Review: Smart Partners


Most people want partners in their personal lives, and many businesses start with some form of partnership structure. Yet so many personal and professional partnerships disintegrate, sometimes quickly. That’s one reason why our own partnership seems so amazing, even miraculous, to people who know us. “How do you do it?” they constantly ask. “How have you spent so many years living and working together 24/7 without killing each other?”

A general business/how-we-did-it-book, Smart Partners outlines the methods and thinking we’ve used to achieve financial success while also keeping our personal partnership alive and interesting. Drawing on our unique experiences both personally and professionally, we present principles for building, sustaining, and growing not merely serviceable relationships in business and life, but true partnerships.
Partnerships are a big deal—not just specific partnerships, but the very idea of partnership. That’s why, from the very inception of a relationship, partners should proceed slowly, cautiously, thoughtfully, going “all in,” and doing whatever they can to keep the relationship vibrant and healthy. They should honor their relationship at every turn, and with all their strength.
No matter what business you’re in you can transcend your sense of “me” to create a very powerful “we.” It’s a matter of concentrating on partnership, committing to it, and embracing the right practices—such as choosing your partner well, negotiating proper roles, planning for your mutual success, and adjusting so as to overcome challenges as they arise. Fundamentally, it’s about looking beyond yourself so as to share business and life with another person. None of this is easy, of course, but it’s so worth it. Read our stories, learn our partnership principles, and apply them to your life. We think you’ll discover what we have long known: We is better than me. And the truth is, anyone can be a smart partner.
Rating: 5 stars


Smart Partners by both Jim Burba and Bob Hayes is a perfect read. This book discusses partnerships in both the business world and in our own personal lives. I know for a fact that these relationships tend to over lap each other. Or can make or break each other. Partnerships can easily begin but once they start keeping them strong is the toughest job. How we proceed, maintain, and grow partnerships that will be successful is what this how-to-book shows us. It has the real world insights to keep readers interested and educated. No matter what business aspect readers are in or will begin, this book has everything they need and should read about. Building up the relationships that can help make things smoother and easier for readers to run currently or later in life. There’s a lot of value to gain from reading this guide. Actually, it’s more than just an educational step-by-step guide. It takes readers on a journey that will open up readers to what the writers have gone through. Both live and work together. To many of us, that is a phenomenal event. Most us, can’t stand our business partners. Living with them woul create a friction. However, these writers have found ways to achieve a success that will hook readers into their book. Quite interesting. Jim Burba and Bo Hayes are a great team with excellent principles that should be shared worldwide. What better way to be successful than to learn and know how to keep a partnership growing? Overall, I recommend Smart Partners to readers everywhere. 

Review: Bootstrapping 101


Many unemployed Americans are discarding their résumés to pursue their dream of owning their own business. Many existing entrepreneurs are struggling to make ends meet in the current economic downturn. Bob Reiss has written Bootstrapping 101 to help these wannabe and existing small business owners improve their odds of success. He shows entrepreneurs how to grow their business with less money than they thought they needed and steers them to free quality advice.

His tips are based on practical experience in the trenches. Topics covered in the book include:

– Cash Free Ideas on Barter, Publicity Advertising, Internet, Selling, Outsourcing, Networking, Factors.
– Acquiring and Keeping Customers.
– Places to Find Free Quality Help.
– Maximizing Profits through Correct Pricing.
– Creating and Understanding a Cash Flow Statement.
– Non-traditional Ways to Get Money.
– Key Factors for Entrepreneurial Success.
Rating: 5 stars


Bootstrapping 101 by Bob Reiss is an excellent source to go to for all business people and entrepreneurs. I found the informations useful and detailed. This is another nonfiction guide book that will help others build their business with limited cash and free outside help. I like how the book targets individuals with a business sense or creativity and helps those you don’t have the necessary budgets to to get started. I liked how it discussed topics like zeroing in on the right people, selling, and understanding the desired target. Bootstrapping 101 also, explains the sales, business, and non-traditional ways to get money. Special key factors to help others succeed. This how-to-book had everything to understand, learn, and grow a business. I really liked how organized and easy it was to read and learn the content. Bob Reiss is a writer who has the experience and knowledge to guides his readers into the right areas. Overall, I highly recommend this read to all. Perfect for starters who want to join the world of business. 

Review: The Homeless Entrepreneur




 If you’re homeless you don’t have to get a job – you can start a business and make twice what most jobs pay you. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will take work, but millions have done it. This book gives you the basic steps, resources, and inspiration you need to start a business. It’s packed with information anyone can use, but it’s targeted to those with little to no money. The author was homeless for more than a year and used many of these suggestions to make/earn money herself, so she knows they work. Instead of giving the homeless money, hand them a copy of this book and $5 seed money. Step back and see what happens.

Rating: 5 stars


The Homeless Entrepreneur by Becky Blanton is indeed a must read for all. This book would make a great gift for anyone homeless or not. Most of us, are interested in setting up our own business; however, we don’t always have the funds. Or the knowledge to get it started. The Homeless Entrepreneur does. It gives us ideas, steps, and the the knowledge we need to make it happen. The job starter book. It’s inspiring to read. The writer herself, was at one point living in her own car. But she stay determined to make her career. She kept going and now, she’s employed and a famous TED speaker. Her life and the challenges she met was fascinating to read about…Becky Blanton wasn’t just talking the talk but lived it. I highly recommend this resourceful yet business starter book to all readers. It is truly a great book to read. 

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