Author Interview with Almas Akhtar

ULM: You mentioned that Miseries, Illusions and Hope is your second book. What was your first book?  My first book was A very Resilient Amreeki Dream...a short story.   ULM: What led you to writing short stories?  I like reading and writing about real life characters. I have a huge collection of autobiographies. I believe... Continue Reading →

Review: Analyze People (How to Analyze People Proven Techniques to Analyzing, Body Language, Human Behavior, Reading Peole and Human Psychology 

Synopsis: This book, How To Analyze People: Proven Techniques To Analyzing People, Body Language, Human Behavior, Reading People And Human Psychology, is a good guide for anyone wishing to learn about human behavior in all is diverse glory. This book not only breaks down what experts have said over the years about the various personality... Continue Reading →

Review: Dead is Dead and Other Stories 

Synopsis: ‘Dead is Dead’ is a collection of twenty compelling stories which focus on the complexity of being human. All of the stories have already met with success: broadcast, appearing in magazines or doing well in international competitions. The title story, Dead is Dead, is set in colonial Africa and is told from the point... Continue Reading →

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