you know what we are going to do?” gushes Enid excitedly.

“What Enid?” I ask.

“We will work out how we can track him down. If we have to close the diner and travel for days, we will do it. We will find him and make sure he never harms another waitress ever again” says Enid.

I stare up at the stained kitchen ceiling, imagining Enid and I getting in our rusted

old wagon, hitting the highway and tracking him down.  Unleashing Enid on him would give me such satisfaction. She is unstoppable at times.

After she has finished with him and he lies dying in the back of his truck I could appear. Stand over his choking body and tell him all about the pain and turmoil he inflicted on me, all those years ago.

Enid and I could return to the diner, happy in the knowledge that my agony would be over. There would no more killing. Enid would be a changed person. I can almost imagine it.

“Come on Polly, this has to end” says Enid. The word ‘end’ reverberates around my head.

Rising slowly I get to my feet and head out to the back room.

“Good girl” says Enid.

I stand by the mirror and wait for the change in waitress.

“This has to end” I murmur to myself.

“Polly what are you doing?” asks Enid.

I can hear sirens wailing in the distance. They are coming.

“This has to end” I say softly, staring at the mirror.

“Polly stop this now. Hurry! Come on we don’t have time…..wait…stop…what are you doing?” shouts Enid.

“Enid I am strong and you are weak” I say, grabbling hold of Enid’s little green bottle, containing the liquid that she has used so many times on her truckers. Flicking open the top I put it to my lips and throw back my head, tipping the cool liquid down my throat.

Enough is enough.  Sometimes you just have to let it go.

Author Interveiw with Best Selling Historical Fiction Novelist Tony Riches

Tony Riches 2014

Today we are talking to Tony Riches, author of best-selling historical fiction novels and book blogger, who lives by the sea in Pembrokeshire, Wales UK.

Looking at your blog The Writing Desk, I noticed it’s centered towards new writers with insightful and relevant information to help them succeed. What inspired you to do this, to help other authors out with their writing?

One of the great things about the writing community is the enthusiasm for sharing ideas and useful tips. I really appreciated this when I started out as a writer – and it is really rewarding when new writers tell me I have encouraged them.

You get about 12,000 visitors a month to your writing blog. That is a major accomplishment. What do you think you did that launched that? And do you have any tips for other writers out to help them gain numbers in visitors like you do?

There are several things you can do to build visitor numbers. Write uniquely informative posts that have a timeless quality, as these will have the most repeat visits, even years after they are published. Particularly successful examples are my series on the writing habits of famous authors and my visits to their houses. It really helps if you ask your favourite authors to guest post with something readers won’t find anywhere else. One of my most popular recent posts was by historical fiction author Anne O’Brien about how she writes. Finally you need to make it easy to share your posts widely—mine are all shared with over 15,500 followers on twitter (@tonyriches) as well as over 1,430 friends on Goodreads and 2,000 readers on Google+ and automatically shared on Goodreads via RSS.

I noticed a book of yours called The Secret Dairy of Eleanor Cobham. Can you tell us readers briefly what your book is about and where readers might find your book?

My wife was researching her family tree and discovered that Lady Eleanor Cobham was her 20th great-grandmother—and had been imprisoned for witchcraft and treason. Intrigued, I found that Eleanor was the Duchess of Gloucester and hoped to become Queen of England before her interest in astrology leads her enemies to accuse her of a plot against the king. Found guilty of sorcery and witchcraft, King Henry VI orders Eleanor to be imprisoned for life. I visited Beaumaris Castle where she was held on Anglesey in North Wales and imagined what she would have written if she had kept a diary—The Secret Diary of Eleanor Cobham. My novel is historical fiction but carefully researched and the only full account of Eleanor Cobham’s life. It is available in paperback and eBook on Amazon UK, Amazon US and Barnes & Noble as well as Smashwords. There is a short video trailer on YouTube.

What would you say is your inspiration for writing?

Like many authors, I started writing for magazines and journals, then wrote a number of non-fiction books, including a best-selling book on project management. Since then I have been fortunate to have had some success—although it is feedback from readers that keeps me inspired. Last month a reviewer said about The Secret Diary that, “It’s been years since a book made me cry. The story of Eleanor Cobham is a powerful story that will stay with me for ages.”

What would you say helps you write the way you do?

I am lucky in that I can write full time and am free to travel when and where I want to do the research for my books. I also have the time to read a great deal, and I try to publish book reviews on my writing blog and Goodreads at least once a month. My wife is very supportive and kindly reads every draft before it even goes to my editor.

Can you tell us about some of the other books and novels that you have written? How many novels have you written up to date? And do you have any series?

I have written four novels and five non-fiction books, details of which are on my WordPress site. My first historical fiction novel, Queen Sacrifice, came from the idea of bringing a real chess game to life, with the whole of Wales as the ‘chessboard’ and thirty-two characters, kings and queens, bishops, knights and pawns, each with an interesting back-story. My only contemporary novel, The Shell, was inspired by a dangerously close encounter when on holiday in Kenya. Since then I have become fascinated by the fifteenth century and wrote Warwick: The Man Behind The Wars of the Roses, which is still the only novel about the life of Sir Richard Neville, also known of as the ‘kingmaker’.

What would you say to writers who are trying to make a name for themselves? What advice can you give?

I read once that it usually takes at least three novels before a writer ‘learns the craft’. I think I understand that now, as it does seem a little easier each time. It is worth investing a little time in building your readership, which you can do through your own writing blog and appropriate use of social media. I have a little ebook How to Build Your Online Author Platform: 100 Practical Tips which new authors should find useful. Also remember that most authors are rejected before they become famous—take a look at this Telegraph article. Finally, remember that a page a day is a book a year, so keep writing!

Beautiful woman in medieval dress on the armchair

The Secret Diary of Eleanor Cobham, by Tony Riches
The year is 1441. Lady Eleanor Cobham, Duchess of Gloucester, wife of Duke Humphrey of Gloucester, one of the richest men in the country and next in line to the throne, hopes to one day become Queen of England. Then her interest in astrology and the dark arts, combined with her husband’s ambition, leads their enemies to accuse her of a plot against the king.
The beautiful Duchess Eleanor is found guilty of sorcery and witchcraft. Rather than have her executed, King Henry VI orders Eleanor to be imprisoned for life. For ten years, she lives as the king’s prisoner in the finest palaces in the country, such as Leeds Castle in Kent, to some of the worst conditions, in Peel Castle on the windswept Isle of Man.
Finally she is taken to the Welsh fortress of Beaumaris Castle on the Island of Anglesey. More than a century after her death, carpenters restoring one of the towers of Beaumaris Castle discover a sealed box hidden under the wooden boards. Thinking they have found treasure, they break the ancient box open, disappointed to find it only contains a book, with hand-sewn pages of yellowed parchment.
Written in a code no one could understand, the mysterious book changed hands many times for more than five centuries, between antiquarian book collectors, until it came to me. After years of frustrating failure to break the code, I discover it is based on a long forgotten medieval dialect and am at last able to decipher the secret diary of Eleanor Cobham.

Henry VI. Part 2, Act 2, Scene 3:
King Henry:
Stand forth dame Eleanor Cobham, Glouster’s wife.
In sight of God and us, your guilt is great:
Receive the sentence of the law, for sins
Such as by God’s book are adjudged to death.
You, madam, for you are more nobly born,
Despoiled of your honour in your life,
Shall, after three days’ open penance done,
Live in your country here, in banishment.

The Secret Diary of Eleanor Cobham is available now in paperback and eBook on Amazon UK and Amazon US and in all popular formats on Smashwords
A short book trailer for The Secret Diary of Eleanor Cobham is available on YouTube
About the Author
Tony Riches is a full time author of best-selling fiction and non-fiction books. He lives by the sea in Pembrokeshire, West Wales with his wife and enjoys sea and river kayaking in his spare time. For more information about Tony’s other books please visit his popular blog, The Writing Desk and his WordPress website and find him on Facebook and Twitter @tonyriches.
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