Book Review: A Question of Devotion


Then she saw it – a sheet of paper in the mailbox, underneath the mail. It was white with large black letters and said LEAVE IT ALONE. 
Mrs. B has a quiet life, and she likes it that way. Morning pinochle games at St. Mary’s Senior Center. Afternoon lunches with Myrtle, Anne and Rose. Peaceful evenings with a cup of coffee and the classic movie channel. 
But one day she wakes to a phone call, which leads to consequences she could never have foreseen. Secrets snowball and threaten to change the neighborhood of Burchfield forever. Someone has to make things right. It’s up to Mrs. B.

Rating: 4.5-stars


A Question of Devotion by Anita Kulina is one novel that zeroed in on my full attention. An older Polish woman takes it upon herself to solve a case. One that involves her neighborhood. Changes are coming…as well as danger and threats. 

A debut novel, A Question of Devotion, is indeed an interesting mystery. Secrets come to light. Notes with threats are left and phone calls, too. Mrs. B. has a lot to juggle as the heroine of this book. Computer technology is one thing. I found it captivating and funny how one elderly lady’s typical life changes from doing games at a senior center to investigating a crime. 

The characters including Mrs. B are beleivable. For fans of The Murder She Wrote, Piriot, and Columbo, readers will love this book. I was engaged, entertained, and can’t wait for the next installment. Mrs. B is my new favorite lady detective. Smart, brave, and funny. Overall, I recommend A Question of Devotion to all. 

Review: One Foot in the Grove


First in a delicious new mystery series about Eva Knox and her family’s Georgia olive plantation.


In the sweet Southern town of Abundance, Georgia, home of the Knox family’s olive farm, gossip isn’t the only thing that can kill you…


After leaving a man at the altar for the second time in her life, Eva Knox decides to head home to her family’s plantation to regroup and soak in some Southern charm. But hiding from her woes is a slipperier proposition than Eva imagined. For one thing, most people in town still haven’t forgiven her for leaving local boy Buck Tanner at the altar and hightailing it up north eighteen years ago. For another, a death on her family’s farm soon makes her the lead suspect in a murder case—and the sheriff investigating is none other than Eva’s old flame Buck.


With the police putting the squeeze on her, it’s up to Eva and her sisters, Pep and Daphne, to figure out who could have possibly left a dead body in their olive grove. And they’ll have to catch the greasy killer quickly—because it looks like Eva has been picked as the murderer’s next victim… 

Rating: 5-stars


One Foot in the Grove by Kelly Lane is a hilarious yet dark murder mystery. I love the main charcaters. Eva a woman returning home only to dig into a murder case, meet her former lover, and be labeled as a prime suspect when she’s really the next victim. I found Kelly Lane’s absolutely thrilling. Eva maked me laugh along as the clues fell into place. Suspense, intrigue, and sparks…all found inside One Foot in the Grove. This book was easy to read. Both the sheriff and leading female sleuth made fall in love with this engaging tale. I found it perfectly entertaining to read. Overall, I recommend it to readers everywhere. 

Review: Murder Is No Accident


Young Maggie Greene may be trespassing in the old, empty Victorian mansion on a quiet street in Hidden Springs, but all she wants is some private time in the magnificent tower room to write her stories. Certain she’ll be in trouble if caught, she hides when a realtor shows up. But someone else is in the house too, someone even more worried about getting caught. When Maggie finds the realtor’s body at the bottom of a flight of stairs and the other person gone, Deputy Sheriff Michael Keane is called in. He assumes the realtor’s death is a tragic accident–until a second person is found dead in the house. When Maggie is threatened, Michael must catch the murderer before anyone else dies.

Cozy mystery fans will love this third installment in The Hidden Springs Mysteries series from an author who knows how to make small-town America sweet, sentimental–and a little sinister.

Rating: 5-stars


Murder is No Accident by A. H. Gabhart is a cozy mystery readers everywhere don’t want to miss reading. A small-town that is slowly growing is hiding some secrets. Secrets that involve one or more murders. Between a young girl being inside the mansion when a murder is occurring to an elderly lady whose memory is neither here or there…the sheriff has a lot to figure out…one of the deaths looked accidental but after further digging the investigation leads to murder. The question of who done it and why are hanging in the air as the pages fly by…I loved the suspense and the variety of characters. There are some characters that based on their personalities one would think did it. But then, A. H. Gabhart leaves a surprise just when readers think they have it figured out…

Murder is No Accident is an exciting read. Mystery, mayhem, and murder all in one stunning tale.  I haven’t read the previous books in this series, but I plan on doing so after having read this one. The writing was well-done as well as the character development. I felt like I was there watching the scenes unfold. The ending was just as good as the beginning. Overall, I recommend reading A. H. Gabhart’s latest book. 

Review: Lemonade and Lies 


Book 2 in the Peridale Cafe Cozy Mystery Series! 

When the entire village is invited to a garden party for a mysterious ‘special announcement’, nobody expected that party to end with a man being thrown to his death from a window. The murder is committed at Julia South’s estranged father’s manor, so all eyes in Peridale turn to her to solve the case. In a race against the clock, Julia must juggle her blossoming romance with Detective Inspector Brown, and her young lodger, Jessie’s, sudden strange behaviour, to uncover the truth behind the man’s untimely death. With members of her own family in the frame, will Julia like what she discovers? 

Book 2 in the Peridale Cafe Mystery series! Can be read as a standalone, but enjoyed better as part of a series. A light, cozy mystery read with a cat loving and cafe owning female amateur sleuth, in a small village setting with quirky characters. No cliffhanger, swearing, gore or graphic scenes! 

Rating: 5-stars


Lemonade and Lies by Agatha Frost is a superb mystery. This cozy mystery novel has humor, romance, and murder. The charcaters made me laugh so hard and their dilemmas were fun to watch unfold. A family whose issues seemed big at the time seemed to have dwindled and hope appears at the end. Agatha Forst’s writing baited, lured, and hooked me immediately. Her words bring everything to life. The tale was believable. It felt like watching a real family go about their their daily lives. Except little did they know a murder was about to happen…

This is where the main characters, Julia the baker and sleuth works on solving Detective Barker’s case. Barker likes Julia a lot. Julia is recently divorcing her husband. Drama, danger, and love come their way. I really liked how Julia is a talented baker, clever sleuth, and strong enough to handle what comes her way. She makes it hard for readers to not love her. As for Detective Barker, he’s a unique man. Not many wouldn’t mind what Julia does…he accepts her the way she is. Makes my heart melt. 

Lemonade and Lies is book two in this series. I haven’t read the previous novel,but I was able to follow along easily and enjoy the story. Sweet as icing on a cake and just as addictive. Overall, I highly recommend it Agatha Frost’s book to readers everywhere. 

Review: Mother’s Day, Muffins, and Murder


With summer approaching, Ellie Avery’s schedule is ruled by attending end-of-the-year events at her kids’ school—and avoiding run-ins with her arch competitor. When a murder disrupts the core curriculum, can the two women form an alliance to teach the killer a lesson in justice?

As a regular volunteer at North Dawkins Elementary, Ellie would never miss the annual Mother’s Day breakfast—even if she has to tolerate the likes of Gabrielle Matheson. The rivals aren’t exactly sworn enemies, although Ellie still thinks there’s only room for one professional organizer in their small Georgia town.

But when Ellie sees Gabrielle in the hallway, she’s a mess. It looks like Gabrielle’s seen a ghost—or, as she explains, a dead body inside the supply closet. Before Ellie can get help the body vanishes . . . only to mysteriously reappear later at the school.

Little is known about the victim, a secretive snoop with a nosy nature and a penchant for keeping quiet about her own past. Ellie will leave no desk unturned to protect her kids and expose the cunning criminal’s identity. Because if she doesn’t, the killer may chalk up another textbook case of murder . . .

Rating: 5-stars


Mother’s Day,  Muffins, and Murder by Sara Rosett is an interesting read. The book instantly takes readers into a world with two rivals. Little do they know, that they will soon work together to solve a murder mystery inside their school. A dead body is seen only to have disappeared….making the witness sound crazy. Until, it was found later on school campus. A dead janitor. Spooky read. I was intrigued as to how and why…a mother on the case helping a detective solve it was fun. Ellie is a character that re I do me of my favorite women sleuths. Determined, intrigued, and clever…I loved this cozy mystery. The title perfectly suited this novel. It definitely captured the story. Overall, I recommend Mother’s Day, Muffins, and Murder to all. 

Review: Flora Lively and the Murder at Maples


Meet feisty new amateur sleuth Flora Lively in the first of her cozy mystery adventures …

When twenty-nine-year-old Flora Lively loses both of her parents and inherits the family business, she tries hard to make a success of her father’s dream – even at the expense of her own dreams. Burdened with Marshall, her father’s handpicked American manager, Flora finds solace in her friendship with Joy, an elderly client, she helped move into the Maples, the local retirement community. 
But when strange and dangerous things begin to happen at the Maples, Flora finds herself plunged headfirst into a web of betrayal, intrigue and deceit. Convinced a murderer is preying on helpless residents, Flora is forced to conduct a private murder investigation. But can she solve the puzzle in time, or will the murderer strike again?
Murder at the Maples is a cozy English village mystery, ideal for readers who love cozy reads with romance and humor, and British mysteries on Kindle.
Rating: 5-stars


Flora Lively and the Murder at the Maples is amazing. Hilarious and offers an adventure readers will love. I fell in love with this story instantly. Joanne Phillips has created a laugh-out-loud mystery. Then, there’s a murder to solve before it’s too late. The main character, Flora Lively, is about my age. Just a year older. I can easily relate to herfear of heights. I remember going on rides with my baby sister because she had no one else to go with her. Unfortunately, she didn’t care if I was scared. Reminded me of the opening scenes with Flora Lively and the elderly woman she cares about…Joy. Joy is not one’s typical 80-year-old. She’s bold, daring, and strong. Her sense of humor and way living life to the fullest was entertaining. She tries to get Flora to live a little. Once again, I felt another connection with the sleuth.

 I love murder mysteries. This book, has it all. Danger, excitement, and intrigue. Death, investigation, and some romance. I was surprised how fast the reading went by…before I knew it, I was finished. Murder at the Maples is easy to read. Flora Lively is fun to follow along as the story unfolds. She’s intelligent and caring. Plus, going all the way out to solve a murder definitely puts her on my adventurous list. So, in a way, Flora can also be bold and daring like her friend, Joy. Joanne Phillips writes extremely well. Her characters are fully developed and peak my interest. I want to read more books featuring the sleuth, Flora Lively. Overall, I highly recommend this cozy mystery to readers everywhere.

Review: River City Dead


“The third book in a cute cozy series features an appealing heroine with a self-deprecating wit and a determination to never grow old.” – Library Journal (on Smart But Dead)

Advice columnist Aggie Mundeen and SAPD Detective Sam Vanderhoven plan their first rendezvous at a San Antonio River Walk hotel during Fiesta Week—sumptuous sights, sounds, and festivities in the middle of America’s Venice. A vacation from crime and a reset for their tumultuous relationship.

But murder descends on the Casa Prima Hotel. Disturbing revelations surface about the Fabulous Femmes, Aggie’s new friends, holding a convention. Evil emerges at parties in La Villita. Calamity plagues Aggie’s debut dance performance at the Arneson River Theater, the celebration skewed by carousing, crazies, and corpses. Even in idyllic River City, crime complicates relationships.

Rating: 5-stars


River City Dead by Nancy G. West is another exciting mystery. I cannot get enough of Nancy G. West’s main character, Aggie Mundeen. She’s an older woman, clever, clumsy, and lovable. I find her funny. There is never a boring moment where Aggie is found. Readers will be laughing-out-loud and enjoying this new tale. Danger, murder, and complications once more follow the star, Aggie Mundeen. Just when she should be enjoying herself with Detective Sam Vanderhoven, things go haywire. Murder, mayhem, and disaster sons follows on every page. River City is beautiful and a whole lot of trouble. So much that it might just cause a rift between my two favorite characters. Love, trust, and teamwork are just a few themes that are woven into the story. Aggie will have to learn how to work on that trust and teamwork Issue if she and Sam will be an item. The characters are believable and the plot is fascinating. Fast-paced, intriguing, and like an Aggatha Christie novel…River City Dead is one adventure I highly recommend to all. Nancy G. West did it again, in creating a masterpiece that I will never forget. 

Review: The Curse of The Bridal Chamber




The indomitable senior sleuth Imogene and her outrageously endearing Alabama family find themselves in hot water while on a family vacation at a mermaid convention in sunny Florida. When Imogene and her brood, including Goose the bulldog, encounter a dead body floating in the freshwater springs beneath their glass-bottom boat, the local police immediately arrest one of the Alabama visitors for the crime.

Now the aging amateur crime solver must exonerate her own family, but unearthing a killer among the park’s past and present mermaids and employees promises to be no easy task, since so many of them are thrilled that the victim is sleeping with the fishes. And a decades-old curse that has deposited more than one dead body in the Bridal Chamber spring now seems focused on Imogene and her kin, who are wading into dangerous waters indeed. Witty and colorful, The Curse of the Bridal Chamber will keep you enthralled until the final surprising revelation.

Rating: 5 stars


The Curse of the Bridal Chamber by Hunter Murphy is the second wonderful installment to a great series. This latest cozy mystery takes readers to Florida. I love following Hunter Murphy’s group of characters as they travel. No matter where they go there’s bound to be an adventure. Wherever the main character, Imogene, goes, there’s a dead body popping up somewhere. This time;however, Imogene’s relative will end up arrested for the murder. It will take everything Imogene has as an amateur sleuth to solve the puzzling murder case.

Hunter Murphy has once again lured me inside of his world of fiction. Hilarious, exciting, and full of action. The mystery is intriguing and as the danger builds up, so does the suspense. A killer is close and with the sleuthing going on…the risks get higher. Imogene is a character to love. Her quirky ways and personality have a way of winning me over…she always keeps me guessing as to what will happen next. The Curse of the Bridal Chamber is full of those who hated the dead victim and a curse. Can Imogene and her partner solve the case before it’s too late? Overall, I highly recommend this new read to readers everywhere. The cover is as colorful as the plot within…a brilliant cozy mystery that swept me off my feet and into the book.

Review: Imogene in New Orleans




At the ripe age of 73, Imogene Deal McGregor has a penchant for following her own instincts, as well as more grit and spunk than her hypochondriac son, Billy McGregor, and Billy’s impulsive partner Jackson Miller can handle. The boys take Imogene to New Orleans with their devilishly handsome English bulldog Goose, hoping to visit friends and attend a second line parade, but moments after arriving in the French Quarter, they find their friend Glenway Gilbert murdered in his art gallery. Immediately, Imogene and the boys run into a temperamental and ethically-challenged lieutenant who appears hell-bent on neglecting the crime, compelling them to seek answers themselves. As they delve into Glenway Gilbert’s murder, Imogene and the boys realize the deceased artist was surrounded by suspicious friends and lovers. With Goose the bulldog by their side, Jackson and Billy seek answers among old friends and new enemies, while Imogene follows her own ideas on the case. But the sooner they solve the murder, the sooner they can get back to catching beads and eating pralines.

Rating: 5-stars


Imogene in New Orleans by Hunter Murphy is the second amazing novel in this mystery series. I love the main character, Imogene. A sleuth like no other. Her personality makes her a fun character to follow as a new investigation pops up…sadly this one involves the death of a friend. The lieutenant nearby should be working the case but isn’t doing a thing. Thus, Imogene and her two sons go about the investigation themselves.

Hunter Murphy knows how to create a world of fiction with just the right amounts of humor, suspense, and intrigue. A murder mystery that will definitely entertain fans every time. Visiting the dead’ art gallery for for clues will be interesting as well as long list of suspicious perpetrators. I also loved traveling to New Orleans through this novel. New Orleans has so many possibilities and with this set of characters is makes for a must read. Imogene reminds me of some of my best female detectives and sleuths. Like the lady from Murder She Wrote and Miss Fisher the lady detective. Imogene somehow has qualities of both of these ladies. Hunter Murphy has beautifully created a three-dimensional character that readers can’t help but to love. Imogene in New Orleans is a cozy mystery that I highly recommend to readers worldwide.

Review: When All The Girls Have Gone

When All The Girls Have Gone by [Krentz, Jayne Ann]



When Charlotte Sawyer is unable to contact her stepsister, Jocelyn, to tell her that one of her closest friends was found dead, she discovers that Jocelyn has vanished.

Beautiful, brilliant—and reckless—Jocelyn has gone off the grid before, but never like this. In a desperate effort to find her, Charlotte joins forces with Max Cutler, a struggling PI who recently moved to Seattle after his previous career as a criminal profiler went down in flames—literally. Burned out, divorced and almost broke, Max needs the job.

After surviving a near-fatal attack, Charlotte and Max turn to Jocelyn’s closest friends, women in a Seattle-based online investment club, for answers. But what they find is chilling…

When her uneasy alliance with Max turns into a full-blown affair, Charlotte has no choice but to trust him with her life. For the shadows of Jocelyn’s past are threatening to consume her—and anyone else who gets in their way…

Rating: 5 stars


When All the Girls Have Gone by Jayne Ann Krentz is a cozy romantic mystery with a lot of humor. I have read a few of Jayne Ann Krentz’s novels, but this latest one hooked me. The characters were fascinating to watch in action. Their easy-going nature and troubles were interesting. They fit in together like a jigsaw puzzle. Both main characters had lived lives that changed them. Apparently, it seemed to change them both in a positive way. One escaped a fire and was adopted the other was dumped before her wedding and left with bills to pay off…both have issues. Real life issues.It was easy to connect with them on many levels. The way life pulls the rug from under their feet kind of theme also rings true in real life. I love how realistic everything played out inside this book. The PI investigator’s timing and knack for gut instincts in finding out stuff were incredible. Yet he seems to put doubt, in his gut, when it comes to a more personal reason. This causes him to wonder and it eats him alive. Anyone placed in this man’s shoes would have questions as well as doubts. Then, there’s the leading female character who believed in him. This sort of gave him a piece over his internal conflicts. Plus, the instant chemistry between the two satisfying. Two sisters are involved in a dangerous situation. One left thinking she was protecting her sister and friends. Turned out that she was wrong. Instead, she and her sister will be reunited under dire circumstances and it will be up to the PI investigator to get them both before it’s too late…When All the Girls Have Gone is an intriguing, suspenseful, yet wonderful journey. One that readers won’t resist. I loved reading it. Every page had some kind of action that intrigued me. Kept me turning those pages. When I reached the ending, I was very glad I read this book. Overall, Jayne Ann Krentz’s novel is a must read for all. I highly recommend it.


Review: Kill All Cats



Ron Black is a 35-year-old night security guard living a moribund existence. Past deeds need to stay buried for him to remain a free man. When the elderly cat lady next-door dies along with her thirty-eight cats, Ron feels the investigative heat from Detectives Moore and Porter. His alibi: “I was at work.”

The police disrupt Ron’s life, which he shares with Brisbane, his cockatiel. He squawks surprisingly relevant quotes learned from watching crime show reruns 24/7—some of which don’t help Ron’s situation. Ron picks up clues about what happened next-door from conflicting comments by his odd neighbors: “She was popped.” “Poisoned.” “Chopped up.” The neighbors include Ron’s estranged great-uncle Kirk, a disgruntled scientist, who had worked at the pharmaceutical company where Ron is the night guard.

When Ron’s only friend, Jean, disappears, the police double-down on him as a suspect for this crime, too. The next day, the police infer his arrest in twenty-four hours for the crime at his neighbor’s house. Despite the pressure to save himself, he is compelled to find his friend.

Sprinkle a bit of an Agatha Christie closed-room mystery with the situational humor of Evanovich for a high-level concept as Ron tries to “…control what he can control.” And just when you think it’s all over, another layer of horror reveals itself, and Ron didn’t even see it coming.

Rating: 4.5 stars


Kill All Cats by Rick Bylina is an intriguing novel. This crazy tale about an elderly lady owning thirty-eight cats has been found dead. But that’s not all. So were her cats. All were found dead. Who did it and how are left unknown, until the ending where all it all became known. I found the beginning dragging behind a bit until more suspicious events occur like his friend gone missing. The writer has brilliantly incorporated humor into his writing. The bird inside this story will keep you turning the pages….but so does Ron’s troubles. Ron seems like the average guy. A guy who happens to pull himself deeper into hot water with the police than pulling himself out of it. Every page kept me wondering if and when they police would arrest Ron or if something horrendous would happen to Ron. Kill All Cats is similar to a cozy mystery that keeps readers held in suspense as the plot unfolds. Steady paced, and packed with crime and mystery, and a peculiar set of characters. I enjoyed reading this novel. Overall, I recommend Kill All Cats by Rick Bylina to readers everywhere.

Review: Ripe for Murder


Penny Lively loves running her family’s winery, but to keep the business growing, she needs to find a way to attract more guests. When she’s approached to invest in a new train line through wine country, Penny and her intoxicating winery manager, Connor, hightail it to a lavish resort to hear the details. Unfortunately, her neighbor’s daughter, Chantal, is also there, swirling up trouble by flirting with the married investors—and with Connor too.

When one of the investors’ wives is murdered, Chantal, who was seen fighting with the woman, is the prime suspect. Chantal may be a sour grape, but she’s no killer. So Penny, who’s become a sleuthing connoisseur, starts sniffing out the real suspect—and discovers that her fellow potential investors have been savoring more than their share of deadly secrets…

Rating: 5 stars


Ripe for Murder by Carlene O’Neil is a delightful yet highly suspenseful read. Instantly readers are taken deep into a mysterious plot. The characters are entertaining and realistic. Carlene O’Neil has a way of enticing her readers into her story and dragging them further into a race in finding the real murderer.

Ripe for Murder takes readers on a journey of keeping a family winery. We all know it’s not easy, but when someone steps in to make it harder for your family winery to survive the fight becomes harder…until that person is being framed for murder. Carlene O’Neil writes a well-written story that keeps reader guessing…did Chantal commit it the murder or not…and if she didn’t who did it? The motives are there…and Penny is determined to find out before it’s too late. I loved reading this brilliant mystery novel. Readers who love Agatha Christie’s novels then this is definitely for you. Suspense, intrigue, and danger are filled on every page. Once you begin reading this title, you won’t be able to stop reading it until you reached the end. I highly recommend Ripe for Murder to readers worldwide.

Review: A Company of Roses



Cas is in awe of glamorous new friend Lacey, an artist from a wealthy background, but when Lacey disappears after a drunken night out, leaving behind a series of cryptic clues, Cas dismisses them as an elaborate performance-art prank.

That’s until someone breaks into her house and holds her at gunpoint. Cas realises she must decipher the clues, and find her friend before Lacey gets herself killed. She’s quickly drawn into a hunt for an Elizabethan treasure that holds the key to a very modern, very dangerous conspiracy.

Hunted by a criminal gang and pursued by a former Russian spy, the race to find Elizabeth’s lost jewel turns deadly. Good thing, then, that Cas is in the company of handsome secret service agent, Reuben, even if he does claim to work for an insurance company. She wants to trust him, but her instincts tell her otherwise.

As she races across England, from Brighton to York, Derbyshire to London, and then heads west, Cas is guided by a riddle that reveals the astonishing tale of a succession of women from British history and the oath they’ve kept for a thousand years.

The end of the journey is more personal than she could ever have imagined as she finally unearths the British Government’s most well-kept secret, and faces the organisation sworn to protect it…

Rating: 5 stars


WOW! Megan Goodenough’s cozy mystery, A Company of Roses, is exactly that. Readers will find themselves buried back in time to Queen Elizabeth’s period and find that all may not be as it seems. An intriguing yet suspenseful journey in a race to find a woman who dissappeared leaving behind her clues…It’s now up to Cas and a mysterious man to find her friend before it’s too late. Cas soon finds herself traveling all over and falling deeper into a dangerous web to rescue her friend. Reuben is more than what he tells Cas…but he can’t tell her that. But she’s not stupid and senese he’s more than what he seems. Reuben helps Cas as their journey takes them back and forth from the historical moment to the modern times they live within…

Megan Goodenough’s novel is stunning. Brilliantly woven with history, entertainment, and romance. I love a good mystery and an amazing sleuth. Cas is like a modern day Nancy Drew and the Famous Miss Fisher combined. Readers will love the twists and turns that Megan Goodenough has beautifully placed inside this read. The characters and historical importance make this a must read for all. I loved reading this novel and highly recommend it to readers worldwide. A Company of Roses is one readers can’t miss.

Review: Madness of Mercury



San Francisco astrologer Julia Bonatti’s life is turned upside down when she becomes the target of the city’s newest cult leader, Reverend Roy of the Prophet’s Tabernacle. Driven out of her apartment in the midst of a disastrous Mercury retrograde period, she takes shelter with a client who’s caring for two elderly aunts. One aunt appears stricken with dementia and the other has fallen under the spell of the Reverend Roy. To add to the confusion, a young man claiming to be a long-lost nephew arrives. The longer he stays, the more dangerous things become. Is the young man truly a member of the family? Can astrology confirm that? Julia’s not sure, but one thing she does know is that Mercury wasn’t merely the messenger of the gods—he was a trickster and a liar as well.

Rating: 5 stars


Connie di Marco’s brilliant mystery novel, The Madness of Mercury, is amazing. Readers will be immersed deeply into a dangerous yet luring plot of all time. A mystery that gets curious and more curious as the story unfolds. Every page is filled with humor, intrigue, and danger on every page. Readers will be kept guessing at the events get stranger…and more dangerous. One life is taken…another claiming someone else claiming another is after them and soon Julia’s life is full of things she never saw coming. Could Mercury be behind it all?

Connie di Marco’s writing is perfect. I loved the build-up of drama and trouble brewing. There’s never a slow moment…readers will be taken on one adventure after another. The characters make this story come, to life. The ladies are funny, sweet, and addictive. There’s something weird going on…and Julia is going to try and solve it. Julia is a modern woman whose life is now full of absolute craziness. The events and people will leave readers laughing and coming back every time. I enjoyed reading this cozy mystery and I highly recommend The Madness of Mercury to readers everywhere.

Book Review: The Cat Sitter’s Whiskers by Blaize & John Clement

The Cat Sitter’s Whiskers is an intriguing and exciting novel that will keep readers guessing. And the cat sitter, Dixie Hemingway, goes to a client’s house to cat sit a moon cat know for his mischief. This cat loves guarding his owners antique black market masks.  As Dixie comes to the house someone is hiding within, but who? And why would they hit Dixie, knocking her unconscious onto the floor? And how did the person get in and why? The police come and find no break in and nothing to be missing. So then what made someone hide away and hurt the cat sitter? But as Dixie explores further she soon finds herself in a dangerous web where someone is out for revenge and the kind of revenge that will kill. Can Dixie solve the case before the murderer gets away with his or her plan? And will Dixie be able to make it out alive?

I highly recommend reading this fabulous mystery. Both the Main moon cat, and Dixie make this story one fascinating read. The plot is well written and will keep every reader trapped within its scenes until the end.  The Cat Sitter’s Whiskers by Blaize & John Clement is one novel readers won’t want to let go of.  A thriller that will keep readers in suspense and send them with goosebumps as Dixie goes about solving the mystery at hand. I loved reading this novel. The story is the perfect read for any night and the characters are believable. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

Mystery Writing/ Cozy Mystery/ Crime Fiction?

Your character loves the apartment s/he’s renting.  It’s the first place in his/her life where s/he’s ever felt happy and at home.  But the building is about to go for sale, and all the tenants will be forced to leave.  Unable to face the prospect of moving out, your character makes up his/her mind to buy the building.  S/he has no idea how s/he’s going to come up with that kind of money, but there has to be a way…

Trouble Part 3

Mandy and Josh found themselves at a local cafe. Josh ordered them both a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Picking a table near a window they both sit down and enjoy the view while enjoying the good coffee. Sipping his coffee, Mandy asks him, “What is your involvement with Rose?And why did you say her death was a mystery?”

Looking at her face and staring into her blue eyes, Josh replied, “I had classes with Rose. Both of were studying criminology. Rose had the highest grades. Based off of noticing her papers.I sat next to her in class.”

Listening intently to what Josh said, Mandy what signs of lying..but found none that she could easily detect. Not ruling him out completely as a suspect. He could easily want to frame her for her friend’s murder. After all, she was Rose’s best friend and roommate who left. And nobody but Rose knew why. And why was he looking for her? His statement about looking for her only fueled her mind with more questions than ever. Mandy’s major unlike both Rose and Josh, was in Creative Writing. Mandy wanted to be an author. She wrote constantly, and self published a few mystery novels on Amazon. Becoming a bestselling author has been her childhood dream.

“Why did you say you were looking for me? And you didn’t really explain why her death is a mystery”,Mandy stated back.

Sensing her determination and her sense of loss when she spoke of Mandy’s death, Josh felt sympathy towards her. Yet, he wasn’t going to rule her out completely as a number one suspect. She could easily have murdered her best friend. And being a friend of Rose’s Rose wouldn’t hesitate in letting her friend into her dorm room that night she was helplessly murdered. Was Mandy to be trusted? Or was she the murderer? If he found it she was, he would turn her into the police. But first he would need proof. Real hard evidence, otherwise she could walk away forever. But if she wasn’t the murderer, then having her help would benefit him in finding out who really was. It was nerve wrecking to know a murder took place on the campus that one was studying to be a police officer. Either way, he was going to stick close her side from here on out. So, choosing his words carefully,he told Mandy, “It’s because she was a good student in class and just because of her ‘bad girl behavior’, I have e gut feeling her ,murder wasn’t a suicide like the police think it might be. I don’t think a woman with Rose’s strong personality and I intelligence would even commit suicide.”

Okay ,maybe he really was a blood guy. Maybe, I could trust him, Mandy thought. But, I still will be careful just in-case he turns out to be a murderer after all. “Okay, so if you and I didn’t kill Rose, and we both know someone else did, who had hated her the most on campus?”, Mandy asked.

“That I was going to ask you”, Josh told her.

Great the were both didn’t have an idea of who really hated Rose..This was going to be difficult after all. But maybe with Josh to help, maybe we could find the murderer in time.

Trouble Part 2

Mandy couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to her friend Rose. They were always close. They were Beatles since they were born. Inseparable. Feeling the need to help her friend by finding out what happened, Mandy leaves off to the campus. Surely, there would be tons of gossip, with truth hidden deeply underneath.

Meanwhile at the campus, Josh Nicolson, was perturbed by the rumors. Rose was found laying on her bed, in her dorm room in a pool of blood. Her clothes were just an average PJ set that most women wore. Despite her actions on Camus, Rose McGuire was a good decent gal. But none of the women on campus would say that. They all had their boyfriends cheat on them to be with Rose. The redhead, cute freckled, bright green eyes that lured many men away and into her seductive trance. Rose despite her bad girl image had a perfect GPA and was an excellent student. Though, none ever saw her study. So, how did she do it? Maybe her roommate, Mandy would know. But if rumors were true, Mandy left her best friend and roommate, Rose. Rose was supposedly horrible to her friend Mandy. Rose’s death left a sour note in his mind. Who murdered Rose and why?

Mandy walked across the campus, dressed in dark washed skinny jeans that snug her butt, black ankle boots perfect for walking, and a college tee. Setting out to uncover the truth will be like pulling people’s teeth out, Mandy thought. It’s not going to be easy. Especially since none of the women on campus liked Rose. They had good reasons to not like Rose. But Rose was just an average female college student, very good with her studies, and liked to have fun. So why murder her? Not paying any attention, both Mandy and Josh walked rig into each other. Oops, Mandy thought. So much for being invisible until she was ready. Crap, I’m not paying any attention,Josh thought.

“Sorry!” , they both said at the same exact time.
Silence filled the air. Making it awkward. “I’m Josh Nicolson.” Grabbing his hand t shake it, Mandy introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Mandy..”

“The Mandy that was Rose’s best friend?”, Josh asked her never letting her finish her sentence nor letting go of her hand.

“Yes, I’m that Mandy.”

“I’m sorry..I was thinking of looking for you. Sorry about not paying any attention to where I was going. Rose’s death is..a horrible loss an a mystery. Would you  like some coffee somewhere”, he asked feeling like a fool.

Smiling up at him, and biting her lip, Mandy struggles with her holding back her laughter. “Yes, I’d like some coffee.”

Trouble Part 1

Mandy didn’t know that after rooming with her best friend, she was in trouble. Her best friend took to partying and chasing guys and being bossy to just about every other girl on campus. She didn’t expect trouble to come. Nor did she expect it to come knocking on her apartment door. Mandy moved off campus to a more quiet peaceful place that was decent and affordable. An elderly woman who was kind and sweet and loved to bake offered her an apartment for a real low price. The elderly lady needed company. And she found that in Mandy. Mandy loved the older woman. Reminding her of her grandma whom passed away five years ago. Answering the door, there stood three police officers.
The police introduced themselves and asked Mandy many questions about her best friend, Rose McGuire. After answering all their questions, Mandy asked them why they were questioning her about her friend. The older police officer turned around to look at her and said, “She was found dead, inside her college dorm.” Then turned and walked away with the others.

How did Rose die? Alcohol? Drugs? No..Rose can definitely hold in her liquor. Drugs, no. Rose and her were extremely against them. The only difference between the girls was that Rose wanted to be wild once free from her family back home. She went boy crazy like a crazed teenage girl. She became super bossy towards all females except for her friend Mandy. Would someone kill Rose because she was bossy? Or was it because Rose took away a guy from another girl? Rose was known as the breaker up. She would flirt with guys who already had a girl just to see if she could make them like her. Rose was both weird and crazy like that. But how did the other girls feel about Rose? Resentment..anger…and hatred..yes. Those would be a motive to kill. But who? And how? And were those really the reasons why?

Writing Challenge #3-3 Cozy Mystery

New Writing challenge for our Cozy Mystery book we are writing. So, far we have written that a young woman named Susie Hayes was last seen alive walking towards the Opera House. And has since then vanished without leaving a trace. 

Now, five years later after reconstruction of the old Opera House, a young woman’s dead body has been found. The Media along with crime scene investigators announced the dead woman’s body to be that of Susie Hayes. Upon further study of the dead body investigators found a note clutched tightly in the young woman’s hand. After carefully taking the note out and reading it, the police believe Susie Hayes was seeing a man intimately because the note mentioned from a man’s handwriting on the note mentioned that he was happy to hear they were going to be having a baby and to meet at the Opera House. 

Police along with the investigators, especially Agent Anthony DeMarco, were thrilled to finally have a major break in the five-year old cold case. The only new problem was that after all this was made public, a new young woman matching Susie Hayes description goes missing. 

We also wrote a brief scene of the killer holding this woman in his place far outside the city limits. Tied up with rope in an iron chair with duct tape firmly against her mouth, the young woman struggles to escape the mad man’s clutches. 

Agent DeMarco, back at the police station receives a call about a missing woman. Then looking on top of his desk is the picture of the young woman. Her beautiful features resembling those of Susie Hayes down to every detail. It was hard to not think that this woman could be Susie Hayes. With the woman being missing for five hours, police were scrambling to ask every that new the missing woman’s last where bouts and who she was last seen with.

Write about the police asking the young missing woman’s co-workers, family and friends about where she was last seen. 

Who was with her? 

And what type of responses did police get when they re-asked Susie Hayes family, friends, and acquaintances about her seeing a man intimately? And if so, who are the police suspecting with Susie Hayes murder and the crime of kidnapping the woman who is now missing?

What his Agent DeMarco’s  discovery as he searches into the missing woman’s family history..? Could she be Susie Hayes daughter? If so, then who is the father? 

And is the father the prime suspect? If so, why would he kill Susie Hayes? And why would he kidnap his daughter?

What does the killer do to the young woman? 

Answer this in a 700 word response below!                                                                Image

Writing Challenge #3-2 Cozy Mystery

It’s now 1879, when a young woman named Susie Hayes body is found after an old Opera uvpic5House was being reconstructed. No one knows how she got there or why. And what was the cause of death?
Upon further investigation, police found out that in her right fist held in so tightly was a note! This got investigators so happy! Finally, maybe an insight as to how she died and why.

As they carefully extract the note, they read it. Finding out it was a note written by a man, saying he was happy to hear they were going to be having a child.

By the way the handwriting was done they confirmed it was a man’s writing. But that leaves the question of who wrote the letter? Who was Susie Hayes seeing that she could have had a child with? Do any of her friends and or family know of any man who had been seeing Susie? 

And if so, they need to find out fast. 

Another woman about the same age as Susie Hayes and same looks went missing the day that the media announced Susie Hayes body has been found. Now police think the have a serial killer on there hands.  Especially, agent Anthony DeMarko. He has been trying to solve Susie Hayes cold case since he made it as a detective. But there were so many loose ends. Now with her dead body, and the findings of the note he feels it will be soon when the catch the monster behind it all. 

The killer siting in his house far out the city limits is watching the television. Laughing at how stupid the police are. They haven’t figured it out yet that it was him. That he had been seeing Susie Hayes all the time, without anyone else knowing.  Now with Susie Hayes gone , he had found another woman looking just like his precious Susie. 

This woman possessed a fire deep inside her that he liked very much. Watching her squirm in an iron chair, tied tightly with rope, and duct tape firmly across her lips. No one could hear her scream. No one will know where to look for her. Just like they couldn’t find Susie Hayes til now.

Write all this and what happens next in 700 words only. Also mention a little background info on the trapped woman that the serial killer is now holding captive! 

Write your response below!