Review: Danny and the Dreamweaver


Danny is a grumpy video-game junky. He daydreams in school and has a long-standing rivalry with his neighbor.
Yet Danny soon finds himself ensnared in a bizarre dream. Controlling his dream is Nostrildamus, an odd-looking creature with a huge nose and no eyes, yet can oddly see into the future.
Taken on a time-traveling hunt to solve an art-related mystery, Danny meets strange looking artists, like Hippopotamus Bosch and Michelanjello, while Nostrildamus tries to impart subtle pearls of wisdom.
Yet, what does it all mean? And what effect, if any, will all this have on Danny?

Find out in “Danny and the DreamWeaver,” an imaginative adventure of criminal intrigue, time travel, and art history, infused into a bizarre dream that will have you scratching your head and smiling, until the end! 

Rating: 4.5-stars


Danny and the Dreamweaver by Mark Poe is one of the most unusual books I’ve ever read. The cover also caught my attention. It was strange looking and made me wonder what it was about…

Inside this intriguing yet fascinating story, was a teen who meet a nose figure in a dream. From there, the main character, a teenage boy, learns a lot about famous artists as well as life. I love art and this story covered it in an interesting way. Mark Poe was creative. His book took me on an adventure. It was part fantasy and part time travel. Educational yet entertaining. I would recommend this book to YA readers everywhere. 


Review: Henry and The Hidden Treasure


Henry and the Hidden Treasure is an imaginative adventure a young child has in defending his pocket money against his little sister. Henry constructs elaborate defensive measures that he is sure will stand up to the clever ambitions of Lucy. Little does he know, Lucy has a few tricks of her own.
With a focus on introducing children to the use of ordinal numbers, Henry and the Hidden Treasure also draws out some important qualities of being a kid – such as creativity, the value of listening to parental advice, and of course, being nice to your sister.

Rating: 5-stars


Henry and The Hidden Treasure by B.C.R. Fagan is educational, inspiring, and entertaining. I loved the colorful illustrations and meaningful messages. The plot is enticing. Engaging children to follow along as they read or being read to…the main theme surrounding sibling love was beautifully done. Overall, this is one children’s book that I recommend to readers everywhere. 

Review: Ralphy the Rabbit Finds Himself


It’s never too early for a child to learn to feel special and happy about who they are.
Ralphy the Rabbit has always been self-conscious about his ears because they look like dog ears. He’s ecstatic when Marta finally overlooks them and takes him home from the pet store. But when Oscar the Cat fakes an injury, compelling Marta to neglect Ralphy and nurse a faking Oscar back to health, Ralphy wishes he could speak like the parakeets in the pet store to let Marta know about Oscar.
One day, Ralphy spots a magician on TV, who changes a rabbit into a little girl. That’s it! Ralphy wants the magician to change him into a little boy. He could get rid of his dog-like ears and tell Marta about Oscar! The problem? The magician works far, far away at the flea market and Ralphy has no way to get there. 
When an opportunity arises for Ralphy to get a ride to the magician, he and Oscar wind up stranded together on the streets of Orlando. Can Ralphy and Oscar overcome their differences and help each other? Will Ralphy reach the magician?
Join Ralphy and Oscar on their journey of self-discovery where they have the opportunity to learn about friendship, creativity and acceptance and above all, about being comfortable with who they are.
Ralphy the Rabbit: Finds Himself is the first book in the David L Wallace chapter book series. If you like entertaining early reader stories that provides you a way to teach a child to feel good about themselves, then you’ll love David L Wallace’s debut children’s story.
Get Ralphy the Rabbit: Finds Himself and give yourself a fun way to help equip children to navigate their ages 6-8, preteen and coming of age years, today. 

Rating: 5-stars


Ralphy the Rabbit Finds Himself by by David L. Wallace is a beautifully illustrated children’s book. Inside, are many lessons to learn. Educational and entertaining to follow. Every page is engaging. I couldn’t stop reading it. Major themes of friendship and acceptance are found here. Ralphy the Rabbit is an interesting character. I instantly fell in love. Overall, I recommend this read to readers everywhere. 

Review: It’s Not about Me 


Christopher M. Milo is a Nationally Renowned Concert Pianist, Professional Motivational Speaker and creator of the “13 Messages from Milo”. He has been fully trained in Life Skills and Resiliency. He has spoken to over 100,000 students on topics of Leadership, Anti Bullying, Suicide Solutions, Teen Pregnancy, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Cutting and many other forms of Self Harm. He embraces students who battle Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Cancer and Diabetes. Christopher continues to have ongoing relationships with local state hospitals and children’s services with partnerships at many Educational Service Centers within the State of Ohio. 

During a recent Leadership Conference with over 300 students in attendance, a teenager asked Christopher, “Why do you work with younger students?” to which he replied “one day you may be balancing my checkbook when I am unable to see clearly, or you might be carrying my groceries when I lose the strength to do it myself. One day you might be the one making decisions for my community, or the country I fight for. If I can make even a small positive impact on our youth today, I will continue dedicating my life doing just that!” 

Educators have often asked why students are so eager to listen to someone like Christopher. With his unique program, students quickly and clearly see that Christopher is someone who cares and understands what they are going through. He uses real life scenarios to drive the messages into the hearts and minds of people. He continues to bring out the truth by telling the truth. “13 Messages from Milo” creates a noninvasive environment that is welcoming to youth where walls come down and relationships are made. A small idea in a small group becomes a life changing opportunity for an entire student body, a home or place of work.

Rating: 5-stars


It’s Not about Me by Christopher M. Milo is one of the best reads yet. It is a nonfiction book that provides step-by-step guides to being happy in life. Lessons that can teach us about life. Scenarios are found on the pages. These are great. It allows readers to read, understand, and relate to the situations. There are also important tips inside by the writer to help readers. Christopher M. Milo’s book gives back to readers. It has deep Thought provoking sessions as well as reflective exercises to help us, readers, think, relate, and search within ourselves. I loved how there was an open connection from the writer to myself and how he guided through every page. It was like having a mentor hold my hand through each stage. Overall, It’s Not about Me is one of the most inspiring books that I have come across and highly recommend to all. 

Review: One Last Dance

One Last Dance by [Patino, Ernesto]



Marco Anissi comes out of a comma, days after his car slams into a light pole—the same pole he had crashed into exactly ten years ago, killing his fiancé, Susan. Coincidence? Not to him. Her spirit has reached out to him in a way he would understand. If it had happened on a different date, in a different place he would have missed it entirely. With the help of Susan’s mother, Marco learns that a woman named Julia Tinsley had received her daughter’s heart. She lives in Tucson where she works as a dance teacher. Obsessed with the idea of reconnecting with Susan’s spirit, Marco travels to Tucson. But he can’t just walk up to Julia and introduce himself. What would she think—a complete stranger wanting to meet her? He signs up for lessons, hoping to develop a relationship. Now, Marco must make a decision: tell the truth about himself and risk losing Julia with whom he’s falling in love, or remain silent and enjoy his new life with her.

Rating: 5 stars


One Last Dance by Ernesto Patino is an inspirational romance story. One that will tug at readers’ hearts. I definitely felt the pull on my own heart. The emotions that flew through me were sadness, loss, grief, hope, and love. I was amazed at the survival and second chances that occurred in the tale.

Ernesto Patino wrote a beautifully woven story that I won’t ever forget. The character’s loss and grief were realistic. It was easy for me to connect with him on those levels. It’s never easy to lose someone we loved. As fate would have it, Marco Anissi, ends up in a coma from crashing into the same spot that he crashed into before. Except the first time, ended up killing his fiance. The second time, fate only put him into a deep sleep. After waking up from his coma, Marco learns that his fiance’s heart lives in another woman. This propels the man to find the woman and meet her. A part of his fiance still lives and he wants to be there to be near the heart of his fiance’s. The novel, is deeply engaging, fast-paced and absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t stop reading it. Maybe…Marco can find peace and love once more…Overall, I highly recommend One Last Dance to all.


Review: The A to Z of You and Me



A striking literary debut of love and mortality, The A to Z of You and Me is the story of a man who doesn’t have much time, his love for a girl who isn’t there, and the game he plays while waiting that illuminates the devastating and beautiful turns of life. The A-Z game. For Ivo, it’s a way to pass the time, a way to avoid the pain and a way to think about what really got him here. His hospice nurse suggested it – think of a body part for each letter, and think of memories connected to each one. And so begins the revealing of his misspent life: the terrible teenage choices, friendships made and cracked, the love he’ll never get back. He remembers the girl who tried to help him, the friend who wouldn’t let her, and the sickness that chases him even now.

Rating: 4.5 stars


The A to Z of You and Me by James Hannah is a journey that sucks me in whole and keeps me turning the pages. Ivo is just a regular everyday kind of man. He fell into the wrong crowd, did stuff that he wasn’t proud of, and lost a chance at love. Now, as an elderly man, in a hospice, he knows his life is short. A nurse has him go through an exercise using every letter of the alphabet to come up with a story or a life memory attached to each letter. As Ivo goes through the alphabet, I got to travel through snippets of his younger self. Ivo lost his father to cancer, he experienced both bad and good days during his younger life. I enjoyed following the person he was back then and the man he has become. He knows what he did wrong and wants to make things better. He’s a little afraid, but soon…he finds some peace and love in the end. I truly enjoyed this talented writer’s style and the well-written plot. The characters were well-developed and were able to drag me into the scenes as though I were experiencing it all for real. The A to Z of You and Me by James Hannah is definitely a literary novel that I would recommend to all.


Review: Reckless Traveler



Reckless Traveler: an autobiographical novel of adventuring in South America, sure to delight anyone with a passport.

Perú and beyond: Through the alchemy of travel, youthful folly may bring disaster or wisdom . . . and more.
The instructional travel guide for aspiring backpackers: learn how to bribe police, avoid malaria, and find employment abroad — and what to do (and not to do) when armed mercenaries detain your charter bus.
Awaken your inner explorer with Walter Rhein’s Reckless Traveler, expat tales from a decade of discovery.
Rating: 5 stars
The Reckless Traveler by Walter Rhein is definitely a must read. For those who want to travel far and experience another country…well, here’s the chance. Inside this brilliant well-written autobiography, Walter Rhein takes readers, into the world full of action, danger, and suspense. I didn’t know quite what to expect…well maybe things like trouble speaking a foreign language and surviving the hardships that pop up when one travels so far from home.  This nonfiction book was highly entertaining. Every page took on a different turn in Walter Rhein’s journey as he lives and travels within South America. The culture and language wrapped inside are amazing. Disasters seem to happen a lot but one can definitely learn lessons as they move through this title. Funny, well-done, and intriguing. Overall, I would highly recommend this adventure to readers everywhere.

Review: The Life She Wants



In the aftermath of her financier husband’s suicide, Emma Shay Compton’s dream life is shattered. Richard Compton stole his clients’ life savings to fund a lavish life in New York City and, although she was never involved in the business, Emma bears the burden of her husband’s crimes. She is left with nothing.

Only one friend stands by her, a friend she’s known since high school, who encourages her to come home to Sonoma County. But starting over isn’t easy, and Sonoma is full of unhappy memories, too. And people she’d rather not face, especially Riley Kerrigan.

Riley and Emma were like sisters—until Riley betrayed Emma, ending their friendship. Emma left town, planning to never look back. Now, trying to stand on her own two feet, Emma can’t escape her husband’s reputation and is forced to turn to the last person she thought she’d ever ask for help—her former best friend. It’s an uneasy reunion as both women face the mistakes they’ve made over the years. Only if they find a way to forgive each other—and themselves—can each of them find the life she wants.

Rating: 5 stars


The Life She Wants by Robyn Carr is another amazing read by this talented writer. A novel that shows how one’s easy life can easily be taken from them. One can work hard and be decent and still have trouble…like Emma Shay Compton. Marriage and her lifestyle were  taken away in one great swoop. Fate lands her back home. A place with bad memories. But looking at her options she has nowhere else to go. Maybe she can start new and gain her life back. Easier said than done. Robyn Carr brilliantly creates novels that hook and captivate readers from the beginning to end. Her words are inspiring and heartwarming. Friendship, as well as new relationships, are great themes within this riveting new title. Back home Emma will have to be patient in getting the life she wants.

The Life She Wants is packed with emotions and a raw intensity that pulls me in deeply. I love Robyn Carr’s writing. She never disappoints. The rollercoaster ride that readers will be going on within this new tale is one that shows us no matter what life brings we can overcome anything. Friends with a falling out so long ago are now brought back into each other’s lives. Only time will tell if they can repair their friendship and make it solid once again. The drama of Emma’s husband’s investigation still comes chasing after her…making her life miserable. She can’t wait until it’s over if it ever ends. The police have been tapping into her phone and still bother her with endless questions. Her frustration and despair felt so real. I felt like I was inside Emma’s shoes rather than sitting in a chair reading about what she felt. Not only does Emma have nothing, battling an ongoing investigation due to her dead husband but also has feelings for a man that she tries not to get to attached to...The Life She Wants has everything plus more then what every reader wants or expected to find. I loved following the characters especially Riley and Emma. Their friendship tugged at my heart. Overall, I highly recommend this story to readers everywhere.


Review: The Kingdom of Oceana




Five Centuries Ago,
On the Island Now Called Hawaii,
There was a Kingdom Filled with Adventure, Beauty, and Magic.

When 16-year-old Prince Ailani, and his brother, Nahoa, trespass on a forbidden burial ground and uncover an ancient tiki mask, they unleash a thousand-year-old curse that threatens to destroy their tropical paradise.

As warring factions collide for control of Oceana, it sparks an age-old conflict between rival sorcerers that threatens to erupt–just like Mauna Kea, the towering volcano.

With the help of his ancestral spirit animals, his shape-shifting sidekick, and a beautiful princess, Prince Ailani must overcome his own insecurities, a lifetime of sibling rivalry, and a plague of cursed sea creatures brought forth by the tiki’s spell.

Can peace be restored to the kingdom? Can Prince Ailani claim his rightful place as the future king of Oceana?


Rating: 5 stars


The Kingdom of Oceana by Mitchell Charles is an intriguing and highly entertaining read. The story is beautifully told with lessons, planted deep into its enchanting plot. The characters are quite interesting. They come to life as well as their ancestral spirit animals and the danger that is brought upon them all. Inside this fascinating tale, readers will meet two brothers. Both do something that unleashes a curse onto their world. Adventure, exotic places and animals, as well as a unique culture, will drag readers head first into this novel. A journey every reader won’t want to miss. Hawaii is the most beautiful places to travel to and now readers can go there by following these two brothers as the danger builds and the tensions boil. Overall, I loved reading this engaging YA novel. The threat of a thousand-year-old curse mixed in with mythology is always exciting to read about especially if Mitchell Charles writes it. The talent from this writer is amazing. I look forward to reading more by Mitchell Charles in the future.

The Best Book

The best book of all is the Bible.  I know there are many who will argue on the facts of whether the stories inside are true or not. But, even if they were to not be true, who can say that the Bible doesn’t teach us good things? It does.

It teaches us how to better ourselves. We need to be more forgivening, nicer towards others, and love one another.

Teaches us not to hate, kill, or steal. Also, teaches us not to be jealous or greedy.

It teaches us to believe in the better good for all. Including ourselves and those around us.

Patience…the toughest lesson inside the Bible. Yet, it’s the most important one.

We want or need things when we want or need them. We can’t sit idlely and wait until the good Lord decides that we are indeed ready for whatever it is we are waiting for. Whether it’s for a job, a child, or for healing. The Bible teaches us in lessons and in stories that demonstrate what sins can do to us and others.

It also, shows us what happens, when one believes fully and is patient even when we don’t want to be patient.

I love the Bible. I enjoy all the stories inside this incredible book. Because it is good. You can’t deny a good book that gives you good things.

I may not be able to cite from the Bible, but I do like reading what’s inside. Answers can be found. Similar troubles like mine could be found within and answers on how to move on from my torubles is also, taught to me.

So, if the Bible isn’t the greatest book of all then, what is? I can’t think of a better book then this.


Book Review: Playing By Heart – written by Anne Mateer

Playing By Heart, is a must read! The main characters will draw readers deep into the story. The characters are strong, determined and lovable! It is super easy to connect with all the characters. Son many of us face the same challenges and tasks in life and feel all alone sometimes. But then we get our minds set and we find our friends who are more than willing to listen to us. It helps us get to where we need to be. It helps us let go of our troubles and face our challenges as the come. Sometimes we are surprised. Things can go from bad to worse and then by the end we are given something wonderful that we were to blind to notice at first. I loved reading this stunning romance novel by Anne Mateer. She definitely knows how to play by heart with her beautiful story and intriguing characters. I would recommend this book to every reader! I enjoyed this book so much, I know others will love it too! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars! 

Everyday Hero

Mike was just an every day guy. Sweating profusively working out in the fields everyday. Until a little girl whose deaf, decides to walk out across the field. There was a wild mustang..the child couldn’t hear the mustang’s snorts nor it’s warning cry.

Mike not knowing the little girl was deaf started shouting for her go back away. The girl stays where shes at. Frightened by the mustang. Standing up, the horse prepares to attack..just as Mike runs grabbing the child in hos arms…

Rolling away from the wild horse and covering the child with his body. Mike feels the little girl shake with sobs. Mike never felt more scared in his life than he did today.
The girl’s mother runs out towards them. Having heard the shouts.

Crying she takes her little girl in her arms and starts to rock her. Soothing her fears away. Mike felt angry that the woman didn’t watch her child better. She could have been hurt.

Getting up, Mike says,” we have to move away now. That horse is wild. Unless you really want to get hurt.”

The mother holding her daughter feeling anger settig in at both her daughter and at the man for some unknown reason. She gets up holding her daughter cliser and heads to the small ranch house. The man following closely behind.

The Outcast Part 1

Jeff Burris, was one of many kids who were left to grow up alone on the streets. He had to learn to fight or to be beaten up. Now sixteen, Jeff has learned to make his way up in the world. He started helping an elderly man cut his lawn. He soon was offered a job as a shop assistant at the man’s store in town…
Until there there was a robbery. The police found a gang of street kids who claimed the Jeff had given them keys to break in.
The police took the keys the kids had and indeed they were the shop’s keys.
Jeff didn’t do it. He wondered how the others he knew got them. And why did they say he gave them the keys. He would never hurt the older man like that. The older man was generous enough with paying Jeff. He also gave Jeff a free room to live in and made him an assistant. The older man’s trust meant a lot to him. The police went to inform the shop owner of the event. But when there they found the shop owner dead. Laying on the floor, blood everywhere, Jeff ran to the old man’s side. No pulse. The police took a look around and some asked the neighbors questions. Jeff was heart broken. First, the shop is broken into and stolen from. Second, the gang blamed him for the crime. And now someone had killed the only person who had cared about Jeff.
What’s going to happen now? Will the police arrest me for both crimes? Who did this?
Jeff’s tears and sadness turned slowly to anger.
The police took the body away and told Jeff that he wasn’t to leave town. And that he needs to grab his stuff and find another place til there were done investigating the house.
Jeff feeling numb went to his room and took a bag of cloths and a picture of him and the old man at a baseball game. As Jeff remembered that day, the tears came down even more…
Where will I go? He thought. A police woman came in and asked him if he was okay.
“Yeah, I’m..”
“It’s okay.Things like this happen all the time. We will find the murder and most likely the one who gave the keys to that street gang.”
“You, think I’m innocent?”
Looking at Jeff’s eyes, she felt his pain. “Yes, I do. I knew the old man. And he thought the world of you. Like his own son. He talked about you a lot.”
“Thanks..where do I go now?”
“The next door neighbor, Susie. She said she’d take you in, in a heartbeat. Plus, she said how could you survive without her good cooking?”
Laughing for the first after everything that happened, Jeff felt a touch better. “Yeah her cooking is the best.But it won’t be the same with out him..”
“Come on, I’ll walk you over.And I promise I’ll tell you everything we find out.”

Lucky’s Lesson- Children’s Novel Challenge

Today’s writing challenge, is to write abput the cute adorable loving lab puppy named Lucky. Lucky is a mischievious little puppy. Lucky goes around sniffing a new scent. This new scent is something that Lucky loves best. Chocolate candy! Lucky goes around the farm eating all the chocolate candy he finds. What Lucky doesn’t realise is that just because there’s candy laying around doesn’t mean it belings to him. Write how Lucky learns his lesson not to steal things that don’t belong to him. Write how one of the farm animals puts something where Lucky will find it..only to get super sick. Write this and what happens and how Lucky fixes his mistakes and learns not to steal ever again.