Review: Comfort Foods

Synopsis: From the award-winning author of Comfort Plans and Comfort Songs comes a story of two rising stars blitzed by social media. Lacy Cavanaugh and single-dad Rudy Delgardo live a hundred miles apart but meet in the worst possible way. Working at a weekly paper and creating social media for area businesses helps Lacy connect... Continue Reading →

Review: Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish

Synopsis: Celebrity chef Maxwell Cavanaugh is known for many things: his multiple Michelin stars, his top-rated Culinary Channel show To the Max, and most of all his horrible temper. Hadley Beckett, host of the Culinary Channel's other top-rated show, At Home with Hadley, is beloved for her Southern charm and for making her viewers feel like family.... Continue Reading →

Madiomy’s Mission

Prologue Madiomy was asked by Queen Asora to undergo an advance technological top secret mission. No one besides her and Queen Asora were to know about it. Madimoy was filled in by Queen Asora on the mission. The planet Tarbue, was secretly known as the universe's most highly technological advance nation every known. No one... Continue Reading →

Poem written by me!

wow, you are absolutely stunning,you keep my heart running,your words are mending,my broken heart that's lending,you my whole being,as you are seeing,your poems make me put on my thinking hat,which I know you don't mind that,because what we say is true,just like the sky is did that ryhme?hopefully I type this in

New poem written by me!

very beautiful poems indeed,in which you plant your friendship write with incredible speed,and amazing this is getting harder,but I am all the happy to climb up such a ladder,people listening to our clatter,smile as they go by,and my heart begins to smile knowing you never lie,the angels are singing,beacuase our friendship  bells are ringing

To my friend, please know, that each poem you write now, sends a warm glow, causing my fears and tears to slow, your words come deeply from inside, never escaping the happiness wave's tide, smile because with me your poems never can hide, because they are like the sun's warm rays, bringing joy to my... Continue Reading →

Another poem written by me!

your words portray the human heart,your works are amazing pieces of art,a poet, a reviewer, and an editor are all your part,and hopefully as my friend you will never have surely beaten me, but know happiness is yours forever be,and of you, I'm am surely proud,to announce very loud,your poems float to heaven realms on a cloud.

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