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On Our Radar: New Reads to Add to Your TBR Pile

Extra Attention

Veteran YA novelist Judy Blundell publishes her first novel for adults, The High Season (Random House, 5/22).

Michael Chabon’s new essay collection, Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces (Harper, 5/15), has a decidedly parental focus.

And Jessica Knoll follows up her smash hit thriller Luckiest Girl Alive with The Favorite Sister (Simon & Schuster, 5/15), a terrifying look at female competition and sisterhood and reality television.


Spotlight: Small Presses

Each month we spotlight 10 key small press titles, including:
Jamel Brinkley, A Lucky Man: Stories (Graywolf, 5/1)
Melanie Finn, The Underneath (Two Dollar Radio, 5/15)
Daniel Gumbiner, The Boatbuilder (McSweeney’s, 5/22)
Thomas McConnell, The Wooden King (Hub City Press, 5/1)
Bethany C. Morrow, MEM (Unnamed Press, 5/22)
Chibundu Onuzo, Welcome to Lagos (Catapult, 5/1)
Todd Robert Petersen, It Needs to Look Like We Tried (Counterpoint, 5/1)
Tommy Pico, Junk (Tin House Books, 5/8)
Michelle Tea, Against Memoir: Complaints, Confessions & Criticisms (The Feminist Press, 5/8) Steve Toutonghi, Side Life (Soho Press, 5/8)

Literary Favorites and Emerging Talents

Among titles sure to attract attention this month are:

Kenneth Bonert, The Mandela Plot (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 5/22)
Ceridwen Dovey, In the Garden of the Fugitives (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 5/22)
Eliza Kennedy, Do This For Me (Crown, 5/15)
Caryl Phillips, A View of the Empire at Sunset (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 5/22)
Kevin Powers, A Shout in the Ruins (Little, Brown and Company, 5/15)
William Trevor, Last Stories (Viking, 5/15)
Sarah Winman, Tin Man (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 5/15)*


Debut Fiction

New voices making their first appearances include:
Elisabeth Cohen, The Glitch (Doubleday, 5/22)
Aja Gabel, The Ensemble (Riverhead Books, 5/15)
Randall Klein, Little Disasters (Viking, 5/22)


Commercial Fiction

Some of the big names and talents launching new books in the second half of May:
Laird Barron, Blood Standard (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 5/29)
Jenny Colgan, The Endless Beach (William Morrow, 5/22)
Judith Flanders, A Howl of Wolves (Minotaur Books, 5/15)
Dorothea Benton Frank, By Invitation Only (William Morrow, 5/15)
Elly Griffiths, The Dark Angel (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 5/15)
Julia Heaberlin, Paper Ghosts (Ballantine Books, 5/15)
D.B. John, Star of the North (Crown, 5/22)
Arnaldur Indridason, The Shadow Killer (Minotaur Books, 5/29)
Stephen King, The Outsider (Scribner, 5/22)
Harriet Alida Lye, The Honey Farm (Liveright, 5/29)
Fuminori Nakamura, Cult X (Soho Crime, 5/22)
Nora Roberts, Shelter in Place (St Martin’s Press, 5/29)
Danielle Steel, The Cast (Delacorte, 5/15)
Ruth Ware, The Death of Mrs. Westaway (Gallery/Scout Press, 5/29)


Prominent and notable authors with new nonfiction releases:
Bret Baier and Catherine Whitney, Three Days in Moscow: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of the Soviet Empire (William Morrow, 5/15)

James Clapper with Trey Brown, Facts and Fears: Hard Truths From a Life in Intelligence (Viking, 5/22)

Pamela Druckerman, There Are No Grown-Ups: A Midlife Coming-of-Age Story (Penguin Press, 5/29)

David Graeber, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory (Simon & Schuster, 5/15)

Jonathan Green, Sex Money Murder: A Story of Crack, Blood, and Betrayal (Norton, 5/15)

Dave Itzkoff, Robin (Henry Holt and Co., 5/15) – A biography of the comedian Robin Williams.

Gary Krist, The Mirage Factory: Illusion, Imagination, and the Invention of Los Angeles (Crown, 5/15)

John McCain and Mark Salter, The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations (S&S, 5/22)

James Pogue, Chosen Country: A Rebellion in the West (Henry Holt and Co., 5/22)

Michael Pollan, How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence (Penguin Press, 5/15)

Al Roker, Ruthless Tide: The Tragic Epic of the Johnstown Flood (William Morrow, 5/22)

David Sedaris, Calypso: Essays (Little, Brown and Company, 5/29)

Carl Zimmer, She Has Her Mother’s Laugh: The Powers, Perversions, and Potentials of Heredity (Dutton, 5/29)


Review: Murder in the Locked Library by Ellery Adams










Welcome to Storyton Hall, Virginia, where book lovers travel from near and far to enjoy the singular comforts of the Agatha Christie Tea Room, where they can discuss the merits of their favorite authors no matter how deadly the topic . . .

With her twins, Fitzgerald and Hemingway, back in school, Jane Steward can finally focus on her work again—managing Storyton Hall, and breaking ground on the resort’s latest attraction: a luxurious, relaxing spa named in honor of Walt Whitman. But when the earth is dug up to start laying the spa’s foundation, something else comes to the surface—a collection of unusual bones and the ragged remnants of a very old book. The attendees of the Rare Book Conference are eager to assist Jane with this unexpected historical mystery—until a visitor meets an untimely end in the Henry James Library. As the questions—and suspects—start stacking up, Jane will have to uncover a killer before more unhappy endings ensue . . .

Rating: 4.5-stars


Murder in the Locked Library by Ellery Adams is an exciting adventure. It is perfect for bookworms of all ages. So many literary references and book talk that I could not stop reading it. I love books. Jane does too. She owns Storyton Hall. Inside it, there is a library with dozens of mysterious books waiting to be read. Jane is planning on building a luxurious spa to attract people. Yet on the day of building, a body is found with a book. A murder mystery that spirals out of control. The who and why kept me intrigued. Everything in this novel is booked theme. Even the spa is named after a famous writer. I can easily relate to Jane. A single mother of two boys, twins. Double trouble and full of mischief…yet the danger and real trouble have just begun…

Ellery Adams is a master of suspense, intrigue, and mystery. Her characters are interesting. Some are quirky and older than Jane. The cat, Muffet Cat, is like a stray cat in a way. He lives in Sotryton Hall but mostly keeps to himself unless he wants someone’s food. I loved how the cat was defended in this book. Even though one mystery is solved another is still a cold case. Jane is tempted to figure it out…and I cannot wait to see what happens next. Adventure, action, and humor can be found here, in Murder in the Locked Library. I enjoyed every moment. So many twists and turns…overall, I recommend this cozy mystery to all.

Women’s History Month: Author Nicole Strycharz

















Two special ladies from my books are Abigail Everett and Henrietta Dexter. Both of them are from my Edwardian historical works, ‘The Maybrook Trilogy’.

Abigail is a woman that suffered the early loss of her mother and the wrath of her abusive father. After being separated from her first love, she becomes a suffragette and broad thinking woman, ahead of her time. Wearing trousers, being an activist in support of the women’s vote, and showing one special little girl how to reach for any star she desires is Abigail’s way of making the world brighter one day at a time.

Henrietta is the daughter of a small town judge. She begins in the trilogy as a snobbish, apathetic, and perfectly traditional woman of the era. As the trilogy continues, she begins to face the things about herself she does not like and begins to see the importance of embracing her self-worth. Henrietta may never be an outward crusader of the woman’s movement but in her heart, she has begun to see the value of her thoughts, her abilities, and her strengths.

Re-release of The Maybrook Trilogy Event

Nicole Strycharz’s FB Author Page

Nicole’s Website

All the books in the trilogy and the prequel will be released April 10th 2018 in honor of the Titanic’s maiden voyage, since the ship plays a role in the stories!

Historical figures that star as characters, are mentioned in the books, or have cameo appearances are:
Lady Duff-Gordon
Henry Ford
The Benz Family
Anna Howard Shaw
John Jacob Astor IV
Isidor Straus
Johnny Appleseed
Jane Avril
Woodrow Wilson
William Howard Taft
Alice Paul
Theodore Roosevelt

Hitler and the Vril Society by Dina Rae

Hitler and the Vril Society by Dina Rae

The Vril Society, a secret society practiced by Hitler and his inner circle, was made famous by The Coming Race (1871) by Edward Bulwar Lord Lytton. The book is about an underground world of aliens that use a power source called Vril. The aliens call themselves the Vril-yas and have special powers of healing and telepathy. The Vril-ya were also descendants of Atlanteans. Hitler linked his Aryan ideology around this race of aliens. The Coming Race was considered a ‘cult-classic’ among occult elite circles of Europe.


Still today, there is little evidence about the Vril Society that Hitler made so famous. Some believe it never existed. Others believe it was the precursor for the Thule Society.

The Vril Society used mediums such as Maria Orsic to channel aliens before and during World War II. She and the other mediums were women who grew their hair as long as they could, believing the hair helped communicate with aliens from other planets. She and the other mediums received futuristic technological blueprints for super-weapons.
No one can argue that Hitler and his engineers were ahead of world in terms of their air program. Were extraterrestrials helping them? After the war, some say that Maria Orsic and her followers took a flying saucer to another planet. Others say she and other Vril members took up a residence in Antarctica.

Does the Vril Society exist today? I had a very difficult time finding an answer one way or another. There are links with the Black Sun Society, Albert Pike (American Freemason), and the Theosophical Society, but no proof of the group’s continuation from Germany.

The Best Seller and The Sequel fictionalize some of the occult linked with Hitler and his Nazi Party.
















The Sequel: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076VXT46B/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1509065720&sr=8-3&keywords=dina+rae

The Best Seller: https://www.amazon.com/Best-Seller-Dina-Rae-ebook/dp/B01G2AKGMS/ref=sr_1_2?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1509065793&sr=1-2


Blog: https://dinaraeswritestuff.blogspot.com/

Facebook: Dina Rae Books




Urban Lit Magazine Issue 

The 2017 June Issue above has just been released. 

76-pages of content. Featuring both bestselling and indie authors. 

A variety of genres and fun articles. 

Interested in reviewing a free copy, please, email: urbanlitmagazine@gmail.com & use review copy in the subject line. All reviews must be posted within 2-weeks. Reviewers will be asked to send us their review links. 

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072SY4KN6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1497821271&sr=8-1&keywords=B072SY4KN6

Author Interview with M.L. Crum

ULM: What lead you to writing your first novel, Irony of Time? 

Three years ago I found myself at a point in my life where I was trying to figure out more about myself. I had just come off of participating in the Avon Breast Cancer 2-day Walk where I had been training, with my two best friends, for 6 months prior to the walk. It was a wonderful experience to do something that was more than my own world. But when the walk ended my one friend got busy with her new house. My other friend had a new job. I was now off for the summer since I teach and my two children were old enough to have their own lives, interest and summer activities all lined up. I found myself wondering what more there was to me than a teacher, mother and wife. What else could I do? I wallowed in that for two weeks until one morning I awoke from a very vivid dream. The kind of dream that makes you sit up quickly and think Wow! That was interesting! I wanted to know more about these two characters that were in my dream. I wanted to know what happened to them after the one made such a dramatic decision. I sat there for awhile thinking of this dream then Stephenie Myers came to mind and how she wrote the whole Twilight Series stemming off her dream. I thought if she could do it, I certainly could give it a try. I thought I might get maybe 50 pages, but the moment I sat down at my computer to type, that first scene from my dream poured out of me and these characters came to life. That became chapter one of Irony. It was then that I remembered I use to have a passion for writing. I wrote all the time when I was younger up until college. It was then my passion turned to teaching young children. By the end of that summer I had finished the first round of the book which was almost 300 pages.


ULM: Inside of Irony of Time, your character, Miriam, goes through a journey of redemption. What was it like creating her?

Miriam was exciting to bring to life. I knew her name right away. The arc of her character was fun to write because I got to show at different ages. First at the age of 26 she was an amnesiac, but living so blissfully with only the current year memories to sustain her. She had found happiness away from something tragic that had happened in her past that still haunted her dreams. She was feisty and ready to discover everything and anything about herself. She wasn’t afraid to take charge even with her lover, the mysterious physicist, Dr. Ian Stone, who was shrouded in a lot of secrets himself.  


Then I got to write her as a 16 year old when she traveled back in time. Not only was she a 16 year old, but this teenager with all her memories back intact, having the mind and experiences of a 26 year old, but a body of a young girl. Could you image? It was challenging to bring that to life, but fun. Now she was in a race against time trying to prevent that one tragic event that had spiraled her whole life out of control. She was on the cusp of the one event that destroyed her family-this family she now remembers and treasures.


The range of her emotions through this journey hit every possible level as she had to rediscover her inner self over and over again, working through the weaknesses that broke her down when utter heartbreak occurred to discovering and using her strengths to overcome the pain, betrayal and despair. She used all this to really find her true self.


ULM: What were your thoughts when bringing to life, Dr. Ian Stone?

 Now, this character was a little different. He wasn’t as clear to me in the dream. I knew he was there. I saw what he did, but he was a mystery to me. One I wanted to figure out. I did not have a name for him until many chapters into the book. I left blank lines or used a pronoun. I researched and made a list of mysterious male names. Ironically, his name actually did not come off that list, but all of the males (except William) from Book two, Hope With Stickers, did. I really loved the name Damian for him, but Vampire Dairies had that name for their seductive, mysterious, sometimes evil, character. I love the actor who portrays Damian, Ian Somerhalder, so finally I just decided to use his first name. To be brutally honest, I visualized Ian Somerhalder whenever I was writing a chapter with Dr. Stone in it.


Dr. Ian Stone is a character I wanted readers to be confused about at first, uneasy, not sure what to think kind of feelings. Maybe then a sort of liking occurs. Next all of a sudden hate his guts. Then for the rest of the story find yourself in a hate-love relationship with him. My goal by the end is for readers to land solidly on one of those feelings, but if they’re still on the fence then when they read the first chapter of Book Two and gain some clarity with what he did and what would happened if he didn’t, that seals the deal for them.


ULM: Inside book 2 (Hope with Stickers), readers really get to meet Hope. A mother who lost her child. What lead you to this specific plot? 


Hope showed up towards the end of Book one. She is only there for one and half pages, but she makes a dramatic impact as she actually detours the time traveling Miriam from a path where abuse would have entered her life again. I instantly knew there was more to this woman’s story. I thought that it would be so interesting to find out what would have happened to Hope and her run away daughter if she never met Miriam during her time traveling journey and then the complete altered path her life took because she did cross paths with a time traveler. I purposely left out 14 missing days in Irony because I knew what was going on with Miriam during that time and how Hope played a bigger part than just one and half pages, but that would not be discovered until book two.


ULM: Hope with Stickers is an interesting read. Can you share with us, readers, who the Novaks are? Especially, Rylas Novak. 

 Ah, Rylas. He is a character you love to hate and then hate that you love him.  

Not to give too much away concerning the paranormal aspects of this series, but the Novaks are a mysterious family of private investigators. Quade and Declan are brothers and Rylas is their cousin. They run their operation in secret out of their nightclub, Taboo, in North Carolina. They have a connection to Ian because they once enlisted Ian’s help with a case they were working on many years back. Declan is the strong leader of the group who manages everything the way he see fit for the good of their kind. Quade is the misunderstood, humorous misfit of the group. That leaves Rylas— the tortured, bruiting, cocky but handsome detective that takes an odd interest in Hope for there is something about her that begins to shatter his whole world.  
ULM: What are you other hobbies besides writing? 

I have a passion for teaching. I teach first grade and have taught for over 15+ years now. My other passions are reading and cooking.


ULM: How would you describe Hope with Stickers using only three words?

 Textured, memorable, heartfelt


ULM: What themes can readers find in your work? 

I think in the Irony of Time series there is a theme for almost anyone. There is the bond of family love with a focus on sibling love that sometimes only seems to occur either later in life or after a tragedy. That leads to the theme of making each moment count now by appreciating and loving one another. Other themes include overcoming tragedy, finding self-worth, redemption and forgiveness. Romance and passion wind itself through all the themes.


All my stories have a curve ball somewhere that comes out of left field when you least expect it because that is what I love to read.


ULM: If your novels were to become movies, who do you see playing Miriam, Hope, Dr. Ian Stone, Rylas, Declan, Quade, Carly, Lisa, and Miranda?


To be honest, I only ever had Ian Somerhalder in mind for Ian.  

Rylas, I feel needs to be someone new and hot, but if I had to pick then maybe a cross between Josh Holloway and Charlie Hunnam, but with black hair.

In the book Miriam describes Hope as a Cheryl Tiegs almost 40-years-old looking waitress. So, someone similar to her since she is a model and not an actress.

The rest, I simply cannot think of a current actor that would fit my visual of what he/she looks like.


ULM: You have a third novel coming out soon. Can you share with us, readers, what Heart of Mine is about? 

Heart of Mine is the third and final book in this series. It is divided into several parts. The beginning and the end parts comes from the point of view of a surprising character that is really the heart of this whole series. The middle is how all the stories and central characters from each book come back together in a very unique way. All three books tightly intertwine each other in so many ways that readers will encounter those aha! Moments throughout each book as scenes and events unfold which trigger a new understanding and realization concerning something from one of the previous books. Even from the biggest of moments to the smallest of minute details, there are hidden secrets being slowly revealed.

Book three wraps it all up in one big, I-didn’t-see-that-coming bow.


ULM: Any other projects to come out after your third novel? 


Yes, over my Christmas break I began writing my fourth book. It is about a young, first year teacher….go figure. Well, I wanted to write about something I know a lot about. There is romance, possibly a love triangle…hint, hint. It is humorous, but there is a central tragedy that has occurred. This form of tragedy is a worry that plagues the mind of all teachers everywhere and one in which some have endured.


ULM: What is it like teaching? Did this influence your stories?


Teaching is like having a job you can never leave. I mean that in every sense of the phrase. I mean I can’t see myself ever leaving teaching until they push me out the door. Because it brings me joy and satisfaction through interacting with children as I help them grow, learn and achieve, but also there is never a punch-out clock. Even as I type these answers I’m watching the time and thinking of my lesson plans I have to finish for next week, systematically filing through the five days and the subjects of math, social studies, science, reading and writing. Then there is the pile of journals I need to assess tonight (while I am mentally preparing for a week of two different formal individual assessments in reading, I need to give each of my 24 students). A coworker said she even teaches in her sleep, which her husband can verify because of what she says out loud.

My favorite subject to teach has always been writing. I love being a part of their growth as a writer from September through May. The magic that would happen there in their writing would be one of my joys.

Now, I don’t think the first three books where influenced by my teaching, but more of an escape. I needed to demand a punch out clock for short periods of time. Even in the summertime between online courses I had to find a way of escaping into another world with imaginary adults and events I could control. It was a way to get lost.

Now my fourth book is heavily influenced by teaching as I previously mentioned.


ULM: What is your advice to other writers?

Writing, editing, formatting and publishing (self-publishing) are the easy parts. It is the marketing that is the biggest challenge. Get out there now, before your book is going to be published, before the formatting, before the editing and writing. Get out there and get seen, be heard, while you are thinking about becoming a published writer. Build your writer’s platform NOW.


ULM: Where can readers find you and your books online?

Book one and two, The Irony of Time series, are both found on Amazon.com, my website and Goodreads


You can also learn more about me and what’s going on by following me at:


Amazon: M.L. Crum



Book Recommendations

Best Fiction Awards

It’s that time of the year again…last year we had many authors who entered into the contest. Now, we are hosting it again.

Begins on October 20, 2016.

Ends on Decemeber 10, 2016.

Winners are announced on January 11, 2016. 

Last year,  we had 9 winners in different categories featuring different genres.

There will be a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd place winner overall.

Two judges. Only three winners. “May the force be with you!”


All genres in fiction are welcomed.

To enter: Submit your book or books in by no later than December 10th to: urbanlitmagazine@gmail.com.

 Entry fee is $5.00 per book entered. 


Each book entered will have a sheet rom the judges on what they thought of each book. 
Plot, characterization, pacing, and writing style will be the categories that the judges will be judging when looking over each book.  

Authors will get a scoring sheet. Winners get a digital seal, a feature in magazine, and a book review as well as an interview.  


Good luck to all this year’s contestants!

Positions that Need to be Filled Immediately…

We are looking for the following positions to be filled asap:

– assistant book reviewers

– proofreaders

– 3 judges for best books and book covers contests

If interested, please, email: urbanlitmagazine@gmail.com.

Thank you!


Review: The Best Seller



When Maya Smock writes her first novel, everything seems to go her way. Her book practically writes itself. She marries her gorgeous agent. Her name is on all of the best seller lists. Billionaire author Jay McCallister takes an interest in her meteoric rise to fame and invites her into his world of alien-believing celebrities. Her life changes forever when he tells her that they were both created inside of a laboratory. These authors are embedding an alien genetic code within the pages of their novels that originated from Nazi Germany because…

The time has come. They are here.

Rating: 4.5 stars


The Best Seller by Dina Rae brings out one of the most unbelievable conspiracies of all. Yet, inside the tale, it seems so real. I was hesitant at first when reading this book. Then, I really got into the plot. The story chapters switch between the happening now moment to what happened back when the Nazis were a real threat. Here, readers will find the US government hiding as well as allowing Hitler’s craziest doctors to conduct experiments. Experiments that involve four aliens. Aliens that can easily kill everyone in the room. In the modern moment, a young female who wrote a science fiction fantasy book goes to a book signing. She wants to see if anyone would represent her book and get it published. Fate must be funny. Because she not only found a crazy agent who got her book published but also met her favorite author. Only he acted crazy when he saw her necklace. A necklace that her mother gave her…then there’s his talk, about the aliens are here. Dina Rae knows how to pull her readers, into a world full of weird stuff that leaves them intrigued. I couldn’t stop reading this novel until I read the last page. Imaginative, well-written, and one that conspiracy hunger readers will love. Overall, I recommend this read to all.

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The last thing Mallory Clark wants to do is move back home. She has no choice, though, since the company she worked for in Chicago has just downsized her, and everybody else. To make matters worse her fiancé has broken their engagement, and her heart, leaving her hurting and scarred. When her mother tells her that the house she always coveted as a child, the once-famed Gray Oaks Manor, is not only on the market but selling for a song, it seems to Mallory that the best thing she could possibly do would be to put Chicago, and everything and everyone in it, behind her. Arriving back home she runs into gorgeous and mysterious Blake Hunter. Blake is new to town and like her he is interested in buying the crumbling old Victorian on the edge of the historic downtown center, although his reasons are his own. Blake is instantly intrigued by the flame-haired beauty with the fiery temper and the vulnerable expression in her eyes. He can feel the attraction between them and knows it is mutual, but he also knows that the last thing on earth he needs is to get involved with a woman determined to take away a house he has to have.

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After a chance encounter with a shoplifter, he stumbles upon the help of Amelia Cook, who is struggling with her own loss. Through one holiday season, the two of them hatch a plan to save the store and in turn touch the lives of everyone they know.

What follows is a wonderful, but tragic tale of love, loss, and new beginnings.

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Which pretty much settles the question.

Now he’s trying to hold down his day job while learning the rules of the Undead — the most important being that bloodthirsty urges and predatory instincts are a real bitch.

Upside; Eric has the beautiful Sasha to teach him the ropes, including the magic he’ll need to survive.

Downside; they’re being hunted by members of the Church of Light, who are determined to rid the world of vampires.

Then Sasha is killed, and Eric is thrust into an alternate world in his quest to avenge her death. There he becomes a Nightlord, fights a dragon with the help of his magical steed, Bronze, and upchucks a sword named Firebrand.

But things get really interesting when Eric finally finds Tobias, head of the Church of Light. Soon Eric finds himself at the center of an epic battle at the literal edge of the world in a fight to keep a terrible darkness at bay.

In other words, just another day in the life of the Nightlord.

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For years China has been building up its military, preparing for this moment. They have created island bases in the South China Sea. Stolen US government secrets through daily cyber attacks on American networks. Each day the threat grows more real.

When a crack team of American defense experts is taken to a remote island for a highly classified mission, they have a single task: create the blueprint for a coming war with China. David Manning is one of those experts. But as the group plans for war, David suspects that not every person among them is planning for America to win…

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Attorney Sabre Brown is summoned into Judge Lawrence Mitchell chambers for an ex parte hearing. When the judge attempts to discuss one of her cases, she refuses to listen without proper counsel present.

Later that evening, Judge Mitchell is murdered.

Sabre’s shock at his death is only surpassed by an attempt on the life of Dr. Carolina Heller, a psychologist she employs on a regular basis. Sabre now fears for her own life.

Sabre enlists her private eye JP, and they begin to comb and scrutinize her cases, searching for connections between the two crimes. But Sabre’s life is in danger from someone much closer to her.

Sabre and JP’s roads diverge. While JP infiltrates a twisted world of greed and corruption, Sabre is caught up in a domestic crisis fueled by obsession. As each is forced to fight their own battles, the question soon becomes, can they find a way to save one another?

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Katie Morgan has her future planned. It doesn’t include becoming serious about anyone before she achieves her goals, not even her handsome boss. Just because she does not have time to date, doesn’t mean her boss shouldn’t. Her new mission…to make her boss happy, whether or not he wants to be.

Wade McAlester fell in love with Katie the first day she walked into his clinic looking for a job. He hired her, content to settle for friendship until she lives out her dream of becoming a vet. Against his better judgment, Wade allows her to fix him up with a couple of her friends. The dates are disastrous. He can’t believe the kind of women Katie seems to think he’d enjoy spending his life with. However, when Wade’s old colleague, Dr. Laura Redmond shows up, Katie is rethinking how happy she wants her boss to be, and with whom. Definitely not the gorgeous doctor.

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by Yesenia Vargas

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Ariana is ready to finally graduate and get a new start at the University of Georgia. But she never expects to meet someone as perfect as Lucas at the beginning of senior year.

But she doesn’t realize how much she might be leaving behind.

Lucas is everything Ariana could have ever wanted in a guy, but he can’t be a part of Ariana’s new start, not when his family needs him at home.

Or that her dreams might be out of reach anyway…

To make matters worse, Ariana’s not sure she can afford to go to UGA herself.

Or if she’ll be able to get in.

Ariana will have to choose…

Because she knows she can’t have it all.

Ariana quickly realizes Lucas’s ex would love to see her gone, but she’s ready to fight for what they have.

But at what price?

Will she have to live with the regret of giving up on her dream school? Or will she sacrifice the guy that’s captured her heart?

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Reverend Annabelle Dixon is the charming, slightly gauche, very tall, thirty-something vicar of St. Mary’s Church located in the picturesque village of Upton St. Mary in Cornwall, England.

Recently appointed to her rural church position, Annabelle is beloved by her parishioners for dispensing good advice and godly wisdom with humor and charm while zipping her Mini Cooper around the country lanes and attempting to build a relationship with her church cat, Biscuit, who, quite frankly, couldn’t care less.

Trouble arises when Annabelle faithfully welcomes a new resident to her quaint parish. Her visit to the latest newcomer, Sir John Cartwright, is two-fold: to greet him and to dispel rumors of shady doings at the manor. This time, however, instead of tea and cakes, Annabelle is served a heaping plate of murder and a fine helping of handsome Inspector Mike Nicholls!

Filled with laugh-out-loud moments and cake and pastry recipes, this humorous, cozy mystery is an excellent introduction to the Reverend Annabelle Dixon series.

Included in this book are recipes for:

– Wicked Walnut Cupcakes with Magnificent Maple Buttercream Frosting
– Beatific Baklava
– Chaste Chia Seed and Coconut Macaroons
– Angelic Almond Cupcakes and Abundant Almond Butter Frosting

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The infamous rake, Lord Richard Hamilton, has finally chosen his bride—the very appropriate Miss Emma Grey.
The ton approves, Lord Grey is pleased, Lady Grey delighted, and Emma is over the moon, but her uncle, (the blasted) Duke of Arden opposes the match, and Emma is ordered to move to the duke’s estate to think things over.
Richard Hamilton refuses to take things lying down and concocts a plan. A plan that should have brought the lovers together and had them married within a month. It was a simple matter of masquerading as the duke’s gardener, compromising the lady, and then having the duke rush them off to Gretna Green.
Alas, he underestimates the duke’s intelligence and the tangled situation on the estate—never had he imagined that compromising a lady could be so difficult.
His endeavours lead to a comedy of errors, charades, and knotty love affairs. Yet he forges ahead in spite of pesky house guests, a flea-bitten mattress, his lovesick best friend, and a blackmailer.
Just when things seem to be going well, someone is murdered (very inconvenient), and he happens to be one of the suspects (extremely inconvenient).
His simple plan for winning the wager suddenly becomes … a tad complicated.

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On a blooming May morning, five bodies of a single religious family are found in their apartment, in the quiet suburb of Samuel’s Hill (Giv’at Shmuel).

Detective Hadas Levinger, a renegade atheist daughter of a religious family, is put in charge of the police investigation. Slowly and skillfully she peels the shells protecting this unique community and reveals hard and painful secrets.

Buy for FREE here: http://www.amazon.com/Hill-Secrets-Israeli-Jewish-mystery-ebook/dp/B00LYVK4TG

The half-tree, half-human beings lived a secret existence deep in the old growth forest.

Until now.

When 11-year old Daisy Castillo discovers a plot to destroy the forest, she tries to halt the approaching evil while keeping these magical creatures from being discovered.

But danger waits in every shadow. For if these corrupt men succeed, the Forest People will die. A few surprises are in store, as some unknown and undiscovered friendships hold the key to her success.

Fate hangs in the balance as Daisy faces her deepest fears, including heartbreak from the past, to rise up against all odds.

Suspenseful, mysterious, and full of danger, Forest Secrets captures the enchantment of nature and the power of friendship in this classic tale of good vs. evil.

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When Celeste Gray arrives in the sleepy village of Brixcombe-on-the-Bay, she thinks she’s one step closer to leaving her notorious past behind. She even suspects the deliciously handsome–if somewhat stuffy–viscount next door is developing a tendre for her. That is, until the day Ashlin Lancester learns she’s not the unassuming spinster she’s pretending to be.

After a decade of proving he is nothing like his profligate father, Ash is horrified to have given his heart to a Cyprian. He launches a campaign to prove his attraction is nothing more than a sordid reaction he can’t control. But he soon learns that unlike his father, he can’t find comfort in the arms of just any woman. He needs Celeste. When he takes her as his mistress, he’s still not satisfied, and the many late nights in her arms only make him want more…

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Bestselling, critically acclaimed, and notoriously creative authors from across the book continuum join forces to bring you At Odds with Destiny, everything you’ve wanted in a boxed set but thought you’d never find: full-length, award-winning novels brimming with cozy mystery, suspense, romance, and biographical historical fiction. Finding themselves at odds with destiny, the characters in these stories fight to shape their future and define who they are. Come follow them in their amazing journeys.

Rise to Power by Uvi Poznansky
Notorious for his contradictions, David is seen by others as a gifted court entertainer or a traitor leading a gang of felons. How does he see himself? Can he control his destiny and strike a balance between ambition and longing for purity?

Double Forté by Aaron Paul Lazar
In the deep cold of winter, threats erupt from the dark woods, spinning events out of hand—and Gus, tormented by the unexplained death of his wife, braces for the fight of his life.

Pam of Babylon by Suzanne Jenkins
After Jack dies, his wife Pam discovers secrets and lies. Is she destined to succumb to vengefulness against his two lovers, or will she find a different way forward?

Dream Student by James DiBenedetto
Everything was going according to plan, until the night when college junior Sara Barnes started seeing other people’s dreams. Is she the only one witnessing the secrets of a serial killer?

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Fans of The Mortal Instruments will enjoy Emerge: The Awakening, the first book of the Urban Fantasy, Emerge series. A 2015 Dante Rossetti YA Awards Finalist, a USA Best Book Awards Finalist, and an International Book Awards Finalist
Allie Carmichael has always believed life is simple.
You’re born. You live. You die.
She has no cause to believe that equation works differently for her, but there has to be a reason the world treats her like a pariah.
When an unexpected move to Kelleys Island brings Aidan McBrien crashing into her life, Allie is thrown by his reaction. He doesn’t shrink from her touch. He doesn’t stutter or make a quick exit. He smiles and welcomes her into his circle of friends, who aren’t exactly comfortable with Allie, but they seem to get her in a way most people don’t.
Finally, Allie has a real shot at normal and rides that high right up to her sixteenth birthday when she wakes in agony—an experience Aidan insists they have all faced. She struggles in ignorance, uncertain of what is real and what isn’t. When she emerges, Allie is different. She has always been different, but even among her extraordinary friends, she and Aidan are special.
As Allie struggles to maintain her tenuous grasp on the power that threatens to overwhelm her, she worries she will lose herself in this strange new world. A dangerous world where she will have to fight tooth and nail to defend the power and freedom that is her birthright.
…only Allie hates to fight.

Join Allie and Aidan in this coming of age urban fantasy set within our own world.

Buy for FREE here: http://www.amazon.com/Emerge-Awakening-Book-Melissa-Craven-ebook/dp/B00VID65W0

Do You Have One Hour To Laugh And Read a Short Book Today?

If you do, then take a few moments to download and enjoy this book by budding author Rodney Southern. Purposefully written to be short, power-packed with laughs and loaded with heartfelt love for family, Southern delivers on all counts.

Having been married for over 14 years and a father to identical twin thirteen-year-old daughters, Southern has learned to survive on a sense of humor. That fun-loving side comes through clearly in this book and will have you wishing for another chapter.

Have you ever felt like your spouse simply doesn’t understand you? Do you find yourself constantly wishing you had more information? This book is for you! It is a series of short stories about a man and his wife that will have you laughing out loud. If you want a nice, quick read that will make you feel good about being married all over again, this is the book for you!

Buy for FREE here: http://www.amazon.com/My-Wife-Drives-Moped-Hilarious-ebook/dp/B01A0PRB60

Thirteen-year-old fashionista Coco Franks has finally made it into the popular group when her dad decides to move the whole family to the country so they can ‘bond’. Social death is looming, her shoes are covered in mud and all Coco wants to do is get herself back to her city friends. After all, things can’t get any worse, right? It’ll take a boy with no dress sense and totally thick boots, and a contrary horse called Cupcake to bring Coco to her senses. But it might just be too little, too late.

Love and Muddy Puddles is humorous realistic fiction aimed at children aged 10-12 and horse lovers everywhere. Set in Australia, this clean teen romance is a funny and inspiring of how a horse can change a young person’s life. Love and Muddy Puddles is the third novel by Australian writer Cecily Anne Paterson. Her first novel Invisible, also a clean, realistic story for girls and teenagers, was called an ‘exquisitely written story’ by Publisher’s Weekly review of teenage fiction and was a semifinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards in 2014.

‘Charlie Franks is A-OK’ is the sequel to Love and Muddy Puddles, and is available for presales now.

Buy for FREE here: http://www.amazon.com/Muddy-Puddles-Charlie-Franks-novel-ebook/dp/B00HOCA7D2

Book Girlfriends…

That’s right…you read correctly. Book girlfriends. No one has discussed which female characters would make the best book girlfriends. So, I would like to hear from all of you, which female characters would make the best book girlfriends and why?

Two super great book girlfriends that pop into my mind in literature are Jo and Amy from Pretty Little Women. Here, we see two independent women growing up through a difficult time. Each sister is the exact opposite of the other one.

Jo is the typical tomboy. She cuts her long beautiful hair to get money for the family during their difficult time. She easily gets along with the young man next door who falls head over heels in love with her. And there’s no reason why he shouldn’t. Other than that she’s not in love with him in that way. Jo is outspoken, strong, and reliable. She would make a great book girlfriend for anyone.

Then, there’s Amy. Amy is the youngest of the four sisters. Prettiest, fanciest, and most artistic of the sisters. Amy is an artist. She dresses and acts like a proper lady of her time would. She knows how to handle herself, in company, and can make any man bow to her ways. We all know that she finally finds true love in the form of her male neighbor next door. Amy at first seemed like a spoiled girl yet as she grows up the transformation is beautiful and eye-popping.

Now, let’s hear what you think of who would make a great book girlfriend. Comment below!


Review: The Cracked Spine



Wanted: A bold adventurer who wants to travel the world from a comfortable and safe spot behind a desk that has seen the likes of kings and queens, paupers and princes. A humble book and rare manuscript shop, seeks a keenly intelligent investigator to assist us in our search for things thought lost, and in our quest to return lost items to their rightful owners.

Never an adventurer, no one was more surprised than Delaney Nichols when she packed her bags and moved halfway across the world to Edinburgh, Scotland to start a job at The Cracked Spine, a bookshop located in the heart of the city. Her new boss, Edwin MacAlister, has given her the opportunity of a lifetime, albeit a cryptic one, and Delaney can’t wait to take her spot behind the desk.

The Cracked Spine is filled with everything a book lover could want, each item as eclectic as the people who work there; the spirited and lovable Rosie, who always has tiny dog Hector in tow; Hamlet, a nineteen-year-old thespian with a colored past and bright future; and Edwin, who is just as enigmatic and mysterious as Delaney expected. An extra bonus is Tom the bartender from across the street, with his cobalt eyes, and a gentle brogue—and it doesn’t hurt that he looks awfully good in a kilt.

But before she can settle into her new life, a precious artifact goes missing, and Edwin’s sister is brutally murdered. Never did Delaney think that searching for things lost could mean a killer, but if she’s to keep her job, and protect her new friends, she’ll need to learn the truth behind this Scottish tragedy.

Rating: 5 stars


The Cracked Spine by Paige Shelton is an absolute must read for all book lovers. A young woman is soon dismissed from her current position due to a lack of funds. She is now waiting for a job that will prove to be one great adventure. Little does she that one ad will give her a job that leads to an adventure of a lifetime. A job that is located out of states and into Scotland. A bookshop to be more precise. Once in Scotland, Delaney meets a wonderful cab driver who introduces her to new people. People who soon become a family to her. However, a mysterious job brings out a stolen object and soon murder. Delaney finds herself buried deep into a tragedy that she needs to solve or die trying to…

Paige Shelton’s most talked about novel, The Cracked Spine, is everything that I thought it would be. Adventure, suspense, romance, and murder…all in one brilliantly well-written book. Every page brings readers closer to the who, what, and why of the cases at hand. Can both the robbery and murder by tied and if so how? The Cracked Spine allows readers to travel far across the world to one of the world’s most fascinating places of all, Scotland. So much history and intrigue lies, within this beautiful country. Readers can tell that a novel this stunning took a lot of research, dedication and love. Paige Shelton’s writing is addictive. Her characters are fascinating and the scenes come, to life. Overall, I highly recommend this new mystery to readers who would love to travel without ever having to leave their home.


Review: The Rejected Writers’ Book Club



Librarian Janet Johnson is puzzled when she is invited—and practically dragged—to her first meeting of the Rejected Writers’ Book Club. This quirky group of women would much rather celebrate one another’s rejected manuscripts over cups of tea and slices of lemon cake than actually publish a book. But good friends are exactly what Janet needs after moving to the small town of Southsea Bay, Washington. Just as the ladies are about to raise a teacup to their five hundredth rejection letter, they receive bad news that could destroy one member’s reputation—and disband the group forever. To save the club, Janet joins her fellow writers on a wild road trip to San Francisco in search of the local publisher who holds the key to a long-buried secret. As they race to the finish line, they’ll face their fears—landslides, haunted houses, handsome strangers, ungrateful children—and have the time of their lives.

Rating: 5 stars


The Rejected Writer’s Book Club is a sensational read that will send readers on a journey for a life time. This story is funny, daring, and energetic. For fans of Susan Mallery, Debbie Macomber, and Janet Evanoich than this is definitely for you. Readers will be amazed by the strong bond of friendships these characters have created inside of their neatly organized group. I love anything that deals with reading, writing, and books and this novel by Suzanne Kelman was just the perfect read I was looking for…

A new woman moves into town and is invited to join a group of women. Here readers will be pulled in automatically as the fast-paced plot unfolds with every page. The humor, adventure, and suspense will keep readers turning the pages all night long. When news comes in that will shatter their group completely they set out on a trip to undo the chance of that ever happening.

The Rejected Writer’s Book Club is a fascinating novel for women that won’t be forgotten. The characters are interesting and highly intriguing…and the plot as so much that could or could not happen that readers will be glued to every page wondering what’s next. Suzanne Kelman has a raw talent in drawing her readers into a world of laughter, fun, and memories of a life time. I loved reading this well-developed story and look forward to reading more by this author. Overall, I highly recommend this read to readers everywhere.

Reading Away…

Free School Girl Reading Book Clip Art


It’s 36 degrees here, in Mountain Home, AR. My keyboard feels ice cold. I have 1 exam today and 2 assignments to complete. Reading, Remembrance by Meg Cabot. I have 6 print copies I won online, and I am patiently waiting for their arrival. I know it will be weeks before I get them. Then, I won’t find out until Wednesday, if I will get an additional 7 print copies, in the mail, for reviewing yet. I gobble books down like they were chocolate chip cookies. Stay warm & happy reading everyone!

New Print Arrivals to Review:

  • The Naked Writer
  • Ripe for Murder
  • River Road
  • The Devil You Know
  • Lily and the Octopus
  • The Witch’s Daughter #2
  • The Friends We Keep
  • Gaikokujin- The Story
  • Unruly
  • Szen Zone
  • Onyx Webb Series Book 3
  • Onyx Webb Series Book 4
  • Amish Sweethearts
  • The Grimm House
  • To Catch a Rake
  • Hearing Thoughts
  • The Painting and the Piano
  • Keep You Close
  • Girl in the Dark

New Digital Books to Review:

  • Porcelain Doll
  • Mr. Prime Minister
  • The Watermelon King
  • Devotional
  • The Madness of Mercury
  • Love Walks In
  • Promise Lodge
  • If the Prospect Pleases
  • A Song for Giselle

Review: Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend



Broken Wheel, Iowa, has never seen anyone like Sara, who traveled all the way from Sweden just to meet her book-loving pen pal. When she arrives, however, she finds Amy’s funeral guests just leaving. The residents of Broken Wheel are happy to look after their bewildered visitor — not much else to do in a small town that’s almost beyond repair. They just never imagined that she’d start a bookstore. Or that books could bring them together – and change everything.

There’s a book for every person … and a person for every book.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review: 

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is a highly intriguing novel. Readers will love the brilliant way this story is organized. Letters between two people. One is still alive and the other is dead. The living one is a lover of reading and is left in a delicate situation. It’s amazing how small of a town Broken Wheel is and how only a handful of its people are doing everything to keep it going. Readers will be taken deep into a whole new territory, that will leave them wondering what happens next. Katarina Bivald’s talent is fresh and exciting.

Readers will find themselves dragged into a novel that speaks of other great reads in way that is new. One way to bring the love of reading and books to audiences all over is to write a novel detailing a young woman’s adventure to a small-town. Broken Wheel is indeed the smallest town readers will be sent to and it’s there where the journey begins. Two women living in different parts of the world exchange letters about the books they recommend. One day, Sara comes to Broken Wheel to meet Amy. However, she finds that Amy has died recently and now, Sara is a tourist left in town that has little to offer. But that doesn’t stop her or the handful of residents that try making the town as wonderful as possible. Everyone wants Sara to like their small-town. Nobody expected what nor how a stranger like Sara can bring about a change that, will forever make their town differently. Readers will laugh out loud with this msyterious place and its residents. Sara is also, one remarkable woman, who takes on a challenge and sets her life in a new direction. I loved reading this well-developed story. At first, the plot begins slowly but once you entered into Broken Wheel and experienced its residents lifestyles then it speeds up faster then you expected. Overall, I highly recommend Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend to readers everywhere.


Cover Reveal

Cover reveal for October 2015 Issue

We are looking for the following to feature in October’s Issue:

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  • Published a book or two? Let us know, and we’ll feature it!
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#2 Writing Tips for the Day

Themes – Think of these as your thesis of your novel.

Once you know what your thesis, use it throughout your novel.

Task: Choose any one of your favorite novels.

Why is this novel your favorite?

Be as detailed as possible.

Now, what can you learn from this author’s craft?

Task #2: Write about a dream you’ve had


about the room your in.

Take only ten minutes to answer either one of these questions.

What Are You Currently Reading?

What are you reading?

I am currently reading several novels and books at once. LOL.

You are probably wondering..how can you manage that?

Well, it’s simple.

The two books I am reading, are about writing fiction.

The novels I am reading are completely different genres.

This makes it possible to keep my reading straight.

I am reading, The Copy, by Grant Boshoff.

His novel is incredible! I was wowed on the first page.

And I highly recommend it to readers who love intrigue, criminal cases, and human cloning.

I am into chapter 4 as of right now.

Next, I am reading a novel called, Warrior’s Curse by Alexa Egan.

This is the first novel by her that I am reading.

I am currently into chapter 6 of this paranormal romance mystic novel.

Definitely recommend to readers who love strong sexy heroes.

The book I am reading right now, is called Write A Novel and Get It Published by Nigel Watts & Stephen May.

This is a must read for all writers.

No matter what level of experience you carry!

Back to fiction, I am reading a brilliant and most talented writer’s manuscript.

Lucy Mitchell aka Blondedusk has honored me with reading her work.

Her shorts whether fiction or nonfiction are out of this world & hard to stop reading.

Her words are vibrant and realistic.

They encourage readers to continue reading her work.

I think it’s because she puts passion into her writing no matter what the topic is.

Lucy can write anything she is given or brilliantly comes up with next.

She is currently working on her debut novel.

I can’t say anymore…

But, I can say this..you can find the first chapter of her debut novel within July’s Issue.

And then there’s my friend, Scott Pinsker, his poetry is something else.

His words take over your soul and deep into his lines.

Once you read one poem of his, you will never stop.

He has given me a special poem to share with you all in July’s Issue.

Last but not least there is my best friend and a special friend of mine whose work, I always knew would be published.

Daniel J. Darcey is going to be a published author soon.

Several of his novels are being prepared for publishing right now.

His science fiction fantasy novels, will never dull you.

I am one who turns away from this genre, but after reading his work, I was hooked.

And since then, I began looking into other books in his genre.

Definitely have to recommend his novels to all.

So, he has just finished writing his latest novel and I get to read it!!!!

Once they are out, I will be sure to post about them.

So, what are you currently reading?

Blogging a Book the Fast Way!

It won’t take long to write your book if you use your blogging skills to do so. Publish three posts per week, each one about 500 words long, and you write a 10,000+ e-book in seven weeks.

Or publish 100 posts, each one about 500 words long, and you produce a 50,000-word manuscript. Publish posts three times per week, and you finish your manuscript in 34 weeks.

Publish more posts more often to finish your book faster. Or increase the length of your posts to complete in record time.

But keep this in mind: It’s better to publish shorter posts more often (especially when trying to build platform). Don’t publish 2,000-word posts once every two weeks. Overly long and infrequent blog posting doesn’t attract readers and makes the book writing process feel harder.

So stop complaining about not having time to write. Turn your blog into a book-writing machine. You’ll build your author platform and finally get your book—or many books—written.

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What new service will we be offering soon?

I am happy to announce that Universal Creativity Inc. will be offering eBook publishing services. We can can edit, design and publish your novel(s) or book(s) for you. We have one author who has agreed to sign on with us using our new services!

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– We charge a one time low fee to our authors in doing all the heavy work that they publish with us. This allows the authors to keep all royalties and to increase their profits.

– If your manuscript needs work or is missing a lot, we will work closely with the authors to help them polish their work to be published.

– No author is left behind. We will be accepting all genres in fiction and nonfiction to be published by our company. We will be accepting short novels, novels, and series.

Dear Viewers

Dear Viewers,

I have recently received my book voucher for my spring semester. But as always the college still charges more for their books. So, I went to Amazon and bought two college textbooks which if I had only rented from my college would have cost me $400 + tax! Amazon was my best bet and so, I got both textbooks for a grand total of $152 intead of $400+. Now, how’s that for being a smart shopper? Colleges are still in my opinion ripping students off. Just look at the tuition prices per credit hour. My college raises it’s tuition up after every semester and yet, I hear them say their budgets for a lot of things have been cut. How’s that possible? It’s just so, frustrating.

Anyway, I am currently working on writing a 500 word essay spiling my guts out about my whole life to convince my college that I am qualified for their scholarship plus other local scholarships. The essay is due by April 1st, but I want to complete it now and turn it in asap. The scholarship would greatly help me out weither to cover what I paid for fall semester, or fall semester’s books ($1,700 + $400) it would still help me out. Until I can secure a paying job while attending college full time, I am fully dependent on whatever money I can get from the scholarships. I used my fall semester’s aid money to pay for spring semester’s tuition.

I recently applied for a paid freelancing job. It’s a small job. But, it would help me out a tiny bit. If accepted, I coud make $3,600 a year. I would be making at least $75 a week or $200 per month. That is a nice amount to save for gas money. We live five miles out of town and money is tight. So, every penny helps us out.

One More Day Left of 2014

One More Day Left of 2014!

Today, I have gone over my goals for the up coming year and I noticed they were good ones. Ones that will help me develop further as a writer, editor, blogger and publisher. I have been thinking of new designs for the next new issue of Universal Creativity Inc.’s magazine. I was thinking for the cover that I could feature a new emerging author’s book or that author photo as the cover design. Along with the author’s brief bio and interview (and yes, I will post a review of their latest book as well).


If you are a new emerging author and are interested in having either our book/ novel’s picture featured and or your photo as the cover design, please email me at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com .


If you have written a short story and would like it to be featured in a digital magazine online that has a t least 5,000 viewers than please send your short story following the instructions below to: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com .

Short stories must:

– Be written in English.

– Times New Roman font

– 12 size font, double-spacedbut no

– Include your first and last name, title, genre and word count.


All writers are welcomed to submit in their novels to be published in our featured digital magazine. The word count must be more than 10,000 words. The formatting of the novels to be turned in must follow those of the short story requirements and be mailed to: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com . If you would like a critique, proof reading and or editing service please check our editing services page for more information. All novels submitted will receive either a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal.  Gold medal is for a 5 star rating, meaning it’s the best one in it’s genre. Silver medal is for a 4 star rating, meaning it’s the amazing one for it’s genre. Bronze medal is for a 3 star rating, meaning it has the potential of being the best and or most amazing novel in it’s genre.


This coming year, I would like poets to step up to the plate and share their poetry with the world to see. All poems are welcomed for submission to be featured in our digital magazine for writers & readers alike. The poems will receive medals just like the featured novels.  Gold medal is for a 5 star rating, meaning it’s the best one in it’s category. Silver medal is for a 4 star rating, meaning it’s the amazing one for it’s category. Bronze medal is for a 3 star rating, meaning it has the potential of being the best and or most amazing novel in it’s category.


If you write an inspiring blog for writers and or and advice column on writing, reading, editing, marketing, and or publishing related to books, novels, and writing than you are invited to submit your article to us at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com . We would love to hear from you. Also, by being featured in our publication each month you will gain a more global audience and have a place to show off your published pieces to future employers.

More Book Reviews to Come!

Dear Viewers,

I will be posting more reviews tomorrow for you to enjoy. I hope you all have enjoyed the ones that I have posted today. These books were fun, exciting, and out of this world. I loved reading each and every book that the authors were kind and generous enough to lend me to read and review for them. I love reading and writing. Now that my finals are over, I am back on track with writing reviews and editing manuscripts. If you have a book or novel that needs editing or a free review just email me at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com . My oral surgery went well and I am healing slowly. I cant eat real food yet, so I am stuck on a liquid diet until Monday. Monday is when I get my stitch removed and hopefully can eat real food and hot coffee. Right now, I am stuck drinking lukewarm coffee 😦 not the best but at least it’s something right? I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas holiday and have a Happy New Year as well.



Super Excited!

Dear Viewers,

I hope you all are having a very happy Thanksgiving Day Holiday! I know, I am. I am super excited to announce that I have been approved to review not just one but 3 novels from Harlequin! Before, I was always turned down until I emailed one of the authors who has her novels published by Harlequin and was approved by her and her editor to review her novel. I was super happy that day. And I am beyond thrilled to know that I have now been approved to review 3 more novels by one of my favorite companies!

I want to also thank everyone for helping me through my struggles when I was constantly denied access, and for continually supporting me all the way. I also appreciate all those who have gone up and beyond by publicizing my issue of not having enough followers to be accepted by the publishing company. I am very thankful to have such amazing followers of my blog to help and support me. I couldn’t reach where I am now without any of  you helping me get there.  Again, thank you! 🙂



Upgraded Membership!

Dear Viewers,

I have recently received an email that my application for becoming a Gold BookLook Blogger member by Harper Collins, has been approved! 🙂 I sent in my application last night! I was excited to find out that I was accepted.



$5 Editing Service for Authors & Writers!

Since it is August, my birthday is this month and I wanted to do something for authors and writers. So, I thought why not charge a super low price for full editing services for writers and authors on the day of my birthday!!!

My birthday is August 19th. So, on that particular day the full editing services will only be $5.

I  wanted to tell all of you this early so, that way if you need to finish writing or prepare your files then this will give you a heads up and a decent price for editing! 



Reading & Analyzing

When was the last time you as a writer picked up a good book to read for fun?

What was the title of this book?

Who was your favorite character?

List five traits of that character.

Was the character the protagonist or the antagonist?


What troubles did he or she encounter?


What made you decide to read this book in the first place?

Did the back panel of the book hook your interest?

What was the part of the story that hooked you on the first page? 

Now on your own without looking back at the book, name a few scenes.

Next, name a few sequels.

Were you able to answer all these questions without using your book? If so, then the author did everything correctly.  And this exercise made you think and analyze like the book’s author. 



Are You an Author Desperately Needing a Book Review?

If you are an author who desperately needs a book review – 

1)  I can can write you a free review & post it on the following websites:

      a) GoodReads

      b) Amazon

     c) Indie’s Book Reviews

     d) Online Book Club

     e) Facebook

     f) Linked-In

    g) Twitter

    h) WordPress

2) Being an author you need more than one book review for you book. Why? Because the more book reviews you have the more people are willing to buy your book to read. People draw to books that have the most book reviews and rates.

     So, the way to gain more book reviews for free is to go to GoodReads and Amazon, load your book on there after creating an account. And occasionally once in a while post your book for free. This grads readers in. Once readers read your book they will leave you a book review. I should know! I am one of those book reviewers. I review books for 6 different sites! I know how this process works. I cant guarantee how many reviews you will get, but I can promise you that these tactics wil help your promote your book and boost your sales.