Review: Tear Me Apart by J.T. Ellison







The follow-up to her critically acclaimed Lie to Me, J.T. Ellison’s Tear Me Apart is the powerful story of a mother willing to do anything to protect her daughter even as their carefully constructed world unravels around them.

One moment will change their lives forever…

Competitive skier Mindy Wright is a superstar in the making until a spectacular downhill crash threatens not just her racing career but her life. During surgery, doctors discover she’s suffering from a severe form of leukemia, and a stem cell transplant is her only hope. But when her parents are tested, a frightening truth emerges. Mindy is not their daughter.

Who knows the answers?

The race to save Mindy’s life means unraveling years of lies. Was she accidentally switched at birth or is there something more sinister at play? The search for the truth will tear a family apart…and someone is going to deadly extremes to protect the family’s deepest secrets.

With vivid movement through time, Tear Me Apart examines the impact layer after layer of lies and betrayal has on two families, the secrets they guard, and the desperate fight to hide the darkness within.

Rating: 4-stars


Tear Me Apart by J.T. Ellison is another great tale. It has the mystery, intrigue, and dark edge to it like all of her previous books. However, the pacing was what almost stopped me from reading the book. It felt dragged. In the beginning there was no action or dialogue that made me want to dig in further. I felt myself wanting to quit until the middle of the book when the story finally gripped me. I should be hooked in from the beginning. But I was not. I love this writer’s work. Every book is unpredictable as to which way she writes. This one kept me wondering…until the clues came straight out which gave away too much in my opinion.

The story was about a family a family being torn apart by deception. The main characters is dying and relied on her parents to help save her. Only to find out, they are not her parents after all. Can you imagine being a family all those years only to discover that when it really counts, the truth come out…or sort of does. Mindy’s predicament is a tough one. Then there is someone wanting to keep things hidden. Only time will tell if Mindy survives and whether her family is completely destroyed. Overall, Tear Me Apart by J.T. Ellison was a good book. But not as great as her previous ones.

Review: Cooper’s Charm by Lori Foster







One summer, two sisters and a chance to start over…

Before the burglary that shattered her confidence, Phoenix Rose had a fiancé, a successful store and a busy, happy existence. After months spent adrift, she takes a job at the lakeside resort of Cooper’s Charm. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, friendly colleagues and a charismatic, widowed boss, Phoenix is slowly inching her way back into the world.

Visiting Cooper’s Charm to check up on her little sister, Ridley Rose impulsively agrees to fill in as housekeeper. Still reeling from an ego-bruising divorce, she finds satisfaction in a job well done—and in the attention of the resort’s handsome scuba instructor.

For Phoenix and Ridley, Cooper’s Charm is supposed to be merely temporary. But this detour may lead to the place they most need to be, where the future is as satisfying as it is surprising…

Rating: 4-stars


Cooper’s Charm by Lori Foster is about second chances. Friendships, fresh starts, and a bit of romance can be found on the pages. The story is sweet, steady-sometimes slow, and engaging. I felt it tug my heart in some places. Other spots in the book dragged a little. It felt like there were more details than was needed. The main female character seemed sad and distant. Her new job was just the thing to stir up her life. It like she came back to the living. Cooper, her boss, was real likable. He had this way of dragging me further into the plot. Charming, hard-working, and kind, Cooper was a great character to follow. Overall, it was a good story about letting go of the past and moving forward.


Review: Double Blind by Iris and Roy Johansen







The #1 New York Times bestselling and Edgar Award winning authors are back with an electrifying new novel that will leave your heart racing.

Kendra Michaels, formerly blind and now a hired gun for law enforcement agencies who relies on her razor-sharp powers of observation, is reluctant to help the FBI with the most recent case they’ve brought to her. But then she hears the details: the body was found just blocks away from Kendra’s condo. The young woman was carrying an envelope with Kendra’s name on it, and inside was an SD card with what appears to be an innocuous video of a wedding reception. The woman died trying to get the video to Kendra, but for what purpose? Before Kendra and the FBI can answer that question, the bride is abducted from her suburban home.

And so the hunt is on for a killer whose nightmarish plan is slowly becoming clear. A plan that involves a powerful law firm and a multi-billion dollar corporation. As the body count rises, Kendra joins forces with private investigator Jessie Mercado and agent-for-hire Adam Lynch to stop the plot as it grows ever closer to its terrifying conclusion.

In Double Blind, Iris and Roy Johansen deliver an emotional, gripping new entry in the bestselling Kendra Michaels series.

Praise for Double Blind:

“Magnetic characters and a twisty, suspenseful plot ensure that readers will eagerly anticipate the next installment.” —Publishers Weekly

“When it comes to delivering amazing tales of edge-of-your-seat suspense, team Johansen and Johansen have proven they are unbeatable! Kendra Michaels is an exceptionally compelling protagonist…Get the snacks ready and keep the lights on, for this book will keep you hanging on until the last word!” RT Book Reviews (5 stars)

Rating: 5-stars


Double Blind by both Iris and Roy Johansen is an exciting thriller. A deadly game that could end up worse if not stopped soon. A serial killer is hired by a company to handle problems for them only that the killer goes off the edge and blackmails them. The killer is then able to get away with a lot more than planned. Murders are now being traced to the company and the company can’t control their hired hired any longer.  FBI is introduced into the case when a dead woman has something for someone they know…that’s when the chase really begins…

Kendra Michaels is the lead female character. She is the one the FBI like to work with because of her ability to notice the smallest details quickly. Kendra cannot handle working on cases like the FBI does, because she hates seeing victims’ families suffer. Death is never easy to handle. But now, a dead woman is found with a USB drive containing damaging evidence for her. Only she never knew the victim. It is only a matter of time before the FBI bring her in on the case. Kendra feels obligated to help since the dead woman tried to reach out to her. Other than that she wants noting to do with the case. But that’s where it starts to get complicated. Her former FBI friend that she is attracted to, handles deadly crime stuff. She feels something more for him but she isn’t allowing herself to fall in love. Adam Lynch wants Kendra Michaels as his woman. However, he knows it will be difficult to get to agree. She likes him just as much as he likes her but she won’t open up. Instead, she pushes away from him. The new case is provides a tug of war in their relationship.

Overall, this new novel was suspenseful. I was deeply engaged from the start. Both Iris and Roy Johansen have caught my attention with Kendra Michaels. She is a detective for the FBI in a way. The personality was easy to latch onto as well as like. Kendra is a strong independent woman who won’t let anyone or anything bring her down…Adam Lynch is a cocky good looking man who is smart and deadly to mess with. But when it comes to Kendra he makes mistakes and doesn’t know how to approach her. I felt their push/pull relationship. It was intriguing and sad to follow. Double Blind was fast-paced. It kept me guessing the whole way. I highly recommend it to all.

Review: When Summer Comes


Welcome to Whiskey Creek— Heart of the Gold Country!
One day, Callie Vanetta receives devastating news…

She needs a liver transplant. But her doctors warn that, in her case, the chances of finding a compatible donor aren’t good.
Determined to spend whatever time she has left on her own terms, she keeps the diagnosis to herself and moves out to her late grandparents’ farm. She’s always wanted to live there. But the farm hasn’t been worked in years and she begins to fear she can’t manage it, that she’ll have to return to town.

One night, a stranger comes knocking at her door…

He’s an attractive and mysterious drifter by the name of Levi McCloud, and he offers to trade work for a few nights’ shelter. Callie figures she doesn’t have anything to lose. He needs a place to stay until he can fix his motorcycle; she needs an extra pair of hands. The arrangement seems ideal until what was supposed to be temporary starts to look more and more permanent. Then she realizes she does have something to lose—her heart. And, although he doesn’t yet know it, Levi stands to lose even more. 

Rating: 4.5-stars


When Summer Comes by Brenda Novak is a charming tale. I recommend this book to be added to readers’ to be read pile. Brenda Novak has never once let me down with her books. Not once.  This story, has elements that wind their way around my heart and soul. Choices, second chances, and new beginnings. Life is scary. Here, in Brenda’s latest book, I got a taste of it. Callie is a woman going through a rough patch. Her liver is failing her. She hides her pain from almost everyone. Especially, the new stranger who found his way into her heart. Callie felt the instant attraction to Levi. Hit her like a ton of bricks. His broad shoulders and height make him impossible to forget. He’s also got a heart made of gold. 

Levi has had a bad life. His parents’ marriage failed. His mom ran away with his sister. Leaving him behind with the abusive control freak of a dad. Actually, he father was never a parent. Levi left for the army as soon as he could. Escaping from his father. But then, he has also experienced loss too. His lost a child and his woman. Levi still blames himself for her death. Now, on the run from hitting a copy who hit him first, Levi needs a place to hide. But it only leads him to bleeding on Callie’s porch. From there the two bond. Even Callie’s dog likes Levi.  Untrouble never goes away…a past and present danger seem to tangle into the characters lives. Maybe there is hope after all…

Brenda Novak has stunned me with this book. I couldn’t stop reading it. Love, risks, and life threatening situations make this an exciting read. I was hooked. Intrigued. When Summer Comes is sweet, spicy, and everything in between. Falling in love with the story just happened…overall, this is a must read for all. 

Review: Only You 



A Bachelor Brotherhood Novel

Never say never . . .
Romance isn’t an option for Holly Greenwood. With her wedding planner career on the line she needs to stay focused, and that means pleasing her demanding boss, not getting distracted by her mind-alteringly hot neighbor . . .
Ex-Marine Kevin Vandemeer craves normalcy. Instead, he has a broken-down old house in need of a match and some gasoline, a meddling family, and the uncanny ability to attract the world’s craziest women. At least that last one he can fix: he and his buddies have made a pact to swear off women, and this includes his sweetly sexy new neighbor.
After one hot night that looks a whole lot like a disaster in the light of day, Kevin and Holly are about to learn that true love doesn’t play by the rules . . .

Rating: 5 stars



Only You is a highly entertaining romance. A contemporary story that will win the hearts of readers everywhere. Denise Grover Swank has definitely won my heart and soul to her world of fiction. I was enchanted. Beautifully told. Her characters were realistic and charming. Imagine two next door neighbors who meet upon chance. Once they meet, they are forever doomed. Can’t get enough of the other one. Both in and outside of the bedroom. However, as always there are life’s complications getting in their way of a possible happily-after-ever. Only You is the perfect title. Its suggestion highlights the main theme of the story. Only you…is exactly what each character thinks when it comes to spending time together. Only the two of them can be together. However, former Marine’s mother has his new love stuck in a sticky situation… one that could end up her leaving her without a job. Without a job, she can’t take care of her grandmother who suffers from dementia. The ex-Marine, can’t deny his attraction to the woman so, he does what any desperate man would do. Wait. But then the woman decides she doesn’t want to wait and when an opportunity of a lifetime opens up, they both will have to take the risk and jump it or forever feel regret. Denise Grover Swank is indeed a talented writer. I can definitely see why her novels are a bestseller. Her writing style has a way of melting my heart and pulling me in deep. Overall, Only You is highly recommended to readers worldwide.

Review: Her Darkest Nightmare



Evelyn Talbot knows that a psychopath can look perfectly normal. She was only sixteen when her own boyfriend Jasper imprisoned and tortured her―and left her for dead. Now an eminent psychiatrist who specializes in the criminal mind, Evelyn is the force behind Hanover House, a maximum-security facility located in a small Alaskan town. Her job puts her at odds with Sergeant Amarok, who is convinced that Hanover is a threat to his community…even as his attraction to beautiful Evelyn threatens to tear his world apart.


Then, just as the bitter Alaskan winter cuts both town and prison off from the outside world, the mutilated body of a local woman turns up. For Amarok, this is the final proof he needs: Hanover has to go. Evelyn, though, has reason to fear that the crime is a personal message to her―the first sign that the killer who haunts her dreams has found her again. . .and that the life she has so carefully rebuilt will never be the same…

Rating: 5 stars


Her Darkest Nightmare by Brenda Novak is brilliantly well-written. With this talented writer, I have yet to see a poorly written and undeveloped book. Each of her novels, is better than the one before it. It is amazing what Brenda Novak conjures in each tale. This latest novel is a romantic suspense read that will have readers hooked from beginning to end. The fear is overwhelming. I could feel the raw tensions caused by both they work that the main character does and the romance that stirs between her and the police officer. The attraction is mutual. However, the issue lies with the female doctor who can’t forget the past and embrace her life. Or embraced what her life could be like if she would just let go of her nightmare.

Brenda Novak introduced us readers to a prison where a bunch of doctors wanted to analyze the psychopaths that kill and torture others. They hoped that this facility will give them the research they need to see what causes the killers to do what they do. Their goal was to find out what makes them kill and why in a false hope that they can save people. Monsters housed in one building that has top security. Yet one lady never made it to the facility to work on time…then there’s the sexy police officer who found a woman’s head all bashed in a way that no one could recognize her. He immediately laid the blame on the Hangover House aka prison full of psychopathic killers. But could the killer really be a loose prisoner or someone else that the doctor might know? The suspense as always left me hanging. I was eager to know who died and who the killer is, plus, I wanted to see what lied in the future for the two main characters. Then there’s the doctor who was tormented by her boyfriend. Raped and left for dead…yet somehow she made it through and worked her way to becoming a specialist that works in analyzing men aka killers like her boyfriend. Even though she spent years in therapy, she still can’t let go of the danger that’s bound her in like the prisoners around her. Intriguing, sexy, and phenomenal. Brenda Novak’s new novel, Her Darkest Nightmare, will have left her readers sweating in fear. Overall, I highly recommend this compelling read to all.

Review: Discovering You



India Sommers once had the perfect family—until an ex-boyfriend broke in and shot her husband. Not only did that cost her the man she loved, a respected heart surgeon and the father of her child, but she also feels responsible. Charlie died because of the people she hung out with before she had the strength to change her life.

Just after moving to Whiskey Creek with her little girl, Cassia, to start over, she’s learned that her ex-boyfriend’s trial ended in a hung jury. He’s getting out of jail; he could try to find her again. And that’s not all that scares her. She’s extremely attracted to her next-door neighbor, but Rod Amos is the handsome “bad boy” type that’s given her so much trouble in the past. If she got involved with him, her in-laws would sue for custody of Cassia.

India has to keep her distance from Rod—but the more she gets to know him, the more difficult that becomes.

Rating: 5 stars


Brenda Novak is definitely one of my favorite all-time romance authors. Her novels speak for themselves…the characters’ and their dilemmas pack  enough action, romance, and intrigue. I have always found myself lost inside the beautiful world of fiction and in this newest world by Brenda Novak, I couldn’t resist. The temptation to read more by her is a need that needs to be constantly re-supplied. I have heard so much about this new novel, Discovering You, in newsletters and everywhere else on the web. Now, after having read the entire book in print form…I have to say I loved it. As always, Brenda Novak, doesn’t ever disappoint.

Discovering You is all about the bad boy theme that is hot and irresistible. A young woman has made past mistakes with hanging in the wrong crowd. What she doesn’t know is that it will come back to destroy her happily ever. A family of three is now a family of just two. Mother and daughter must now leave and make a home for themselves far away where they will be safe. But is safety from a dangerous ex who has been let loose going to work? This danger plus the fear of losing her daughter to her in-laws and the romantic chemistry she feels from her next door bad boy is leaving India feeling torn and worn out…it’s only a matter of time until she’s got full blown into danger and love. Brenda Novak always creates a juicy read that will tug at readers’ hearts and leave them falling in love. Sweet, romantic, and highly entertaining…Discovering You is by far a definite must read for all. The talented writer has once again, left another unforgettable legacy behind for readers everywhere to enjoy. Overall, I highly recommend this new contemporary romance to everyone.

Review: Daughters of the Bride



With Joy, Love, and a Little TrepidationCourtney, Sienna and Rachel Invite YouTo the Most Emotional Wedding of the Year…Their Mother’sCourtney~ The Misfit ~As the awkward one, Courtney Watson may not be as together as her sisters, but she excels at one thing—keeping secrets, including her white-hot affair with a sexy music producer. Planning Mom’s wedding exposes her startling hidden life, changing her family’s view of her—and how she views herself—forever.Sienna~ The Free Spirit ~When Sienna’s boyfriend proposes—in front of her mom and sisters, for crying out loud—he takes her by surprise. She already has two broken engagements under her belt. Should she say “I do” even if she’s not sure she does?Rachel~ The Cynic ~Rachel thought love would last forever…right up until her divorce. As Mom’s wedding day draws near and her ex, begs for a second chance, she’s forced to acknowledge some uncomfortable truths about why her marriage failed, and decide if she’ll let pride stand in the way of her own happily ever after.A must-read for anyone who has survived the wedding of a sister, a mother, a daughter—as told by #1 New York Times bestselling author and master storyteller Susan Mallery!

Rating: 5 stars


Susan Mallery has done it once again! She has beautifully created another novel that is heart melting, exciting, and unforgettable. The characters instantly stand out to readers. The way Susan Mallery has developed her characters is astonishing. They feel so real and they appear more 3 dimensional rather than just words on a page. Readers will feel their hearts pounding loudly as the race to read this new title.  Daughters of the Bride by Susan Mallery has it all, secrets, suspense, and the hot romance.

Susan Mallery’s novels are a must read. Her latest novel, Daughters of the Bride, is definitely one reader don’t want to miss. Three young women have lives of their own and when it comes to their mother’s wedding…it all starts to come unraveling. A misfit, a free spirit, and a cynic make for an interesting group of sisters that will entice readers on every page. Uncertainty, surprises, and forgiveness are tightly woven into this intriguing story. From an affair to a surprise engagement to second chances…Susan Mallery has covered it all. Readers will not know what to expect until it happens. Every woman will fall in love with this delightful read. The daughters of the bride will have a lot to juggle as well as learn by the time their mother marries. Will they find their happing endings or will they find themselves feeling miserable forever? I am a huge of Susan Mallery’s novels but this one tops them all. I loved reading this cast of characters and following them on their journeys. Readers won’t be able to stop reading this book. Overall, I highly recommend Daughters of the Bride to readers worldwide.

Review: The Hurricane Lover



During the record-smashing hurricane season of 2005, a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds and a stormy love affair is complicated by polarized politics, high-strung Southern families, a full-on media circus, and the worst disaster management goat screw in US history.

As Hurricane Katrina howls toward the ill-prepared city of New Orleans, Dr. Corbin Thibodeaux, a Gulf Coast climatologist and storm risk specialist, preaches the gospel of evacuation, weighed down by the fresh public memory of a spectacularly false alarm a year earlier. Meanwhile, Shay Hoovestahl, a puff piece reporter for the local news, stumbles on the story of a con artist who uses storm-related chaos as cover for identity theft and murder. Laying a trap to expose the killer, Shay drags Corbin into her agenda, which goes horribly awry as the city’s infrastructure crumbles.

The Hurricane Lover is a fast-paced tale of two cities, two families, and two desperate people seeking shelter from the storm.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

The Hurricane Lover by Joni Rodgers will perk readers’interest from the first page until the last. The suspense of what’s happening builds up with every page. Readers will be drawn into each character’s life as the story unfolds. Joni Rodgers definitely knows how to create an educational, realistic, yet thrilling read. Readers will get a weather education,  while experiencing hands-on the adventure and culture of this stunningly well-written plot. I could not believe all the research, that went into this novel and how perfect it came out. I could feel the sense of danger, the fear and the determination of both Dr. Corbin and Shay. Plus, the excitiment of chasing after a killer will leave readers with goosebumps.

The Hurricane Lover, is a fictional thriller that gives readers a real glimpse into the life of people, who live in areas, where hurricanes hit. We see how the community works to prepare for such natural disaster and how stubborn many are about not leaving their homes. Even, if it means keeping them alive. Joni Rodgers has magnificently given readers a taste of the culture, ethincity, and language of the characters. I found it remarkable and intriguing. It was like I got a trip to go to the place within the novel and experience it all in person rather than from the pages. The Hurricane Lover is a thriller and a story about survival. Will the killer be caught and most importantly will the main protagonists survive? Overall, I highly recommend reading this novel. I look forward to reading more by Joni Rodgers, in the future.

Review:What We Find by Robyn Carr



What We Find by Robyn Carr is a captivating story about how to deal with what life gives us. It is about one woman’s journey through tough times, one that is about to burn out from all the emotions from recent events. She decides to head over to her father’s place. Readers are taken deep into this riveting plot and following the characters as she struggles with fate’s latest news. We also learn that, no matter what, we will always find what are looking for. Just that it will come when we least expect it.

Robyn Carr has done it again. Her latest novel features a family and friend theme as well as finding one’s self. What We Find is complex, inspirational, and well-written. A romance that truly inspires readers as life hits them the hardest. Maggie Sullivan learns what it really takes when life throws her many curve balls. From a malpractice lawsuit, to losing her baby and then to find out that her boyfriend doesn’t want an overly emotional woman in his life… Maggie is stressed out. Her close friend suggests that she takes some time off and with that she head back to visit her father. Even though she came unexpectedly, she finds that he welcomes her with all the love a father can give. But then fate tosses another unexpected curve ball and Maggie is left feeling stressed out once more. There’s a mystery man who has been helping take care of her father and soon there are sparks. Can Maggie and the new man in her life find hope, peace and love? I loved reading this story. I found it inspiring and sweet. The characters came to life in more ways than normal due to the hardships they face and the struggles they come across as the plot unfolds. I highly recommend this novel to all and rate it five out of five stars.

Book Review: Wildest Dreams by Robyn Carr

Wildest Dreams by Robyn Carr is her sixth amazing romance novel in this addictive series. The Thunder Point series collection is one that will continue to amaze readers and lure them deeply into each character’s life. Wildest Dreams has realistic family life issues and situations that will automatically open up readers to each one of the character in Robyn Carr’s latest novel. Family life is hard especially when there’s one parent doing everything for their child. Readers will fall in love with this heart melting and enriching story.

Wildest Dreams by Robyn Carr portrays the tale of how one man is looking for a place like Thunder Point to settle down like he never had. As an athlete he focuses only on his training until his neighbors give him a distraction that he can’t ignore. A mother trying to balance debt, work and her teenage son’s health issues doesn’t need an athlete to come to her and her son’s rescue. But her son Charlie enlists the help of the hot, sexy, and charming man next door. Blake Smiley sees what is going on and he can’t ignore the situation at hand. Lin Su Simmons’s determination to ignore his help only makes Blake more determined to help both the her and her son. Blake will do what he can to be the man they need but will it be enough? I loved reading this romantic story. A mother trying to play heroine and a hot stranger playing the hero and then a son who doesn’t want his mom constantly nagging him. Robyn Carr has a unique way of writing that will forever win the hearts of many. I highly recommend reading this novel of hers and rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde

Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde is another incredible romance that will sweep readers off their feet and into a happily ever after. A jilted bride struggled with anything that involves a wedding. And when she is told to crash a wedding by her doctor, Jodi never expected that it would forever change her life. Trying to enter into a wedding in which she had a ticket but forget due to a stranger distracting her, her decides to cover for her.  Telling the man that she’s with him. Upon entering the wedding, Jake feels a connection instantly to the pretty redhead. She looks similar to his dead wife. Could that be why he feels so strongly attracted to this woman or it is fate leading him to his new destiny? Jodi feels the same way. She’s struggling with not liking the hot sexy stranger name Jake. Everything about him lures her in deeply. But will he be her new doom or her new hope? One night of hot passion and two troubled souls destined for one another.

I highly recommend reading, Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde. This is the second novel I have read by her and it’s just as good as the one before it. I couldn’t put this cute, funny, and intoxicating novel down until I read the entire book in one sitting. The baseball star, Jake is funny and irresistibly charming. A man that every woman could easily fall for and Jodi is the strong independent woman who goes out of her way to help everyone else. But when it comes to herself she doesn’t know how to relax or to let go. That’s where the novel heats up, with Jake showing how to live again. Both characters go through a tough past and with each other are able to move forward, that is if Jodi can put aside her fear. Overall, I rate this story a five out of five stars.

Book Review: A Treacherous Trader by Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs

A Treacherous Trader is a must read mystery for all! Both Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs have created a fantastic world full of intrigue. This fascinating story is aboout a reporter getting ready for her big day. She has promised everyone that she will stear clear of any murders and crimes. But little does Mollie Appleby know that fate has more murders and crimes ahead for this woman. Mollie has a knack for falling around trouble. Trouble always fids her and now it’s up to Mollie to help solve the murders before her big wedding day. Mollie was suppose to go see her photographer when she finds him dead. As Mollie tries to solve the death of her dead photographer, another dead body shows up. This time it leads to the woma whom she was going to buy a vintage wedding dress from. Is this woman the killer or is it soemone else? And does the vintage dress have a connection with the previous two murders? Will Mollie by able to crack the cases before her big day? She still needs to do shopping and other tasks, can she do it in time? Or will the killer get to her before she says,”I do” ? I definitely recommend reading this novel. It will lure ou deep in a place where mysteries are bound to pop up everywhere. I enjoyed reading A Treacherous Trader and give it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Lethal Beauty by Lis Wiehl

Lethal Beauty by Lis Wiehl is an outstanding thriller that will leave readers wanting more. Lis Wiehl knows how to captivate and lure her readers in with her one hell of an incredible plot that intrigues readers every sense. Mia Quinn, the main character finds out that the murders are connected and that someone from a higher up rank is pulling the strings. But who? And how have they been getting away with it until now?  Mia is working on case when it turns out to be something more than just an easy slam dunk case.  The murder claims he didn’t kill the dead woman. Did the dead woman really attack the accused murderer? And if so, why? To add to the already suspenseful plot, a key witness is missing and the dead girl’s mother wants to deal with things on her own terms.  While further away a dead body shows up with no missing report and nothing else on file to go deeper on, Charlie Carlson, a homicide detective is trying to solve the mysterious death. Another person is killed in front of witnesses.   Are these cases separate? Or are they all related? Can Mia and Charlie figure it all out before it’s too late? Or will the killer go for another victim? I highly recommend readers to read this addictive novel and the one before it as well. I loved following the characters as they raced together to solves the mysteries.  If you love a sense of ongoing danger, murder mysteries, and a novel that will keep you up reading all night long, than this is the one for you. A brilliantly well written novel that has it all. Overall, I rate Lethal Beauty a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Holding Strong by Lori Foster

Holding Strong by Lori Foster is out of this word! Her novel is emotionally compelling. And her characters never disappoint her readers. A story about an irresistible heavy weight fighter who tries to resist the luscious and sexy flirt Cherry Peyton. But fate soon becomes too hard to ignore and both share anunforgetable night together. Cherry is everything that Denver Lewis wants in his woman when it comes to being in bed together. But this fighter won’t share her with anyone. Cherry is in a desperate need for hot sexy Denver Lewis to protect her. But can he protect his own heart? And what about Cherry’s?  And can she trust the one man who drives her wild? Cherry’s world is soon full of trouble but then she has a fighter on her side or does she? Will she keep pushing his help aside trying to brush it off, or will Denver succeed in convincing Cherry to let him help her fight her way through all the mess? And once the trouble are gone, what will become of Cherry and Denver? This a novel readers do not want to miss out on reading. A sexy hot read that will set readers ablaze. I enjoyed reading this romance novel so beautifull well written by Lori Foster. It’s no wonder her novels are bestsellers. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Importance of Being Alice

The Importance of Alice by Katie MacAlister is definitely a must read and must be placed on every reader’s to-do list. I loved this spontaneous and outright funny, sweet, and steamy novel. A woman is supposed to be going on a cruise the man she was to marry. But, he called their wedding off only days just before. And just when Alice Wood thought she would be spending the cruise all alone, she ends up sharing it with a mysterious man. A man who makes her want him in her life forever. But will Alice get her happy ever ending? Or will fate again play with her already broken heart? And will this mysterious man want Alice Wood in his life? He is trying to write a book but when he meets Alice, she causes his life to go up in uncertainty. Will fate be good to them or just toy with their emotions? I loved and thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightfully entertaining novel. The characters a re charming and easy to relate too. This will lure readers in by the ton. It’s no wonder that Katie MacAlister is a bestselling author. Her well written pot and characters are out of this world. I recommend picking this noel up and start reading it. You won’t be disappointed that you did. Overall, I rate the stunning romance a five out of five stars.

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