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ULM: What lead you into the path of writing?

I write to remind people of their value and to show these guys that no matter where you are, we can be successful. I speak from my soul. 😊

ULM: Using only three words, how would describe your book, Traits and Emotions of a Salvageable Soul?

“A selfless deed”

ULM: Is this book your first one?

No. Reclaimed: Everlasting Wisdom was my first book.

ULM: What are some life lessons that you would like readers to take with them?

Be authentic and treat people the same way you would like to be treated. There’s no harm in being kind.

ULM: What makes your book unique?

I genuinely care about people. I wrote my book as if I was personally talking to those who needed that extra push; I never want anyone to slip up on a move and wind up locked up like an animal. We have to think before we move.

ULM: Do you plan to write another book? If so, can you share with us readers what it might be about?

Right now I have half of volume II completed. I’m excited about it. I’m also working on “SILENCED BY A PREDATORS THREAT,” It’s about 5 teenagers from ghettos around the world who meet in a foster home. They are really talented kids who end up telling the secret of having been sexually violated by someone close to their family. I want to be the voice for everyone who experienced something extraordinarily sensitive, but never had the power to speak of it.

ULM: What are 2 things you learned that others could learn from?

Um, always tell your truth. Forget what others might think and always be willing to help the next person.

ULM: Where can readers find you and your book online?

My home is at



If I’ve helped one person become better, my prayer has been answered. You’re all my brothers and sisters. An old timer once told me-“Sometimes you have to go where you don’t wanna be, in order to learn the things you need to learn.” Stay smooth people!


Review: Traits and Emotions of a Salvageable Soul









All people have their own remarkably intrinsic value, and it’s time we recognize it in ourselves and share it with the people in our lives.

From the wisdom of elders comes Traits and Emotions of a Salvageable Soul: A Conversation with a Touch of Class, a guide to growing and healing ourselves so that we can live the quality of life we were always meant to live. From life’s hard lessons, Crawford offers the reader encouragement and truth, a path for using life’s challenges to overcome and even thrive.

Don’t give up, he reminds us. Every one of us has great potential and purpose. We just need to have faith in ourselves and courage.

Rating: 4-stars


Traits and Emotions of a Salvageable Soul by Keeshawn C. Crawford is an uplifting yet inspiring nonfiction boo. The pages bring a sense of calm into readers like me. Life is challenging and tends to wear us down as humans. This book has a way of pushing one back up, encouraging one to bloom fully again. The writer makes me feel cared about…when I fell, the writer’s words gave me a hand to get back on track. Sure, I struggle with loving myself. Always comparing myself to others. Feel like I do not compare…I fall short of expectations. Yet this book digs through that emotion and causes for a newfound joy, an inspiration to not give up hope. Overall, I recommend this self-help guide to readers everywhere.


Review: The Painting & the Piano



The Painting and The Piano is an improbable story of survival and love. Growing up more than a thousand miles apart and worlds away from each other, Johnny and Adrianne seemed to have all that children could ask for. However, the demons of their respective mothers would tear their fragile young lives apart.

Eventually, destiny would bring Johnny and Adrianne together, but first they had to endure the painful toll that alcohol, drugs, and a negligent court system would take on them. With parts of Adrianne’s story ripped from national news headlines, their story takes them from the depths of despair and near death to their first serendipitous introduction and the moment each knew they were finally safe.

Filled with hope, inspiration and humor, The Painting and The Piano, is an unforgettable story of pain, loss and the undying human quest for happiness.

Rating: 5 stars


The Painting and the Piano by both John Lipscomb and Adrianne Lugo is a beautifully woven memoir that will inspire readers worldwide. This read portrays what it’s like to live with a drug addict, an alcoholic, and an abuser.

The story opens up with a character about to lose a father only then to find out he’s going to make it. But once he’s home…the man he once was is gone. The strong father was now a frail man with his morphine tank…Then there’s Adrianne who was born addicted to heroin. She soon gets to meet her real birth parents. Next, there is Johnny whose mom drinks all the time.

Both have biological parents who choose to live a life that will send them falling apart faster and faster…until no trace of who they were originally was left to be seen.  Both Adrianne and Johnny had to go through life in a rough way that no child should have to…yet somehow they both might just make it.

The Painting and the Piano is indeed a must-read memoir for all. This is a story of how two individuals struggled with surviving in what life tossed their way and took away from them. Readers will be lead on an inspirational journey that will cause fear, at first, then tears, and then happiness. I loved this survival and love story. It something that readers all over the world can relate to and find inspiration to move forward no matter how hard life may become. Overall, I highly recommend this to all.


Book Review: Behind Closed Doors by A.L. Smith

Behind Closed Doors is one of those “you have to read” novels. A novel that contains the stories of three different women who have suffered in ways their friends and family never knew about. Each one took up a life that they may never have chosen if what had happened never occurred to them. Each woman’s story is realistic, sad, painful, but shows how one can overcome what has happened to her. I found these words inspiring. I know there are many readers who would love to read these and take the message of standing up for yourself into action. Bullies are just that, but we need to find the courage to stop them. If they can harm us, they can harm others, continually, unless we stand united against them. A.L. Smith has beautifully woven together a novel that will touch the hearts of many and inspires women everywhere. I highly recommend Behind Closed Doors to readers worldwide. It’s a novel readers can’t miss. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars for its powerfully written message to all.

Novemeber Again

Omg…I can’t believe it’s November already! Time flies by when you’re busy. Busy year for us here, at Universal Creativity Inc.

My head feels like it’s spinning.  So many ideas, reviews, and jobs to complete it’s insane. The good kind of insane. Things here at home are definitely crazy. I wouldn’t know where to begin on that story. Maybe one day, I will turn my home life into a memoir. I could also write a humor novel for married couples. The Many Benefits of Marriage… it would be called. Anyone who has been married for 50 years or so and feel like their spouse drives them crazy would completely love this novel idea that I hope to write soon. Despite going nuts, the love never fades if they stuck together for 50 years or longer. Marriage is one of the world’s greatest wonders…

What made you fall in love with your spouse? Was it their sense of humor? Their charm? Their smile?

Can you remember that first date as though it were yesterday?

First kiss is always the charm… if you had to describe it, what three words would you use?

If you both were able to go back in time and were given the chance to change things, would your old self make the same choices or different ones? 

If any of you don’t mind sharing some of these answers, anonymously, with me that would be cool…

But, also, maybe these questions might help you write your own story. One of a couple that………

Once upon a time…there was this man….

It was yesterday about this time….when a woman stepped through the shop’s door and I knew immediately that she was the one…….

How We Met

Two Rebels

Opposites Attract

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Easy Target

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Two Peas in a Pod

The Lamb & the Wolf

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Two Minds One Heart

Destiny Versus Fate


Messy is Good

Mistakes by Writers

Mistakes come in all shapes and sizes. And happen to anyone. But sometimes our mistakes can ruin us from reaching that one desired outcome that we as writers have our hearts set on. I know I shouldn’t have ended the previous sentence with a preposition, which every writer knows is a major no-no. But, I did. Because this is all about mistakes as a writer.

What mistakes can writers make? A lot of them. Some can be easy to fix such as the preposition at the end of a sentence or the over use of adverbs within a writing piece. Or maybe it’s the part where we start every sentence with the same exact word. All of these are easy to fix but still are major no-nos. I have always wanted to become a paid book reviewer, but my writing mistakes forced me out of that option. Deep inside of me I was so frustrated with myself. How could I be so stupid to not catch every little mistake? Word isn’t perfect. Some of us rely heavily upon it as our mistake guide. But I think I can say, we all learned to never trust Word to show us our every mistake and even when given a fix, sometimes that fix is the wrong version than what we wanted.

Major mistakes writers can make would be to write a paragraph using two different verb tenses. That is not a good idea. Use one verb tense and stick with it through the end. Because, trust me it will come back to bit you in the end. I have been turned down because of that one particular issue. Another major issue would be our writing style. Have you ever written something and then realized that you missed conveying the right tone? Or that you have too many sticky sentences? And what about misspelled words? Unlike most writers, I have to carefully filter through my writing to be sure that I haven’t misspelled any words. Because my friends can say that I do that a lot.

So, mistakes happen. And they do prevent us from our big goals. But that doesn’t mean that we as writers don’t have it within us to write well on a daily basis. Or that we will never be good enough. Never let your mistakes make you feel that you can’t write. The worst mistake any writer can make is the choice of not writing at all. I almost made that choice myself. Yet, here I am writing to you all. I am a top book reviewer for major companies, a freelance editor, a news-writer, a self-published author, a small magazine publisher, and a senior publisher for a publishing house. So, trust me when I say that not writing at all would be your worst doom than to keep writing and failing at times. I have failed many times myself. But now, I am doing well. My message here is to not give up even when you feel like the world is closing in upon you.

Another poem, how many more I really don’t know! :-)

you are an absolute wonder,
 you leave me all a ponder,
what to write?
your warm friendship floats to my like a kite,
it is a great honor,
as we talk a great yonder,
you are as hot as the steam from a kettle,
you make me feel comfortable to settle,
you welcomed me in,
and being your friend is like a happy win,
I hope that saying that is not a…
no, I do not mind,
your are very gentle and so very kind.

What You Do to Me- Poem written by me

my love for you is like the icing on a cake,

your gentle words and caring ways,

sending shock waves of happiness to my veins,

your lips so tender against mine make,

want to kiss you more and more,

the sound of your laugh,

makes me feel sooo good,

 the sweetness of  your voice makes me want to soon in ur

gentle embrace,

never letting go,

never ever giving u up,

because  you mean so much to me

in ways that words cant simply say,

and nothing on earth nor in heaven can compare to how great

you are to me.

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