Meet This Author: Ashley M. Coleman

Q: When did you first begin writing stories?Almost as early as I can remember holding a pen. I remember storytelling being a thing for me extremely early on. My mom was always an avid reader, so we read a lot of books. She would buy me journals and that was where I would start writing... Continue Reading →

Review: A Crazy Kind of Love

Synopsis: In this irresistible new novel by Mary Ann Marlowe, one woman’s up-close and sexy encounter with a tabloid sensation reveals the dizzying—and delicious—dilemma of dating in the spotlight . . . Celebrities hold zero interest for photographer Jo Wilder. That’s a problem, since snapping pics of the stars is how the pretty paparazza pays... Continue Reading →

Review: My Interview with Beethoven 

Synopsis: It's 1826, and young Virginia newspaperman George Thompson leaves his unhappy past for Vienna, "the city of music." His mission: interview the famous composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. But George wants more than an interview. He wants to get close to Beethoven because he's been told the musical genius is his natural father. George also... Continue Reading →

Book Reivew: Chopin’s Ghost by Cary Grossman

Chopin's Ghost by Cary Grossman is by far the most amazing musician's novel. A thriller within a mystery. The story is about Robin a rock band musician who is constantly haunted and tormented by Chopin's ghost. Robin has strange dreams and the ability to change the weather without realizing it. He can also predict someones... Continue Reading →

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