Review: Professor Ladybug Teaches All About Me

Synopsis: Welcome to the wonderful world of Professor Ladybug! This simple workbook is designed for children to explore and record facts about themselves, as well as their friends and family.  These 80+ pages are also a great way to build self-esteem and confidence in any young child. Watch them get more confident through exercises that... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenge!

Write about an unresolved  situation that one of your characters go through in 500 words that ends up being resolved. Write about an encounter your character goes through with an unpleasant person in 300 -500 words. Write about a conflict that your character(s) go through using 500 words.

Writing Assignment #8

Write a 250-word description of a real or fictional person—both inner and outer characteristics—using any sense(s) except sight (2) write a 250-word description of a place with "character," revealing the elements that suggest its history (3) write the opening of a story or essay featuring the character you described in part one of this assignment... Continue Reading →

Homework Assignment #8

For this homework, you will be writing a paragraph. Yes, just one paragraph! This one paragraph needs to be about a realistic event that happened to you in the past. Be sure to include your feelings, thoughts and emotions of the event! Write in first person point of view by using the word,I. 

Poem: Rainy Days

Rainy DaysThe times children cant come out and play,And so listening to their parents say,they are only to stay,deep within the house of brick-clay,and silently watch as the rain washes the windows with its spray,and it is only soon that the parents silently pray,that the children's good behavior will remain.

Daily Writing Prompt

Your character suspects that someone close to him/her is about to commit a terrible crime.  Will your character report this suspicion to the authorities?  If the suspicion is correct, your character could prevent people from getting hurt. But if your character's wrong, s/he could get someone s/he cares about into serious trouble.

Writing Prompt: Answer the four questions!

Your character's an excellent conversationalist who easily makes friends. He goes to party, where he notices an awkward-looking girl sitting alone in the corner, ignored by everyone. Feeling sorry for the girl, he decides to go talk to her. He succeeds in engaging her in conversation. Unfortunately for him, he is too successful. The girl... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenge for May

For this month's writing challenge you have to write a short story in two paragraphs using the the phrase given down below! Be sure to post your responses down below in the comment area for feedback! 🙂 "People say you can't ever go back. But the paths of a life journey are rarely straight."

New Writing Course

New -Romance Writing Course Free A new course has been added. It is free for all to join and participate in. We will be exploring different forms of romance writing. Different ways to write a romance novel and how to write a compelling romance novel with believable characters. Responses to assignments are required for feedback... Continue Reading →


There are two free courses that are being offered. They have recently been re-updated. New tasks are assigned and posted weekly. The courses are free of charge. Creative Writing Course Free Writing Short Fiction Course Free Thank you! 🙂 "></

Story Within A Poem

In this competition, you are challenged to write a poem that tells a story and also rhymes. The winner will have their work published in our monthly magazine featuring their work 🙂 Please post your responses down below in the comment area!Best of luck! 🙂

Operations Unleashed Part 2

Undercover Marine agent, Tonio Santez still suspected Cassandra Wilks. His secretary. Leaking highly sensitive documents from the company and extorting the company's money into false accounts all over. What he didn't know was that Cassandra suspected her new CEO boss as the prime suspect.The leaks were happening since he started working here. Cassandra decided to... Continue Reading →

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