Blogging a Book the Fast Way!

It won’t take long to write your book if you use your blogging skills to do so. Publish three posts per week, each one about 500 words long, and you write a 10,000+ e-book in seven weeks. Or publish 100 posts, each one about 500 words long, and you produce a 50,000-word manuscript. Publish posts... Continue Reading →

Need Editing or Proofreading done?

GWE is an assembled team of editors and authors with 40+ years experience in the publishing industry. Collectively, they've edited and formatted dozens of titles that have gone on to become bestsellers and win numerous awards. They've also amassed a dedicated following of authors and publishers who use them exclusively for all editing and proofreading... Continue Reading →

Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover Design Any authors out there interested in having their book on the front cover of Universal Creativity Inc's magazine cover?  This opportunity would be a great way to promote your book and or novel, plus you get a section featuring your bio, interview Q&A, along with promotion of both current and future works... Continue Reading →

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