Urban Lit Magazine Issue 

The 2017 June Issue above has just been released. 

76-pages of content. Featuring both bestselling and indie authors. 

A variety of genres and fun articles. 

Interested in reviewing a free copy, please, email: urbanlitmagazine@gmail.com & use review copy in the subject line. All reviews must be posted within 2-weeks. Reviewers will be asked to send us their review links. 

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We have gone through a lot of changes…some faster than others. We have been experimenting with what works best for everyone and for ourselves.

Recently, we have updated…our website’s name and URL.

Prices and services will be changing once more  and after the final changes are made prices will be locked in for the services unless we decide to host a sale for special holidays and or events.

What will the prices look?

Something like this:

FREE book reviews: must send us a digital or print copy for free to review. Digital formats allowed will be the following: Kindle, ePub, and PDF.

Sponsored Book Reviews: ($5.00) These will be completed within 1-3 days. Reviews are posted on Amazon & Goodreads.

Sponsored Author Package: ($10.00) This package includes the following: a sponsored book review, an author interview, & social media promotions.

Magazine Feature for Book: $1.00

Magazine Feature for Upcoming Releases: $1.00

Magazine Author Spotlight: $1.00

Book Ads on Websites: $2.00

Book Ads in Magazine: $2.00

FREE Author Interview

Proofreading: $15.00 per manuscript

Editing: $35.00 per manuscript

Short Story Feature in Magazine: Must send this to us via email and the short story must not be longer than 3 pages. The story needs to be in English, 12 size font, and in Word Document. (FREE)

Poetry Feature in Magazine: Must send this to us via email and the poems must not be longer than 3 pages. The poems need to be in English, 12 size font, and in Word Document. (FREE)

Guest Writing: (FREE) Have a funny, interesting or frustrating story to tell? Does it relate to being a writer, publisher or an editor? Have a writing experience, a writing blooper, or something that you think others need to know? Send us your guest writings to our email: urbanlitmagazine@gmail.com, we would be happy to read, share, and publish what you have.

All future contests will have a $10.00 entry fee.




March Madness Contest: FREE








In March, we will be hosting a March Madness Free Writing Contest.

1st round –  will consist of writers doing a flash fiction piece (500-1,000 words).

2nd round –  will consist of writers doing a short story (2 pages).

3rd round – will consist of writers doing a short memoir (2 pages).

4th round – will consist of writers doing a fiction (inspirational) piece (2 pages).

Winner of the last round will be declared the Best Writer of 2016. Each contestant will win a digital seal for each round they make it to…

All writings will be featured inside of the Urban Lit Magazine.

Digital seals, ratings, and feedback will be given to every writer who makes each round.

All writers will be featured in the March Issue. If interested in signing up, please email us at: urbanliteraryagency@gmail.com. Thank you!


Also, in March, we will be hosting a free poetry contest. There will be 3 rounds of writing involved. Each round will consists of poets writing a different kind of poem on a specific topic.

Winners for each round will receive a digital seal, a rating, and feedback.

All poetry from each round will be featured inside of the Urban Lit Magazine.

If you are interested in signing up, please email us at: urbanliteraryagency@gmail.com. Please, put Poetry Contest in the subject area. Thank you!


April Magazine Issue

Hi everyone,

We will be working in the April Issue starting March 1, 2016. Inside this new issue, we will be featuring a lot of historical fiction pieces.

  • Historical Fiction Book Reviews
  • Greatest Historical Pieces Ever Written
  • What You Need to Know When Writing Historical Fiction
  • Historical Writing Prompts
  • Can You Write Fiction? (A fun writing exercise for both non-writers and writers alike)
  • Literature Terminology Quiz (how well do you know these terms?)
  • Author Interviews
  • Memoir Writing Contest (digital awards, recognition, & free publication awarded to contestants)
  • Top 5 Best Memoirs to Read
  • Guest Writing Pieces

Anyone can guest write for our magazine. Please, send your article, column piece, or writings to us via email. You can send them to us at: urbanliteraryagency@gmail.com. We will feature any guest writing that is sent to us after reviewing it. All writing will be featured only once.

If you’re an author or publisher and would like advertisements or a book release feature, then email us the links, pictures, and any other required information by the third week of the month.

Author interviews and book reviews are free to feature within our magazine issues. 

April’s magazine cover will be released soon!

Thank you!

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Our fees for all editing services are:

Editing  – $0.015 per word (if editing single pages only)

Proofreading Service for Novellas – $15.00 USD.

Proofreading Service for Novels – $30.00 USD.

Critiquing Service – $10.00 USD.

Developmental Editing Service – $30.00 USD.

Research Service – $25.00 USD.

Article Writing Service – $5.00 USD per article (250-300 words)

Article Writing Service – $10.00 USD per article (500 & above words)

Ghost Writing services – $2.00 per page.

Please, contact us at: urbanliteraryagency@gmail.com for any editing services.

Valentines Day Writing Contest Begins!


Hi everyone,

Today the Valentine’s Day Writing Contest begins! A contest that consists of three rounds of writing, word limits and a time frame.

Writers will be writing short stories given on a specific topic for each round.

First round, begins today.

Best of luck to all of the writers!


Free Magazine Issue!


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Thank you, everyone, for your loyal support and help!

“Dare Me.”

“Dare me.” I say looking around at my accusers. Not one of them wanted to “dare me” to do what they accused me of me doing.  Honestly, they were hypocrites. The whole lot of them. How do I survive to be around these idiots?

No one moved. They only shifted slightly in their stance. Their eyes carrying off a different message. One of fear. They feared me? As if. But the power of it held a promise. One that I was going to put to use. Fear is a great tool to use in getting what you want. And…they were full of it. Now that I see it, there was no way I would ever let this day pass. At least not without getting my revenge.

They wanted me to suffer for something I didn’t do. How would they fare, if the cards flipped and they were the ones in trouble? The thoughts of revenge brought on a warmth to my poorly dressed body. They wanted trouble…they will get it. Soon…they will get a taste of what it’s like.


Writing That Novel or Book!

Writing That Novel or Book!

  1. Create a timeline of your scenes and sequels.
  2. Who’s your targeted audience?
  3. Start writing.
  4. What flaws are there in your characters? Readers love these. It makes them connect with your characters.
  5. What kind of conflicts are there?
  6. Any twists to your story?
  7. What’s your climax point? The most exciting part in your story or book that excites readers.
  8. Any cliffhangers? Does your story come to a halt, but is not over yet? Let your audience wonder what happens next.
  9. Is there any dialogue? I think every book, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, is more exciting when there’s some kind of dialogue happening. Kind of speeds up the reading and makes it more enjoyable to read rather than just reading a bunch of text presented in the normal, boring layout.

11 Ways to Fix a Novel

11 Ways to Fix a Novel

  1. Take a look at the overall plot and structure. Ask yourself if it represents what you’re trying to say, and how you’re trying to say it.
  2. Write a synopsis.
  3. Take a walk through your scenes. Write them down and look them over. Let your ideas flow.
  4. Create a storyboard.
  5. Try a new font, and read it again.
  6. Ask yourself what is your theme, what is your character’s motivation, and is your plot structure clear?
  7. Say your ideas out loud to yourself and share them with trusted individuals.
  8. Write down any possible changes as they come to you.
  9. Take out meaningless words.
  10. Record yourself reading your story out loud then listen to it. Take out any sentences that you don’t like.
  11. Last but not least, repeat these steps for a finished and polished manuscript.

FREE Magazine Issue!

We are proud to announce the release of our September 2015 Urban Lit Magazine!

Here is the cover:

September Issue Cover

Here is the link to the magazine that can be read on devices for both .epub and PDF files:

September 2015 Issue

Please, comment and let us know what you all think! Thank you!

Writing Prompt Time!

Okay, so it’s fall and today is the anniversary of the September 11th attack on the twin towers. Many families have lost loved ones. Let’s take a time of prolonged silence and honor all those who died that day.

After, taking a moment to remember, honor, and pray for all of those who died let’s write a story about remembering our loved ones.

#1  Write a story about a young teenage couple who fall hopelessly in love with one another. The guy alway told his girlfriend, “I love you.” She would always respond back and say, “I love you too.” Then one day her boyfriend goes to work with his father. Right before the the first bomb hit the towers, he texted her saying, “I love you.” As the day wore over, his girlfriend didn’t see the text until after both towers were destroyed. He never got to hear her last words, “I love you.” Now, it’s been two years since that horrifying day. The girlfriend still has her boyfriend’s last text on her phone. Her sorrow, deepens each passing day. Her life completely falling apart. Then a man steps into her llife and she is torn between letting go and holding on. Will she be able to overcome her loss to find happiness again? Or will her grief totally consume her until she no longer feels anything anymore?

#2  It was that fatal day inside the towers when many were killed. Mnay others died in trying to rescue others who were trapped inside an unleasing world of death and terror. MiMi, saw before hand what was going to happen inside of a dream. She kept shaking it aside telling herself that it won’t happen. Nothing that bad could happen..but what if it does? And when? Will MiMi learn to accept her gift of sight before the most terrorifying moment becomes a reality? Or will her ignorance cause the death of millions?

Writer’s Digest Presents:


Are You Writing Thriller / Mystery / Suspense? Agent Michelle Richter of Fuse Literary is Judging a FREE Contest Just For You!
Welcome to the 18th (free!) “Dear Lucky Agent” Contest on the GLA blog. This is a FREE recurring online contest with agent judges and super-cool prizes. Here’s the deal: With every contest, the details are essentially the same, but the niche itself changes-meaning each contest is focused around a specific category or two. So if you’re writing mystery or thriller or suspense, this 18th contest is for you! (The contest is live through EOD, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015.)

For all rules, simply check out the official contest page here.

That said, here’s the gist: If you are writing one of those categories for adult fiction, you will turn in your first double-spaced page to Michelle. She picks three winners. The winners get free stuff from Writer’s Digest as well as a critique of their first 10 pages from Michelle. Pretty sweet. The contest is live through end of day, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2015. You can turn in multiple submissions. See more here.

Death’s Kiss by Danielle Urban

His touch made her skin crawl. If there weren’t any cameras, Keira, would have felt goosebumps forming on her arms and a chill down her spine. She knew he was waiting..it was only a matter of time when she would be his.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Five months later, Keira woke up in a hospital not knowing where she was nor how she got there. Something told her she wasn’t safe. If she doesn’t get up now, she would die without anyone ever knowing. Getting up was harder than she thought. Her body wouldn’t budge an inch. She kept on pushing herself to move, nothing but sweat dripping down her forehead. She felt tired. Where am I? Then she heard a door open and then she saw him. A blood curling scream left her lunges just as he stuck the needle in her arm. All went black.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It has been two weeks since the dead woman’s body popped up on TV. She was drugged, rapped, and died at the hands of a serial killer. No one knew who was behind it nor why. But Maddie did. She knew the man who was evil enough to do those things and get away with it. Hell, he even had his own private hospital, where it looked normal to outsiders but was anything but that. It was known to the few survivors, if any, as the Kiss of Death.

The man had money and power. No one could defy him. He choose his victims. Once he choose you, you were stalked, photographed, followed and then somehow ended up in his hospital. Once there, victims had a no way out. At least not for any of the newer victims. Maddie was one of the earlier ones who managed to barely escape the lunatic’s hands. She almost died and ended up like that woman on TV. Maddie knew that the pyscho would still come after her, which was why she changed her legal name and appearance and moved many states away as she could in a place where no one would go unless, there were crazy or running away from death just like she was. Cats may have nine lives, but humans only get one. There was no way Maddie was going to put herself out in public’s eyes to help catch the psycho who is now a loose serial killer. The woman on TV matched Maddie’s own looks and was body number eigth. Was he taunting her? Was he trying to say, I am still coming after you? You can’t hide forever. Maddie shivered and turned the TV off. She had enough of the news. She had to concentrate on getting enough wood in her cabin for heat before the snow storm hit.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He’s still out there. 

She’s still hiding. 

Bodies are adding up and the deaths are getting closer …to where she lives. 

September Newsletter!

Hi everyone, we have some exciting news to share.

  • Urban Lit 2015 September Issue will be released soon!
  • Interviews have been pouring in.
  • Currently, we are proofreading a new manuscript.
  • Reviews are free!
  • New Short Story by Lucy Mitchell will be inside of Urban Lit Magazine.
  • Magazine issues will now be available in PDF, ePub, and mobi.
  • A new homor piece will also be featured in Urban Lit Magazine.
  • New Editing Services and prices!

New Writing Prompt for September

September is the month where we think of and honor our grandparents. They are truly amazing people and need to be honoreed,  remembered and cherished. September 13th is Grandparents’ Day. So, in honor we are hosting a free publishing contest for our writers to submit a short 500 – 1,000 word short story featuring grandparents. It can be a memior or fiction piece. Please, submit it to us via email with Grandparents in the subject area.

Email your story to us at: urbanliteraryagency@gmail.com

Find us on Twitter: @urbanliterary

Find us on Facebook: Urban Literary Agency

Fundraiser for this Month

Hi everyone,

This month I am conducting a fundraiser to raise a grand total of $300 for a graduate student’s LSAT test cost. The student is an honor student and she needs all the help we can give her. She needs the $300 to pay for her testing fee. Please be generous by donating money to her to support a young talented student in finishing up her law school career.

All donations can be made via PayPal to: danielleurban442@yahoo.com.

For every $1 donated, we will advertise one’s book on every social media network and write a book review.

For every $5 donated, we will advertise one’s book on every social media network, write a book review, and design a professional book cover.

For every $10 donated, we will advertise one’s book on every social media network, write a review, design a book cover, and feature the author in our literary magazine.

For every $20 donated, we will advertise one’s book on every social media network, write a review, design a book cover, feature the author in our literary magazine and beta read their manuscript.

For every $40 donated, we will advertise one’s book on every social media network, write a review, design a book cover, feature the author in our literary magazine and beta read their manuscript. Plus, we will proofread the entire manuscripts as well.

For every $50 donated, we will advertise one’s book on every social media network, write a review, design a book cover, feature the author in our literary magazine, and edit their manuscript (normally a $99 fee).

Again, please be generous in helping us raise the money for this graduate student’s LSAT test fee. From the hearts of Universal Creativity Inc. and Urban Lit we thank you  for all your loyalty and continuous support. Thank you!  

               Let’s change this student’s life by helping her get where she needs to be! Donate now!




You can email us which of the top services you would like from us! Email: urbanliteraryagency@gmail.com

Bulgaria & Cesar Too

Bulgaria and his best friend friend and partner in crime were rushing down the stairs like a stampede of wild buffalo.

“Hey, Bulgaria, I am going to beat you down to the kitchen!” Cesar taunted.

“Not this time Cesar!” Bulgaria shouted back as he ran and ran.

Bulgaria soon beat Cesar to the kitchen.

Their owner was there setting their bowls of cat food down.

“Nice, run Bulgaria. I’ll beat you next time!”

“Yeah, next time.”

They chopped down on their food when the phone rang.

“Hello?” The owner asked. “Oh no, what? How did that happen? Okay, I’ll be there later today. Yes, thank you.”

Bulgaria and Cesar looked up. Their owner looked upset. About what they didn’t know yet..

“Okay, guys we are going on a trip!” Their owner told them both.

“A trip to where?” Bulgaria purred.

“Awww, Bulgaria. Don’t worry. We will be fine. I promise. I just have to figure things out on the way over.”

“What things?” Cesar asked.

Patting Cesar and Bulgaria both the owner then walked away to pack up a bag.

“Okay, I guess that means we better get our cages then huh?” Cesar asked Bulgaria.

“Yeah, let’s go get them.” Feeling distracted, Bulgaria ran to go get his cage.

After both brought their cages to the kitchen, their owner came out with his bag. A sock feel out, covering Bulgaria’s head.

“Hey, get this off of me!” Bulgaria shouted.




“Where’s Bulgaria?”

Cesar was trying to tug the sock off but instead was puling it further down Bulgaria’s small body.

After watching for a moment the owner laughed and pulled Bulgaria into his arms taking the sock off.

Bulgaria was still for a moment.

Having a sock over your head does things to your brain.

Yawning, Bulgaria started to struggle in his owner’s arms.

“Bulgaria, stay still. I’m putting you into your cage.”

It took five minutes to get a frustrated Bulgaria into his cage. Only a few minor scratches for the owner.

Cesar let the owner pick him up and purred happily as he was gently placed into his own cage.

“Good job, Cesar. Now, why can’t you ever behave Bulgaria?”

“Yeah, Bulgaria. Why don’t you behave?” Cesar laughed.

“Shut up, Puffball!” Bulgaria yelled.

“Hey, I’m the cute one!” Cesar retorted.

“Okay guys, here we go. On our way to a new place.”

Meow. Meow.

Both asked when. But as usual the owner didn’t answer back.

*         *         *         *          *          *            *           *           *           *           *          *

To be continued…..

Coffee Anyone? by Danielle

It was work day as usual on the USS Mars Navy ship. The navy supplies us the heaviest yet darkest coffee muck to drink. It’s black than black and the bitter hot taste makes you want to spit it all out. But when it’s cold out and you need the caffeine, it’s all we got.

Some can’t handle it all all. Wusses. But for sailors like myself, we can drink it.

So, it was strange when one moment a fellow sailor was sipping his coffee and just as I turned around he was nowhere to be seen. Only a huge spot of what looked to be and smelled like the coffee I was drinking.


“Hey, Stuart it’s time for us to..” Patrick looked down at me wiping the coffee up.

“Where’s Stuart?” Patrick asked.

“I don’t know. He was right here and then the second I turned around he was gone only this mess was left behind.”

“That’s strange..”

“What is?” I asked.

“I have been hearing rumors that sailors on board are disappearing left and right. One second they’re there the next time you look..they’re gone.”

Patrick started stepping out backwards and then ran off to who knows where.

I stood back up, tossed the dirty paper towel into the garbage pin and was about to leave.

The coffee machine was turned off. Or I could have sworn it was. I walked over to turn it off, but it wouldn’t budge. I weighed about 160 and was 6 foot 2. I worked out everyday and did many laps in the pool to stay fit. Turning the coffee switch should have been easy. But it was proving harder than one could imagine.

 Shit. Why is this damn thing stuck. 

Ping! Shit. Major shit. I just broke off the switch and now a huge mass of coffee came pouring on out of the machine. But instead of being the causal liquid…it was coming out like a glob. Just like the spot on the floor. Next thing I see is the coffee glob reaching upward forming into a human body shape..

What the f**k!

Coming to life the glob like coffee monster came walking up to me. Growing larger until it towered above my six foot frame. I stood still. Frozen on the spot just from what I was witnessing. Never in my 10 years as a US Naval Officer have I ever witnessed something like this..

The coffee killing monster.

Red came up into the mess room. Right before him he saw a huge black human like glob structure towering over his six foot friends body. It was about to…eat his friend. Not on his watch!

Running with a broom nearby, Red charged into the black glob only to disappear. The monster before Will grew larger. Running out of of the mess room his shuts the door, only to see the glob after him.

This time larger yet. Men all around were shouting, Will kept on running..

What to do? What to do?

Will turns the corner and the coffee glob follows after him. Eating fellow sailors as he walks, the monster contines after Will.

Damn it. Does this thing ever stop?

Just as Will runs down two steps at a time, the monster catches him..and Will falls.

“Is he up yet?”

“Shh.. the doctor says, he’ll be okay. But that bump on his head will take a while to heal.”

“I guess we better make some more coffee then.”

Will shot up on the lunge and screamed, “No! No coffee! Don’t turn it on!” and without further words Will got up and tossed the coffee maker on the floor where it crashed into many pieces. His fellow mates just stood in shook silence watching their long time friend.

“The monster will not attack us every again!” Will informed them. Then straightening his uniform he headed out of the mess room.

“No more coffee for that guy!”

“Yeah, no kidding. Monster?”

“Must have hit his head too hard.”

Laughing the guys left the mess room leaving the coffee flashing on…




Urban Lit Magazine Cover Reveal

UrbanLit September Issue

Universal Creativity Inc. is proud to present the new name of our creative writing magazine to Urban Lit. Urban Lit is a literary magazine that now delivers more content, better formats, and still free for readers and writers alike.

Urban Lit will be featuring several different authors in this new issue. We will also be featuring more articles on things that readers are curious about. Things like Most Talked about Books, Digital/Print or Both, New Book Releases, Press Releases for Authors, Editing, Formatting, Book Publishers, Contests, and of course writing prompts will all be inside of this very first new edition.

Also, we will be doing author of the month features, book of the month features, book reviews, short stories, poems, and much more.

We will also have two formats available to readers of Urban Lit for them to download. These will be in PDF & ePub.

September Issue is coming soon!

Writing Prompt Time!

Write a story based on a lead character (who technically is you but in fiction – meaning give this character your voice/ personality),  another character opposite your gender, and an animal (such as a dog, a puppy, a cat, a kitten, a bird, you name it).

Write how your lead character goes about his or her busy life style when they bump into this other character with his or her pet. How does this pet help bring you two closer? 

Challenge: Make this a comedy.

10 Rules to Writing a Novel


  1. Write what comes to you. In other words don’t try and force something out of your writing just to please others.
  2. Write with passion! If you don’t like your own work, then stop and write something else.
  3. Use beta readers! These are the readers who will help you out most!
  4. Start with the basics. Use two characters, a goal, a setting, and a conflict.
  5. Be you! Don’t be what others what you to be. Writers’ work is much better when they put themselves into it and not what the haters want in it. Remember, even the best-selling authors have haters.
  6. Use dialogue! This speeds up your plot and makes it more interesting.
  7. Switch point of views! This helps make your novel interesting.
  8. Use that imagination of yours! I know you all are creative. Don’t be shy!
  9. Swap your novels with a another writer. Read each others work. Critique each other’s work. Sometimes we can’t see what we do wrong and need another fresh pair of eyes to help pin point it out to us. Plus, writers are serious about their work. If you take theirs seriously, they will also take yours seriously when helping each other out.
  10. Use, use, use social media sites like: Write it On, WattPad, and Goodreads. These are were writers comment on other writers work and where readers look for new reads. Must have tools for every writer!

Love Scenes!

Having trouble writing those love scenes in your romance novel? Practice, practice and practice!

Here’s a sample:

Just as I was expecting the pain, he moved moved his mouth right over my sweet spot.

His breath was hot and the anticipation of what was next, drove me insane.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“OMG! Yes, just fuck me already!” I shouted breathlessly back at him.

He was grinning. Damn him.

He knew this was my first and he was enjoying taking it slow..just to drive me crazy.

Slowly he inched his mouth nearer his eyes watching me all the while.

My breathing became heavy and my body ached.

Then dipping his head lower his lips touched my sweetness.

A moan of pleasure, escaped my lips.

My hips taking on their own rhythm as his tongued sweetly tortured my soul.

Minutes later he came back up and standing there in all his glory, he shucked his boxers off leaving me in awe.

His dick immediately popped up. Coming to life.

He walked over to the bed, kissing my ankles and making his way up my inner thighs.

Soft moans erupted from somewhere within me.

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Dialogue!

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Dialogue

1. It’s easier & faster to read than narrative, moves the story by faster, and keeps readers interested.

2. #1 Purpose is to provide essential information.

3. #2 Purpose is to move the plot forward.

4. #3 Purpose is to define the different characters.

5. It defines a character.

From the Desk of a Publishing Intern

From the Desk of a Publishing Intern

Finding story ideas – Look at your newspaper for ideas. They are plenty of happenings in your area that can inspire you to find an idea to write that perfect novel.

Personal Experiences – Use these to write that irresistible new story that every reader will love to read. These can help you write that hilarious, sad, edge of the seat nail gripping novel that will hook readers instantly.

Listening – Yes, sometimes things you hear can inspire a sensational line that develops into the greatest novel of all time. So, next time you hear something great, write it down!

#1 Principle of Fiction Writing to live by – Show your readers! Do not tell tell them. Show them what you want them to see, hear, feel, and experience. By showing your readers, you bring your characters to life. And that’s what you want/ need to do as a writer. Bring your stories off the pages to your readers.

Telling your readers – Yes, sometimes you need to do this to give your readers a bit of background info on the character, setting or plot. But be sure not to tell your readers everything. Show them!

Exposition? What is it? Exposition is the the background information written in narrative form. Tip: Keep it short & lively.

FYI: If you are a romance author and wanting to be published, please email me at: danielleurban23@gmail.com

or email me at: danielle@pulsepub.net

#1 Writing Tips for the Day

In your book be sure to show the following:

Physical characteristics – such as age, height, clothes, and manner of speaking.

Background/ History – such as family situations, childhood events, rich or poor, married or not.

Ethics/ Morals – is this person good or bad?

How about naming characters?

Mix & Match Names –  use from old school yearbooks, telephone books, and baby name books.

When  doing research….

Check out the occupation. Know t procedures of the occupation when you write.

Setting. If using real places check your facts to make sure the real place is located in the right area.

Time Frame – Be sure to keep your writing persistent with the time frame you are writing.

Open Submissions:

Open Submissions to all self-published and new emerging writers.

I am a senior publisher for Pulse LLC. I am currently looking for the following genres to publish:

– Historical Romance

– Contemporary Romance

– Paranormal Romance

– New Adult

– Romantic Suspense

– Romantic Thriller

– Romantic Comedy

– Chicklit

– Christian Romance

– YA

Please send the first three chapters and a query letter to me at:


Our Marketing Plans Include:

– Obtaining reviews (we have a list of 80+ reviewers)
– Securing online spotlight features
– Distributing worldwide press releases
– Targeted advertising
– Arranging virtual tours
– Booking media appearances
– Producing and distributing book teasers and full-length trailers
– Producing and distributing “Behind The Pages” videos to promote our authors and their writings
– Hosting promotional contests and giveaways

Who We Are:

Pulse is an exciting new traditional publishing imprint committed to cultivating and promoting the works of authors from all walks of life.

Through our innovative, modern approach to publishing, we seek to foster the success of established authors seeking to enhance their publishing efforts, as well as aspiring authors looking to make their mark in the literary world.

Other Questions You May Have:

I am enrolled in KDP select with Amazon for about another 85 days, is this a problem?


Can I work directly with the editor should we disagree on changes?  Do I have the final decision on the changes made?

We don’t allow authors and editors to work directly together, as it’s caused unnecessary complications in the past. If the author has any questions regarding the editor’s suggested changes, s/he can take them up directly with you. Also, as Senior Publisher, you have final authority regarding changes made to all manuscripts.

Will Pulse/Enrapture set up Facebook, twitter, web pages for me?

We do not create social media accounts or websites for authors, but we’ll gladly promote any profiles they create for themsevles.

What is the typical contract period?

The publishing agreement remains in effect as long as the title is in print, meaning as long as it continues to sell copies. If it ever fails to sell a single copy for two consecutive months, the book automatically goes out of print and the agreement can be terminated.

Will I be able to promote and market my book, or will the contract allow only Pulse/Enrapture to do it for me?

We require the active participation of all authors regarding the promotion of their titles. Though we’ll craft and implement a detailed marketing plan for their books, they need to be actively involved in promoting themselves and their writings, including arranging interviews and media appearances, securing online publicity opportunities, maintaining a mailing list, and general word of mouth. Once the marketing plan has been finalized, though, you’ll be passing it along to the author to prevent duplication of efforts.

– Am I included in Pulse’s media liability insurance?


-And can I use my real name? I read somewhere that pseudonyms are lame these days. But I also think I’m ready to own this! 

That’s up to the author.

-Since I published through Amazon’s CreateSpace, I hold the existing copyright. So, do I remove it from Amazon now that Pulse will own the publishing rights? Can’t have it out there just floating around. 

Once the publishing agreement has been signed, the book must be removed from general circulation.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please let me know.

Blogging a Book the Fast Way!

It won’t take long to write your book if you use your blogging skills to do so. Publish three posts per week, each one about 500 words long, and you write a 10,000+ e-book in seven weeks.

Or publish 100 posts, each one about 500 words long, and you produce a 50,000-word manuscript. Publish posts three times per week, and you finish your manuscript in 34 weeks.

Publish more posts more often to finish your book faster. Or increase the length of your posts to complete in record time.

But keep this in mind: It’s better to publish shorter posts more often (especially when trying to build platform). Don’t publish 2,000-word posts once every two weeks. Overly long and infrequent blog posting doesn’t attract readers and makes the book writing process feel harder.

So stop complaining about not having time to write. Turn your blog into a book-writing machine. You’ll build your author platform and finally get your book—or many books—written.

10 Ways to Write a Story

10 Ways to Write a Story

1. Take any random sentence from a newspaper and expand on it.

2. Take a quote from any book.

3. Use a moment from the past and develop it.

4. Take any person, place, or thing and then list one type of action.

5. Take a current event that is happening now and plot different ways it could end.

6. Take one of your favorite characters in a book, and then pair them up with a famous celebrity.

7. Take a crime that has recently happened within your area and create a different version that involves a sleuth.

8. Take your pet’s personality and or actions of what they did an write about what they will do next.

9. Take your travel experience and turn it into something more dramatic and funny.

10. Take the loss of losing a loved one, to create a character going through the same issues. How does the character change?

Summer for Writing!

Writers need to do many things such as keep up their writing skills, tone up their skills to the next level, learn how to engage readers with their plot, and how to make their stories the ones readers won’t ever forget.

But where do writers begin? And how?

By taking classes that kept their minds sharp with fresh new ideas, assignments to keep them on track, and feedback to help them analyze what’s said and then transform their writing based on that feedback.

Students will learn how to transform a basic story idea into a full length novel. A novel that they can publish and sell anywhere books are sold.

Our Write to Publish course will teach the following:

– Take simple sentences and form them into story ideas.

Create characters to fit certain plots.

– Write scenes and sequels for a story.

– Write a creative story outline using a different point of view than the original.

– Learn what to look for when proofreading your story.

– Write powerful hooks to lure readers into your novel.

– Write intriguing cliffhangers that will leave your readers wanting to read your next book.

– Write dialogue between two or more characters.

– Write the beginning, introducing your story to readers.

– Write the middle, keeping readers in suspense.

– Write the ending, leaving readers wanting to laugh, cry, or feel good for your character and or wonder what happens next.

– Write short stories for Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal, Christian, Historical, YA, and New Adult.

– Write flash fiction in multiple genres.

– Write that synopsis!

  32 lessons total this summer for writers to learn, grow, and succeed!

The perfect way to learn everything you need at your own pace. Must have an email address, internet connection, and pay for course via PayPal to participate in this summer course. 

Completion of all summer lessons by August 1st will be eligible for a certificate of completion.

Sign up now, to begin taking your online lessons for Write to Publish, by filling out the form below and by sending $20 via PayPal to danielleurban442@yahoo.com.

Four New Writing Prompts!

person typing41) Your character wants to take a vacation, but is broke.  She decides to stow away on a cruise ship…

2) Your character is traveling by train through a foreign country.  The train stops in a little town, and the man who is sharing her compartment gets off.  Suddenly, your character realizes that her purse is missing.  That man must have taken it!  She gets off the train to look for him, but the train station appears to be empty.  While she’s still looking, the train pulls away, leaving your character with no money and no passport in an unknown town where she doesn’t speak the language.  And night is falling…

3) On a business trip, your character starts an affair with a woman he meets at the hotel bar.  What his wife doesn’t know won’t hurt her, he thinks.  But then his wife shows up at the hotel to surprise him…

4) It’s 20 years in the future, and space tourism has become a reality.  Your character signs up for a trip to the moon.  But two days into the journey, the captain of the spacecraft confides in your character that that’s not where they’re really headed…

Central Ohio Fiction Writers (COFW) Contest! A Fundraiser & A Way to Get Published!


Central Ohio Fiction Writers (COFW) 21st Annual Ignite the Flame Contest

All entries must be electronic.

The COFW Ignite the Flame Contest will begin accepting entries on June 1, 2015.  All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST on July 15, 2015.

Entrants must be unpublished in book-length fiction (minimum 40k) in the last five years.  Unpublished means the author or authors have not accepted a publishing offer for, or self-published, a work of original fictional narrative prose.

All entrants will receive first-round judges’ scores and comments.

Fee:  $20/COFW members and $25/non COFW members.

Contest Description:  Our contest is named Ignite the Flame for a reason. We want to lose ourselves in 15 pages of your unpublished manuscript as your hero and heroine experience that first spark of attraction, that irresistible heat drawing them together.  So kindle that fire–show us your first meeting, the surprise reunion, an awkward introduction or the unforgettable moment of initial awareness. Thrill us with the promise of what is to come. Tease us with a little flicker that is destined to become an inferno.

Submission Guidelines:  Your name must not appear anywhere on the 15-page submission.  Your submission must be in Times New Roman font, 12 point, double-spaced, paragraphs indented five spaces first line only.  Page numbers must appear in the upper right-hand corner, and the title/genre of the manuscript must appear in the upper left-hand corner on all pages.  Your submission may be less than 15 pages, but must not exceed 15 pages.

Submit a 500 word synopsis with your entry.  The synopsis will not be considered part of your 15-page submission, nor will it be judged.

Judges:  First round judges will be published authors.

Winners:  The top scorer in each category will receive:  a $30 cash prize, a certificate, a critique from the judges and their entry will be read by an agent or editor.  The editor/agent is not obligated to write a critique, but may do so.  COFW hopes all of our top scorers receive a submission request.  Second and third place winners will receive certificates and critiques from the judges.

Email your entry form, submission and synopsis to the contest coordinator at:  ignitetheflamecontest@gmail.com.

2015 Categories:  Unless noted below, contest category definitions match those of the RWA National Golden Heart/RITA Contest.

Contemporary Romance: Includes series length, single title length & romantic suspense in a current, contemporary setting,  Manuscripts may be set from 1950 to the present and should focus primarily on the romantic relationship.

Historical Romance:  Manuscripts may be set in any time period prior to 1950 and should focus primarily on the evolution of the romantic relationship.

Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic/Time Travel:  The future, a fantasy world, or paranormal elements are an integral part of the plot.  The love story is the main focus of the manuscript.  May be any time period or setting.

Young Adult/New Adult:  Manuscripts in which young adult (teen/high school age) or new adult (twenty-something/college age) life is an integral part of the plot.  The relationship between the main characters is integral to the storyline, character development.

Erotica:  Novels in which strong, often explicit, sexual interaction is an inherent part of the story, character growth, and relationship development and could not be removed without damaging the storyline. These novels may contain elements of other romance subgenres (such as paranormal, historical, etc.).

Romantic Suspense:  Novels in which suspense, mystery, or thriller elements constitute an integral part of the plot. In this category, the love story is the main focus of the novel, a suspense/mystery/thriller plot is blended with the love story, and the resolution of the romance is emotionally satisfying and optimistic.

Contest for Writers from Writer’s Relief!

The Writer’s Relief Review Board Is Now Open For Submissions—

But Only Until Thursday, April 16.

We’re currently accepting new clients, but first you must receive Review Board approval. Our Review Board is accepting work in the following genres only:

> Novels and memoirs

> Poetry

> Short stories and narrative nonfiction (personal essays)

Space in our elite service is limited and highly sought-after, so send only your strongest work.

Don’t miss this chance to energize your submission strategy—submit your work to our Review Board today! 

Click HERE to make your submission or to receive more details.

Deadline is Thursday, April 16.

Writing Prompt!

Your character heads over to the city’s spring career expo hoping he will find a job to support his two children. But instead, he manages to save a woman’s life and lose all his papers to show off to employers. Feeling sad with himself, he excuses himself from the woman who runs after him. “Wait, sir!”

Turning around, to explain to the woman that all hopes of finding a job to support his kids were lost, she offers him a job! Standing there not knowing what to say, the man picks the woman up and twirls her around and around. Until finally, words have found him. “Thank you, I really need it for my kids.”

“No, thanking me. You saved my life, count us even.” Signing the papers for his new job, he rushes to go home to his kids, when a shot goes off in the distance.

Running back he finds the beautiful woman lying dead on the marble floor. Rushing to her aid. He tries to save her, but nothing worked. Then man began to sob for the poor woman who kindly helped him. He vowed to find the killer and destroy him for taking away the woman’ life.

Ten years later…he is sitting at his desk with all the papers and photos still wondering where the SOB was hiding. “Hey, Serge. We’ve got another case. Just like last night’s.”

“Okay, let’s go! And Jimmy?”

“Yes, Serge?”

“You’re the best partner a man could have.”

“Thank you, sir. We will catch this guy and yours.”

“I hope so, Jimmy. I really hope so.”

Write what happens next. What type of murder scene do they walk into? How many cases have they had like this recently? And is this serial killer the same one who shot the woman years ago who gave Serg a job? 

Writing Exercises

#1 Think about an event early in your life that is still powerful for you – that made you cry, or afraid, or angry, or triumphant with revenge. Sketch it out – focus on the emotional power. Now – make it fiction. Change something. Change character, change ages, change place, gender – see how this changes the center of the story

#2 Think about your emotional truth (your incident from the last exercise) and the newspaper article you brought in (or a story that happened to a friend, or something you overheard in a restaurant). Take some of the details there to change your story in incident, while keeping the emotional reality.

#3 Bring back a smell. Pay attention over the next few days to all the smells around you—the air outside and inside (and in different rooms,) the smell of cooking as you walk past a restaurant or a residential building and the smell of cooking when you walk into where you will eat dinner. Be aware of the smell of the garbage left on the street, plants, oil, chemical smells. How about the smell of cleaning, of the pool, of shampoo, of newly washed clothes. Pay close attention to a smell. Does it have any emotional resonance? (Not a memory, just a resonance. Do you feel happy or comforted by the smell of newly washed laundry? Cooking? Do you feel happy or sad or indifferent to the smell of snow or rain? Entering the pool area?)

#4 Think of a James Bond film, where the main villain has an army of cannon fodder who do his will. Think of one of those people, who exists from the film point of view just to be killed. This one person wearing a black quasi-uniform holding a semi-automatic weapon guarding the villain’s stronghold–why is s/he there??? What is the person’s name? Background? Age? Family? Why did s/he take this job? (How apply or find it?) What is this person’s story?

Today, is Pi Day!




To celebrate Pi Day, we are hosting a writing prompt contest. All participants must email their writing to us at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com. Must be written in English. And must include the prompt in their writing. Also, each entry must have the author’s first and last name, email, and word count. This enables us to give the author credit for his or her writing when it’s published within our magazine. 

This contest is free! So, hurry and send in your masterpiece to us to be published online! All rights of the work belong to each writer and by entering this contest you have given Universal Creativity Inc. permission to publish your work online within the magazine and on our site. 

Here is the writing prompt:

Alice was carefully calculating her experiment when a door slammed shut behind. Aggravated to being disrupted in the middle of her experiment she stops and heads over to the door. Only when she tried to open it..it was locked!

Hey! Let me out! Someone open this door now! It’s locked!

Alice kept banging on the door. Hoping someone would hear her. But so far no one heard her. Just then Alice noticed smoke coming into the room from under the locked door.

Oh no! I must get out of here!

Searching the room, there weren’t any windows.

How the hell did I not notice that before!

Feeling frustrated she searched for a key or something to break the door down with. But nothing. Screaming, she shouted at the top of her lungs. Until a male voice behind her said she had a set of healthy lungs. Turning around, Alice caught a small glimpse of a disfigured face that belonged to a man of get built. And then everything went dark.

What happens next? Your writing can be any length to submit in to be published. We will email participants to let them know we will be publishing their piece in our magazine and to be featured on our website. 

Image result for pictures of pi

How to write that first amazing chapter?

As a writer, we all know the difficulty there is when we fist start out writing a new book. How do we know where to begin? Where do we start? And will it be enough to lure our readers into our plot? These all are the great questions and the what if’s. So why not just write a great first chapter in the first place and then go to scrutinizing it next? That’s the issue. If we all could great the great first chapter none of us writer would go crazy in fear that our readers would find it tediously boring, right?

First, as a writer we know we need to hook our readers in, right? Well, that is the crucial part of nabbing that awesome first chapter. So, what is the hook? The hook is the part in the first chapter that should be found within the first paragraph. The first paragraph should give me the character’s name, gender, the scene’s setting, and what the issue is. So for example is go like this:

Mandy woke up to her alarm going off. Shutting it off with her clumsy hand flying about to hit the snooze button, her hand lands on something fury, warm, and hard…

What the hell? Mandy got up and no sooner did she sit up when a growling noise snapped her attention to a dog inside of her room. And not just any kind of dog, but a wolf. A growling gray wolf was looking straight as her, waiting for her to make another move. Mandy’s scream pierced the night along with the sound of a angry wolf’s howl. 

So from this hook, we can say, the character is a female name Mandy who was asleep only to wake to find an angry growling wolf inside of her bedroom. How did this wolf get in and why? What happens next? Does the wolf attach Mandy? And does anyone else hear her scream that pierced the night? And if so who? Shall we read on to find out?

A long distance away, Liam heard a young girl’s scream pierce the night. Her scream told him that she was in danger. Transforming to all four legs and a fur coat he runs blindly into the night  following the echo of the screams. Dread fills his senses as he nears a small log cabin. The scent of another wolf alert hims. Paw prints in the ground tell him another a grey is out. Heading into the cabin his nostrils flare with anger as he is being lead to a room in the back. There he sees the grey, seconds from attacking the the young frightened girl on the twin cotton bed. Snarling with anger Liam prepares to attack the other wolf. The grey turns to see Liam. Running into each other both wolves fight with a raw fierceness that leave Mandy silenced as she watches them both. Fear sending chills down her spine. Mandy knows that soon her life will be next. But there is no way out except to pass the wolves. And neither of the wolves have left enough room for her to escape. Crying she silently says a prayer. 

Who is Liam? And why is e fighting another wolf to save a girl whom he doesn’t know? And was Mandy living there all alone? Or were there more people inside too? And if so were they killed by the grey wolf that was about to attack her? Will Liam make it through the fight with this other grey wolf? And what happens next if he does?

If you have noticed we are building up the suspense by leaving readers with enough details to hook them in and leave them wondering what will happen next. That is the art of writing a great first chapter. But of course, your chapter will be much longer but still you get the idea. We can continue on from here, but I like to keep my readers in suspense, don’t you?

Story Ideas

Here are two story ideas that I recently came up with: 

1.  Ashley felt like someone was watching her. But, she kept shaking the feeling off thinking it was just the cool air and being all alone. Opening the door, Ashely stepped into the old plantation home. everything was dark, cold and dusty.
Great, just what I needed. More cleaning to do. Why was this place left to me? And by whom?
Waling up to the fire place Ashley saw photos. One photo in particular had her in it. How the hell…
Before, she could even finish the thought they was a loud thump, thump, thump. Rushing up the stairs to see what was going on… sees a man carrying a lifeles body further down the hall into another room. This wasn’t just any ordinary man either and neither was the body. They were both ghosts. But how? And who are they ghosts? And why can Ashley see them? How was her recieving this old house connected with what she just experienced? What does Ashley do next?
2. It was St. Patricks Day and Nora was excited. Nothing like a little a bit of luck and charm, to help her succeed in her conquest. She wants to gain Lord Kyle MacKinnion’s attention. He is bachelor of the ton. And every lady wants her chance to snatch this lucky Irish Lord who was just as hot as he was smart. And nothing will stop Lady Nora at the St. Patrick’s Day Ball.  Unlike the other Ladies, Nora had two Irish parents. That should be enough to give her double the luck the other Ladies don’t have. And on this day of all days, her heritage and luck can’t fail her. Or could it? Does Nora end up in a scandalous sistuation far worse than she ever believed to be in? And what does Lord Kyle MacKinnion think of this smart, beautiful, and tough lass? Is she the woman lucky enough to be his bride?

Writing Prompt

Your character is a suspect in a crime.  She is interviewed by the detective in charge of the case and immediately feels deeply attracted to him.  After an hour in the interview room, the detective releases her with an apology.  On an impulse, she invites him out to dinner that night, and he accepts.  But, leaving the police station, she begins to feel nervous about their dinner date.  Is it a mistake to go out with the detective — when in fact she’s guilty of the crime he’s investigating?

Making Your Alpha Male Believable

1. Your aphla male needs to be active. He can’t just sit around and wait for the action to come to him.

2. He should be tough, rough around the edges.

3. Alpha males respect their women. What woman wants a man who can’t respect her or nay other woman?

4. He should be firm but gentle with woman.

5. He won’t be listening to classical music. Make him more male by giving him a harder prescense like a biker who can throw real punches, good on the eyes, but has a swearing problem. Make him a bad boy. But don’t make him where he has no redeeming qualtities.

6. The alhpa male has to be the kind of man that is the marryiing kind. Maybe at first he denies it or doesnt relaize it until he almost loses the best thing that has ever happened to him- his girl. Oh, yeah. Alphas don’t like other men taking aninterest in their women even when they cant admit it to themselves that they have fallen in ove with that woman. Men never come to that realization that fast in real life either. It takes the woman to get under his skin or for that woman to get another man in her life before they realize,  “No, that’s my woman.. Back off dude!” Now they woman can be stubborn about it because hey, her alpha admitted he didnt care if she picke up with another guy and when she does it hurts him like hell, so it makes it interesting when the woman makes her alpha really work at it. Or you can have a woman who isnt interested in the alpha at all,and have him so interested in her that he doesn’t give up. Have something bad happen or almost could have happened and have the apha there to save her…

7. By the end of your story.. your alpha should have changed. He was dead set against marrying and having any kind of committment, until one woman came along and changed all of that.

8. Your tough guy needs a heart of gold. He can be a real ass to deal with say as a boss at work but then your female characters ends up seeing him with a few kids. playing around at the park tousling in the leaves. Laughing and smiling like crazy. This is where she sees he does have a heart of gold…

9. Your aphla male should want to do everything possible for those he cares about.

10. Your alpha male needs to have one hidden weakness…that makes vunlerability when revealed romantic.

11. The sex: your alpha male needs to be dominant but also let the woman take charge once a while. It must be intimate.

12. Your alpha male’s actions speak louder than words. This has to be in your novel. This is improtant to show verus tell us. Show us by your alpha males actions more so than by his words. How does woo his woman? How does he show that he really cares about his woman? Maybe its something that she really cares about or likes that he notices and uses that to do everything he can to get her to notice that he loves her. And cares.

Novel Idea?

Want to write a historical novel or any kind of novel?

Stpe 1:  Write a letter. This can be to a friend, a lover, or a family member. Or it can be  to a stranger whom who never met but know the name and address of that you need to telll them someting.

Step 2: State why you are writing this letter. Is because you lost your job? Your house?  A spouse? A child? Or is it because you won the lottery? Got into the best schools around? Or that you just got engaged? Or had your first child?

Step 3: Write about the other person’s reaction to this letter. Was it sympaty? Anger? Jealousy? Or happiness.

Step 4: Have this letter recipient write back. What will this person say? Will this person pursuade or ridicule the other person? Will the return letter be a warning?

Step 5: Write about the letter being received to the sender.  What is this person’s reaction? How will the react? Will it be fear? Anger? Happiness? Or sadnes?

Step 6: Write what action the take from the letter. 

Step 7: Write what te other person decides to do, having  not received another letter in the mail.  What action does this character take? WIll it be suicide? Will it be murder? Will it be good?

Step 8: What does the original sender do? Will their action cause the other person action to be worse off? Or better?

Step 9: Write what happens when both go about their actions at the same time.

Step 10: What happens to one or both of these characters? 

Step 11: Write about the authorities finding one or both of the characters with a letter. What does this letter say, and what impact does it have, if any?

Want to Write Flash Fiction?

Writing Flash Fiction is Easy!

1) Choose your conflict. What is happening in your fiction? What do you want to happen?

2) Choose your characters wisely! Haha, yes, this is important. Characters are the ones making the mistakes, and or choices within your writing. Who are they? Bad guy? Bad girl? Good guy/ good girl? The hero or villain? They can be anyone! They can have a split personality. Or they be somebody famous who has a bad reputation but tin the end turns out to be the hero. It’s up to you. You just need to decide.

3) Create the plot! Is your bad guy/ girl who seems to be the killer acutally be the victim? I mean wow, that is something that your readers will want to know especailly at the end. Does your 26 year-old virgin finally find a man or woman the he or she wants to finally settle down with after having one hell of a night stand? Or will will they end up losing the only person that really understood and loved them?

4) The ending. Show us readers what happens…did the so called murderer get murdered leaving everyone including the authorites wondering who the real killer is while the real killer is watching them all from a distance? Or does does the virgin finally get his or her happy ending that they thought was never meant for someone like them? See, this is easy.

5) Write it all down! You can write the flash until you piece the sentences together! So, why wait? Begin writing your flash fiction now.

EX: Mindy was in her dressing room when she heard fighting break out. Mindy walks towards the shouting. Both a man and woman’s voice could be heeard. Next thing Mindy knows is that the man, her whoe happens to be her ex, falls down. And the mysterious woman runs. Mindy walks over to her ex, Michael. His chest was heaving with blood. Mindy looks and sees a wierd object that looks like a gun. Few seconds later a shot rings out nearby. And her ex deleivers his last breathe just as  others run towards her and Michael. Everyone sees Mindy on the floor kneeling besides her ex, with the weapon. Police come and arrest Mindy. She keeps telling them they have the wrong lady. But the police have all of the hard evidence they need. Only her prints were on the gun. And everyone who knew her and Michael were having issues. There were too many witnesses saying theyheard a shot and saw Mindy holidn the weapon staring at her ex. Three days later, the police get a letter written by a woman saying she killed Michael. They police release, Mindy and decide to follow her every where. Two police officers, sit inside a beat up old suv outside Mindy’s apartment. Mindy walks in. Tries flickig the lights on, but to no use. She feels a chill trembling down her spine. She fumbles for her flashlight, when a voice says, “You’re next.” They police waited and waited but Mindy never came back out of her apartment. Thinking she gave tem the slip, they bang on her door. No answer. Turning the door knob, they walk in and see Mindy laying across the floor with a rose lying onto of her body. They police search but no signs of a break in. The murderer watches the police as they bag hat little evidence they find. Laughinng, the murderer turns around and plans his new kill.

How to Write a Romance Story?

How to Write a Romance Story?

1) Create a catchy line. You can do this by using dialogue between two people or internal conflict inside a character’s mind. Or by introducing the conflict early on.

ex:  Pacing the floor, Cassandra felt that something was off. He should have been here an hour ago. Tony said he would be here. Looking out the window for the hundredth time, Cassandra saw Tony. Rushing out the house trough the front door she runs out to him. But, he’s not there.  Feeling a chill rush down her spine, Cassandra calls out, “Tony, I’m here where are you?”  Silence. Walking a few more feet out, Tony appears once again. But this time right in front of her saying, “Get away, while you can!” Then disappears. Shock beyond words, Cassandra is glued in her spot. Not moving a single fraction.

Soon out of nowhere, lightning strikes a pole nearby and it falls towards Cassandra.

Screaming, Lori wakes up with fright. Who was Cassandra and Tony? And why did she keep having the same dream over and over again. Getting up, she heads to the bathroom.  Turning the faucet on, water starts to flow closing her eyes, she splashes her face. Feeling the coolness refresh her, Lori looks up and sees blood all over her face! What the hell!

She takes the towel and wipes it all off. Panicking, she runs to her brother’s room. “Kyle, wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”

Moaning he turns to his sister. “What happened now?”

“I had the same dream again. And then I washed my face and there was blood all over me! Here, look at this towel!” Lori says tossing it to im. Catching it, he felt the cold wet dampness. Turning the lamp on, they both saw it covered with blood.

“That’s it, we are telling mom and dad now!” Kyle informed her as he got up and went to wake their parents.

After awhile everyone was gathered in the small white kitchen. And by everyone, there were her grandparents on both sides, her aunts and uncles and their parents. They were all looking at the blood soaked towel and whispering.

“What does this mean? And why me?” Lori asked out loud. Breaking the silence in the room. Everyone turned to stare at her.

“Lori dear, you are a witch. We all are witches and warlocks. You have the telepathic ability to see and her things that have either happened, going to happen, or will happen,” grandmamma explained gently.

“Witches don’t exist!” Lori shouted. Looking at her brother Kyle for reassurance, he just looks at her like she’s crazy.

“Honey, witches do exist. Watch this,” her mother directed her.

Wavering her hand, the fridge opened up and the milk came out poured itself into a glass and went back into the fridge with the door closing silently behind it. Staring in shock, Lori didn’t know what to say. She always knew that her and her family were different but not that different.

“We need to start her lessons and training now. This will keep happening until she learns how to control her abilities,” her father said.

“I agree, with you son but who will train her what she needs to know?” Her grandfather questioned him.g

“Matt will teach Lori everything she needs to know,” grandmamma told everyone firmly.

“Yeah, Matt will be great for Lori,” Kyle agreed.

“Wait, who is Matt? And why can’t one of you teach me?” Lori looked around the kitchen.

“Lori, it’s the tradition of things. A witch or wizard needs someone outside the family to teach them what they need to learn. Matt is about your age and a good warlock,” her father explained.

“Yes, I think Matt will be good for you,” her mother stated.

“Well then it’s settled, tomorrow we will have Matt begin teaching her. Kyle, you go tell him,” grandmamma confirmed.

The others headed back to bed. But Lori, felt so alone. Her strange dreams, and then she finds out she’s a witch just like the rest of her family. And who was Matt? How come she never met him? And how can a boy her age help her learn everything she needs to know? So many questions.


2) Let your thoughts just flow. Like mine did above. I didn’t mean to write so much, but once you get a sentence or two down it’s hard to stop.

3) Read novels within the romance genre. Who is your targeted audience? Is it teens, or adults? What kind of romance do you like? Usually romances that you enjoy within a certain subgenre such as paranormal romance will usually be your strong suit when writing. Write what you know and constantly read about.

4) experiment with your writings.  If you can’t write anything down. Try writing a line about something that happened to you or something that happened recently and then put a twist to it, making it highly fictional. You can take an argument you either saw or heard and the create two characters in place of the two people arguing. Now change up the argument about something similar or something completely made up. Then use this to lead to a break up in one’s marriage, of engagement. Did the hurt party want to get revenge on his or her lover? Was the lover a cheater? Or abusive? And does the victim survive the disaster only to find a new love? Or will your character die from a broken heart or worse? There are so many ways to write your romance.

5) Have fun with your writing. 

Manuscript Services

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Updated Version for February’s Issue


Need A Writing Challenge?

Here is a writing challenge for all writers:

-Starting today, you will need to brainstorm ideas for a creative nonfiction piece to write.

– Then starting on Monday February 1st, you will begin writing your nonfiction piece. You need  to write at least 1,500 words worth for Monday. 

Now, all of you fiction writers, are probably saying this isn’t for me sorry. And then pass on to something else. But, hey guess what? I too am a fiction writer and my first real attempt at writing a creative nonfiction piece got the attention of a company. So, yes, this is for you fiction and nonfiction writers alike.

How does a fiction writer go about writing a nonfiction piece? That’s a very good question. First you need to think of creative nonfiction as just another fiction novel.

For example, you are to write about a travel experience. I don’t travel. I have traveld but nothhing worth writing about, so I come with a random character name like Jennifer Winston. So, now I have Jennifer Winston and she needs to have traveled to a real place, and seen or do real things.

So, then I search for a place Jennifer WInston would like to travel. Ah, yes, let’s make this character of mine a rich singe woman who inherited a lot of money from her parents who have both passed away. And so Jennifer loves traveling and exploring new places and has no worries about how much anything cost, right? Because she’s wealthy.

So, then my next plan is were would a wealthy woman like to travel to and what woud she like to see. I go to te internet and search for places to travel untill my eyes have found an interesting enough place to travel to and explore. Let’s say I chose Rome as my designation. Well, where is Jennifer Winston from? Once I write where she is from that has an airport, I can then mention her experience of traveling in first class upon (name of plane company) and she over hears a couple near hear arguing. And then the husband walks away to pour himself a class to drink, and then next thing you know the husband is dead! And so that concludes the first chapter. Jennifer’s plan has landed and the proper authorities arrive on scene. Jennifer and all other passengers are to get their stuff from the airport and leave. Jennifer has to wait for her luggage to arrive and while waiting she sees a younger man talking in Italian on his cell. 

“What do you mean he’s dead? He was alive before he boarded the plane!” The young man was clearly angry about the other man dying. But why? Jennifer decides to go up to the man asking him if he knows where the best hotel is located. He looks at her and smiles politely, “Ah, miss, you are beautiful for the eyes. The best location is at (name of location).”

“Thank you, and my name is Ms. Winston,” she said leaving the young man staring behind her. 

The above is just a sample piece. But like I said, this is not just for nonfiction writers. Fiction writers can do this challenge as well!

So, you are to plan your topic for your creative nonfiction piece from today and until Sunday night. Then on Monday, you have to begin writing your 1,500 words of your creative nonfiction piece! After you have completed your 1,500 words for Monday, simply leave a comment saying, “I completed the planning stage, and I begun my 1,500 word challenge.”