Review: Yule A Solstice Tale

        Synopsis: Yule the 2nd Edition ~Ireland 1780~ Shea Brogan the Earl of Glenn Haven has just returned from war. Rumors of his family’s ruin and roots in druidism have isolated him from society leaving Shea a recluse. The solitude he has come to find comfort in, is disturbed when his estranged... Continue Reading →

Announcing the Winner of the 2016 Best Fiction Award…

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now, announcing the winner and runner ups for the 2016 Best Fiction Awards... First runner Fifi Flowers -  Falling in Paris. Second runner Martha Sweeney - Killmore. Third runner Joe Cosentino - Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back.  And the winner...of the 2016 Best Fiction is...Nikki Strycharz! Her novel,... Continue Reading →

Review: Nollaig Shona Duit (A Christmas Tale)

Synopsis: Shea Brogan the Earl of Glenn Haven has just returned from war, after being injured while serving in the Irish Brigade under France. His desire for private living and the rumors surrounding his family's roots as Druids has turned him into a recluse. His solitude is to be disrupted when his estranged brother's wife... Continue Reading →

Review: A Valentine for August

  Synopsis: Abigail Everett and August Black have been sweethearts for years but when her politically ambitious, cruel father separates them their love takes the ultimate test...time. After nine years of being apart, Abigail finds herself back in her hometown Maybrook to work as a governess, where people, places and things have changed. Especially her... Continue Reading →

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