Review: China In Another Time

Synopsis: The daughter of a missionary doctor, Claire Malcolm Lintilhac was born in China,became a nurse there, and lived and worked through China's whole momentous first half of the 20th century. Opening a unique window into the making of the world'snewest yet oldest superpower, China in Another Time -- with over 160 photos and drawings... Continue Reading →

Review: The Damned of Petersburg

  Synopsis: GLORY TURNED GRIM… …and warfare changed forever. As Grant pinned Lee to Petersburg and Richmond, the Confederacy’s stubborn Army of Northern Virginia struggled against a relentless Union behemoth, with breathtaking valor and sacrifice on both sides. That confrontation in the bloody summer and autumn of 1864 shaped the nation that we know today.... Continue Reading →

Book Reviewer: Intelligence & Circumstance by Jaylen Ross

A story told unlike any other of its kind. A historical novel that brings about an important historical event to life.  Intelligence & Circumstance is a dashing novel with danger and suspense lurking in every page. Janessa O'Carroll has a way about her that entices the attention of Chas Sinclair. But he has his own... Continue Reading →

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