Review: It’s Not about Me 


Christopher M. Milo is a Nationally Renowned Concert Pianist, Professional Motivational Speaker and creator of the “13 Messages from Milo”. He has been fully trained in Life Skills and Resiliency. He has spoken to over 100,000 students on topics of Leadership, Anti Bullying, Suicide Solutions, Teen Pregnancy, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Cutting and many other forms of Self Harm. He embraces students who battle Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Cancer and Diabetes. Christopher continues to have ongoing relationships with local state hospitals and children’s services with partnerships at many Educational Service Centers within the State of Ohio. 

During a recent Leadership Conference with over 300 students in attendance, a teenager asked Christopher, “Why do you work with younger students?” to which he replied “one day you may be balancing my checkbook when I am unable to see clearly, or you might be carrying my groceries when I lose the strength to do it myself. One day you might be the one making decisions for my community, or the country I fight for. If I can make even a small positive impact on our youth today, I will continue dedicating my life doing just that!” 

Educators have often asked why students are so eager to listen to someone like Christopher. With his unique program, students quickly and clearly see that Christopher is someone who cares and understands what they are going through. He uses real life scenarios to drive the messages into the hearts and minds of people. He continues to bring out the truth by telling the truth. “13 Messages from Milo” creates a noninvasive environment that is welcoming to youth where walls come down and relationships are made. A small idea in a small group becomes a life changing opportunity for an entire student body, a home or place of work.

Rating: 5-stars


It’s Not about Me by Christopher M. Milo is one of the best reads yet. It is a nonfiction book that provides step-by-step guides to being happy in life. Lessons that can teach us about life. Scenarios are found on the pages. These are great. It allows readers to read, understand, and relate to the situations. There are also important tips inside by the writer to help readers. Christopher M. Milo’s book gives back to readers. It has deep Thought provoking sessions as well as reflective exercises to help us, readers, think, relate, and search within ourselves. I loved how there was an open connection from the writer to myself and how he guided through every page. It was like having a mentor hold my hand through each stage. Overall, It’s Not about Me is one of the most inspiring books that I have come across and highly recommend to all. 

Review: Emma has A Dilemma 


Emma has a dilemma, and she doesn’t have a clue what she’s going to do about it! She gets her first F ever on an easy grammar test about nouns and pronouns. Wizard Jake appears out of nowhere when he hears her crying and is willing to help her. He is a genius at grammar and tries patiently to teach her the ins and outs of both nouns and pronouns. Will she learn in time for her make-up test? Or will she end up with a permanent F on her record? 

Only this glorious tale about two people from different worlds can answer that question.

Rating: 5-stars


Emma has a Dilemma is a unique and engaging children’s book. Inside the story has a rhyming rhythm to it and the words will lead readers into a fascinating world of fiction. A young girl struggling with learning pronouns and nouns finds help in the form of Wizard Jake. He helps Emma learn both common and proper nouns as well as pronouns. Fun, exciting, and educational. I loved reading this illustrated book. It’s easy to follow along and learn new things. I would recommend this book not only to teachers but also to parents everywhere. Great for both inside and out of the classroom. Makes learning entertaining. 

Review: Skills of a Scoundrel


A Man on the Run from Love… 

Lord Mark Dawnton is a genius. Everyone says so.
Not only can he think circles around most of his peers, but he has also a skill for maneuvering through his father, the Duke of Wardington’s, marriage schemes.

Mark’s plan: Dodge women of good breeding. Dodge marriage.
The plan had done the Duke of Wardington’s youngest son well for years… that is until the day Mark was presented with a new challenge.

He must instruct a lady in the ways of science and present her to His Majesty by the end of the season as a great mind.
It’s a challenge that he can’t refuse… but when he meets his lovely student, Mark finds he’s up for another challenge entirely.

A Woman on the Run from Herself…
Lady June Haywood is ready to take on any challenge that will get her in Society’s good graces once again.
Scandals from her past have made life hard for her, so she’s willing to do whatever it takes redeem her reputation.

Anything but marriage.
With June’s secret past, the last thing she needs in her life is another man, but Mark is like no man she’s ever encountered and very quickly, lessons in chemistry and psychology turn toward anatomy.
Namely, hers.
He doesn’t wish to marry and neither does she, but what will happen when their actions give flame to new scandal?

Rating: 5 stars


Skills of a Scoundrel by Eleanor Meyers is a fascinating read. This historical romance intrigues readers from page one. I was hooked in immediately. The characters set the pacing in a fast but entertaining way. Never was there a moment for dullness. I felt the emotions coming forth from the characters as if they were my own. The heat and intimidating circumstances felt right. Women struggling to reach out into the world of academics…and here we meet one fine lady brave enough to step into it. Scandal following the blue-eyed beauty everywhere she goes. Not because she did something wrong but due to a friend under her watch. Imagine how cruel society is back then compared to now…gossip could ruin a soul and their family’s name forever. Consequences come into play, and it was exciting to watch the lead female character turn down a prominent man not once once, not twice but three times in one night. Oh, a man’s ego…has set him even more determined to win lady June Harwood’s hand. She’s all he thinks about no matter what he’s doing. A woman who loves learning as much as a man is one to behold…and to never let go. However, danger is ahead and the past may just keep all well-thought plans away…

Skills of a Scoundrel is highly engaging to read. The book was easy to follow along and the characters were enchanting. Eleanor Meyers has once more brought a new favorite to my hands. The emotional attachment is great. The suspense was perfect. I was constantly on my toes waiting the final outcome. Eleanor Meyers’ writing is superb. She creates fresh fiction that captivates and engages readers to follow along. Never knowing where they will be led. Overall, I highly recommend this brilliant piece of literature to all.

Review: Unleashing the Intrapreneur


Millennials desire to be autonomous, be creative, and live meaningful lives. But because current company landscapes impede on that, their career is driven elsewhere, to companies that support their priorities. Companies that welcome and provide Millennials intrapreneurial opportunities entice employees to stay and help the company move forward. Millennials will dedicate futures to companies that stake their confidence in and allocate resources to them. The future of corporate America belongs to the individuals and the companies that embrace the idea of the intrapreneur.

This book is about helping Millennials find their voice, their passion, their vision and aligning these ideas so that they can allow their intrapreneurial spirit to soar and lead them towards a fulfilling career.
Rating: 5 stars


Unleashing the Intrapreneur by Debbie Wooldridge is an interesting read. This book focuses on the millennial succeeding. This how-to-book isn’t just a business inspiration to the millennial who will be in charge of this world but a way for them to get out there and be successful. It more than just a reading guide that lists and walks them through steps. It gives them critical information to be analyzed and learned. I loved how the chapters were set-up like a workbook. It’s like okay here’s the lecture now, let’s see what you obtained from that lecture. Business won’t work unless there is a passion, voice, and vision behind it. This guide not only informs, but teaches and allows individuals to recognize what they are passionate about and how to go from there. It’s the building block to get up and move forward in the business world. I loved reading Debbie Wooldridge’s book. Her experience and leadership is present throughout this guide. Overall, I recommend it to readers everywhere. 


Review: Wishing for You



She’s a girl who can’t remember. He’s the guy she can’t forget…

It’s her final semester of high school, and Kimberley Rey is curious about what will come next. She needs to pick a college, but her memory disability complicates the choice. Will her struggles, to remember, make it impossible to leave home?

Help arrives through an unexpected and supernatural gift. Grant is a “genie” with rules. He can give her thirty wishes (one per day for a month) as long as the tasks are humanly possible. Kimberley knows just what to ask for–lessons in how to live on her own.

But her wishes change when a friend receives a devastating diagnosis. As she joins forces with Grant to help her friend, Kimberley learns that the ability to live in the moment–to forget–may be more valuable than she ever knew.

Rating: 5 stars


Wishing for You by Elizabeth Langston is a beautifully written novel. One that makes readers want to revisit it time and time again. The main character, Kimberley, has short term memory. This is viewed as a great distress to her. However, throughout the tale, she learns that it’s not as bad as she once thought. Her weakness makes her special. She is perfect for a man who needs a woman like her. The bond between the two characters is sweet. I loved how a man looked beyond Kimberly’s weakness and saw her strengths instead. Absolutely, an enjoyable fantasy read that will delight many. The friendship, romance, and subject matter covered within were amazing. Elizabeth Langston masterfully wove real issues into an entertaining yet inspiring novel. Overall, I highly recommend Wishing for You to readers everywhere.

Book Review: Absolute Motion by Rupesh Sharma


This highly educational yet brilliantly well written book features, Absolute Motion. The power that relies within a physical object. Rupesh has done a magnificent job of putting together everything readers need to know that will answer all of their questions on this particular subject. Everything that will satisfy every reader’s curiosity. The informative book also talks about Inertia and the Matrix just to name a couple. I loved the layout and how detailed yet interesting this book was. So many things to learn and to discover. And there are topics that you may think you know very well until you read further on within this book.  Absolute Motion is indeed a number one book that should be in every readers hand. Motion plays an important role within our lives. Every force and reaction is so critical. I suggest reading this book to find out more about Absolute Motion by Rupesh Sharma. Overall, I give this book a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Atlantis Pyramids Floods by Dennis Brooks

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Atlantis Pyramids Floods by Denis Brooks is a wonderful book to read. His book is very educational but written in a manner that would leave readers wanting to read more about his topics. I found this book to be informative and highly detailed. I love history and architecture. And Atlantis Pyramids Floods had it all. The book can be read by readers of all ages. The fascinating facts make it for a pleasant yet, exciting read. I wasn’t disappointed when I read this stunning book. I learned a lot more from Dennis Brook’s book than I have in all my years spent in a public school. He makes his topics sprout to life on every page. I would highly recommend picking up a copy of his book and begin reading as soon as possible. So much to learn and so many new adventures an places waiting at your finger tips. Overall, I rate the book a five out of five stars.