Review: Thomas Haftmann, Private Eye


Ex-cop Thomas Haftmann, formerly of Cleveland Homicide, works as a private investigator in the resort town of Jefferson-on-the-Lake. You will follow his cases in these 15 short neo-noirs. Among them are “The Kneeling Woman,” “No Escape, No Turning Back,” “The Riding Boy,” “The Slave Master’s Dungeon,” “Archangel’s Daughter,” “A Woman With Tea-Colored Eyes,” and “The Dog Returneth to His Vomit.” These have been collected from a variety of outstanding publications and blog sites, ranging from Powder Burn Flash through A Twist of Noir to Sex and Murder Magazine. Be warned: Thomas Haftmann’s dark world of murder and madness is not for the reader of cozy mysteries. 

Rating: 5-stars


Thomas Haftmann, Private Eye by Robb White is a great collection of detective stories. Each one featuring the famous, Thomas Haftmann. He is a private investigator that goes on a variety of cases. Every case is different and entertained me from the start to end. Love detectives and murder mysteries, than this is highly recommend to be added as a to-be-read book. Great pieces of fiction. Thrilling characters and intriguing plot lines. Robb White’s writing is enjoyable to follow. 


Book Review: Nirvana by J.R. Stewart

Nirvana by J.R. Stewart is a masterpiece unlike any other I have ever read. Readers will instantly be drawn into this stunning high quality of fiction with many interesting themes to keep readers hooked all night long. J.R. Stewart’s novel takes reality and evil to a whole new level.  The plot is complex, fast-paced and intriguing. Suspense that leaves you breathless and your adrenaline pumping like a roller coaster ride at a theme park. Readers will never know what to expect next with this talented writer. I definitely recommend this bone chilling read to readers everywhere.

Nirvana is the most captivating novel of all. Nothing is what it seems. Nightmares will seem like a thing of the past, after reading this story. The first book in a trilogy series, readers will see tons of technology as they follow the characters. Technology takes over life. Simple things we don’t take for granted are gone and the danger is very real. Nirvana is a place where virtual reality is taken to new heights. Follow Larrisa on her search for whether or not her husband, Andrew, is still alive or hiding within Nirvana and why. Many people want her to believe he’s dead and make his death a reality just by signing a piece of paper. But, then there’s Serge who has secrets and desires that may help Larissa find the truth. J.R. Stewart’s fictional world is one that will be remembered for a life time. For fans of Avatar and Hunger Games, this is for you. I can’t wait to read the next brilliantly well-written book in this intoxicating new series. I loved reading Nirvana. Overall, I rate this spectacular work five out of five stars.

Book Review: A Thorn Among the Lilies by Michael Hiebert

A Thorn Among the Lilies by Michael Heibert is an astounding masterpiece that readers everywhere will enjoy. A woman who goes out and beyond to solve cold cases that continue to share the same patterns. Eyes sewn shut. This brilliant novel will take readers deep into a serial killer’s path where suspense and danger are more real than what Detective Leah Teal thought. After a psychic tells her that she can solve cases to prevent more deaths, Leah doesn’t believe it until cases are brought to her that lead to deadly chase after a killer. Michael Hiebert’s story will leave readers gripping their seats in fear and sweat. I enjoyed reading Detective Leah Teal goes about solving the cold cases and trying to catch the killer before it’s too late. Shivers will definitely travel down your spine as the chilling plot unfolds.A highly intensifying read that will keep you up all night long reading. I strongly recommend reading A Thorn Among the Lilies and rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Candy, Murder and Me by Carolyn Chambers Clark & Anthony Auriemma

Candy, Murder and Me: Cozy Mystery with Recipes (Cookie Berelli Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

Candy, Murder, and Me by both Carolyn Chambers Clark & Anthony Auriemma is indeed a cozy mystery all readers will enjoy. This exciting new novel not only has a wonderful, suspenseful and alluring mystery with great characters that add humor but also free recipes inside! A novel that features a woman who is super curvy and designs clothes for other women who are the same size. But then the authors added more such as crazy ideas that the characters can be sleuths and solve a murder. Also readers who love animals will find this novel to be a perfect fit. Animals, sleuthing, clothes and recipes. A wonderful fun and action pack read that readers won’t be able to put down.

Candy, Murder and Me is a story about Cookie Berelli a woman who finds her private investigator dead in her saloon. Now, she has trouble on her hands and is determined to find out who and why. Then there is her adorable dachshund  named after Sigmund Freud who listens to her every word and helps find clues to solve this mystery. Cookie not only finds one body but two and then has a killer after her heels. A colorful and funny read as Cookie leads readers further into the plot with the most intriguing and surprising characters and suspects of all. Readers will enjoy this novel and look forward to reading the next brilliant installment in the series called, Candy, Murder and Just Desserts. Overall, I rate this spectacular mystery novel a five out of five stars. Definitely, a must read for all.

Writing Prompt

Write a story about how far your character would go to get what he/or she desperately needs?

How many murders will be committed before they police and leads detectives could connect them together? Who was the first victim? And why? What are the motives? And who will be the last to die? Or will the last victim be saved before it’s too late? 

Happy Writing 🙂