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Review: Ransomed Jewels


With her husband’s dying words, “My marchioness has it,” the Marchioness of Huntingdon is thrown into a nightmare of intrigue and danger. But even those who are holding her brother ransom can’t force her to do the impossible—hand over a necklace she doesn’t have.
Major Samuel Bennett believes the newly widowed Lady Claire Huntingdon is a traitor. He intends to get the necklace he’s convinced she has, before sending her to the gallows. But when he meets the captivating widow, he discovers that nothing is as it seems.

Claire knows she can’t trust anyone, but she isn’t given a choice when Major Bennett arrives, demanding she give him the necklace. And it isn’t until she’s forced to put her life in his hands that she realizes it isn’t only her life she’s in danger of losing—but her heart as well. 
Rating: 5-stars


Ransomed Jewels by Laura London is a fascinating romantic suspense. Here, a woman is thought to have a necklace due to her husband’s dying words. Yet in truth she doesn’t. But it won’t matter u til her brother is in danger. She has to give the necklace or else something bad happens…

But then the plot gets more interesting…

Major Samuel Bennett believes Lady Claire Huntington is terrible. But upon, meeting her, he can’t shake his gut feelings that something else is going on…and then there’s the attraction to her.

Lady Claire has but no choice. Major Samuel will have to be trusted. But to what extent lies within Lady Claire’s  hands or shall I say heart? 

Ransomed Jewels is by far the most puzzling yet stunning read. I was immediately drawn into the story. A plot that moved so quickly. Bold, fierce, and sexy. I loved it. Overall, I recommend it to readers everywhere.


Book Review: Betrayed by Your Kiss by Laura London

Betrayed by Your Kiss is a sensational romantic read that will have readers falling in love with Lady Olivia Sheridan. Lady Olivia learns of a huge price put on her lover’s head. And the only thing to help save er love would be to do the one thing her lover will never forgive her for. And so after time has gone by her lover Lord Damien comes back. But this time it’s to get revenge for the betrayal that he think Lady Olivia did. Will Lord Damien be able to carry out is revenge when seeing his love after all these years that went by? Or will he fall in love with her again, but fall much deeper than before? And wat will Lord Damien do once he finds out why Lady Olivia did what she did so many years ago to him? Or will he never find out the truth? Can these two who love each other so much be able to final claim each other will someone stand in their way once more?

Laura London has created a suspenseful yet intriguing historical romance novel. Her characters are strong and passionate. They both go to no end just for the other. But will their old love begin once more or will it be the destruction of them both? Betrayed by Your Kiss is a deep and enticing read that all readers will never want to stop reading. A world that captivates its readers and hooks them straight into the heart of the plot. A well written novel and a must read for all. Overall, I give Betrayed by Your Kiss a five out of five stars.