Meet This Author: Michael Scott Curnes

Q: When did you decide to become a writer? Why write an eco-thriller?  A: My mother was a high school English teacher, the result of which meant that growing up (in rural northern Idaho) my grammar was practically flawless. She had this glass pickle jar which she labeled the grammar jar, and even my friends had... Continue Reading →

Review: To Pay Paul

Synopsis: An Eco-Thriller 17 Million Years in the Making Seamus Quinlan is a geophysicist with a problem neighbor that also happens to be his employer-the Manhattan Project's once top-secret Hanford Nuclear Site, currently the largest radioactive waste cleanup project anywhere on the planet. After Seamus's father succumbs to the cancer that killed the rest of... Continue Reading →

Review: Coping with Ash

    Synopsis: Ashton Taylor was a hypochondriac—justifiably so—with multiple and sometimes self-diagnosed issues that turned him into a bit of a misfortune teller. Always knowing he would die young-ish, and anticipating what would otherwise have been an unorganized and messy affair for others, he had thoughtfully left behind a step-by-step post-mortem plan. Choreographing circumstances... Continue Reading →

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