January Reminders!

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2016 here, at Universal Creativity Inc. This is just to remind about some of the events coming up this month. Yes, that's right we got new and exciting events that you do not want to miss! What are these events, you ask me... These events include a whole month of low... Continue Reading →


Updates for Universal Creativity Inc. reads as the following: Finished editing Family Drama by Olamide Ojo Finished editing Destiny Bound by Olamide Ojo Finished editing The Jester by Tony Duxbury Currently editing Rx (Dawn of the Hybrids) by Carl Ward Working on the lastest edition of Urban Lit Magazine The Best Book Awards Contest has... Continue Reading →


Okay, this month has been our busiest month so far! Yay! August 2015 Issue will be released on Monday August 17th. So, mark your calendars! Inside of this issue, readers will get a second sneak peek at Lucy Mitchell's latest novel. There will be two author interviews. One is from Grant Boshoff, the author of... Continue Reading →

Time for Stats!

Hello, everyone! Universal Creativity Inc. is proud to announce that we have a grand total of 1,147 followers! We have published 9 online creative writing magazines. We have interviewed 25 authors. Published 15 different books. Our company has written over 300+ book reviews for authors so far! So far, this year, we have received a... Continue Reading →

Need Editing or Proofreading done?

GWE is an assembled team of editors and authors with 40+ years experience in the publishing industry. Collectively, they've edited and formatted dozens of titles that have gone on to become bestsellers and win numerous awards. They've also amassed a dedicated following of authors and publishers who use them exclusively for all editing and proofreading... Continue Reading →

Published Yet?

Have you ever written a book or a novel and wanted to publish it but haven't? Or have a collection of poetry that you would like to share with the world? Then come visit us at: http://www.urbanbookreviewsrus.wordpress.com. We publish books, novels, articles and more! We offer low affordable pricing for all of your writing needs in... Continue Reading →


Currently Woking On Today, I just read and signed paperwork with Pulse LLC as a senior editor.  I have my first test due today, for LBE. Legal Business Environment. I will also be working on a 50 point essay, a 650 word article featuring my debut article on Small Town Politics, and my first article... Continue Reading →

Universal Creativity Inc. Services

   Submissions: We accept submissions for the following: poetry, short stories, flash fiction, novels, creative nonfiction,  column pieces,  book reviews, and author interviews. All of these submissions are free of charge and must be: Typed in English. Times New Roman 12 size font Double-spaced First name, last name Title Genre Word Count Submissions for editing,... Continue Reading →

Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover Design Any authors out there interested in having their book on the front cover of Universal Creativity Inc's magazine cover?  This opportunity would be a great way to promote your book and or novel, plus you get a section featuring your bio, interview Q&A, along with promotion of both current and future works... Continue Reading →

Editing Time!

I have currently finished editing a manuscript for Royalty Publishing House, and I am available for editing submissions. Please, feel free to check my editing services page for prices and guidelines.  No manuscript is too small or too big. If your manuscript is smaller than 3,000 words feel free to email me, and I will... Continue Reading →

New Course Coming Soon!! New learning format!!

Fiction Writing (Part 1) Course coming soon. The course format will be self-paced with lessons and assignments being sent via email to students. Assignments are to be turned in to instructor for one-on-one feedback. What will the course cover? It will cover, theme, character developments, scenes, settings, act I, act II, act III, conflicts, creating... Continue Reading →

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