Author Interview with Michael Scott Curnes

COPING WITH ASH by Michael Scott Curnes Inkwater Press, January 26, 2017 (Reviewed and given 5 stars by Danielle Urban) Author Interview   ULM: What would you like readers to take from reading your book, Coping with Ash?  MSC: Loss and grief are universal human elements but how we cope with these is uniquely individualized.... Continue Reading →

Review: Coping with Ash

    Synopsis: Ashton Taylor was a hypochondriac—justifiably so—with multiple and sometimes self-diagnosed issues that turned him into a bit of a misfortune teller. Always knowing he would die young-ish, and anticipating what would otherwise have been an unorganized and messy affair for others, he had thoughtfully left behind a step-by-step post-mortem plan. Choreographing circumstances... Continue Reading →

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