Review: The Day that A Ran Away by B.C.R Fegan

The Day That A Ran Away by [Fegan, B.C.R.]






Master Jet has forgotten to complete his homework… or has he? Jet’s teacher is surprised to find that instead of the alphabet, his page is completely blank. Jet tries to explain that it really isn’t his fault. After all, how can he help it, if none of his letters want to stay on the page!

Rating: 5-stars


The Day that A Ran Away by B.C.R. Fegan is an interesting tale. A young boy heads to school only to find that his letters are not there. The mystery that lies, is whether or not there were there in the first place. Master Jet goes on to say how each letter went missing from his page. The teacher; however, does not believe Master Jet. I am not sure I do either…but I still wonder.

The pages were bright and colorful. They went smoothly with the story being told. Each letter of the alphabet had its own escape. Designed in a fun yet entertaining way, it was easy to get lost. Children can easily learn their letters and have fun at the same time. Overall, I highly recommend this book to both parents and teachers alike.


Review: Judy Moody (Mood Martian) by Megan McDonald

Mood Martian (Judy Moody #12)








It’s Backwards Day, so Judy Moody double-dares herself to become Queen of the Good Mood for one whole week. Can she do it?

Will the real Judy Moody please stand up? In honor of Backwards Day, Judy Moody decides to turn that frown upside down, make lemonade out of lemons, and be nice to stinky little brothers. In fact, Judy becomes a NOT moody, cool-as-a-cucumber neat freak for one whole entire day. But when her combed hair, matching outfits, and good moods hang around for days after, her friends begin to worry. Could this smiley Judy be an impostor?

Rating: 5-stars


Judy Moody: Mood Martian by Megan McDonald is the best novel yet. In this tale, I got to watch Judy Moody show a different side to herself than her usual self. In fact, her family started to think she wasn’t really Judy…at all. The change was pleasant and welcoming.

Judy Moody is a young girl who has a wild imagination and a good heart. She wants to be good, but her plans always went wrong. There was always a big oops, somewhere if not everywhere she went.

I was surprised by how much Judy changed and grew up. Her personality is still creative as ever. I laughed a lot. Her and Stink will always be my favorite two characters in this series.

Judy Moody: Mood Martian is about Judy trying not to be her usual Moody self. Readers familiar with the series all know how moody Judy Moody can get at times. Her ways of accomplishing not being moody was interesting! I definitely recommend this book story to all. Judy did make a lot of boo boos as usual, but she somehow ended up at the top. I liked the themes and the new adventure presented. The illustrations were great. They went well with each chapter. Overall, I highly recommend this book to readers everywhere.

Review: Amir’s Big Catch by Shelia Jones and Charis Haines

Amir's Big Catch







Amir lives by a lake and his dream is to catch a fish–but he can’t do it on his own! Join Amir in this adventure as he meets some friends who can help him along the way.

Rating: 4.5-stars


Amir’s Big Catch teaches children about fishing. The pages are filled with beautiful illustrations that show each tool required for Amir’s fishing day. There’s the tackle box, fishing rod, bobber, worm, and hook. The other character is the fish whom Amir catches. I enjoyed this nature filled story. It was cute. I liked how friendly the environment was. Fun, entertaining, and detailed this children’s tale is a delight to read.

Shelia Jones and Charis Haines created an educational catch and release book. Fishing is one popular old time pleasure that has not died out yet. The youth are being taught how to fish here. How the process of working with the fishing tools can help one catch a fish. Amir catches a fish and makes a new friend that day.


Review: Golden Maple Tree



At the end of a boring summer in her un-magical hometown, Holly O’Flanigan is eager to return to the parallel world of Magora.

Holly’s nosy neighbor, Ms. Hubbleworth, has been missing for a year, and Holly and her friends, Brian, Rufus, and Amanda, know where she is. A year ago, they left the real world together and entered Magora via a painting Holly’s late grandfather created.

When Holly and her friends head back to Magora to enroll for their second year at Cliffony Academy of the Arts, Holly finds out that her friend Ileana is severely ill. She suffers from a disease that dissolves her blood and turns her back into what she was before—a so-called Unfinished, an incomplete, painted creature that drains the blood of others to become whole.

Holly tries to find a cure, but in vain—Ileana’s illness is progressing. While Holly continues to donate blood to keep Ileana stable and the new school year starts, she meets Ms. Hubbleworth again. Surprisingly, her nosy neighbor has no knowledge of her old life back in the real world and seems fully immersed in her position as a teacher at the art academy.

When Holly learns that the leaves of a mysterious Golden Maple Tree could cure Ileana’s illness, she begins her search for the tree and discovers an ancient monastery where the dangerous blood-sucking Unfinished live.

But Holly’s best friend Rufus is kidnapped and taken to the monastery. With her other friends in tow, Holly enters into a fierce battle against the Unfinished to free Rufus and collect the leaves of the Golden Maple Tree to cure Ileana. In the process, Holly learns the truth behind Ms. Hubbleworth’s memory loss—changing everything Holly thought she knew about Magora.

Rating: 5 stars


Golden Maple Tree by Marc Remus is the exciting second adventure to a wonderful children’s series. The cover is just as enticing as the inside…readers are captivated by the magical world where Holly and her friends go on amazing adventures. There’s always a mystery and someone who needs saving.Marc Remus is a talented writer and illustrator. His work never disappoints.

Golden Maple has it all for children. Mystery, suspense, intrigue and most of all adventure. Friendships are important as well as family life. Doing what is good even if it’s not easy is another theme inside this beautifully written tale. Every page brings readers closer to what’s happening and why. Reading one book will cause fo readers to want to read another and another by Marc Remus. It’s one spell-binding read that will captivate its audience for a long time. Overall, I highly recommend this enchanting children’s novel to readers everywhere. You will definitely fall in love with the characters.


Children’s Writing Book Series

Today,we continue with Lucky and his adventures. The cute, loveable, mischievious little puppy. Lucky helps a young boy learn not to give up his dream of being a picther on the baseball team. Lucky helps the boy by having him practice throwing the ball and Lucky running after it. After awhile the boy becomes good at throwing. Lucky is happy his new friend is doing well. Later on at practice the boy throws every single ball well enought that the coach is proudof him. The coach’s son dislikes his fathers approval of the other boy. The coach’s son decides to act friendly to the other boy and have him hangout with him and his friends..but what happens when the boy goes to meet them? What do they do? How does Lucky come to the boys aid? What happens to the coach’s son? And why? How does Lucky bevome a mascot for the baseball team? And does the little boy that Lucky helped end up being a catcher? Write all this in your response below!

Children’s Book Writing- Lucky is Kidnapped by Aliens!

For today’s writing challenge, I thought we could add a science fiction twist to the children’s book series. Lucky is wandering around his home back at the farm when he finds a small spaceship that has crashed into one of the fields. Lucky carefully treads closer to the unknown object. Not knowing what to make of  it. Soon, a small green alien pops out. Describe what this alien creature looks like. How many ears? Hands? Feet? What is the creature’s name? Where did it come from? Lucky watches the alien slowly come out and starts barking in dog language. Lucky understanding what the alien says is surprised. How does this creature speak dog language? It is not a dog! Write how the alien’s parents come to find it. And take it home. What happens when they accidentally take Lucky with them too? 

Lucky goes to the Air Force

Today’s children’s book series, Lucky visits the Air Force Base. Write what happens when looking goes sniffing around into trouble. Luvky wanders off as usual to go searching. As he searches he heads over by the planes. Being a small puppy, Lucky is almost invisible to the pilots. Because they weren’t expecting a tiny puppy wandering around so..close to the planes. One man, not looking where he was going trips over Lucky causing his to turn on a switch. The switch sends a small model of one of the top planes flying around. The planes crashes into a nearby wall after a few zig zags. The model plane cost a fortune to make and now it laid in ruins on the concrete floor. The man who fell was so..mad he went after Lucky with a broom. Shoing him far away. In a testing field nearby, Lucky heads near a group of pilots stashing away stolen money onto one of the planes. Lucky watching them decides to stop them.Runnig full ahead Lucky bites one of the pilots, barking loud enough for all to heat. The pilots trying to catch Luvky end up knocking into each other. Soon other pilots and workers run to where Lucky is. Siting up by the stolen money stuffed inside cargo boxes, Lucky barks letting them know he saved the day.
Write how the money was stolen and where it was stolen from. And write how Lucky gets to fly in a fighter jet. Write all this in your response down below!

Today-14th Day of Writing a Young Children’s Book

Today, is the last day out of the fourteen days of writing a children’s book together. But fear not. There will be more children’s book ideas, advice and tips posted daily. Except, instead of givig you a character, a conflict and a plot , I will tell you to come up with each of these on your own. Sometimes, I will give you one of these three and leave to gigure out the rest. Which will be interesting to read. Because the plots and characters will be different. And exciting!
So, for our last challenge for writing a young children’s book, I thought hmmm…I can give you one of the three main ingredients for making a story and allow you to do the rest. I will help you write your story along the way but you get to decide what you want.
Today, I will give a conflict. The conflict is: your character is sad about his loyal dog’s death. He/ she knew this dog since they were born..A new dog, a stray who is hungry and very dirty trys to befriend your character. But your character keeps chasing the stray away because the character is still sad about his/her dog. Write how they stray sticks annoyingly by your characters side no matter what your character does your shoe it away. Write what happens to the character, where the stray comes to the characters rescue and how the character falls in love with the stray. Then write what happens when something bad happens to the stray…will your character lose the stray dog too?
Post your responses down below for feedback.

Day #12-Writing a Young Children’s Book

Today, you will be writing about, Lucky, our cute, adorable, but mischeivious little puppy. Lucky is heading to South America. Write about his jungle adventures while there. What kind of trouble does Lucky get into this time? How does he end up saving the day? What animals and plants does Lucky see in the jungle? Write all this in the comment area below for feedback!!! Best of Luck! 🙂

Day #10 – Writing Young Children’s Books

Since we are doing a children’s book series, I thought that for this challenge we can write about Lucky and his Easter Day Adventure. Write about Lucky going on a search for the Easter Bunny. Does he find the Easter Bunny? If he does, what happens next? If he doesn’t find the Easter Bunny? Write how Lucky almost gives up liking Easter until something changes his mind… Is Easter only about getting candy? Write about Lucky learning the true meaning of Easter. And how he poses as an Easter bunny!


Day #9- Writing a Young Children’s Book

download (1)So far, we have completed eight days out of the 14 for writing young children’s books. By the time we reach day 14, you should have a series of young children’s books written. We are officially past the halfway mark! Today’s writing challenge idea to write about our super cute, lovable, and mischievous little puppy!  Lucky loves exploring as we have seen in the previous challenges. Today, Lucky is going to Egypt. To discover the Egyptians tombs and pyramids. As Lucky and his family get to see the enormous ancient buildings and listen to the ramblings of a mummy’s curse.., while Lucky trails off to find vast treasures. What Lucky doesn’t know is that he will stumble upon a tomb robbing. Being careful not to attract the robber’s attention, Lucky backs into a small space bumps into the wall and sneezes from the cloud of dust. The robbers having heard Lucky sneeze yell, “After him”! Oh no, thought Lucky. Lucky runs as fast as his little paws will carry him as he sniffs his way back to the others. Write what happens next to Lucky. Do the robbers try to kidnap Lucky? Will they robbers get away with the ancient mommy’s jewels? Or will Lucky be there to stop them? Write your response down below!!!

Day #8- Writing a Young Children’s Book

To continue with our children’s book series with our super cute, and lovable puppy, let’s write about Lucky’s adventure in space. Lucky along with his family gets to explore and sniff around the space shuttles. Lucky being bored leaves to explore something more exciting. What Lucky doesn’t know is that he’s about to take off into space with four astronauts on an active space shuttle!
Write about Lucky’s experience being in space and what planets he gets to see. Also mention the astronauts surprise when they see Lucky floating inside the space shuttle!

Day #7- Writing a Young Children’s Book

For this challenge we will write about a puppy, Lucky goes to Paris. He gets to explore sights such as the Eiffel Tower, gets a self-portrait made, and gets himself into lots of trouble! He sniffs around the famous city of love and being a mischievous little puppy ends up tripping a baker who balances an enormous cake that slides off onto an elderly woman who then falls down taking grab of a nearby table cloth. The cloth bringing dragged downward knocks down all the pastries on the long table. Thus, making the French baker, and everyone else angered at Lucky. Lucky quickly leaves while stumbling onto a path leading to a little girl. What does Lucky do to help this little French girl out? write how Lucky helps the little girl find her way back home.  Write your response down below for feedback! 

Day #5- Writing Young Children’s Books (Challenge)

Today’s writing challenge will be to write another book in our Young Children’s Book series. This time, we will write about Lucky (the farm puppy) and his adventure at the New York Zoo.  What does Lucky see at the zoo? What type of animals are there at the zoo unlike back at the farm? 

What happens while Lucky is at the zoo?

Does an animal escape while Lucky is there? 

Write about Lucky and his zoo adventures in the comment area below!


Day #4 – Writing Young Children’s Book

Day 4 Writing challenge for young children’s books:  for this challenge today we will be writing a second book about the puppy named Lucky. Lucky goes to the big city. What does Lucky find and see in the big city? Tell about some sights and new friends that Lucky sees and meets while there. Also mention what city he’s in. What does his Mom, Dad, sisters and brothers do while in the city. Name two activities that they all do together, where Lucky causes mischief. For further ideas and help read some books about Clifford. The big red lovable dog who gets into all kinds of mischief.
Write your response down below in the feedback he comment area for !

Day 3 – Writing Children’s Books

Day #3 of Writing Children’s Books

Today, I challenge all of you who are interested in writing young children’s books to write about a puppy named Lucky. Lucky wanders off on his own, leaving his mom, brothers and sisters behind to go on an adventure. What does lucky find on his adventure? What misfortunes happen to Lucky while out exploring? Does he fall into a puddle and get muddy? Does he get sprayed by a skunk accidentally? Does he get lonely and lost?

Answer all these question & write about Lucky’s adventures and how he images (7)eventually finds his way back home to his Mom, brothers, and sisters in a response below for feedback!


Day One- Writing A Children’s Book


Choose a theme that teaches a moral. Such a as moving. Children are always being moved to knew places because both parents got a new job, or to be closer to another relative. Moving is scary to children. Because they do not know what to expect moving for the first time. Going to a new school, leaving behind their old friends, and making new friends.

So, for this writing challenge, I challenge all of you to write about a young child being told they are moving away to a new place. 

Write how the child is sad or angry about moving to a new place. Does he or she try do do to not move away? 

What happens when the child is at the new place? Does he or she make new friends?

Is the child scared of moving away now?

Write how happy the child is now that he / or she has news friends!

Write all this in a response below!

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