Review: Home on the Range


A cowboy romance with a heart of gold, in Home on the Range author Ruth Logan Herne returns readers to the Double S Ranch where God and family are first, but love is certain to follow the Stafford menfolk. Nick made all the wrong choices for all the wrong reasons. His father had failed at marriage and fatherhood. Nick was determined to show him up. He’d be a better husband, better father and a better ranch manager than Sam Stafford ever hoped to be. But Nick’s wife Whitney hated the ranch and she walked out on Nick and their two beautiful daughters three years ago. 

For a long time Nick pretended everything was fine and when his stubborn nature is finally challenged by trouble with his young girls, he’s faced with the changes he should have made long ago. Psychologist Dr. Elsa Andreas had a thriving family therapy practice, a school commission, a good life, but tragedy pushes Elsa to walk away from her life. Three years later, she’s tucked herself in the backwoods of Gray’s Glen. When her sister encourages her to help Nick Stafford’s daughters, Elsa takes a chance. But Nick’s ex-wife comes back to town, threatening the girls’ newfound stability. Can Nick find the forgiveness and Else the courage to build their own “Home on the Range”? 

Rating: 5-stars


Home on the Range by Ruth Logan Herne is the second novel in the Double S Ranch series. A Christian fictional piece that warms my heart immediately. Love, family, and letting go of the past are just a few themes found within the pages. I was inspired. The reality of the charcaters’ situations plus, their past keep them from moving forward. Their struggles are wonderful to watch as the story unfolds. One of the brothers featured at the Double S Ranch thought he could make for a better father than the one he had. But then, life throws him lemons. His wife leaves him and his daughters are struggling in school. Then, comes a woman who can help him and his daughters. Her magic touch and his hope may bind them closer together than they ever expected…

Home on the Range shows readers that despite the obstacles life can move on…miracles, love, and hope can exist. Heartfelt, charming, and beleivable. Ruth Logan has once again, caught my attention with her beautifully written novel. I recommend it to all.

Review: The Chapel Car Bride


Intriguing Glimpse into the Past by Bestselling Historical Author Judith Miller
With her penchant for seeing the best in everyone, Hope Irvine sees a world full of good people in hard places. When her father accepts a position traveling in a chapel car as an on-the-rail missionary, she is determined to join him in his efforts and put her musical skills to good use by serving the mining families of West Virginia, saving their souls, and bettering their lives.
Luke Hughes shares Hope’s love of music and her love of God, but as a poor miner he knows he can offer her no future. Still, the notes she sings resonate in his heart. When she begins to travel with a young mine manager to neighboring counties, Luke can hardly suppress his jealousy. It isn’t until he begins to suspect these missions of mercy might be the mine manager’s cover for illegal purposes, though, that Luke feels justified in speaking up. But how can he discover the truth without hurting Hope or, worse, putting her in danger?

Rating: 5-stars


The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller is a beautifull woven Christian tale. Here, I got to follow two charcaters as they went about God’s calling. Faith, hope, and trust are themes inside this book. Without any of these the charcaters wouldn’t have made it to where they did. Engaging, sweet, and entertaining read. 

Inside, The Chapel Car Bride, there’s a young woman who travels with her father. A preacher’s daughter. Together, they go about spreading the Word and deed of God to many. Soon, they arrive to a town they turns out to need them most. There they stay giving the people hope, kindness, and faith. Hope Irvine soon is led by a man who hides his real intentions…and then, there’s Luke Hughes. A good man who is excited to see what Hope and her father have to share with his people. Luke takes an instant liking to Hope and so does the other man. Luke has to find a way to caution her without causing her to turn away from him. Proceeding to warn her off, will prove most difficult. But with a lot of prayer, faith and guidance from God, anything is possible. Even love. 

Judith Miller’s latest novel, shows readers what kindness can do. Prayer helps. Times are tough and life can be hard…but with some faith, things can turn around for the best. The Chapel Car Bride offers, intrigue, suspense, and some danger too. I was fascinated with this clean Christian book. The plot was believable. The pacing apwas perfect. Overall, I recommend it to all. 

Review: Brambleberry House


Come stay awhile at Brambleberry House, a place infused with acceptance, healing and heart–as only RaeAnne Thayne can imagine it.

His Second-Chance Family 

Julia Blair spent many happy summers at Cannon Beach and fell hard for sweet local boy Will Garrett. Now the for-rent sign at Brambleberry House seems like a wonderful omen for widowed Julia and her young children. She craves the warmth she once felt in Brambleberry House–and in Will’s arms. But before he can embrace his first love, he’ll have to lay down the burden of the past and open his heart again.

A Soldier’s Secret 

Struggling to rebuild her business and her life, Anna Galvez knows she’s fortunate to have inherited Brambleberry House as her rock-solid base. When she finds a handsome new tenant in injured army pilot Harry Maxwell, Anna thinks her luck–in love, at least–might be changing. Until the lieutenant’s story begins to unravel…

Rating: 5-stars


RaeAnne Thayne is a mastermind when it comes to creating the perfect contemporary romance tales. Her latest book, Brambleberry House, contains two short novellas. Each one has its way of pulling me deep into its journey. Epic, heartfelt, and well-written. The characters are to die for…

Inside, His Second-Chance Family, I got to two old sweethearts. Traveling back to their sweet moment of being 16-years-old and in love. A brief sweet kiss from a first love.  Their memory of that has stayed with them even now, as adults. One stayed and the other left. Now, many years later, fate has brought them together. Both have lost a loved one two. Their shared experience in pain, grief, loss, and love has a way of making a new path. Maybe, love and healing is in the air…

Next, is A Soldier’s Secret. Here, I got to meet a nephew of a deceased woman. His aunt gave her home to two ladies. One such lady was Anna Galvez. Her luck in love was bad. Her finance ran off with another woman and left her on their wedding day…

Now, she appears stiff as a board but there’s more to Anna than beats the human eye. With some help from a dog and the spirit of the deceased aunt…Anna and Harry might have a chance at a happily ever after. But they must overcome their fears and find courage to move forward. Love is in the air. It’s up to the charcaters to brace enoughto accept it.

Troubled hearts filled with pain, loss, and grief. RaeAnne Thayne has brought two unique tales that teach lessons of life as well as showing me that anything is possible. Love can happen when we least expect it to…overall, I highly recommend Brambleberry House to readers worldwide. The plot was enticing from the first page. Charming charcaters and tales that steal readers’ hearts.

Review: You’ll Think of Me


In a small town in Idaho’s idyllic wine country where the past looms large, can two people realize their individual dreams for the future … together?
Abandoned once too often, Brooklyn Myers never intended to return to Thunder Creek, Idaho. Her hometown holds too many memories of heartache and rejection. But when her estranged husband Chad Hallston dies and leaves his family home and acreage to her and their ten-year-old daughter Alycia, it’s an opportunity to change their lives for the better—a chance Brooklyn can’t pass up, for Alycia’s sake if not her own.
Derek Johnson, Chad’s best friend since boyhood, isn’t keen on the return of Brooklyn Myers to Thunder Creek. He still blames her for leading his friend astray. And now she has ruined his chance to buy the neighboring ten acres which would have allowed him to expand his organic farm. To add insult to injury, Chad’s dying request was that Derek become the father to Alycia that Chad never was. How can he keep that promise without also spending time with the girl’s mother?
Brought together by unexpected circumstances, Derek and Brooklyn must both confront challenges to their dreams and expectations. He must overcome long held misconceptions about Brooklyn while she must learn to trust someone other than herself. And if they can do it, they just might discover that God has something better in mind than either of them ever imagined.

Rating: 5-stars


You’ll Think of Me by Robin Hatcher is a heartfelt yet a good Christian tale. I loved how the characters spoke to God in prayer. Life is difficult and never easy. Praying helps lift the burdens, doubts, and fears off their shoulders. Another great part of this wonderfully woven novel, was how the writer spun the characters’ past and present moments together. I thought it might make it harder to follow along. But it didn’t. It gave me more understanding into the characters. 

Robin Hatcher’s leading female protagonist, Brooklyn Myers, returns back home. She came back due to her husband’s death and his will staying the house goes to both her and their daughter. Pain is easily felt as Brooklyn moves through these scenes. My heart ached for her. Death, loss, and grief will consume readers instantly like it did for me. 

Next, there’s Derek Johnson, Robin Hatcher’s lead male protagonist. He was best of friends with  Brooklyn Myers’ husband. He too, returns back to Thunder Creek, Idaho. Unlike Brooklyn, Derek is full of anger. Especially, at her for what she did to her husband, Chad. Then, there’s the  promise from Chad about being a father to Alycia. That proves most difficult when her mom is the one woman he doesn’t want to be near. Derek also wanted to expand his land but now, he can’t…

Fate has brought both Brooklyn and Derek together. Each one is facing their own personal issues. Trust and letting go of the past will prove hard for these two characters. However, there’s hope and where there’s hope there’s a possibility. Dreams might just be on the horizon. I loved following the characters. Their emotions took over me. Engulfing me into their hearts as the pages speed by…I highly recommend this well-written tale to readers everywhere. You’ll Think of Me is right…after reading it, I’m still thinking about the plot, characters and all. 

Review: Grace and the Preacher


At the age of twenty-three, postmistress Grace Cristler has all but given up hope of finding a husband among the narrowing group of eligible men in her town of Fairland, Kansas. But when her uncle decides to retire from the pulpit, Grace is responsible for corresponding with the new preacher set to take his place. She can’t deny the affection growing in her heart for Reverend Rufus Dille—a man she deeply admires but has only met through his letters.


Theophil Garrison is on the run from his past. Ten years ago his outlaw cousins convinced him to take part in a train robbery, but Theo fled the scene, leaving his cousins to face imprisonment. Now they’ve finished their sentences, but the plan for vengeance has just begun. Branded a coward and running for his life, Theo has aa chance encounter that could provide him with the escape he needs.  


But the young man’s desperate con might come at an enormous price for the tenderhearted Grace—and the entire town. Will Grace’s undeserved affection and God’s mercy make something beautiful from the ashes of Theo’s past?

Rating: 5-stars


Grace and the Preacher by Kim Sawyer is a wonderful story about forgiveness. I was hooked. The story told of a man running from his past life that soon caught up with him. An offer as a preacher for a new town gave him a chance to leave and start new. But soon, the past came tumbling down his present life. A young woman writes to the new preacher. She soon grew attached to the man in the letters. Once he comes to her town, secrets come out and betrayal will take over…it will be up to both characters to face their situations and decide the results. 

Kim Sawyer’s writing is superb. The emotional attachment happens quickly. Each character faces real life issues that helped me relate easily to them. I could understand what they went through and why. Clean, intriguing, and well-written. Grace and the Preacher is a satisfying Christian historical tale. Love, sacrifice, and redemption can be found inside…I loved it. This is definitely a book that I recommend to all. 

Review: Amish Weddings 


Gould’s Series Concludes in Love and Marriage

Gregarious Rose Lehman, who’s always the life of the Amish youth singings, is determined to marry the bishop’s son, Reuben Byler–until the handsome Army buddy of her future brother-in-law shows up in Lancaster County. In comparison to Trevor, Reuben seems downright boring. Trevor shares Rose’s sense of fun and adventure, and her easygoing disposition.

When her sister Lila’s buggy is rear-ended and Lila is horribly injured, Rose finds herself with more freedom than she’s ever experienced. Everyone is so concerned about Lila that no one realizes Rose is sneaking out with Trevor. Except for Reuben. But in his usual passive way, he doesn’t confront her, nor does he address the situation with her Dat or anyone else in the district. Rose appreciates Reuben’s discretion, but she also resents it. Part of her relishes the freedom she’s found with Trevor, but the other part of her wishes Reuben would “fight” for her, as much as any Amish man would. Too late, she realizes the foolish choice she’s made. Has she ruined her best chance at love, or is there another path to happiness she just hasn’t seen yet?

Rating: 5-stars


Amish Weddings by Leslie Gould is a must read. This engaging tale is unlike most Amish stories that I have read. It’s plot was unique. Inside, readers will find a lot of action, big families, and choices to make. The main characters have so much in common, I thought it would be a simple life for them. However, as in real life, things change. A young woman wanted marriage right away. But it didn’t happen. She felt a bit rebellious and believed in the wrong man. The one wrong man who made her pregnant. Despite her new life change, she grows as a woman. Doesn’t give up her faith and becomes kinder. Before, she only thought about a man’s riches and now, she doesn’t. All she has to do is put her faith back in God. God always helps. Blessings of all sorts happen within these pages. Beautifully written and highly realistic. I can actually see everything happening for real. Real choices and real world issues. Growing up, maturity, and love are just a few themes masterfully woven in Amish Weddings. Overall, I highly recommend Leslie Gould’s latest novel to readers worldwide. It’s sweet and emotionally entertaining. 

Review: A Path Less Traveled


From this bestselling small town series comes a heart-tugging love story about a single mom, her traumatized little boy, and the new attorney in town who longs to rescue and protect them.

A recently-widowed single mom is tired of being rescued. Though surrounded by friends and family, Trish is determined to blaze a path for herself and her daddy-starved little boy without outside help. Unfortunately, her attempts to run a small town bride business just doesn’t pay the piles of bills. Though the new attorney in town seems interested in both her and little Bo, the timing is all wrong. Will her current life circumstances mean leaving the hometown she loves?

When a world-weary attorney starts a new law practice in Miller’s Creek, he’s prepared for business challenges, but not for falling in love–especially with a woman and her son whose tragic life circumstances are heartbreaking. Can the new attorney romance Trish and get through the wall of stubborn hurt encasing her heart? Will Trish be forced to leave Miller’s Creek? And will they both learn to trust the Lord to take a path less traveled?
Rating: 5-stars


A Path Less Traveled by Cathy Bryant is amazing. It shows the human heart at its rawest moments. Trust, faith and love. Three of the toughest things to learn and earn from someone. For some, it’s easy to give. Others it’s much harder. Here, I got to watch a woman struggle with her trust issues. But with time, patience, and friends she was able to move forward to a happily ever after.

Cathy Bryant’s novel is a bestseller. I instantly understood why. After reading her women’s fiction title…I fell in love. Trisha is a a single mother. Her ability to trust is little to nothing. Her life was a huge mess. Until the day, a man walked into it. From that moment onward things got more interesting. However, Torah held the power to move forward or to stay backwards. Choices…life is full of them. Sometimes we need to jump in and risk our hearts. If we don’t try, we will never know what would have been. A Path Less Traveled was entertaining, believable, and well-written.  Anyone can easily relate to Trish and her issues. I found the book inspiring, sweet, and powerful. The messages were clear. Overall, I highly recommend this read to readers everywhere.

Review: Of Stillness and Storm


It took Lauren and her husband ten years to achieve their dream—reaching primitive tribes in remote regions of Nepal. But while Sam treks into the Himalayas for weeks at a time, finding passion and purpose in his work among the needy, Lauren and Ryan stay behind, their daily reality more taxing than inspiring. For them, what started as a calling begins to feel like the family’s undoing. 

At the peak of her isolation and disillusion, a friend from Lauren’s past enters her life again. But as her communication with Aidan intensifies, so does the tension of coping with the present while reengaging with the past. It’s thirteen-year-old Ryan who most keenly bears the brunt of her distraction.

Intimate and bold, Of Stillness and Storm weaves profound dilemmas into a tale of troubled love and honorable intentions gone awry.

Rating: 5-stars


Of Stillness and Storm by Michele Phoenix is a stunning tale. The emotional journey is like a strong current taking readers deeper into the characters’ lives. Sad, heartbreaking, and silent. The pages bring to life one family’s struggles. They started out as one unit and then…into broken pieces. Only time will tell if they ever heal and become whole again. Michele Phoenix has created a beautiful heart wrenching masterpiece. The characters dilemmas are so real,that it’s frightening. Readers like myself will need a box of tissues nearby. A storm so powerful will drag readers into an unforgettable world. A mother’s love, a broken marriage, and an injured child are just the highlights to this story. Communication comes and goes. It left me wondering if the communication between the parents will ever connect once more like they used to…and what will happen if it doesn’t. Captivating, intense, and suspenseful. Of Stillness and Storm is indeed a wonderful novel. The title fits the tale like a glove. I couldn’t stop reading this book. I can’t wait to see what this talented writer brings next. Overall, I highly recommend it to readers worldwide. 

Review: The Mortifications




Derek Palacio’s stunning, mythic novel marks the arrival of a fresh voice and a new chapter in the history of 21st century Cuban-American literature.

In 1980, a rural Cuban family is torn apart during the Mariel Boatlift. Uxbal Encarnación—father, husband, political insurgent—refuses to leave behind the revolutionary ideals and lush tomato farms of his sun-soaked homeland. His wife Soledad takes young Isabel and Ulises hostage and flees with them to America, leaving behind Uxbal for the promise of a better life. But instead of settling with fellow Cuban immigrants in Miami’s familiar heat, Soledad pushes further north into the stark, wintry landscape of Hartford, Connecticut. There, in the long shadow of their estranged patriarch, now just a distant memory, the exiled mother and her children begin a process of growth and transformation.

Each struggles and flourishes in their own way: Isabel, spiritually hungry and desperate for higher purpose, finds herself tethered to death and the dying in uncanny ways. Ulises is bookish and awkwardly tall, like his father, whose memory haunts and shapes the boy’s thoughts and desires. Presiding over them both is Soledad. Once consumed by her love for her husband, she begins a tempestuous new relationship with a Dutch tobacco farmer. But just as the Encarnacións begin to cultivate their strange new way of life, Cuba calls them back. Uxbal is alive, and waiting.

Breathtaking, soulful, and profound, The Mortifications is an intoxicating family saga and a timely, urgent expression of longing for one’s true homeland.

— The Millions – 2nd half of the 2016 book preview
— New York Times Book Review, 100 Notable Books of 2016


Rating: 4-stars


The Mortifications by Derek Palacio is a fascinating debut novel. This Cuban-American literature takes readers deep into the lives of immigrants. Human needs and wants are explored throughout the story. Home, faith, family and survival are just several themes readers can find. I found it enchanting. Derek Palacio has brilliantly created a Read that will shutter readers’ hearts everywhere. The novel provokes strong emotions and realistic attachments from readers to the characters. Each character presents his or her life to readers openly. The struggles are believable. I found that the title, The Mortifications was indeed a perfect name for this book. There were shameful moments…within the pages. However, this novel showed me the hardness the immigrants like the Cuban Americans faced while trying to create their new lives. It was a refreshing reading experience from what I usually read. The journey is worthy of reader’s attention. The Ecarnacions are a dysfunctional family that experience all the trials life brings and takes from us. Vibrant, entertaining, and bold. Overall, I recommend this writer’s novel to readers worldwide.

Review: The Silent Songbird 


Evangeline is gifted with a heavenly voice, but she is trapped in a sinister betrothal until she embarks on a daring escape and meets brave Westley le Wyse. Can he help her discover the freedom to sing again?

Desperate to flee a political marriage to her cousin King Richard II’s closest advisor, Lord Shiveley—a man twice her age with shadowy motives—Evangeline runs away and joins a small band of servants journeying back to Glynval, their home village.
Pretending to be mute, she gets to know Westley le Wyse, their handsome young leader, who is intrigued by the beautiful servant girl. But when the truth comes out, it may shatter any hope that love could grow between them.
More than Evangeline’s future is at stake as she finds herself entangled in a web of intrigue that threatens England’s monarchy. Should she give herself up to protect the only person who cares about her? If she does, who will save the king from a plot to steal his throne?

Rating: 5-stars


The Silent Songbird by Melanie Dickerson is a brilliant tale full of danger, mystery, and romance. For adults who love a fairy tale this is indeed one that I would recommend to all. Melanie Dickerson’s writing is superb. Keeps readers guessing with every page. The intrigue is great. Evangeline is a unique character. Her strength lured me closer into her story. Adventure, upheaval, and and death lingering in the air. So many lives at stake…the choices made carry heavy consequences. The enemies are so life like that it’s stunning. When opening this novel, I fell deep into the fast plot and never returned. The medieval life was fascinating to watch as the scenes flew by me. The Silent Songbird is a historical yet religious story that will keep readers coming back. Never a boring moment. Suspenful, romantic, and highly entertaining…I loved reading it. The journey was an unforgettable one. The characters were bold, clever, and charming. Melanie Dickerson out did herself when writing this book. 

Review: Mary’s Prayer


Mary Beiler is not ready for change. She wants to hold onto the past as tightly as she can. But new roles and relationships test Mary’s boundaries as she learns that she must trust God’s plan for her life. 
Eli Glick used to be a school-yard crush, but she hasn’t let herself dream of a future with him. When their paths begin weaving together, she starts to wonder if the feeling she notices towards him might be more than the memories of her childhood. 

From Mary’s Prayer: 

Not so bad! How was that for a compliment! she thought angrily as she stood and stepped towards the ladder. She turned to move down it, but as she placed her boot on the first rung it slid sideways several inches, and she took her foot off. 
“Hang on, I’ll hold it,” he said. 

He stood and walked towards her, and knelt near the top of the ladder. He held it in place as she turned again and put her foot on the top rung. This time, with his help, it was perfectly solid. 

“See what happens when we work together?” he asked, and she felt a smile peek onto her lips despite her upset. 
How does he do that to me? she wondered. She’d just been feeling upset and sorry for herself, and now a crack of lightheartedness found it’s way into her heart. It was as if he was bringing out her smiles –smiles that had been buried such a long time that they almost felt strange on her lips.

As she climbed down, she once again found herself uncomfortably close to the handsome man. Eli grinned at her. He was looking right into her eyes, and this made her blush. She was glad, at least, that he was no longer staring at her scars. 
“You sure that we can spend this time together, and you won’t fall in love with me?”he asked in his deep voice. 

Mary knew he was teasing her, but she felt her heart skip a beat at the flirtatious sound in his voice. Oh don’t flatter yourself, she thought. He’s only teasing you, just like he acts with all the girls. Besides, he likes Abby Trovey. With his face so close, and his blonde hair and good looks only inches away from her, she swallowed hard. 

Will Eli Glick see past Mary’s scars and into her heart?

Will Mary learn to trust again? 

Rating: 5-stars


Mary’s Prayer by Faye P. Baker is an Amish romance that will tug at readers’ hearts. I definitely felt a pull on mine. The story is both sad and sweet. Many obstacles to overcome like math and fear. Faye P. Baker has created the perfect atmosphere with just enough intrigue and and suspense to keep me reading all night long. I loved it. Mary is a young Amish woman moves to a new place. She lost her mom due to a fire. Mary has scars that make her feel self-conscious and the fact that her math isn’t well enough to work the cash register in her dad’s bakery…this puts her in a situation that makes her feel lost. Then, there’s good looking Eli who friends her. But she as she falls hard for him, she realizes that he likes another girl. Mary then feels completely lost and angry. Feels like God isn’t listening to her. Mary’s Prayer is a realistic telling of life and hardships that fall onto our paths and show us how we can move forward. Inspiring, well-written, and heart melting. I highly recommend this novel, to all. 

Review: Long Way Gone


“No matter where you go, no matter whether you succeed or fail, stand or fall, no gone is too far gone. You can always come home.”

At the age of eighteen, musician and songwriter Cooper O’Connor took everything his father held dear and drove 1,200 miles from home to Nashville, his life riding on a six-string guitar and the bold wager that he had talent. But his wager soon proved foolish.

Five years after losing everything, he falls in love with Daley Cross, an angelic voice in need of a song. But just as he realizes his love for Daley, Cooper faces a tragedy that threatens his life as well as his career. With nowhere else to go, he returns home to the remote Colorado mountains, searching for answers about his father and his faith.

When Daley shows up on his street corner twenty years later, he wonders if it’s too late to tell her the truth about his past—and if he is ready to face it himself.

A radical retelling of the prodigal son story, Long Way Gone takes us from tent revivals to the Ryman Auditorium to the tender relationship between a broken man and the father who never stopped calling him home.

Rating: 5 stars


Long Way Gone by Charles Martin is truly a phenomenal story. I couldn’t believe the writer’s talent. I kept asking myself why or how I haven’t read any of his previous books until now…absolutely amazing. The tale instantly hooks readers into the plot. It was memorizing. The heart and soul can be felt with every page. At first the tale reminded me of the biblical tale about the older son leaving and then returning home. In a way this was similar to that. The main character, Cooper O’Conner is one that readers like myself will never forget. His journey was epic. Sad, realities, and heartfelt. It makes me want to reach out to the character. The past can only hold us back from our futures if we let it. That was the theme I strongly senesed inside here as well as one of redemption and love. Then there was also, hope. The ending was heart melting. I loved reading this latest novel by Charles Martin. He definitely knows how to wrap his words around and into readers’ hearts. Overall, I recommend this coming of age read to readers worldwide. 

Review: Love Bears All Things



Could God be o­ffering Charlotte a second chance at true love?

Charlo­tte Dolinsky needs time to recover after breaking up with her boyfriend, Ryan. But when a surprise visitor shows up on her doorstep in Texas, she’s forced to put aside her own worries to help her Amish friends in Lancaster County. Soon she is entangled in a web of deception—and this time, she isn’t the only one keeping secrets.

Daniel Byler struggles each day in his Amish community to heal from his fiancée’s betrayal. When he discovers that a member of his family is in danger of being shunned, his pain turns to fear. His only way to help is by partnering with Charlo­tte, a woman he barely knows who has already deceived them all before.

Charlo­tte begins building a friendship with Daniel that she’ll need to lean on when more surprises surface from her past, and she once again finds herself torn between two worlds. Will Charlotte’s friends in the Amish community be able to show her the power of redemption and lead her home? And can she help young Jacob realize that God offers second chances at happiness when she isn’t even sure herself?

Rating: 5 stars


Love Bears All Things by Beth Wiseman is an Amish Secrets Novel. Beth Wiseman’s novels and short stories are amazing. Heartwarming and addictive. This novel was sweet and beautifully told.  I found myself instantly lost, within its plot. The story introduces several characters. The first is Charlotte Dolinsky. She had a breakup with her boyfriend and her mom is hard to handle at times. She has secrets that she kept from someone but secrets have a way of revealing themselves sooner than later. Then there’s Daniel Byler. He feels betrayed and hurt. God soon sends him another obstacle. A family member on a dark path who is close to losing all care about him. Jacob is young has to find his path soon. These three characters are all needing a second chance and a chance at redemption. Friendship, loyalty, trust and a blossoming love are all themes inside this stunning read. I loved following the characters. Their dilemmas and faith were inspiring. When one is in need of help, others come in quick. The strong sense of community was apparent inside of Love Bears All Things. Beth Wisemans has masterfully shown readers how love can conquer all things. There were times, I wasn’t sure what would happen next but Beth Wiseman kept me intrigued with every page. A great emotional journey that softens a heart fast and leads to more reading…that what Love Bears All Things did to me. I was hooked. Suspenseful and unpredictable, I highly recommend this new novel to all.


Review: Deborah Rising

Deborah Rising: A Novel Inspired by the Bible by [Azrieli, Avraham]



Set in ancient Israel, Deborah Rising (HarperCollins, 2016) portrays the dramatic (and unlikely) rise of the first woman to lead a nation in recorded human history. In the tradition of The Red Tent, The Fifth Mountain, and The Mists of Avalon, this absorbing novel delivers an inspiring story of suspense and adventure in pursuit of freedom and self-determination, starring a courageous 14-year-old girl who would become the most powerful woman in biblical lore.
Before he was murdered, Deborah’s father had dreamt that his daughter would one day become the leader of the Israelites. But the social and religious mores of her time dictated that a girl must marry–even against her will–and obey her husband in all matters. When Deborah is forced to marry the violent son of the local judge, she rebels, determined to forge a path of her own.

Captivated by the notion of escaping the arranged marriage and fulfilling her late father’s dream, Deborah embarks upon an epic journey to find a mysterious elixirist, one rumored to be blessed with the ability to turn women into men. It is a journey that proves increasingly perilous–filled with wild beasts, lustful men, unscrupulous priests, and warring tribesmen. Yet Deborah manages to attract unlikely allies, including lepers, slaves, Moabite traders, and even a dead tiger, while she persists in the face of seemingly insurmountable setbacks and continues to pursue her daring quest.
Part historical novel, part adventure story, part visionary fiction, Deborah Rising is a captivating tale about a girl on the cusp of womanhood, whose unrelenting struggle to overcome discrimination, sexism, and paternalism spoke to the lives of girls and women today.

Rating: 5 stars


Deborah Rising by Avraham Azrieli is a stunning historical fantasy. One that has an epic journey that no reader could guess. It’s nothing like anything I have read. This novel brings about some historical people and their customs as well as what kind of lives they lived back then. I was constantly intrigued by the story. Each page sent me on another journey. the main journey was one that a father passed down to his youngest. After losing her parents and her older sister, the young girl sets off to fulfill her destiny. However, trouble comes her way each time. The men from her land are worshiping idols and killing innocents due to lies and greed. The lives of women are similar to those of the Indian customs. Many women are controlled by men. A paternal ruling that still survives, today. I was frightened by what the women went through constantly. Even if they followed rules by their society there was always a man or men who abused them. Sadly, many are stuck in this threatening lifestyle. Like Deborah’s older sister. One false accusation and she like many other women were stoned to death over a lie. Women were not permitted to speak on their defense. I almost wished Deborah’s sister retaliated. Imagine letting your own people stone for no reason at all. Why should the innocent be slaughtered so easily? Realistically told and captured the time period perfectly. Avraham Azrieli is indeed a talented new author. His work can be read by teens and adults. The issues presented in this novel were strong yet the material was done in a clean manner. After reading this book, I felt like I traveled back in history. The young woman’s journey was quite fascinating to follow. An adventure that is both intriguing and entertaining. Deborah Rising is a YA religious tale, that I highly recommend to readers worldwide. I believe that the issues shown in this title are ones that need to be read by all.

Review: Finding Sarah

Finding Sarah by [Lou Jones, Wendy]



Finding Sarah is an emotionally captivating story of love, life and everything in between.
With her house sold from under her, Sarah finds herself moving to a small cottage in the country in order to make ends meet but soon befriends, Maggie, the matriarch of Nutt Hill, a Texan and hopeless romantic.

But when Sarah meets a new man, her idyllic new life seems set to fracture.
Two very different souls searching for peace. One entire parish watching. In a small country village, nothing stays private for long…

Rating: 5 stars


Finding Sarah by Wendy Lou Jones is a beautifully woven novel. The story opens readers’ hearts to more. Sure we all have had bad times and thought less of ourselves at certain points but that doesn’t mean we’re not worthy of love. Love, hope, and happiness are all themes found in this read. I was instantly moved and inspired by Wendy Lou Jones tale. Maybe there’s hope after all.

Divorced and rebuilding her own life, Sarah moves to a small-town. Her two boys companying her as well. Here, she manages to find a job and a new friend. Sarah soon finds herself deeply attracted to the young vicar. A man who has no trouble attracting the ladies. However, none have ever caught his attention until now…Sarah. Sarah is the kind of woman everyone likes. She always but herself last. But time is changing and she must learn to put herself first. Finding Sarah is both a good romance and a perfect read for women everywhere. I loved watching Sarah as she found the courage and the strength in finding herself and love. Fate does funny things. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to all.


Review: A Love Made New


Abigail Schrock knows God can make all things new, but does that include her broken heart?

It seems as if everyone is falling in love in Birch Creek, including Abigail Schrock. But when heartbreak descends on her already fragile world, she can’t help but feel that if she’d only been a little prettier, she could be on her way down the aisle. To make matters worse, Abigail’s two sisters have found love, and all Abigail can seem to find is the chocolate she has stashed away in the pantry.

Asa Bontrager has never had trouble with the ladies in his Amish community—his good looks have always gotten him far. Which is why he’s baffled by the call he’s received from God to pursue Abigail, a woman who seems determined to turn him away.

Can Abigail find the peace and joy she so desperately desires? Will she allow herself to stop running and melt into the embrace of unforeseen comfort? If she does, she may discover a love powerful enough to restore her hope in a promising future.

Rating: 5 stars

A Love Made New by Kathleen Fuller is an extraordinary novel. This story is full of wisdom, patience, and love. The emotional journeys were so strong it was hard not to be sucked into them. The characters were beyond believable. Once again, I found myself drawn into Kathleen Fuller’s writing. Her talent is evident on every page. The drama is clear and concise, maybe not to the characters but to the readers. I loved watching the characters grow up and to overcome their hurdles. One main character had her parents lost due to a fatal buggy accident. Then she returns home only to have her boyfriend tell her they’re not an item anymore and then there’s the loud whisper she overheard. Ladies were saying she was fat. All of that can diminish one’s self-esteem and courage. Until fate takes the rug under her feet and brings an unexpected blessing into her life. Then smiles break out but may or may not last. The issues are strong enough to leave readers wondering what will become of the characters. I was intrigued from beginning to end. Clean, well-written, realistic and heartwarming. Readers won’t be able to find another masterpiece like Kathleen Fuller’s, A Love Made New. An Amish romance that will keep readers laughing, crying, and turning those pages. I have fallen in love with this fictional world and the characters it presented to me. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers worldwide. 

Review: An Amish Harvest

An Amish Harvest: Four Novellas by [Wiseman, Beth, Clipston, Amy, Fuller, Kathleen, Chapman, Vannetta]



Faith, hope, and love remain forever in season in this collection of four richly absorbing novellas set amidst the wonder of an Amish autumn.

Under the Harvest Moon, by Beth Wiseman: When Naomi Dienner is suddenly widowed, she never expects to find love again . . . until she meets Brock Mulligan, an English family friend hired at harvest time. As a sinister presence begins to threaten Naomi, Brock seeks to prove himself trustworthy while struggling with growing feelings for Naomi and her children. Will God open Naomi’s heart—and give Brock his own second chance at love?

Love and Buggy Rides, by Amy Clipston: Janie Lantz is a cashier at Lancaster Souvenirs and Buggy Rides, where Jonathan Stoltfuz is a buggy driver. A frightening accident brings Janie and Jonathan together in a blossoming friendship, yet daunting obstacles stand between them and something deeper. Can love kindle into flames that burn away fear and regret—and lead them to a life together?

Mischief in the Autumn Air, by Vannetta Chapman When items start going above market value at his auction house, Eli Wittmer is first thrilled, and then puzzled. But when the house is broken into, Eli and his new bookkeeper, Martha Beiler track down a trail of clues. Will they solve the mystery before the fall festival ends—and discover an unexpected new love?

A Quiet Love, by Kathleen Fuller Dinah Hochstetler, quiet and bookish, longs for marriage but hides in her shyness. Amos Mullett, a simple farmer, knows he’s different but aches for a loving wife. As Dinah and Amos navigate a budding romance, will the power of love—and the blessing of God—be enough to overcome their doubters?

Rating: 5 stars


An Amish Harvest by four talented writers is an amazing book for all. Inside are four beautifully written novellas for everyone to enjoy. Clean, emotional and heart melting reads. I love reading anything Amish fictional piece because they are truly an enjoyable story of hard work, family, and inspiring faith as well as love. Yes, I read plenty of novels that are much more detailed and a lot more dirty than this collection but I highly recommend this collection of stories to readers everywhere. These are stories readers can come back to time and time again. Stories that not just give off the good feelings but also teach and inspire readers worldwide.

Under the Harvest Moon by Beth Wiseman is the first Amish romance presented to readers. Instantly, I was hooked.  The story follows a young Amish woman who is married at the young age of seventeen. Her husband is well looked up to within her community and to her children. But he hits her when he’s angry. No one knew or so the wife thought. When he husband dies and she mourned his death for several months she decides it’s time to move on with her life. An Englisher comes into her life knocking her off her feet. Her children love the Englisher and want him as the daed. But, her Amish parents don’t want her to like him and she’s not ready to marry again. Will the harvest moon bring these two adults peace and love in their lives or will they only be friends? Beth Wilson’s writing has humor, faith, courage, and love. It was definitely entertaining to read it, especially when two young Amish girls tell their mom they want the Englisher as their daed right in front of him in their own tongue. Surprising the Englisher heard and understood every word they said…overall, I highly recommend reading this tale.

Love and Buggy Rides by Amy Clipston is the next story.  This Amish romance was perfect. I fell in love with the main characters right away. An Amish woman sitting outside having her lunch when she witnessed the crash happening right before her. She saw what the Englisher was doing…he wasn’t paying attention and crashed into the Amish buggy that carried several people. Everyone was shaky and injured including the Amish driver. Janie told her family that she witnessed it all. Her father forbids her to tell anyone. Her daed didn’t want her involved in the Englishers’ suing business. However, a threat of suing the buggy owner and firing the buggy driver come up forcing Janie to choose between betraying her daed or doing what she knows is right. Then there’s the budding romance that is building up between Janie and Jonathan. But her parents also forbid it for two reasons. Jonathan is a decade older than her and he might be moving back to his home. Can Janie and Jonathan find what they are looking for before it’s too late? Amy Clipston writing is superb. I finished reading the story within one sitting. Overall, I highly recommend reading this enchanting novella to all.

A Quite Love by Kathleen Fuller is the third novella within this superb book. Kathleen Fuller’s tale is unlike another Amish romance tale that I have read. This one is about two kind loving Amish souls who find friendship and love in one another. Sweet, addictive, and beautifully done. An Amish man has trouble with reading and remembering some stuff. Yet his talent for drawing is out of this world. Then with a young Amish woman’s help, he learns how to read well and how to do other things as well. Together they learn and fall deeper in love. A quite love falls upon them both. Is a wedding in their future? I highly recommend for readers everywhere to read about them. This novella has tugged at my heart and made me fall in love with each of the main characters. Overall, this was a must read.

Mischief in the Autumn Air by Vannetta Chapman is the last novella in this inspiring collection. This last story was unique as well. It was an Amish historical mystery. The tale ended up reuniting Amish people and creating new beginnings. An old argument between two former Amish friends soon led to a treasure map hunt. The treasure map hunt brought together a group of Amish and led them to find hope, peace, and new love. Vannetta Chapman brought a young man back to his Amish roots and finding work, then helping an older Amish aunt to get the medical help and for two workers to find a love to last a lifetime. Truly an entertaining and suspenseful read. Clean and heart melting too. Overall, I highly recommend this novella to readers everywhere.

Review: Tiny Tim & the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge



In the sequel to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Tiny Tim, now a grown well-to-do young man, builds to a crisis of faith after he loses his love and soul-mate years earlier. It all comes to a head when old Scrooge, his benefactor, friend, and second father dies just days before Christmas. Blaming God and rejecting Christmas, Tim slips more and more into an uncaring mood with only a tenuous need to live on. Scrooge’s ghost now returns to show Tim what he does not understand about true faith when bad things happen to good people. Tim is shamed by an example of real faith and finally begins to understand what Christmas really means in Tiny Tim and The Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge, The sequel to A Christmas Carol.

Rating: 5 stars


Norman Whaler has brilliantly written a sequel to the famous A Christmas Carol. Inside this stunning tale, readers find themselves lost in Tiny Tim’s world. The world is very much like our own. Poverty and suffering all around. This time, however, Tiny Tim is suffering the loss of two great people in his life. Ebenezer Scrooge comes back as a ghost to Tiny Tim. His message is that he came back because three people need help right away and Tiny Tim must come with him. Tiny Tim, bless his heart, doesn’t hesitate to go with Ebenezer Scrooge.  So the journey begins…lessons are learned and it’s another heart-melting tale that readers won’t ever forget. I enjoyed following Tiny Tim’s new adventure as the story unfolded. This is a new classic that will become everyone’s new favorite Christmas tale. Overall, I highly recommend this beautiful piece to readers everywhere. Tiny Tim and the Ghost of Ebenezer Scrooge is definitely a must read for all.


Review: Leaving Independence



Abigail Baldwyn might not be a widow after all…

Ever since she received word that her husband, Robert, was killed in the Civil War, Abigail has struggled to keep her Tennessee home and family together. Then a letter arrives claiming that Robert isn’t dead, yet he has no plans to return. Desperate for answers, Abigail travels to Independence, Missouri, where she joins a westbound wagon train to find him.

Leading a company along the Oregon Trail isn’t part of Hoke Mathews’s plans. But then the former cavalry scout gets a glimpse of Abigail—so elegant compared to the rest of their hardscrabble wagon community, yet spirited and resilient. Through every peril, they encounter—snakebites, Indian raids, fevers, dangerous grudges—his bond with Abigail grows.

Abigail knew this journey would test her courage. Now it’s testing her marriage vows and her heart, daring her to claim a future on her own terms in a land rich with promise.

Rating: 5 stars


Leaving Independence by Leanne W. Smith is well-written. Immediately, I was swept up into the story. The intrigue of a man thought to be dead but then told was alive…takes readers on a journey following a brave mother going to find her husband. She and her children look for answers. Answers are exactly what they get. But whether they are the ones they wanted is left to discover. Then, there’s more to the mystery…as well as a sweet surprise. A  brave hardworking man for the wagon train finds himself constantly coming to the woman’s aid. Something between them brews up…and only time will tell if they can find happiness again.

Leanne W. Smith brought a realistic western travel tale that readers everywhere will love. Family, faith, and courage are tested inside this novel. The character’s hardships were believable. The dangers ahead were three dimensional. I enjoyed following a family as they moved forward…the Oregon Trail. Things like the Civil War were masterfully woven for readers’ entertainment. Overall, I highly recommend this sweet historical piece to all. Leaving Independence is definitely a must read.



Review: Tullus



A 52-page full-color Christian adventure comic book.

Rating: 5 stars


Tullus is an excellent comic book that has endless pages of Christian adventures. What it’s like being a Christian and in troubling times is clearly demonstrated with every page. But also, it shows that if you’re strong in your faith and truly believe in God then you can conquer anything. Especially, escaping from one’s enemies that are hot on one’s trail. I loved every moment of reading these endless tales that bring out the same messages. Believe, stay strong, and don’t give up hope even when things look hopeless. Good things can come your way if you’re patience. The morals are strong and the graphics are amazing. This comic book is for all ages. Everyone who reads this will be swept up by the adventures that the believable characters go through…Overall, I highly recommend Tullus to readers worldwide.



Review: Fever at Dawn



In this improbably joyous novel about two recovering concentration camp survivors, love is the best medicine.

July 1945. Miklos is a twenty-five-year-old Hungarian who has survived the camps and has been brought to Sweden to convalesce. His doctor has just given him a death sentence — his lungs are filled with fluid and in six months he will be gone. But Miklos has other plans. He didn’t survive the war only to drown from within, and so he wages war on his own fate. He acquires the names of the 117 Hungarian women also recovering in Sweden, and he writes a letter to each of them in his beautiful cursive hand. One of these women, he is sure, will become his wife.

In another part of the country, Lili reads his letter and decides to write back. For the next few months, the two engage in a funny, absurd, hopeful epistolary dance. Eventually, they find a way to meet.

Based on the true story of Péter Gárdos’s parents, and drawn from their letters,Fever at Dawn is a vibrant, ribald, and unforgettable tale, showing the death-defying power of the human will to live and to love.
Rating: 5 stars
Fever at Dawn by Peter Gardos is by far the greatest read. I love reading anything that features about the Holocaust and the victims during this time period. A moment in history that will never be forgotten by all. The deaths still linger onto the souls that have survived and onto those who have never experienced the fear or danger of the Holocaust. Here, Peter Gardos has brilliantly brought a true story of his parents’ journey and turned it into one memorable fiction piece. It shows how strong the victims are even after the horror has stopped. But we shall find that after going through an unthinkable horror that victims who have survived can go on and maybe find some happiness. But as with all life, fate has other plans. This brilliant novel made me laugh, cry, and root for the victims and their inspirational strength during times of hardness, cruelty, and death.
Fever at Dawn is a novel that hits home immediately due to what lay on its page within…a man who has survived the Holocaust finds that he is dying. But instead of letting death win and take what little time he has left, he finds strength to find love before it’s too late. Miklos has lungs that are collapsing on him. Yet, he wants to find a woman that will marry him before he leaves the world. He decides to write to women who are also recovering and hopes with a something so fierce that it leaves readers with awe…he wants to find love. One woman does find Miklos letters to be magical. She is soon in love with the man who has written her a letter and soon they meet. Miklos and Lili plan on marriage…and maybe this strong man of hers might just live long enough for them to have a peaceful happy marriage…Love, courage, and bravery are strong themes within this riveting tale. I loved reading this book. Peter Gardos has brought his parents’ story to life and left me feeling inspired by it. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers worldwide.

Review: A Robot in the Garden



For fans of THE ROSIE PROJECT and THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHTTIME, A broken man and his damaged robot build an unlikely friendship-with some assembly required.

Ben’s really great at failing at things-his job, taking the garbage out, and being a husband. But when he discovers a battered robot named Tang in his garden, he decides to get out of his couch-ridden comfort zone. Without a crucial bit of machinery, Tang will stop working, and Ben can’t let that happen, especially since he’s already alienated everyone else he cares about. Determined to achieve something for once in his life, Ben sets out to fix his new robot comrade and soon discovers that Tang might be just the thing to fix what’s broken in Ben. Funny, touching, and charming, A Robot in the Garden explores what it is to be a man, a sentient being, and a friend.

Rating: 5 stars


A Robot in the Garden by Deborah Install is crazy, silly, funny, and sweet. I have never read a book quite like this one. One day a young couple wake up to find a robot in their garden. From there I got to enjoy the husband questioning the robot to feeling something for the sad looking robot that would hardly speak to him. The man fights with his wife over keeping the robot. She complains that it’s old, broken and can do nothing but sit and look at horses. Yet, as the story progresses I found out along with the man that the robot was more than just an old AI.

The robot had feelings just like any other human being. Soon, the sad yet dangerous journey into finding out the robot’s past life and getting it fixed new will tug at readers’ hearts just like it did for mine. Tang, the robot, is adorable. Like a little boy, the robot makes one laugh and cry and feel good. Tang also helps Ben find himself and help him finally heal after losing both his parents. His wife didn’t understand that until much later on…I guess it’s better to realize things than not to realize them at all. Love can heal and last forever…but it takes time and takes both people willing to love to work. A Robot in the Garden showed all this and more. Marriage isn’t easy nor will ever be but it’s definitely worth having if both want it. Deborah Install leaves many surprises and twists along the way that makes this an irresistible read. This was the first novel I have read by Deborah Install, and I highly recommend it to readers worldwide.


Review: Someone Like You



Single mom Julia Dare has a lot on her plate. A brand new Christian, she’s busy trying to run her own business, spend time with her widowed mother, and raise her young son, Max, despite his father’s less-than-ideal influence on him. When a big account from her event-planning business sends her to the Caliente Springs resort, she’s shocked to come face-to-face with Zeke Monroe, the resort’s general manager, and her college sweetheart.

With his faith in tatters, Zeke Monroe is determined to keep the historic Caliente Springs resort running despite financial difficulties. But when Julia walks back into his life, he can’t ignore the feelings she stirs up. As they work together on an important client’s dream wedding, the fate of the resort soon depends on their success. When Zeke and Julia are pushed to their limits both personally and professionally, will their history put up walls between them or bring them together?

Rating: 5 stars


Someone Like You by Victoria Bylin is an extraordinary novel that had me laughing and falling in love. The characters had their own life struggles like a single mom with a kid battling the kids father on everything…and then there’s the guilt of never telling the guy that was super nice to her about the night a long time ago…felt like she betrayed the amazing man, Zeke. Then, there is Zeke. He’s a preacher’s kid but since his parents’ death and his business degree, he became a manager for a resort. A beautiful old resort that is fastly falling apart and needing major repairs as well as a flood of guests to keep it afloat.  But that’s not all…there’s this super bad ass goat that eats everything and attacks people like Zeke’s woman crush whom he still has deep feelings for…but it’s up to fate if they’re paths will entwine. As for the romance that blooms and the state of the resort, Victoria Bylin brings humor, adventure, and good clean romance that I absolutely loved. Someone Like You definitely fits in perfectly with this well-written plot and the characters lured me in instantly. Overall, I highly recommend this beautiful heart melting story to readers everywhere.




Review: How the Catholic Church Became Naughty…



The cardinals and bishops of the Catholic Church have been naughty for centuries. Why can’t they practice what they preach?

At Christmastime 2014 Pope Francis scolded them for their vanity, hypocrisy, back-biting, gossiping, boasting, lusting for power and control, and acting like Lords of the Manor. This book is an expansion on Pope Francis’s admonition to his inner governing circle, the Vatican Curia, tracing this naughtiness from the time of Emperor Constantine who converted to Christianity in the early 4th century and gave the Church palaces, basilicas, riches, and a noble lifestyle. It is a short journey throughout the lascivious and corruption-filled history of these church leaders—their torture of non-believers, selling of indulgences and church offices, concubinage, partnering with evil kings and rulers—ending with the 20th century Vatican Bank frauds, the money-laundering for Mafia and Mason crimes, the betrayal of the Church, and the sexual abuse of children scandal.

These popes, cardinals, and bishops of the Catholic Church are and have been the Real Hindrance to Reform with their peculiar Vatican mindset of clericalism, arrogance, and exaggerated self-estimation of their superiority over everyone and everything. It has been evolving for 1700 years. This short book is not a denunciation of the Catholic Church, but a ray of hope that the Vatican will make the deep changes that are necessary for the survival of Catholicism.

Only a priesthood that includes married, celibate, male and female priests with a non-clerical mindset will bring about the needed reform of the Catholic Church—not the Pope alone, nor the regressive Vatican mindset of clericalism ingrained in present-day church leaders.

Rating: 5 stars


How the Catholic Church Became Naughty by Jack Doherty is an insight into the Catholic Church’s dark past and current struggles with reform. What the Church needs to do to fix all these issues is, in my opinion, to come out and punish the ones who committed the crimes against the Chruch. By not coming out and punishing those who have committed horrendous crimes against the Catholic teaching and to its members, the Church has only spun an endless anger and hatred from those it has hurt. It also has brought on it own sour taste in a vast majority of its own members. The cost of their not going after the bad apples has cost them faithful servants or members of the Catholic faith. There is indeed nothing wrong with the Catholic faith as stated by the author, otherwise, he probably would never have been a priest within the church. The Catholic Church has come a long way from selling indulgences and has in a way improved itself. However, when people in the Church’s top circles commit such crimes the Church somehow believes that if they hide it from the public that it will end all the bad things or bad publicity for the Church as a whole. They think they are saving the Church’s reputation but, in reality, they are only making it worse each time. I agree with Jack Doherty that the Catholic Church needs a reform but in the way it handles the bad things that happen within the Church. The Catholic Church isn’t the only religion with bad history…they are many others who have committed same horrendous crimes that top officials from the Catholic Church have committed yet people only pay attention to what the Catholic church does wrong and not what it has done well. I don’t think that just because the Church didn’t listen to the writer, that he should give up being a priest. He should have kept going on with his duty and would have been an example, to all priest and those around him of what a priest and the Catholic Church should be. Instead, I feel that because they going got tough or that just because one way doesn’t work that the writer felt hopeless and gave up too easy. Look at Peter. His faith, at first, was strong but when tested he failed…and with that he soon changed and his faith grew with patience. Like Peter, we all shouldn’t give up on the Catholic Church. Just like with the rest of life the roads will be bumpy and difficult but that doesn’t mean we  refuse to listen to God or give up our faith or vows just because many won’t listen. Many have not listened to God, yet God spared Noah and his family…Overall, I recommend this book to readers everywhere.

Book Review: Willow Brook Road by Sherryl Woods

Number 1 bestselling writer, Sherryl Woods, has done it once again. She has beautifully captured the heart and life of a family. Showing readers that no matter what obstacles come our way and try dragging us down, our family is always there waiting, if we need them and their help. Sometimes, it even takes a grandpa, who is determined to help one of his grandkids to find her way in their small home town. But there’s always a time, when grandkids need time to figure things out on their own. Stubborness doesn’t just exist in our real world, but also in the lives of these heart melting characters whom Sherryl Woods has stunningly brought to life. Willow Brook Road is definitely a must read for all. Readers won’t ever want to leave this magical family oriented place. Once you read it, you won’t be able to put the novel down.

Willow Brook Road is a novel that hooks readers instantly and lures them deep, into its charming family life. But not all is perfect in this beautiful gorgeous town. One couple tried private adoption and were ready to greet a baby girl into their family life only for the mother to decide to keep her. The wife has been wanting a kid of her own so badly that her husband and friends are worried about her. Will they get their happy little ending? Then there’s the Carrie. A granddaughter of the Mack O’Brien. A large family that knows exactly what they want and go after it. However, Carrie hasn’t met a successful career and happiness like those in her family and after having fallen in love with the wrong man, she is trying to find out what she wants do and what she wants in life. But, her grandfather Mack, is pursing her like a greyhound on a hunt. He wants to help her and push her in the right direction. So Carrie, ends up ignoring her grandfather, until she has the answers they both want. That’s not all that happens in the most exciting romance novel by Sherryl Woods! There’s also a new comer, who finds out, that he has been granted legal custody of his young nephew. Both are suffering from the lost of the little boy’s parents. The uncle has to learn quickly how to be the best parent for his nephew and worries he may fail at it..and then by chance of fate he meets Carrie. From there on, the novel get’s juicier and juicer. The romance is so huge, I was surprised the story didn’t burst into flames, while reading it. The characters are real and down to earth. They all have their own issues and go on their own little journeys to discover what they want in their lives and how to continue living with what they have or will have. I found Willow Brook Road to be the most inspiring romance novel ever. I truly appreciate a well-developed story with characters whose stories will tug at one’s heart. Overall, I loved reading it, and I highly recommend this to readers worldwide. I rate it a five out of five stars.

New Book Coming Out In March

Easter & It's True Meaning

This new eBook will be coming out in March. The book talks about the true meaning of Easter. Such as forgiveness, love, and faith. Times are hard and life throws the toughest obstacles our way. Sometimes it throws us off our path of being a good Christian. Being a good person towards others. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things for us humans to do and yet, we expect others to freely forgive us when we do wrong. Love, is one of the greatest gifts we can give to someone. Whether they are poor, ill, or an outcast. We must learn to love others as we love ourself. Faith, we must have faith in ourselves to do good even when we stray from our paths. We have to be determined to continue on, and our faith is what carries us forward. This book will make the perfect read for March and all through April as we continue on our journey’s path of finding forgiveness, love, and faith. A must read book for everyone no matter what your religious beliefs are.

Book Review: Trading Secrets by Melody Carlson

Melody Carlson’s novel, Trading Secrets is a delightful Christian Romance! The story is intoxicating with it’s wonderful written characters! The main female character Micah, has been sharing secrets with her pen pal Zach since the 5th grade! Now adults, they both are planning to meet face-to-face. But there is one secret that Micah hasn’t shared with Zach yet. What happens when these two meet for the first time? Will it be love at first sight? Will Zach find out her one secret that she hasn’t told him yet? Will her one secret keep them apart? To find out, you must read this brilliant novel and follow Micah and Zach as their journey continues! I fell in love with Melody Carlson’s writing from the beginning and I have no doubt that readers everywhere will fall in love with it too. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

Book Review: Mirror Images by Laurie Norlander

Product Details

Mirror Images is an exciting thriller murder mystery novel! I feel in love with it instantly! The conflicts are surprising and leave you guessing as to what will be happening next! The novel’s theme was believing in your faith. The main female character would keep placing more focus in her doubts than in her faith. The characters around her try helping her find her way back to faith. Little by little she slowly changes and sees things with a new set of eyes. The man she loves and cares for left her in New York and has been going through many troubles such as a major uncover investigation in which she gets herself entangled into. She goes about trying to solve the big murder case that involves the man she loves dead brother. Who killed him and why? All the town people give her different stories half of what they say is truth. All through the novel she is warned to go back home, where she lives in Chicago. But despite all the warnings and scary events that take place she manages to hold her own and stays on until the murderer is found. As the events unfold she struggles with trusting the man she loved. Is he quilt or innocent? Did he kill his brother for the three million dollars? To find out, I highly recommend picking this book up and reading the story! A fabulous read that will hook readers in a heart beat! I rate the book a 5 out of 5 stars!

Book Review: Huckleberry Christmas by Jennifer Beckstrand

A Huckleberry Christmas is a sweet romantic read that will soften any heart! Jennifer Beckstrand has created a wonderful love story based on true love. Her character Beth is a widow happy to live with her grandmothers and her little son. And then there is a handsome man whom she turns down but is willingly to help him find a bride. But as they spend more time together,  the man wants Beth as his wife. He is trying to be the man that Beth would want at her side and one that she can trust. But will she love him in return? Or will Beth keep pushing him away? I enjoyed reading this Christian Romance novel. I fell in love with the characters from the start. A family story so raw and true that will melt you away. I recommend readers to pick up this dazzling novel and start reading! I rate the book a 5 out of 5 stars!

Book Review: A Dream of Hope by Amy Clipston

A former Air Force nurse is now working as a maid living in an Amish community. She was going to marry her fiancee until he died. Now all she knows is heartache.  Next door to her is a widowed Amish man who wife left him and his daughter to marry another man. He and his next door neighbor, Madeleine, both have one thing in common. But is it enough to forge both of their different worlds together? Will they find love with each other? And will Saul’s daughter know what it is like to have a mother?  A highly engaging and beautiful story woven for readers by Amy Clipston.  Readers will find it hard to not fall in love with all three characters that find their way into your heart! I loved this inspiring Romantic novel! Amy definitely knows how to capture her audience and lure them into her book! I would recommend reading this story! I rate the book a 5 out of 5 stars!

Book Review: Playing By Heart – written by Anne Mateer

Playing By Heart, is a must read! The main characters will draw readers deep into the story. The characters are strong, determined and lovable! It is super easy to connect with all the characters. Son many of us face the same challenges and tasks in life and feel all alone sometimes. But then we get our minds set and we find our friends who are more than willing to listen to us. It helps us get to where we need to be. It helps us let go of our troubles and face our challenges as the come. Sometimes we are surprised. Things can go from bad to worse and then by the end we are given something wonderful that we were to blind to notice at first. I loved reading this stunning romance novel by Anne Mateer. She definitely knows how to play by heart with her beautiful story and intriguing characters. I would recommend this book to every reader! I enjoyed this book so much, I know others will love it too! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars! 

Book Review: A January Bride by Deborah Raney


Madeleine Houser is  successful novelist. She is soon given an office by a friend of hers at a bed and breakfast. She soon finds herself falling in love with a man whom she hasn’t met yet. What will he be like? What doe she look like? How old is he? All these thoughts feel Madeleine with doubt about the man she is slowly falling for. And she isn’t the only one falling  in love. The innkeeper soon finds himself communicating in a unique way with a woman whom he has never met yet. He too is full of wonder of her. Will their love deepen once they finally meet? I found this beautifully written novel to be a delightful romance that will melt readers hearts as it has done with mine. I highly recommend this contemporary romance novel to all readers! I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

Book Review: Mr. Miracle by Debbie Macomber

Mr. Miracle is a contemporary romance novel that will melt any heart! The characters are so lovable and realistic. Addie is a 24-year-old woman who is being helped by her guardian angel. Her guardian angel poses as a college teacher at the college where Addie has decided to earn her degree. Then there is Erich. He and Addie have grown up together and were complete opposites. But now that the weather is bringing them closer together, will they find real love? Will spending the Christmas Holiday together help bring them together? This novel was delightfully wonderful to read! I loved the beautiful plot that Debbie Macomber  wrote. It is no wonder that she is a best-selling author today. Her book, Mr. Miracle is one that I highly recommend others to read this. You won’t be disappointed when you do! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

Book Review: Made to Love by Candace Werts

Book Review:

Made to Love, is an incredible heartwarming story. The main character has put her love life on hold from the guilt of her sister’s death. But all of that changes when she meets Conner. All it took was just one look from him to lure her in deeply. She felt a strong deep connection instantly. She worries Conner isn’t her right man. This is where all readers can easily feel what Carmen is going through. All of us have experienced the worries and pains from falling in love with someone. Both Carmen and Connor have something they are hiding from each other. This causes their relationship to be a little rocky. If they can open up to each other than their love will be where fate is leading them now. I loved how Candace Werts wrote her beautifully yet compelling romance. It reeled in me in so deep that the characters were real. The plot is well written. Readers everywhere will never want to stop reading, Made to Love. I highly recommend this stunning masterpiece to every reader out there! Candace’s book will hook you right in from the beginning to the very end!

Fever Part 1

Each passing day his fever worsened. Elle had no idea how to help her father. She kept placing a cool wash cloth upon his over heated forehead. Sweat oozing down the sides.

What was she going to do? Her father was her only family. And their shop? If her father dies, the shop will go for sale. Females were not allowed to own property. Where will she go? What will she do? The only way to keep her father’s shop was to marry. But who would marry a shop keeper’s daughter?

Elle knew her father wouldn’t make it fir much longer. The doctor said not to except any miricales. But Elle wasn’t giving up hope. Her father might just make it..

Max Ingle was a wealthy gentleman. He had large amounts of property from inheritance and held three businesses. He wasn’t going to let go. Give up so easily. His enemy Sir Williams, wanted to see the famous good guy taken down by any means and finally his chance came up.

Max’s grandfather left him a vast inheritance and wealth. But there was another will found that was in his grandfather’s handwriting. It stated that in order to keep the inheritance and keep the property within the family, Max would have to marry.

Max had just about every woman in town wanting to be his bride. And his enemy knew that none of the women were any that Max would agree to marrying. Which meant if he didn’t marry within two months..all would be lost.

Mountain Encounter ( coming soon)

Bell leaned agaisnt a large boulder. Having hiked all the way up the step mountain, she finally cuaght a glance at what she was searching for. A bright orange flower. The villagers believe that the bright flower contains healing powers. They only harvest the flower when someone falls ill. They say the people always get better. Bell wanted to test out the flower for a way to make a medicine that would heal would heal others. Bell’s mom was suffering from a skin disease. So far there were no cures for it. Bell believed the bright orange healing flower would be her mom’s answer. Now all she had to do was take the flower back home. But before Bell got to pluck it. A man plucked the flower from the ground and raced away. Oh no!, Bell thought.
“Hey, you cant do that. That was my flower!”, Bell shouted.
Running to catch up with the man who stole her only hope.
“Too late!”, the man said..just as Bell tackled him. Causing him to fall backward and taking both of them down tye mountain. Both forgot about the flower and held onto each other as they braced for impact.
With a final thump,both landed onto soft green grass that stretched on for miles.  Bell, sensing they stopped rolling, grabbed the man’s shirt tighter. “Please give me my flower, I need it”, she begged him. For a moment completely forgotten about the flower the man looked at Bell. Her eyes shown with fierce determination and sadness…no it was a trick. Shoving her off of him he stoid up. Checking for the flower, he placed in a container. Damn it! He lost the flower. The flower he was going to use to heal his little girl back home. She was slowly dying. She was all he had left. A doctor told him about the rumor of a bright orange healing flower that would help heal hear. And damn it. He had nothing to lose. He needed to save his little girl. Now it was lost. His only hope of saving her…
Bell stood watching the man fall down and weep. Did he lose the flower or was this some type if trick? Not sure, Bell headed next to him and rubbed his back. Sensing someone close to him. He looked up and there on his left with the big warm chocolate eyes, was the woman who only moments before was wanting the flower from him. He didn’t know what to make of her. And he lost everything. He was going to lose his daughter. The woman was trying to assure him, only that she was crying too. Why?

Barely There

Liam was a decent young man, who grew up poor. He worked his days away to help support his family. Then one night his father was taken. Beatened and killed. The next day, his father’s death was reported. No one knew who the men were that took his father away. Liam joined the marine core. Moving his mother and two younger siblings away. Making sure they were safe and taken cared of was his top priority. Having just come back after serving many tours, Liam was back home. His mother passed away and his sister Angel was married with a kid of her own. His brother John, died a few minths ago due to an injury to his leg from factory work. Having faced so much pain, Liam was barely there. Just barely hanging onto his sanity. He wanted to curse God, he wanted to find the bastards who killed his father, he wanted his family to just not go through anymore pain. Thinking at least his sister was doing well and that her baby girl was as pretty as can be, he felt a small warmth cover him like a blanket. His sister and her huabandade plans to bring their little girl over while they went looking for a new house. Liam gladly said he would help out. But what no one knew was accident would happen. Taking his sister and her husband away forever. Leaving their little girl behind..
Would Liam be able to get past all his pain or would this finally pain take him plunging downward to where no one could help him? Will  Liam be able to take care of his little niece or will he let her go to human services? Will someone come and help Liam and hus niece heal and find love again before it’s too late?

Letting Go

Amelia found out that she was indeed pregnant. With the man she dated long ago. He was a wealthy man now, taking over his father’s business. He broke it off with Amelia a week before she found out. That she was carrying his child. Not knowing what to do nor whom to go to, she heads to his office. To tell him the news. Maybe he will still want to be with her. Maybe he will love her after hearing they are going to be parents.
His scretary told her she could now go in. Walking in, she noticed he didn’teven look up at her.
“What do you need?”
“I’m here to tell you that I’m pregnant with your child.”, she calmly informed him.  Looking up, he said, “It’s not my child.And my financee and I are getting married this week.So, if you will leave, I have tons if work to do.”
“It is your child. I haven’t been with any other man except you”, Amelia said feeling the salt of her tears stinging her eyes.
“You are lying for money.Guys can you come take away this woman.”
Feeling cold and numb, Amelia walked out of the jerks office passing up the two guards and running out the doors.
She kept in running feeling nothing but hurt. Next thing she knows, everything went black.
Waking up, Amelia found herself inside a hospital room. Bright lights and iv’s going through. How did I end up here, she wondered.  Her father came into the room. “I have arranged for you to leave the city”, he told her.
Amelia feeling worse asked him, “But where will I be going?”
“I have arranged for you to live with a young farmer the same age as you. He’s a good man and a hard worker. He was willing to accept you and the baby”, he told her.
Amelia felt a little relieved but felt unsure about everything. Sleep overcame her, and she was soon sleeping.Wondering who the man was and would he really accept her and the baby..

Breaking the Rules( coming soon)

Bad girl Alexis, never thought that falling for a man who took her breath away, would end up being her happily ever after. She was tough, smart, and badass. She wanted a man that was the same.

Matt was a hopeless romantic. He was tough, smart, but a complete softie. Woman drooled after him. But he wasn’t interested in a woman who was into only his mkney and looks. He wanted a real woman. Who feelings were real.
He didn’t expect to fall for Alexis. She was everything he wasn’t expecting and more. She was smart, sexy, tough. But inside.. was a soft woman who melted at his care and simple touch. A woman who needed a man like him to bring out her inner woman. But Alexis isn’t allowing Matt and his sweet words to woo her and her heart. It’s going to take a lot more for Matt to prove he really wants her. Matt feels frustrated and hopeless chasing Alexis..until something bad happens. Alexis is now dependent on others. And while she’s recovering, she discovers what she really wants and who she really is. She decides to break her rules and go after what she wants. But is it too late to make Matt fall in love with her?

Forgiven Part 1

Having had made the mistake of falling in love at such a young age only to become a mother four months later before marriage, Kathy gave birth. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. She felt proud and happy. Her family having died before she got to know them and then going to house to house in foster homes, Kathy never knew what a family was or the feelings of becoming a mother for the first time. Eighteen, working a full time waitressing job, and having a child was good. Her life was full. She was able to support both of them. Her son, Micheal and herself. Each day she was reminded of his father. His blue eyes, the tiny tuff of dark hair, reminded her of his father. The love they had. Til the day she found out she was pregnant. She was about to tell Chris. But then he told her he was moving away. His parents needed him and he was saying goodbye..
Thats when Kathy didn’t tell him. He was leaving. Leaving her. And he was saying goodbye. All she could do was not cry. As soon as he left, she fell into the chair and cried. She was left alone. She had no one. And now she wouldn’t change it any other way. She has a beautiful healthy baby boy. Every morning checking in him and during the night made her heart melt with such joy and pride. He was her little guy.
Hiring a highschool student to watch her son as she went to work went well. Reaching the resturaunt, Kathy heads in, grabbing her apron and tying it around her small waist. Hearing giggles, Kathy looks over. Sharon and Lizzy the other two waitresses were oggling a man. The man was tall, broad shoulders, lean, and dark haired. Hmm. Seemed good looking from the distance. Seeing how the other women were giggling like teen girls, Kathy took it upon herself to serve the man.
“Hi, I’m Kathy.I will be your server. What would you like to drink?”

“Kat?”, the man asked. it couldn’t be. After all these years and now here he is. Calling her by the nickname he gave her back when they were together. Swallowing her feelings away, Kathy says, “I’ll bring you a cup of coffee. The other ladies will serve you.”

Walikng away from the table took all her power. She wanted to cry. All her pain came rushing back. Sending her into pain. She thought she was past it. That she was fine. And all it took was for him to show up where she worked, saying her name.
No, I won’t be hurt again. I won’t let him near me. Oh Lord, I need your help. I need to be strong. For Micheal and myself. Why did you send Chris back to me? 

A Viking’s Prisoner Part 3

Markus was still staring at the strange beauty, when his friend, Collins walked in.

“Markus we got news, your father died..”, he informed Markus. Tapping him hard on the back, Collins knew this would be sad news for his tough warrior friend. This meant that Markus would have to take over. Which meant his friend would have to choose a bride. As was their Viking tradition.

Markus reeling from the bad news walks out of his hut. Anger rising through him..he didn’t want a wife. He wanted to fight. Having a wife would only make him soft. He needed to be strong. Especially now, his clan need him. With his father’s death he would now have to take up the reins and become the leader like his father was. Sadness creeping now into his soul making his heart heavy with pain and grief. For his father. Sinking down onto his knees on the fresh soft spring grass. Crying his grief away..into the earth’s soft ground.

Finally feeling his strength he stands up, vowing to honor his father. By taking a bride and becoming the clans new leader. Tonight there will be a traditional wedding ceremony. He will have to choose a bride before night fall. But who?

Collins having followed his friend outside the hut watched Markus grieve his pain and sorrow. Seeing his friend stand, he rushes to Markus.  “What are you going to do?”

“There will be a wedding ceremony tonight. First, I’m going to find me a bride”, Markus told his friend. Walking back into his hut. Markus sees the beauty standing before him. “I am sorry for your loss..I’ll leave you be. Thank you for rescuing me.”

Jewel started walking past Markus, when he said, “Wait! You can be my bride.”

Jewel couldn’t believe what the Viking man just said to her. “What?”

“You are going to be my bride. There’s a wedding ceremony tonight. Tradition. I need to take up a bride. You’re a beauty. You will do”, he informed her.

“I will do?”, she asked him.

“Yes. And as my bride you will obey me.”

“Obey you?”


Feeling anger towards the stranger who rescued her earlier, Jewel  could not believe he thinks she will marry him. After that horrible proposal. If one could call it that. It was a command. Walking up to him, looking into his green eyes, she told him, ” No!”


” That’s right. No! I will not marry a man who commands me to marry him because, I will simply do”, she yelled back at him.” And you don’t even know my name. I don’t know yours. So, no! Not marrying you.” Turning around she heads out. Markus feeling stunned that she yelled at him and refused to listen, grabbed her arm.

“Yes, you will listen to me. And yes, you are going to marry me. Tonight”, he told her firmly.

“That’s what you think.”

Feeling frustrated and not getting anywhere with the beautiful woman, Markus leaves her alone inside his hut. Watching him disappear, Jewel leaves his hut. Walking away from the camp, Jewel heads further into the forest. Better than marrying that…that brute,she thought.

It’s been three hours and after setting up for the wedding ceremony, Markus searches for Jewel. No sign of her inside his hut. Searching all over the camp, still no sign of her. Realizing she might have ran away, Markus leaves his friend Collins in charge. Setting off into the forest, Markus looks for his woman.

Three Days to Find a Husband Part 3

Luke woke early and washed up. So that, he both looked and smelled clean. He felt excited and nervous at the same time. What if she changes her mind once seeing me? What if she doesn’t like the farming way of life once she gets here? What if she’s ugly and mean? Being raised a gentleman and a Christian, Luke knew better than to judge any woman by her looks. It’s what lays deep within her heart that matters. Hitching the team together in his new buggy, he hastens to Springdale to meet his lady. The lady who answered his ad for a mail order bride. Her writing was fancy, but her words were kind and smart. He liked that. It was like a piece of her within her writing.

The trip took a good day’s worth of traveling, back and forth. But it was well worth it. The scenery before Luke were fields of golden hay swaying from the summer’s genre breeze. The roads were dark and muddy from the night’s rain. Flowers popped up along the roadside. Daisies , sunflowers and baby’s breath all in a row. The smell of earth filled Luke with a sense of warmth. Farmer’s loved the smell of earth after a good rain. The rain brought such beauty back.  Reaching closer to city limits, Luke finally arrives in Springdale.

Springdale was neatly built with small white buildings next to each other outlining the city’s limits. Further inside people swarmed the streets and walkways, women and men dressed in the latest fashions. Children all primed and proper looking. Two little boys kept squirming out of their mother’s hands. Wanting to go play. But with a firm grip the mother surprisingly held onto them. Laughing to himself, Luke drives on. It was close to the city’s center. More white buildings. Bigger than the rest. They held lush green gardens. All well kept. Luke stopping his team at number 23, stares at the splendor of the house. The place where his lady, Melody lives. There was no way a woman of this kind of wealth and living would want to marry a farmer. Surely the woman knew, what a farmer’s life entailed..Stepping off the buggy, and taking his hat off, he walks up the stone steps to the door. Knocking, a butler answers.

“Can I help you sir?”, the butler asks.

“Yes, I came here for a lady named Ms. Melody. If it’s not to much to ask, may I see her.”

“Come on in sir, what is your name?”

“Luke Walter. Thank you.”

“Wait here, while I go tell Ms. Melody.”

After the butler left, Luke stood in the marble hall. Wow, this place is nice. Marble floors, huge staircases, enormous rooms, leather furniture. All for the rich. Just as he was about to wonder how a wealthy woman would ever be interested in his life, a beautiful young woman, dressed in a pretty summer blue dress, her dark waves loosely placed up walks down the stairs towards him.

“Luke Walter?”, she asks him.

Bowing slightly and taking her hand, kisses it. “Yes, your lady, I am Luke. Luke Walter.”

Staring up into her hazel eyes, soft and warm Luke thought she was the most beautiful woman ever.

Three Days to Find a Husband Part 2

Melody, was impatient. How long does it take for a letter to arrive? Having sent hers yesterday, to a farmer named Luke Walter, Melody wanted to know did he get it? What if another woman answered his response? What if he didn’t want Melody? What if he was meaner than the man her Father would have arraigned for her to marry? Melody was lost in the whirlwind of her thoughts, until her butler interrupted her.

“Ms. Melody, there’s a letter for you”, James told her.

Taking the note from his hand, Melody turns away and reads her letter. It was from Luke!
He said he just received her letter after coming in from harvesting the strawberries from the fields. There’s plenty of juicy fruits to harvest yet. I am pleased that you have answered my ad. I will be coming for you the day after this letter reaches you. Hope you don’t change your mind about marrying me. Signed Luke Walter.

Oh my gosh! He’s coming. He’s coming here tomorrow for me! Excitement and a sense of nervousness rushed through Melody. Taking the note and placing it carefully in her dresser, she starts packing. Neatly placing all her gowns, linens, and underwear all in her tote, Melody was finally getting married. Married to a farmer. From both his ad and his letter he didn’t sound like a harsh man. Maybe this will work out after all.

Later that night, Melody confided her news to Lydia. “Oh wow, Melody! I am happy for you. Have you told your parents yet?”, Lydia asked.

“No, not yet. But I will at dinner time”, Melody informed her.

Hugging each other the woman cry. Melody and Lydia have know each other since they were girls. “I am going to miss, Ms. Melody.”

“And I am surely going to miss you, Lydia. Maybe, I can send for you to visit me sometime.”

“Oh, I would like that very much, Ms! Do you need help packing?”

“No, I think I have everything. Thank you, Lydia.”

Heading downstairs for dinner with Mother and Father, Melody couldn’t wait to tell them her news.

“Father and Mother, I have some news to share with both of you.”

Mother looking at Father said, ” It’s about time you have find yourself a husband. You are eighteen, and not getting any younger my dear. I was married to your Father at sixteen.”

“So, who is this gentleman?”, Father asked her.

“His name,e is Luke Walter. And he is coming here tomorrow to pick me up to marry him”, Melody told her parents.

“What is Luke’s title?”, Father asked.

“He’s a farmer”, Melody quickly informed him.

“What!!?”, her Mother shouted.

“I don’t think we heard you correctly”, Father said.

“Yes, yes you both did. Luke is a farmer. He’s coming tomorrow to come get me. Then we are to wed”, Melody firmly told them. She knew they would not take this well.

“You are not marrying a poor farmer with no title”, her Mother firmly replied back to her daughter.

“We shall meet this farmer of yours tomorrow”, her Father told her.

Getting up to leave the dinner table, Melody rushed to her room. Her parents can’t keep her from marrying Luke. If she has to run away to marry him, then she shall.

Three Days to Find a Husband Part 1

Melody had exactly three days to find herself a husband or her father will have her married away to someone he chooses. What am I going to do?, she thought. There must be a way..

“Ms. Melody, why are you pacing so?”, her lady’s maid Lydia asked.

“I need to find a husband, Lydia. Or else Father will have me married to someone I wouldn’t like.”

“Why don’t you answer the ad for a mail order bride?”,Lydia told her.

Mail order bride…Yes! That will work.
“Oh, Lydia you are amazing! What shall I ever do without you?”, Melody said hugging her lady’s maid.

Surprised at Melody’s hug, Lydia was speechless. Rushing out of her room and down the stairs into the central hall. Melody asks for a carriage. Getting into the carriage, Melody told her driver to take her to the post office. There she will go through the mail order bride ads and answer one. This is my answer, she thought. Picking up an ad, from a man who owns a farm. He is seeking a proper woman, who can cook, clean, and sew. That’s easy,Melody thought as she read on.
Taking the ad with her, she starts writing a reply back. Hopefully this will get to Luke in time. After paying to send off her reply, Melody heads back to her carriage. Mother and Father wouldn’t approve of her being a mail order bride. But at least it was someone her age, owns his own land and property. That should suffice. Melody knew how to cook, clean and sew.
Such easy things to ask for in a wife. Any woman could have answered that ad..
Oh, no! What if someone else had! Melody would think be right back where she started.

Remember Me Part 2

Jake just walked right through me! Impossible, but so..true! It was chilly when he did so, but I did feel a sense of goodness too. Jake was just standing there. In the kitchen, like his death never happened. I have so got to be hallucinating.

“You’re not hallucinating, you are seeing me. And yeah I’m dead. But we have a bigger problem.”

“Like trying to prove that Matt killed you”,I asked.

“Yeah there’s that and we have to stop him before he does it again.”

“Does what again?”, I asked him.

Too late though. Jake’s ghost disappeared. Matt was up to something else again. But what?
Oh no, Jake probably meant murder. If Matt murdered Jake, and he was up to it again..then I had to be the one to stop him. Otherwise another student will die. But when, who, and why? I already knew he killed Jake and the reason why, I just needed to figure out how and when he did it. Maybe it might lead me to what Matt was going to do next.

Logging onto my lab top, there weren’t any messages from Jake this time. I go to Facebook, checking to see if Matt posted anything. Looking for any clues.. Wait! Hold on..backing it up, there was a post by Matt, announcing his big after school party. Everyone is invited. Matt’s parents were going to be out of town for a few days. That would give him, enough time and the place to distract others from his plan of murdering. Does Matt do the killing by himself or do his best friends help him?  So many questions..with many different variables. Only by attending, would I be able to find out more. Time to go undercover and solve Jake’s murder once and for all. Also, by going I might be able to stop another from happening..
Unless, Jake can give me more clues. This could be dangerous. I know what Matt is like. I would never want to be left alone with the jerk especially a murdering jerk.

Finding Prince Charming Part 2

Lilly Green was excited to see Zach at lunch. He was drop dead gorgeous and so far proved to be smart. Just by ignoring pretty, yet mean Sydney. Every guy in school drooled over her. It was surprising in a really good way, that Zach was disinterested in her. The most popular girl in school. He choose instead to ask the invisible dork. Me. 
Placing her books into her locker, Lilly heads over to the cafeteria to meet up with Zach.

Meanwhile, Zach was at the cafeteria doors waiting for that girl from his class. Damn it. Why didn’t, he ask her for her name. She was pretty in a natural beauty way. She was smart. When she answered her questions right, her smile was dazzling. A smart, pretty, and one hell of a decent girl. Finally, a girl who was real. Not fake. Like that horrible Sydney chick. Damn. Spoke too soon.

Heading over to him, was Sydney walking like she was a say goddess. As if, Zach thought. Then laughing out loud at his own thoughts. Sydney says, Hey Zach, laughing at my joke about Lilly being such a silly nilly.

Zach stopped laughing. Looking at Sydney, and taking a step close enough to her he said, ” You are the worst silly nilly willy ever to exist, Sydney the blackened kidney.”

Lilly having just step through the doors, and looking from the distance thought that she was wrong. Zach did like Sydney way better than her. From the distance it looked like Zach was kissing Sydney. Of course only Sydney knew that Lilly saw her and Zach. And so to make matters worse for Zach, she hugs him! Lilly seeing that runs off. Zach break in free from Sydney sees Lilly’s back. Dam it, he thought. Running after her, he shouts, “Wait, Lilly! It’s not what you think!”

Lilly turning around says, ” if that’s true then why did it look like you were kissing her? And Sydney hugged you.What am I suppose to think,Zach?”

Seeing the hurt on her face made Zach wanted to comfort her. To hold her in his arms and explain himself.

Defying Fate Part 2

Anne was sad to leave her rented cabin next door to Kyle Winters. The past few days at the beach and in each others arms was the best time Anne had ever had. Worry free of her cancer growing worse and worse she felt the joys and happiness of life. And felt loved. Whether or not Kyle truly loved her. She had experienced the wanton womanly feeling her characters from romance novels were. She felt happy. Kyle was more than what he seemed. He came to the same beach for getting away from work . Sighing ..Anne packs her stuff into her one bag.

Kyle feeling like a teenage boy again, never felt so happy. He felt complete with Anne. She brought out life and enthusiasm and cheer in ways that had him thinking about her non stop. Each day they spent swimming in the beach’s waters, walking around holding each others hands had him wanting that in his life. Feeling giddy with excitement, Kyle walks over  to Anne’s door. Knocking twice, he waits patiently. After a few moments, he knocks again. Maybe she’s in the shower, he thought. Trying the door knob, he walks in. Calling her name. No answer. Searching each of the rooms and still no sign of her. Hearing to her bedroom, he notices all her stuff was gone. About to walk out, he catches a sticky note.

Kyle, thanks for everything. You gave me a life I would have loved to enjoy. Despite it being short,  thank you for our time together. Have to leave now. Bye, Anne.

Not believing his eyes, kyle sat upon the bed. Starring st the note in his hand. That’s all he had left of her. The woman he wanted to be with forever. A woman whom made him happy. Feeling deviated, he heads back to his place. Packing to return back to work. As he packs, his thoughts keep wondering back to Anne and her smile. Her beautiful smile and the way her eyes lit up when she did, made him want to kiss her senseless. Just like he had last night. Making love to her. Giving her everything he had. And yet he lost her forever.

Novel Writing Challenge 2

This writing challenge, you will be writing about a man who went to Afghanistan to fight for the U.S, and how he watched  so..many of his fellow marines died fighting against the other side. During the fighting, he risked his life trying to save one of his marine buddies, but as he was halfway there a bomb blew up. Sending debris flying everywhere. His buddy now completely gone and his leg damaged from a blow from the blast, he struggles staying conscious.

After spending 6 months in a hospital back in the States, he decides to head back home to his parents. Only to find out that his parents are now in a nursing home and there home, they gave to a young woman who was kind enough to help them while their son was away.

Feeling exhausted and for the worse, he heads to the nursing home. There he visits his parents. They tell him that he is to share the house and property with the  young woman for three months. After the three months, half the farmland will be split between the two, unless their son and the woman get married then the whole property was to be theirs.

Write how the marine heads back to his parents place, the place where he was born, to spend three months in the small house with the younger woman. Describe what this younger woman is like. Her personality? What scars does she have? And how do they both help each other heal from their wounds. Is marriage in their future? Can they live together for three months? Write all this and what happens next using only 1200 words!!

Best of luck!!!

Novel Challenge #12-4.1

Previous challenge:

Kyle Andrews was living alone until the death of his brother and his sister in-law. He was then left with the custody of their four children. The youngest one is an infant, the next one two, then four, and the oldest is eight.

Today we are  going to add another addition to the previous challenge above. Ready? Well, here it is:  

Kyle Andrews was living along until the death of his brother and his sister in-law. He was then left with the custody of their four children. The youngest one is an infant,the next one two, then four, and the oldest is eight. Wait!!, shouted Kyle to the child service woman rushing back to her car. “How am I suppose to raise four children? Especially an infant!”, he asked her. “You will survive”, she told him briefly before taking off out of his driveway. Turning back around he saw the children’s faces staring back at him. Walking towards the children he gently takes the infant out of the eight year-old’s hands and tells them to follow him inside. Once inside, the kids follow his every step. Carefully placing the infant on his big bed, he looks at the other three. “Hey, I know how you guys  are feeling right now. It’s not easy losing your parents. Your father was my older brother. I miss him too. But, now we all have to make the best out of the worst situation”, he told them.

Still staring at him, the eldest child steps up and hugs her uncle for the first time.

Stepping back she says, “My name is Claire, and I’m eight, my brother Tim is four, my sister Grace is two, and the youngest is Matthew”.

“Hi, Claire, Tim, and Grace, I am your Uncle Kyle.”

Tim hiding behind Claire peeks out at his uncle and asks, “Are you going to give us away?”

Looking at the young boy, and feeling his heart break he says, “No, little guy. You all are stuck here with me till you all are grown up.” Then snatching up the boy and Grace who waved at him heads to the kitchen with Claire following him.

“Are you guys hungry? I can fix you something to eat?” Nodding their heads, he took that as a yes. After making them sandwiches, he went to check on the the infant. Just as he went into the room. A young woman appears at the front door with goodies and a chair. “Hi, is Kyle around?”, the woman asks Claire. Nodding her head she runs to her uncle and tells him about the lady. 

“Uncle Kyle! Uncle Kyle, there is a lady that wants you!”, shouted Claire. 

Laughing, Kyle takes the infant in his arms and takes Claire’s tiny hand and heads back to the kitchen. The woman was standing by Tim and Grace. Watching them color on sheets of paper and commenting  on what they drew. “Can I help you?”,he asked. 

Looking up, the woman sees Kyle. Oh, boy they were not kidding when they said he was handsome. Those old ladies knew a good looking man when they see one. “Yes, I saw the children being dropped off here and I live next door so, I thought you could use this high chair for the infant. And I have a crib on the front porch for you to bring in as well. I kept them for my sister’s kids, but they’re bigger now”. 

Kyle listening to the woman was grateful and he couldn’t believe his luck. A crib and a high chair for the infant! God was helping him out. All that was needed was to get the other kids settled into their own rooms. “Thank you, very much. I appreciate the crib and high chair. Can you watch them for a bit, while I bring in the crib?”, he asked. 

“Yes, I can”, she said laughing. 

Leaving to go get the crib outside, He couldn’t stop from smiling. God provided him with things he needed for the infant. All will be well. That was until after he got the crib in and headed towards the kitchen that he saw the others in a panic. “Matthew isn’t breathing!”,screamed Claire.  Oh no, Lord. Please don’t let the baby die too..


Write what happens to the infant, does he live, or does the infant die? How would this affect the children having just lost both their parents? And will this woman help Kyle with the children? Will the children start school soon? Where does Kyle live? In a town, city, or out in the country? Write all this in your response down below in the comment area for feedback. Use only 500 words In addition to the previous challenge and the one just given!!!! 

Best of luck!!!! 🙂



Writing Challenge #8-1 Romance Novel

Today’s challenge, we will be writing a romance novel. For this romance novel that we will be writing, we will be writing about an average everyday woman who  is struggling to support her and her parents. Her parents need the help of a nursing home. Clara, is a painter at night, and a librarian during the day. Her paintings are really good but won’t be accepted unless she has someone with influence to help her get her work into its own exhibit for others to see. Clara’s car breaks down on her way home. Write how a multi-billionaire owner Micheal Maxwell, comes to her rescue.Write how sparks fly between them while he helps, get her to start working again. Also, write how everyone thinks/knows Micheal as a playboy.Micheal is not a playboy despite what others think and say about him. He had to work hard to get where he’s at today. Write about all this using only 700 words!!!!!