Guest Post: Character Development by Courtney Davis

I love characters, I often start a new story based solely on an idea for a character that I wouldlike to see developed. For me it's really all about how a character acts and interacts with theirenvironment and the other people around them and scenarios of misfortune that I can cook up. This iswhat I... Continue Reading →

Character Arc

Character ArcHow does your character change from the beginning of the story to the end of the story?How has your character changed in ways of mentally, physically, and emotionally?What causes these changes to occur in your character?

New Course Coming Soon!! New learning format!!

Fiction Writing (Part 1) Course coming soon. The course format will be self-paced with lessons and assignments being sent via email to students. Assignments are to be turned in to instructor for one-on-one feedback. What will the course cover? It will cover, theme, character developments, scenes, settings, act I, act II, act III, conflicts, creating... Continue Reading →

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