Author Interview with Shirley Rose Webb

ULM: What was like writing this memoir?
It was fun but extremely painful and at the same time very therapeutic.
ULM: How would you describe My Sister, My Daighter, and Me using only three words?

Crazy, fun, ridiculous.


ULM: Which scene from your memoir would say was the best time shared among the three of you, ladies?

Our cruise to Ensenada, Mexico, It was crazy fun from the beginning to the end. We all laughed and laughed until we could laugh no more.


ULM: How did finishing the memoir feel?

It was a comforting feeling of letting go, leaving some anger and pain behind as well as finding some closure after five years of suffering.
ULM: What advice would you give to others who went through similar situations? 

Seek the assistance of a professional therapist to help you take one step at a time. Keep a sense of humor, a positive attitude with friends and family and, most of all, laugh all you can!
ULM: Did you ever think your memoir would be published by a publisher?

I always knew I had a great story to tell.
ULM: Are their any other future writing projects that you can share with us, readers?

A future writing project will be about a troubled teenager living with the HIV virus.

ULM: What would you say to someone who is struggling?

Don’t give up. Stay strong and positive and follow your dreams.
ULM: Where can readers find you and your memoir online? 

Review: Simplify Your Life from Inside Out


Simplify Your Life from the INSIDE OUT: The 7 Keys to Finding Inner Peace

“I just wish things could be simpler!” If that has been your lament, and if you still haven’t found anything that really helps…or lasts…you are not alone.
As the world gets busier and faster, your life can easily become more complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In Simplify Your Life from THE INSIDE OUT: The 7 Keys to Finding Inner Peace, you will find the practical and effective advice that you’ve been seeking:
✔ How to rediscover the peaceful way to live.
✔ How to recognize and overcome the barriers to a life of simplicity.
✔ The 7 Keys that will guide you in your journey and help you stay on your path.

A Unified Plan to Address Your Problems At Their Core

Most approaches to simplifying your life focus on the tangible and visible ‘stuff’ in your life, which although important, is just not enough.
The real issues lie beneath the surface: In the false beliefs and assumptions you hold about the way life works. What you’re looking for are real solutions to your real problems, not band aids.
Discover the Way to Inner Peace – Solutions Found In Life, Not In the Textbook
Have you tried following the advice of ‘experts’ in the field, but it seemed distant and disconnected from your reality? In this book you will:
✔ Read real stories about real people…just like you.
✔ Learn how each problem was faced… and solved.
✔ Discover simple rules to apply in your daily life that work.
Unlock the Doors and Overcome the Barriers That Stand Between You and the Life of Simplicity That You Want.
Author Mark Wayne Smith shares with you the powerful, life changing lessons he learned when confronted with his own personal moment of awakening and found a way to a simpler life. The essence of that life is this:
Living in simplicity and peace is your natural state; it’s how you were created to live.
You don’t have to learn or master anything new: you only need to unlearn the years of complexity that the world has taught you, one layer at a time.
A New Look At Recovery from Drug and Alcohol Addiction with Promising Results
Based on the real-life experiences of the author, a recovering alcoholic himself, this book offers invaluable help to those in recovery.
The lessons of the 7 Keys will work for everyone, but if you or your loved one are in recovery, these lessons will provide invaluable help in building better relationships.

A Book That You Should Read At Least Once In Your Lifetime

· Written in simple and straightforward language.
· Real life examples of how each key has been applied, and the results achieved.
· Practical ‘first steps to take’ for each key to help you get started today.
· A Christian perspective to everyday problems, found in the Scriptures.
· A clear plan for you to return to the simple and peaceful life you once enjoyed.
As you learn the lessons of the 7 Keys and follow the steps in the plan, you will discover a whole new way of living your life by discarding old beliefs and questioning the rules that never really were true.

Rating: 5-stars


Simplify Your Life from Inside Out by Mark Wayne Smith is a great tool. A must have for all. This book was wonderfully woven in a way that walks readers through different situations. It’s like getting a sneak peak into what’s really going on in spcertain circumstances as well as how to see the whole picture. It’s hard when the reader is the one in those situations but when reading the stories, it gives a clear idea. Like not being able to see and then suddenly, wham, lights are on…Simplify Your Life makes understanding easy. I felt myself connecting to both the writer and the stories he has cleverly written for me. Real world issues defined with real world situations. I loved that about this book the most. Step-by-step readers can become closer to facing their problems and overcoming them. Finding that balance that takes all the weight off one’s shoulders. Overall, I enjoyed reading the 7 keys and following the writer inside this book. I highly recommend it to all. 

Review: It’s Not about Me 


Christopher M. Milo is a Nationally Renowned Concert Pianist, Professional Motivational Speaker and creator of the “13 Messages from Milo”. He has been fully trained in Life Skills and Resiliency. He has spoken to over 100,000 students on topics of Leadership, Anti Bullying, Suicide Solutions, Teen Pregnancy, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Cutting and many other forms of Self Harm. He embraces students who battle Developmental Disabilities, Autism, Cancer and Diabetes. Christopher continues to have ongoing relationships with local state hospitals and children’s services with partnerships at many Educational Service Centers within the State of Ohio. 

During a recent Leadership Conference with over 300 students in attendance, a teenager asked Christopher, “Why do you work with younger students?” to which he replied “one day you may be balancing my checkbook when I am unable to see clearly, or you might be carrying my groceries when I lose the strength to do it myself. One day you might be the one making decisions for my community, or the country I fight for. If I can make even a small positive impact on our youth today, I will continue dedicating my life doing just that!” 

Educators have often asked why students are so eager to listen to someone like Christopher. With his unique program, students quickly and clearly see that Christopher is someone who cares and understands what they are going through. He uses real life scenarios to drive the messages into the hearts and minds of people. He continues to bring out the truth by telling the truth. “13 Messages from Milo” creates a noninvasive environment that is welcoming to youth where walls come down and relationships are made. A small idea in a small group becomes a life changing opportunity for an entire student body, a home or place of work.

Rating: 5-stars


It’s Not about Me by Christopher M. Milo is one of the best reads yet. It is a nonfiction book that provides step-by-step guides to being happy in life. Lessons that can teach us about life. Scenarios are found on the pages. These are great. It allows readers to read, understand, and relate to the situations. There are also important tips inside by the writer to help readers. Christopher M. Milo’s book gives back to readers. It has deep Thought provoking sessions as well as reflective exercises to help us, readers, think, relate, and search within ourselves. I loved how there was an open connection from the writer to myself and how he guided through every page. It was like having a mentor hold my hand through each stage. Overall, It’s Not about Me is one of the most inspiring books that I have come across and highly recommend to all. 

Review: Madame President 


The harrowing, but triumphant story of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, leader of the Liberian women’s movement, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and the first democratically elected female president in African history.

When Ellen Johnson Sirleaf won the 2005 Liberian presidential election, she demolished a barrier few thought possible, obliterating centuries of patriarchal rule to become the first female elected head of state in Africa’s history. Madame President is the inspiring, often heartbreaking story of Sirleaf’s evolution from an ordinary Liberian mother of four boys to international banking executive, from a victim of domestic violence to a political icon, from a post-war president to a Nobel Peace Prize winner. 

Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and bestselling author Helene Cooper deftly weaves Sirleaf’s personal story into the larger narrative of the coming of age of Liberian women. The highs and lows of Sirleaf’s life are filled with indelible images; from imprisonment in a jail cell for standing up to Liberia’s military government to addressing the United States Congress, from reeling under the onslaught of the Ebola pandemic to signing a deal with Hillary Clinton when she was still Secretary of State that enshrined American support for Liberia’s future.
Sirleaf’s personality shines throughout this riveting biography. Ultimately, Madame President is the story of Liberia’s greatest daughter, and the universal lessons we can all learn from this “Oracle” of African women.

Rating: 5-stars


Madame President by Helene Cooper is an inspiring read. Women everywhere will be awed at the work done by one woman, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. She has gone beyond any other woman of her time in a country that mistreated women as objects. Here, I got to follow the brave and clever woman as she rose from just a mother to a president of a nation. Going to prison, suffering like every other woman has done…,yet she managed to rise dispite the hardships that fell upon her. I was amazed. She kept on going even when it might have meant the end for her. Writer, Helene Cooper, has brought Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s life alive on these pages for All to see. Just when I thought I have seen, heard, and know it all…this book brought out more than just a woman struggling to rise among men of her country. It’s a story of survival, courage, determination as well as breaking barriers. Overall, I recommend this nonfiction piece on one of the most compelling stories of a woman to readers everywhere.

Review: The Legacy Family (Father, Son, and Holy Coach)


You’ve seen it, heard the stories, and maybe it has happened in your family–the dissension, fighting, greed, and legal actions when an inheritance is up for grabs. You’re thinking, “That won’t happen in our family.” Think again! It has been statistically proven that 70 percent of wealth is lost each time it transitions to the next generation and is completely gone when the third generation passes. Two primary factors are loss of trust and breakdown in communications. Working with families of all sizes and levels of wealth, but especially with high net-worth families, for almost twenty-five years, we learned the only way to overcome this deterioration is through a holistic, combined, and integrated financial and personal coaching program that builds a cohesive team of all living generations.

Rating: 5-stars


The Legacy Family: Father, Son, and Holy Coach by Kip Kolson is a great read. His book is a nonfiction guide that can help save many families from financial situations. Wealth is passed on to generation to generation. However, the family’s wealth can be lost within this process. Kip Kolson provides this read to help others prevent that loss from happening. He has the experience as banker, real estate developer, financial advisor and as a personal coach to back up his writing. The Legacy: Father, Son, and Holy Coach addresses wealth for families and family businesses. It’s also good for young and older couples. Learning how to manage many, life, and the estate is not easy. But reading this book helped me. It was like having a mentor, who walked me through each step with examples and tools along the way. Overall, I highly recommend this writer’s book to readers worldwide. It’s definitely a must have for all. 

Review: You Are A Queen


What do you want out of life? What type of person do you want to be known as? What goals are you actively pursuing? At this moment in your life no matter where you are, I urge you to allow discipline to outweigh desire.When considering sex and relationship it is time to put each in the right perspective as both have their importance and respective placement. Perception is everything, yet for many the problem is that they tend to “put the cart before the horse.” Predominantly most people place sex ahead of marriage, relationship before intimacy, and desire tends to precede the caution of rational self-discipline. The greater truth here is that without self-discipline, no matter what you want in life, success will be impossible. 

Rating: 5-stars


You Are A Queen by Derrick J. Little is an inspiring read for all women. It’s a deep Thought provoking book. It asks questions that make the reader really question about what they’re doing with their life. It motivates women to be better. To be strong no matter what. Derrick J. Little’ nonfiction guide also teaches women to love themselves. I found positive change in this title. Life isn’t easy, but we can learn from it. Inside I was pulled in…to look thoroughly at myself. Where I am at now, where I wanted to be, and how were my appearances, actions and words taking me. Explored my conscience, feelings, and actions as a woman. Derrick J. Little also has some exercises that readers can go through after reading certain parts. I thought this book was great. Getting to know oneself better. A coaching to review my behavior and myself and see where I was heading and whether that was the direction I wanted to go. Overall, I recommend You Are A Queen to readers everywhere.

Review: Teenage Degenerate


In 1996, Scott was nineteen and lost in adulthood with an endless job and no future ambitions. Teenage Degenerate is his story about drug addiction, music and growing up. Over the course of ten months, he quickly descends into the dark and dangerous world of crystal methamphetamine.
Scott experiments with crystal meth in a dark, deserted parking lot in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado and soon after his crew of misfits will do almost anything for their next high. One by one, family and friends disappear, and he is left alone with a decision to continue fighting or give up. This is his struggle to reclaim a normal life and the search for something real.
Teenage Degenerate is a brutally truthful, humorous and heartbreaking journey that explores the depths of addiction. 

Rating: 5-stars


Teenage Degenerate by S. C. Sterling is a powerful tale about falling into addiction and getting out of it. This nonfiction book, took me deeply into the writer’s journey from the moment he got hooked until the ending. Raw, emotional, and well-told. I felt the emotions grab me with every page. Addiction is a frightening place to find oneself and then to get to a place where there’s only two roads – fall deeper or climb out. Teenage Degenerate is about drugs and it’s dark to read. But I highly recommend it to readers everywhere. Whether one has been there or knows someone who was or is going through this, it’s like getting inside the person’s head. I was able to feel and see everything that the writer felt and saw. The writer’s thinking and choices along the way…overall, this is a definite book to read. 

Review: The Invisible Leader in Montgomery 


There was a powerful invisible leader of consequential significance in Montgomery during the bus affair, December 1955-December 1956. The invisible leader was unknown to the public. Visible operatives executed the strategy of their leader, who directed activities from behind the scene. The chief subordinate of the invisible leader was Martin Luther King, Jr. King was hand-picked by the invisible leader because of recognized qualities. The belief that an invisible leader existed surfaced five weeks into the bus undertaking. 

City leaders, and many citizens, were of the opinion that the youthful newcomer to Montgomery lacked the community status, credibility, or experience to garner a following of fifty thousand residents overnight and launch such a crusade. Politicians in Montgomery ruled out seasoned leaders in the community of the oppressed, E. D. Nixon and Rufus Lewis, as the boss to whom the young newcomer answered.

The efforts of city leaders and supporters to identify and apprehend the invisible leader were unsuccessful. Several visitors to Montgomery concluded that an invisible leader existed, annotating their position in writing. Various concerns forced the consequential personality to function in the capacity of the invisible leader, while subordinates publicly implemented tasks. 

The bus affair lasted over one year, but the invisible leader went uncaptured. The chief subordinate of the invisible leader, young King, ascended to fame during the axial bus affair. The invisible leader who functioned and commanded from behind the scene remained in obscurity.

Rating: 5-stars


The Invisible Leader in Montgomery by Wally G. Vaughn took me pack into the heart of history. A time when the black people were struggling with being mistreated by whites. Everyone is a human being yet the skin tones set them apart. Whites did everything to keep blacks out of their circles. Separation of schools, different drinking fountains, and giving up one’s bus seat for a white person. Cruelty like nothing we have seen. Despite their horrible treatment a leader rose among them. Teaching them violence doesn’t end the cruelty. They continued to use non-violentapproaches and it seemed to work. People were taking notice. Blacks were rising up to defend themselves. Martin Luther King Jr. was the man that would make his people proud. Not black and not white, but both people proud. A true leader who made significant outcomes for those suffering. Wally G. Vaughn has created this historical piece, diving readers into the mess of that time. I enjoyed reading this book. I believe that the writer has done an excellent job showing readers the facts. I found it quite interesting to read. Overall, I recommend The Invisible Leader in Montgomery to all. 

Review: Doing More with Less


A sustainable learning organization always has a competitive advantage, and organizational-learning tools can provide businesses of any size with the ability to achieve more with less. This innovation in management is based in science and backed by numerous successful applications.

Author Anthi Theiopoulou, MSc, conducted breakthrough research in organizational learning (OL) best practices and the operationalization of OL principles. As a leading international expert, she offers this guide for applying OL to any business and measuring the outcome.

This overview is for leaders and researchers from a range of backgrounds. It begins by reviewing management strategies and the most current research on OL. Part two covers each component of OL in greater depth to allow leaders to design and implement their own systems. Part three is a sample OL management system, which is highly customizable, uniquely scalable, and it includes the organizational learning self-evaluation tool—or OLSET—developed by the author at the University of Liverpool. This unique element of the methodology allows leaders to conduct an OL capacity audit.

The result of years of experience and research, Doing More with Less turns science into practice. These empirically based guidelines and techniques have the power to make organizations successful in any future.

Rating: 5-stars


Doing More with Less by Anthi Theiopoulou is an excellent tool for all to have. Inside, is the writer’s in depth research and background experience created to help improve any organization and or business. Organization is key to success. Using this book as a guide and tool, readers can improve their organization and or business with ease. Wanting a successful outcome, a detailed explanation, and a useable model, then, this is the book to read. I was surprised when reading reading it. There was so much about organizational learning that I didn’t know. Anthi Theiopoulou is a brilliant genius. She has not only the skills but experiences to set readers on course for a better and more productive future. Theories and customizable system inside for all to use. As a blogger, I found the depth and answers to be everything I needed. Management is another form of success. If we can get our management and organization down, then there’s nothing stopping anyone of us from being successful. Overall, I recommend Doing More with Less to all. 

Review: Faces of the Mother


What happens when a group of everyday women go off in search of the most vital riches they contain…leaving behind notions of who they’re supposed to be and what they’re supposed to be doing?! Through this creative inner journey, Sharon Ann Rose, M.Div., intimately explores with a circle of women the many facets of the Mother…the full spectrum of Her deepest darkness to Her lightest ignition. Each woman goes through a life-altering transformation, facing resistance, shame, freedom, surrender, past wounds, new awakening, ancient understandings and the realization of what we encounter as we commit to fully living from the Sacred Feminine and its integrated expression in our modern world. Faces of the Mother offers an intimate portrayal of the REAL DEAL of CREATION, offering a pathway to face one’s greatest self-judgments. Here we learn to honor our deepest longings so we can work with, instead of resist them, and birth a life of beauty, blessing and extraordinary love.

Rating: 5-stars


Faces of the Mother by Sharon Ann Rose is deep, thoughtful, and a soul enriching read. This book is written for all women. No matter what difficulties in our lives or what kind of lives we live…every woman can find encouragement. Relaxation is also a key topic. Life is stressful enough. With this beautifully written guidebook, women can find their stress levels dropping. Each chapter focuses on different topics. Each new topic helps the readers feel motivated, less stressed, and renewed with energy. It was like Sharon Ann Rose breathed life into her pages and once opened, readers breathe it in…

While Faces of the Mother is a guidebook it is also a bit religious in a way. However, I didn’t let that bother me at all. It felt more like women speaking to women about daily things. Rather than a gospel book. There were prayers inside it. I thought those were nice. Calming, steady, and a way for others to connect. A total personal transformation kind of read. It inspires. The artwork with each section was easy on the eyes. I loved the color tones. They suited well with the book’s content. Overall, I recommend this to women everywhere.

Review: Analyze People (How to Analyze People Proven Techniques to Analyzing, Body Language, Human Behavior, Reading Peole and Human Psychology 


This book, How To Analyze People: Proven Techniques To Analyzing People, Body Language, Human Behavior, Reading People And Human Psychology, is a good guide for anyone wishing to learn about human behavior in all is diverse glory.

This book not only breaks down what experts have said over the years about the various personality types and their associated traits, but also presents the facts relating to human behavior in very simple language. You will find it interesting to learn how many misconceptions you often have about people you know, including co-workers, family members and those in your social circle. Best of all, after going through the tips provided in this book, you will find it very easy to relate to people of different personalities in ways that help you have more fruitful and harmonious relationships.

Rating: 4-stars


How to Analyze People by both Nathan Newman and Sarah Faulkner is a fascinating read. Although, I would really recommend it for those who have taken either or both classes in Psychology and Sociology. Because, these classes would make the topic presented easier to relate to as well as to understand. Both writers, have taken a deep dive into the hearts of both core subjects. I found that interesting. Everything in life is connected. Major themes inside were about the human personality, personality diversity, and personality analysis. These are the factor to help readers analyze things such as human behavior, humanity, and human nature. From there we can explore and understand peoples body language. This is crucial in helping us learn the different types of human interactions. By learning all of this, we can easily sense, judge, feel, think and perceive things from others. These skills would especially help for those of us who work in environments that has a lot of human interaction. Communication is key to success. If we can analyze people correctly our ways of communication would come out better thus, improving our personal growth. Overall, I really liked this nonfiction book. It was a great guide, and I recommend it to others.

How to Analyze People is narrated by Annelies Rennie. She was the perfect narrator for this kind of audio book. It felt more enriching when listening to her voice. Clear, well-spoken, and engaging. It made the book topic stick out in a good way. Annelise Rennie’s tone of voice is one, that I would recommend for educational and other nonfiction reads. She just has that voice that suits the topics well. Educational and interesting. 

Review: Cancer Country


The only symptoms were itching. The prognosis was slightly incredible – a type of cancer that only one in a half million Americans get, and my chances of survival were one-in-ten.
That was the beginning of the journey. Along the way were anger and surprise and relief and fear … a bone marrow transplant … and the feeling of being in a strange country whimsically designed for the absurd.
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From Cancer Country
“In the Medieval world, Death was the standard guy with the scythe, coming around when your time was up. Now then, one morning, drinking coffee in my kitchen around 10 AM, I looked out the window and saw, a few houses away, a twenty-year old guy with a clipboard – a Mormon, a Jehovah’s Witness, or a college kid with some environmental issue.I then had this weird vision of him being Death, of him having started his canvassing miles and miles away, way up in northeast Portland or somewhere, and now, after 67 years of human life, he had made it down here, to me, and in about five minutes would be knocking at the door, and I’d answer it, and he’d ask me if I like unpolluted air and clean water and tall trees, and I’d say Yes, and then he’d ask me for a donation, and I’d write a check, and then I’d sign his petition, and then all this world would be gone, just like that. All the places I’d hoped to travel to – forget it. All the years left with family and friends – over. Yes, that’s it, I thought: the Medieval people had a nice thing going with the black hooded figure and the scythe, but he was so out of date, so past-millennia. This was our hooded guy now: a door-to-door canvasser, clipboard, politeness, a good cause. Death handing you a ballpoint pen that only half-worked.”

Rating: 5-stars


Cancer Country by Chet Skibinski is one of the best memoirs about this particular topic. Cancer. It is one of the most scary things that can happen to a human being. One day, we are perfectly fine, the next, we find out we have cancer. The shocking, frightening, sad discovery is a difficult one to swallow. One can live or die. Surviving it is slightly improving but still it takes a lot of will power going through the process. I was able to get lost inside this incredible memoir instantly. It was easy to relate to and follow along. I have lost people to heart conditions…so, I know how they writer felt when told about the cancer found. Anger, frustration, and grief. However, as the book unfolded, I found some humor as the cancer survivor fought back. I thought the book would end in a certain way and then, I was surprised. It took on a completely different path. One that I was super happy with and the emotional journey tugged at me. So many emotions and not knowing until the ending how or where it was going to lead me. Cancer Country is an inspiring read for all. I highly recommend to readers everywhere. 

Review: Challenge Your Assumptions, Change Your World


Andy Cohen, New York Times notable author of Follow the Other Hand, introduces the Assumpt!, a breakthrough way to make better business decisions, faster and smarter.

Orville Wright, co-founder of modern aviation, dismissed the idea of creating a landing strip. He assumed that if man had to smooth out the airstrip, he didn’t deserve to fly. Houdini, master of escapes, didn’t know how to exit a new model car. He assumed that all door handles operated in the same way.Even the smartest, most successful and talented people make assumptions. 

Yet good decisions are often stymied by assumptions that go unchecked.So why does this book encourage you to make assumptions? It turns out your assumptions are a key component in your daily decision-making process. But how do you identify your assumptions? How do you separate out those that help or hurt? Build or destroy? Solve problems or create new ones? 

This book shows you how to utilize your assumptions productively and in ways you haven’t imagined. Challenge Your Assumptions, Change Your World is full of big ideas–it’s a unique book that will change how you make decisions and in turn increase your success in business and life. 


“Decisions are only as good as the assumptions they are built on. Cohen shows you which ones to use and which to watch out for. ” –John Danner, UC Berkeley and Princeton faculty member, global advisor and keynote speaker.

“Andy challenged the thinking and attitudes of my team with some real eye-opening consequences. In my experience, it is rare that such an impactful person can translate these skills into written form. Reading this is like he is in the room with you.” –Irene Dorner, former President and Chief Executive Officer of HSBC USA

“The vast majority of security issues we face today stem from misplaced trust assumptions. This is a must-read for the security professional.” –Colonel (Ret.) Greg Conti, Ph.D.

About the Author

Andy Cohen is a popular and recognized TEDx speaker, author, and international thought-leader. He has a degree in experimental psychology and a room full of prestigious advertising awards. Andy has taught at the world’s most respected universities including New York, Cornell, Duke, UC, Berkeley; ISB (India); and CKGSB (China).

Rating: 5-stars


Challenge Your Assumptions, Change Your World by Andy Cohen is exactly that. This is one nonfiction guide that challenges, provokes, and teaches readers. The principles and content inside are based on the writer’s experience. His background in the business world is shown throughout the pages. Easy to follow along. I’m a full-time student and an entrepreneur. This book helped me understand a lot. I always make assumptions more so than my peers. Weeding through the good versus bad assumptions was made easier after reading, Challenge Your Assumptions, Change Your World. Andy Cohen’s book is indeed the best tool for all. Whether you’re a student, work in business, or an entrepreneur, you can easily learn what it takes to keep from making the wrong assumptions. Mistakes happen all the time. But if one could help prevent a good handful from being repeated, then it’s worth it. I really enjoyed following along. The chapters and writing style were well-done. Overall, I highly recommend this book to readers everywhere. 

Review: WTF am I Supposed to Eat (A Dieter’s Manifesto)


Amazon Kindle Best Selling Weight Loss Book. WTF am I supposed to eat? is the runaway best seller that will challenge everything you think you know about losing weight and eating healthy. Part obsessive dieter’s manifesto, part smart-ass common sense, WTF am I supposed to eat? is insightful, refreshing, and motivating—the kick in the ass that you need to stop listening to everyone else, and start doing what is right for you.

“I’ve spent a lifetime sifting through a sea of weight loss information and misinformation, all tangled up in knots; it is my mission to unravel the mess and search for WTF is the truth, and WTF is total bullshit.” -C.J. English 

Rating: 5-stars


I can’t think of a better guide or nonfiction book in this genre that tells it like it is. WTF am I Supposed to Eat by C.J. English is one brilliant book. Her writing is clear, precise, and informative. She clearly provides the content readers need to know as well as the perspective on both sides of the issue. With so many telling us what is good to eat and what isn’t, it’s better to hear it from someone who has tried it all and experimented in finding what works. Researched and personally lived, C.J. English shows readers what to eat and what not to eat. I found this book of hers to be refreshing. It is written in a way that engages the audience. I want to know more. C.J. English starts off by what her book is and isn’t. She then dips into the bad and good. Next, she had me exploring every page. A guided tour and recipes inside…I couldn’t believe how much was written and provided to me. This is definitely a great book that everyone needs to read. The content had factual information backing it up…and this inspired me even further. I want to eat healthy and loose weight. It’s difficult and over whelming to search through all the stuff that’s out there on the market. However, with WTF am I Supposed to Eat, I can easily weave through everything. Educational and well-told. Overall, I highly recommend it to all. 

Review: The Skeleton Code


Early in life, we learn to exaggerate our positive personal qualities and hide or deny our failures and weaknesses. The Skeleton Code is a satirical and humorous look at the many ways we protect our public personas by closeting our personal secrets, an ultimately self-deluding way of life. As a parody of the self-help “success” genre, the book presents facetious strategies about how to cover up our silly and scandalous secrets before turning to The Skeleton Cure.

Rating: 5-stars


The Skeleton Code by both Alla Campanella and Ken Massey is a great read. The book is a super neat way of getting the past to stay in the past. We are all human. Meaning we’re bound to make mistakes that keep us on edge if ever leaked. Both writers go through every step of addressing skeletons and how to move forward. Their advice and self-guide helps going through the process. Plus, there’s situation of skeletons inside that help us relate to our own skeletons. From there it makes us feel that we can take on the future and not be dragged downward by the mistakes. The help also leads readers into a more productive, positive, and engaging lifestyle. Limit future skeletons. Funny, well-written, and absolutely the best self-help book I have come across in a while. Overall, I recommend The Skeleton Code to readers worldwide. 

Review: The Making of a CEO


There’s a lot on your shoulders when you’re at the top of a business.
Your employees rely on you—and so do your customers. But to navigate your company to the best of your abilities, you can’t always go it alone. Management expert Oswald R. Viva wants to be your coach.
The Making of a CEO: Helping You Deal with the Issues of Running Your Company gives you practical tips for effectively running your business. Targeting his advice to leaders of small and midsize businesses, Viva shows how to evaluate yourself and your decision-making process to see if you’re doing what’s best for your organization.
In easy-to-read, simple language, Viva demonstrates how to set goals, communicate effectively, and empower your employees. Also included are sections on family businesses and planning for your successor, as well as a business owner’s personal roadmap and exit planning questionnaire.
Viva, the founder and president of V&A Management LLC, a consulting business dedicated to helping small and midsize businesses, has more than twenty years of top corporate management experience in large and small companies. Put his expertise to work for you.

Rating: 5-stars


The Making of a CEO by Oswald R Vivia is indeed the perfect tool for readers. Those.ooking for jobs in the field of business or thinking of climbing the ladder than this is a must read. The book is broken down into parts. Each part goes over necessary information. The knowledge and research put into this book was phenomenal. Advice, experience,  and hands-on-skills demonstrated on every page. It was easy to read, follow, and understand. The writer, Oswald R Vivia, coaches readers with an ease that will make others jealous. Step-by-step guide and education into becoming a CEO.  Overall, I highly recommend this nonfiction title to readers worldwide. 

Review: Voodoo Days at La Casa Fabulosa


When food writer David Dominé buys a three-story Victorian house, little does he know it is located in an enchanted neighborhood, one full of gargoyles and gas lamps, hidden courtyards, towers, turrets, and gingerbread trim. The 1890s structure he will call home becomes known as La Casa Fabulosa–or the fabulous house in Spanish–because of its elaborate façade. His is just one of hundreds of striking dwellings in an area famous for its fanciful architecture and 19th-century charm, however. The neighborhood is also replete with colorful characters–an assortment of vagrants, cross-dressers, gypsies, and random misfits that make life interesting, to say the least. There are even rumors of modern-day witches and voodoo queens. When strange noises and puzzling smells start to keep him awake at night, and bizarre coincidences punctuate his days, he discovers that enchantment can take many different forms. The oddballs and oddities, the weird and wonderful he encounters in this enchanted neighborhood come to life in Voodoo Days at La Casa Fabulosa.

Rating: 5-stars


Voodoo Days at La Casa Fabulosa by David Domine is a unique memoir. His writing isn’t anything like others that I have read. If I didn’t know it was nonfiction, I would have thought it was a novel. The creativity and exciting scenes leaves readers with amazing visuals. I can see the writer as each moment happened. His thoughts about how strange everything was…as well as the unexpected outcomes. I love anything with a history. It seems the place the writer bought as his new home, has a ton of it. The architecture is the best. I can only imagine the stories behind it. The characters are eccentric. But they make the reading enjoyable. Some scary, mysterious, and hilarious details will keep readers intrigued. The title of this book also, caught my attention. It pulled me into its contents and from there I was on a journey. Exploring those around the main character. From neighbors to animals, there’s a bit of everything you can and couldn’t imagine. The humor is great. I definitely enjoyed reading Voodoo Days at La Casa Fabulosa, and I highly recommend it to others. 

Review: Yesterday’s Moments…Today’s Memories


YESTERDAY’S MOMENTS… Today’s Memories is the third in David Turner’s nostalgic trilogy depicting rural and small-town life in Canada during the last century.

“From as far back as I could recall,” Turner says, “I’d been listening to the stories passed down through generations of my family. As the years went by, an unrelenting passion dictated I record these recollections and the lives of those who lived here. To flourish both intellectually and emotionally, we need to know who we are and where we’ve been. 
“One of the most enjoyable aspects of writing is the ability to convey those thoughts to others. Whenever a story is repeated, it rekindles the attribute of something otherwise forgotten. Friends and loved ones pass on, and with the years, our memories fade—but through their stories, the legacy of those who came before can live forever.”
The counties of Grey, York, Peel, Simcoe, and Perth have been home to the Turner family for many decades. In 2014, David and his wife Mary retired to Huron County.

: 5-stars


Yesterday’s Moments…Today’s Memories is a great biography and memoir to read. It took me back to the writer’s family history. His roots. Once there, I got to follow some of his ancestors as their lives unfolded before me. Page after page, I was dragged deep into the past. From farming to mechanics, the people inside the book come to life. I loved how David Turner preserved his ancestry and their lives. It thought it was interesting. As I read, I keep making comparisons as to back then versus now. Travel, adventure, exploration….can be found within the book as well. It was even more interesting when big historical moments landed on the pages. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to find that a relative was there the night of Titanic sinking? I thought it was. The lives and cultures as well as the food….was interesting. Yesterday’s Moments…Today’s Memories is a beautifully captured tale of many memories and history…that will lure readers old and young to its pages. Being a millennial, I find anything with the past and past lives as interesting as any of peers find advance technology. David Turner’s writing shows his talent as a story teller. There is so much to be found and learned…I highly recommend this memoir to readers worldwide. Truly a treasure to behold. 

Review: Love Your Enemies in Case Your Friends Turn Out to be Bastards (Organizational Case Studies Examining Worksite Politics)


Know Your Enemies… features two sections written from totally different perspectives, each vantage point designed to assist in the interpretation and survival of worksite politics.

Section One is a collection of 37 Vignettes, some humorous, some not so humorous – anecdotes describing examples of worksite dysfunction, interspersed with diagnostic clarification (summaries every fifth or sixth Vignette) to help generate ideas and increase awareness and knowledge of the ploys utilized by a few to manipulate the unwary.
Section Two is a 180-degree shift in writing style, this time utilizing an integrated methodological approach to examine organization dysfunction and the predators within the infrastructure, and to provide coping strategies/techniques, in essence a cadre of survival skills, to reduce risk of exploitation and increase quality of work life and empowerment.

Rating: 5-stars


Love Your Enemies In Case Your Friends Turn Out to be Bastards by Jake Hagerman is quite an interesting read. The book is easily written in a way that anyone can relate to as well as enjoy. Entertaining, informative, and powerful. Tons of situations that are a combination of real and fake that lures readers deeper into the messages being presented. A creative nonfiction piece that is part memoir and part fiction. I found it enlightening. The writer’s experiences were believable. Readers can put themselves into these parts. The understanding and knowledge are clear. Jake Hagerman carefully divided his nonfiction book into two sides. One that shows readers what happens and the other how to survive through those events. Legal, personal, and environmental aspects played an important role in this book. The topic entirely focuses on the mental health care and the work environment. It was great reading the writer’s insights to everything happening. His reflections were deep and thought provoking. The way the professional and personal lives overlapped made this a great book. It was like reading the same content from two perspectives. In the workforce, it’s like a zoo. Without proper organization, communication, and proper strategies nothing will work as effectively or efficiently as it should. I found everything inside motivating. Jake Hagerman was like a coach guiding and showing me the way. Love Your Enemies…is indeed a book that I would recommend to others. Skill sets are crucial and this book helps to build them.

Amazon link: Love Your Enemies

Review: Abduction (How Liberalism Steals Our Children’s Hearts and Minds)


Abduction issues an Amber Alert for the souls and minds of America’s youth. The book exposes how the liberal Left seeks to brainwash our children. It places a spotlight on the corruption that permeates the entertainment, educational, and judicial systems of our nation. Parents, teachers, and policymakers need to know what is happening right under their noses. Abduction offers a practical guide for fighting back against those who would destroy the moral compasses of our children.

Rating: 5-stars


Abduction: How Liberalism Steels Our Children’s Minds and Hearts by both Steve Feazel and Dr. Carol M. Swan is an excellent read. This book is a must have for all readers whether you’re an intrigued conservative on what the liberals have done and are doing or a liberal yourself. Topics like mainstream media, how porn has been incorporated as an approved academic subject and many more. I found myself engaged with the content. Shocking truth…and a lot of research went into writing this. The book not only goes on how liberalism works on spepcific areas but also shows the conservative side as well. I like how the writers brought both sides into the informative piece and not just one sided. However, it does show greatly the side affects of liberalism on every issue. That stunned me. As a conservative myself, there were things…a lot that I wasn’t aware of about both my side and the opposite side. After reading Abduction: How Liberalism Steels Our Children’s Minds and Hearts, I have been reeducated on everything I thought I knew. The writers dive deep, into political, economical, and institutional issues. Education is at the center of it all. Liberals are teaching our kids everywhere more so than conservatives…I can only remember one time a particular teacher tried reinforcing me to believe her perspective on a major topic. That was in my senior year in high school. She thought that if we didn’t accept her policy on the matter than we were wrong. That’s not what teachers are for…they are to teach us subject not force us to accept their beliefs unless enrolled in a religious school. Otherwise the teacher was wrong for what she did. In college, I have not meet any teachers forcing my to accept anything I didn’t agree with…Overall, I highly recommend this book to readers worldwide. 

Review: Acanemia 


An irreverent appraisal of America’s higher education players–administrators, faculty, and students–offered by an emeritus professor at a university established in the 1960s.

Rating: 5-stars


Acanemia is a fascinating memoir. It took me on a journey to learning about higher education failures. I also got a sneak peak to a liberal instructor’s point of view on education. It was quite an informative read. Lawerence E. Hussman took me through his journey of learning in school while talking about the good and bads of higher education. He doesn’t blame a particular group or institution but explains it’s a group failure. This book discusses the numerous issues facing the American higher education system. I agree with the writer. As an American student, the higher education has many failures indeed. Lawerence E. Hussman goes on with suggestions to reforming the higher education system. One such problem is that school officials have a personal versus inclusive agendas. This a major effect upon education and those earning their education. I found this book to be quite educational. I enjoyed exploring the roles of education and the system itself. Acanemia is a must read whether one is getting their education or working in that field. It’s even beneficial to those looking to solve the issues happening everywhere. Lawerence E. Hussman gives a deeper meaning to the topic. Both drawing from his personal experiences and from what he does as an educator. Overall, I recommend it to all.

Review: Blueprint to Your Success


Most people feel success comes from luck or a God-given talent but successful people accomplish their life goals in a very simplistic way; they have a formula for success. Dan Pederson knows from practical experience. He started working early on as a laborer and realized very quickly that he had limited skills with only a high school education. But with perseverance and a formula for success he changed his life, achieving success in sales, investing, management consulting and leadership.

Blueprint to your Success shows you how you can achieve success in money goals, business, health and overall happiness. Each of the 12 chapters includes personal questions to help you apply this easy to use blueprint approach to your own life. Dan’s simple passage to your life’s goals allows you to be more successful in everything you do. Not only that, you will be able to teach these easy concepts to your children and grandchildren! So don’t wait, read this book!

Rating: 5-stars


Dan Pederson is a great writer. His book, Blueprint to Your Success is everything readers need to make good formal and informal decisions. Each chapter demonstrates another part of our work and personal lives. He shows readers how to get from one point to another. The writing is easy to read and understand. Colorful, organized, and brilliantly designed to help others. This book contains forms to help each reader see where they are at now and where they might be in the future. Plus, it allows readers to assess everything including finances, health, and happiness. Dan Pederson had one goal in mind and he accomplished just that with this book. There are topics like retirement and financial planning that I haven’t begun to think about or had to handle yet…and this book made it easy for me. Overall, I highly recommend Blueprint to Your Success to readers worldwide.

Review: Some Thoughts on God and Other Things 


Our cities, states, countries, and seemingly the whole world, seem to be coming apart at the seams.

While many of us live in relative comfort, the wars, killing, economic strife, lack of morals, decency, and just common sense, take a heavy toll on our spirits and psyches.
But how do we as individuals overcome the enormity of hate, prejudice, selfishness, greed, corruption, and all the other bad things going on in our world?

It starts with getting our moral imperatives back and it is no coincidence that our slide into unprincipledness is accompanied by less interest in religion and belief in God in our world.

However, understand that this is not a book about religion or bringing you back to religion.

Religion, like our governments, corporations, organizations, schools, institutions and even our science, are corruptible, fallible, misguided, and possibly worse.

The fact is that us and everything in our world, our universe is imperfect, flawed, and finite.

This book is about trying to understand and accept that there is a different, perfect, infinite plain of existence, and that there is a perfect being that dwells there.

And that can lead us into becoming more moral people and change our world.

Rating: 5-stars


Some Thoughts on God and Other Things by Jerome Gleich is a great read for all. It’s not convincing readers to believe in anything but to address the real issues of life. It shows us what’s really happening and how fast our world has changed. We have gone from a world with the “trust in God” to dismissing God completely. Our behaviors as a moral group of people has dramatically declined. When we turned our backs on God as a whole, we all have become more violent, angry, and full of hatred. Flaws are everywhere including in each one of us. But by accepting that God is there…or that there is a God who is good…it changes how we behave as a person, as a group and as a nation. Jerome Gleich’s book is a must read. I was already a believer in God, but the fact that someone else has noticed that the more we turn against God, the more we have fallen…

Some Thoughts on God and Other Things is a deep, thought provoking read. It engages reader to read, listen, and re-read it again. Our world is changing. Yes, some change is good; however, not all change has made us better. Instead it led to where we are now…sad, but real.  I liked how Jerome Gleich doesn’t push readers into believing in God but at the same time, leaves them with enough to re-think about it. Overall, I think this writer’s points were well-written, and I would recommend this to readers everywhere. 

Review: Smart Partners


Most people want partners in their personal lives, and many businesses start with some form of partnership structure. Yet so many personal and professional partnerships disintegrate, sometimes quickly. That’s one reason why our own partnership seems so amazing, even miraculous, to people who know us. “How do you do it?” they constantly ask. “How have you spent so many years living and working together 24/7 without killing each other?”

A general business/how-we-did-it-book, Smart Partners outlines the methods and thinking we’ve used to achieve financial success while also keeping our personal partnership alive and interesting. Drawing on our unique experiences both personally and professionally, we present principles for building, sustaining, and growing not merely serviceable relationships in business and life, but true partnerships.
Partnerships are a big deal—not just specific partnerships, but the very idea of partnership. That’s why, from the very inception of a relationship, partners should proceed slowly, cautiously, thoughtfully, going “all in,” and doing whatever they can to keep the relationship vibrant and healthy. They should honor their relationship at every turn, and with all their strength.
No matter what business you’re in you can transcend your sense of “me” to create a very powerful “we.” It’s a matter of concentrating on partnership, committing to it, and embracing the right practices—such as choosing your partner well, negotiating proper roles, planning for your mutual success, and adjusting so as to overcome challenges as they arise. Fundamentally, it’s about looking beyond yourself so as to share business and life with another person. None of this is easy, of course, but it’s so worth it. Read our stories, learn our partnership principles, and apply them to your life. We think you’ll discover what we have long known: We is better than me. And the truth is, anyone can be a smart partner.
Rating: 5 stars


Smart Partners by both Jim Burba and Bob Hayes is a perfect read. This book discusses partnerships in both the business world and in our own personal lives. I know for a fact that these relationships tend to over lap each other. Or can make or break each other. Partnerships can easily begin but once they start keeping them strong is the toughest job. How we proceed, maintain, and grow partnerships that will be successful is what this how-to-book shows us. It has the real world insights to keep readers interested and educated. No matter what business aspect readers are in or will begin, this book has everything they need and should read about. Building up the relationships that can help make things smoother and easier for readers to run currently or later in life. There’s a lot of value to gain from reading this guide. Actually, it’s more than just an educational step-by-step guide. It takes readers on a journey that will open up readers to what the writers have gone through. Both live and work together. To many of us, that is a phenomenal event. Most us, can’t stand our business partners. Living with them woul create a friction. However, these writers have found ways to achieve a success that will hook readers into their book. Quite interesting. Jim Burba and Bo Hayes are a great team with excellent principles that should be shared worldwide. What better way to be successful than to learn and know how to keep a partnership growing? Overall, I recommend Smart Partners to readers everywhere. 

Review: Unleashing the Intrapreneur


Millennials desire to be autonomous, be creative, and live meaningful lives. But because current company landscapes impede on that, their career is driven elsewhere, to companies that support their priorities. Companies that welcome and provide Millennials intrapreneurial opportunities entice employees to stay and help the company move forward. Millennials will dedicate futures to companies that stake their confidence in and allocate resources to them. The future of corporate America belongs to the individuals and the companies that embrace the idea of the intrapreneur.

This book is about helping Millennials find their voice, their passion, their vision and aligning these ideas so that they can allow their intrapreneurial spirit to soar and lead them towards a fulfilling career.
Rating: 5 stars


Unleashing the Intrapreneur by Debbie Wooldridge is an interesting read. This book focuses on the millennial succeeding. This how-to-book isn’t just a business inspiration to the millennial who will be in charge of this world but a way for them to get out there and be successful. It more than just a reading guide that lists and walks them through steps. It gives them critical information to be analyzed and learned. I loved how the chapters were set-up like a workbook. It’s like okay here’s the lecture now, let’s see what you obtained from that lecture. Business won’t work unless there is a passion, voice, and vision behind it. This guide not only informs, but teaches and allows individuals to recognize what they are passionate about and how to go from there. It’s the building block to get up and move forward in the business world. I loved reading Debbie Wooldridge’s book. Her experience and leadership is present throughout this guide. Overall, I recommend it to readers everywhere. 


Review: Bootstrapping 101


Many unemployed Americans are discarding their résumés to pursue their dream of owning their own business. Many existing entrepreneurs are struggling to make ends meet in the current economic downturn. Bob Reiss has written Bootstrapping 101 to help these wannabe and existing small business owners improve their odds of success. He shows entrepreneurs how to grow their business with less money than they thought they needed and steers them to free quality advice.

His tips are based on practical experience in the trenches. Topics covered in the book include:

– Cash Free Ideas on Barter, Publicity Advertising, Internet, Selling, Outsourcing, Networking, Factors.
– Acquiring and Keeping Customers.
– Places to Find Free Quality Help.
– Maximizing Profits through Correct Pricing.
– Creating and Understanding a Cash Flow Statement.
– Non-traditional Ways to Get Money.
– Key Factors for Entrepreneurial Success.
Rating: 5 stars


Bootstrapping 101 by Bob Reiss is an excellent source to go to for all business people and entrepreneurs. I found the informations useful and detailed. This is another nonfiction guide book that will help others build their business with limited cash and free outside help. I like how the book targets individuals with a business sense or creativity and helps those you don’t have the necessary budgets to to get started. I liked how it discussed topics like zeroing in on the right people, selling, and understanding the desired target. Bootstrapping 101 also, explains the sales, business, and non-traditional ways to get money. Special key factors to help others succeed. This how-to-book had everything to understand, learn, and grow a business. I really liked how organized and easy it was to read and learn the content. Bob Reiss is a writer who has the experience and knowledge to guides his readers into the right areas. Overall, I highly recommend this read to all. Perfect for starters who want to join the world of business. 

Review: The Homeless Entrepreneur




 If you’re homeless you don’t have to get a job – you can start a business and make twice what most jobs pay you. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will take work, but millions have done it. This book gives you the basic steps, resources, and inspiration you need to start a business. It’s packed with information anyone can use, but it’s targeted to those with little to no money. The author was homeless for more than a year and used many of these suggestions to make/earn money herself, so she knows they work. Instead of giving the homeless money, hand them a copy of this book and $5 seed money. Step back and see what happens.

Rating: 5 stars


The Homeless Entrepreneur by Becky Blanton is indeed a must read for all. This book would make a great gift for anyone homeless or not. Most of us, are interested in setting up our own business; however, we don’t always have the funds. Or the knowledge to get it started. The Homeless Entrepreneur does. It gives us ideas, steps, and the the knowledge we need to make it happen. The job starter book. It’s inspiring to read. The writer herself, was at one point living in her own car. But she stay determined to make her career. She kept going and now, she’s employed and a famous TED speaker. Her life and the challenges she met was fascinating to read about…Becky Blanton wasn’t just talking the talk but lived it. I highly recommend this resourceful yet business starter book to all readers. It is truly a great book to read. 

Review: Mastering Online Marketing

MASTERING ONLINE MARKETING - Create business success through content marketing, lead generation, and marketing automation.: Learn email marketing, search ... optimization (SEO), and social media... by [Unemyr,Magnus]



Mastering Online Marketing is the most comprehensive and up-to-date book available on advanced web marketing. It reveals the secrets that can help take your Internet marketing to a new level.

Hundreds of books have been published on online marketing, so what makes this one special? Whether you are new to the subject and looking for a comprehensive overview, or are familiar with the concepts but want to get more from your marketing efforts, with this book, you will learn state-of-the-art techniques and get an actionable and practical knowledge to set up an efficient online marketing system to support and improve your business.

This book describes the latest developments in Internet marketing and provides detailed and practical knowledge that can help you improve your campaigns to get more visitors, leads, and customers. By using these tools and techniques, you can quickly outperform your competition.

Mastering Online Marketing will turn you into an online marketing expert and teach you everything you need to know.

* Learn more about current trends in Internet marketing, including inbound marketing

* Create success by attracting more visitors, improving your leads generation, and using refined leads nurturing with effective email marketing

* Understand what marketing automation is and how new integrated marketing automation systems are changing the game with visitor tracking, progressive lead profiling, and hyper-personalized content

* Get details on search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing, display advertisements, retargeting, remarketing, and search keyword analysis

* Learn best practices in key areas such as blogging, calls-to-action, landing pages and registration forms, and leads nurturing and marketing emails

* Leverage content marketing and learn how to create effective marketing assets like blog articles, eBooks, infographics, white papers, checklists, video tutorials, templates, podcasts, webinars, and more

* Use social media marketing on popular social media and content publishing channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and SlideShare

* Measure website user behavior, online and offline campaign results, and goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) with web analytics using Google Analytics

* Learn more about other tools for Internet marketing, including how to run web surveys and questionnaires, virtual web meetings, and more

* Get an insight into the future of online marketing, where technologies like adaptive media, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT) may enable new ways to profile your audience and send more personalized marketing messages

Mastering Online Marketing covers everything you need to know about advanced web marketing. This is the book to read if you want to quickly learn state-of-the-art techniques and best practices. Build your online marketing success and improve your business right away!

Rating: 5 stars


Mastering Online Marketing by Magnus Unemyr is one of the best nonfiction books I have read. The material covered is plentiful. It covers everything people like myself are deeply interested in as well as what I would need to know. Perfectly packed with useful knowledge. I was amazed at all the topics covered. Magnus Unemyr has created a wonderful book that I can read time and time again. His marketing information is useful for every situation. How to get results, how to work on keeping those results and what to do with those results. A powerful tool for all. Mastering Online Marketing is like taking a college course and hands-on experience all wrapped into one brilliant book. The writer has organized the book into easy to read sections. Readers will have no trouble understanding the material presented. A lot of work went into creating this masterpiece…as a blogger mastering online marketing is a must need skill. I felt more prepared after reading this book. Overall, I highly recommend Mastering Online Marketing by Magnus Unemyr to readers everywhere.

Forever Fit and Flexible by Cheryl L. Ilov




Do you believe that getting older means losing health and vitality?

Here is your path to feeling youthful and vibrant.

“…IIov has an engaging style and much to offer….Forever Fit and Flexible is a well written, thorough guide to healthy living that will be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of readers looking for the same.” —Blue Ink Review

Forever Fit and Flexible: Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond offers you the possibility of living with a new sense of energy and vitality as you move into your fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond. Once you get moving, you’ll want to keep moving!

Imagine starting each day with a spring in your step. Envision liking what you see in the full-length mirror before you get dressed. Now visualize that you can engage in any activity with strength, grace, and confidence.

In Forever Fit and Flexible, Cheryl Ilov provides a program that will help you create this and more. Her movement lessons provide the building blocks to better posture, core strength, flexibility, balance, and functional strength. As you develop a solid physical foundation, you will also:

eliminate chronic pain
improve injury-related mobility issues
experience increased energy
develop mindful self-awareness and a positive mindset
… and much more!




Cheryl Ilov’s Bio
Cheryl Ilov has always been drawn to health and wellness, the biological sciences, and movement arts, including classical ballet. She began her professional life as a respiratory therapist, and after seventeen years of practice, she returned to school and earned her master’s degree in physical therapy in 1996.

Cheryl discovered The Pilates Method in 1983, and once she began working as a physical therapist, she made the connection that Pilates presented a wonderful tool to help people of all ages recover from injuries and illnesses. She immediately began applying the principles of Pilates to her patients to improve their quality of life and level of function. In 1999, she founded Ilov Integrated Arts, specializing in Pilates-based rehabilitation. Cheryl had her first experience with The Feldenkrais Method® in 2000.
She began the required four-year training program to become a Feldenkrais practitioner in February 2006 and graduated in November 2009. During Cheryl’s remarkable journey of learning, healing, and self-discovery, she also discovered a martial art called Ninpo Tai Jutsu. She fell in love with the art and the training as well as the powerful connection between Feldenkrais and martial arts and their incredible healing power.
Cheryl has dedicated her life to helping others achieve the best quality of life possible. Having personally experienced the anxiety of dealing with chronic pain, stress, and fatigue, she also understands the frustration of feeling out of control, gaining weight, and struggling to find a healthy, effective way to recover after devastating injuries. Cheryl has integrated her education, experience, and expertise to develop a program for people, regardless of their age or current level of function. It is her firm belief that anyone can be fit, flexible, healthy, vibrant, and energetic in their fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond.

Why did you write “Forever Fit and Flexible?”

Necessity is the mother of invention, and so is adversity. It was through my own personal experience of struggling with my weight, fitness, injuries, and chronic pain syndromes that I found the path to health and vitality. I integrated my education as a physical therapist with my extensive training in Pilates, Feldenkrais, martial arts, and ballet to create a program for people age fifty and over to help them find their way to living with a new sense of energy and vitality as they move into their fifties, sixties, seventies, and beyond.

How is this book different from other fitness books?

That’s an excellent question. Traditional fitness books focus on building muscle strength based on the mantra of “just do it” or “no pain no gain.” Forever Fit and Flexible focuses on approaching movement with mindful awareness instead of pounding your body with mindless exercise. It is much healthier for your joints, muscles, and your well-being.
Also, this program gives you the tools to find your own path to health and fitness based on your individual needs and goals, rather than a one size fits all mentality. The focus is how you move and how you feel rather than how you look. However, when you move better and feel better, you look better as well. And, you want to keep moving.

Could men benefit from your program as well as women?

Certainly! I work with a lot of men in my practice, and they are just as interested in achieving their highest level of fitness and flexibility as women are. As a matter of fact, many of my movement lessons in the program were designed from identifying the issues that were plaguing women and men alike. We just have different ways of expressing our concerns.

If you are already healthy and in good shape, what is the benefit of doing your program?

That’s another great question. The fundamental principles of “Forever Fit and Flexible” can be applied to any and every exercise or fitness routine to enhance the benefits of what you are already doing. The program’s foundation provides the building blocks to better posture, core strength, flexibility, balance, and functional strength. As you develop this solid physical foundation, you’ll see more dramatic results from your current exercise program, no matter how fit you are.

If someone is terribly out of shape or has medical issues, is this a good program for them? How?

Yes, it is. However, I always, always recommend that people with medical issues check with their medical advisor before starting any kind of exercise program. I also suggest that they seek appropriate medical supervision while they begin the program if they are terribly out of shape or have any medical concerns.

The exercises in my book aren’t traditional exercises, they are movement lessons where you gently explore new patterns of moving to improve your posture, core strength, etc. The lessons are intended to be slow and gentle to allow for the changes to take place in your body and your brain as new patterns of healthy movement emerge.

In your book you talk about Feldenkrais. What is Feldenkrais?

Feldenkrais is a highly sophisticated form of neuromuscular re-education based on the scientific principle of neuroplasticity. This simply means that we are capable of learning new patterns of moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling during the course of our entire lifetime.

Feldenkrais uses this principle to help people improve the quality of their life as they recover from chronic pain, improve their physical fitness, and increase their level of function at any age. Feldenkrais is also applicable for every population from and every activity from helping people recover from a stroke to high level athletes looking to gain the competitive edge.

How is Feldenkrais different from traditional exercises?

Feldenkrais isn’t exercise. It is a form or movement therapy which brings your awareness and your attention to how you move. The result is that you move more easily without aches, pains, stress or strain.

Why should I do Feldenkrais instead of yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, etc?

Feldenkrais is not an either/or proposition. It is a method which helps improve your quality of movement that can be applied to your yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi practice as well as sports, dance, and all recreational activities.

What led you to learn it and teach it?

I took my first Feldenkrais class in 2000. After that first class I felt lighter, looser, happier, and was filled with an incredible sense of well-being. Even better, nothing hurt….all of my aches and pains magically disappeared. I knew I had to become a practitioner to share this method with my clients, even though it meant going through an extensive four year program to become a certified practitioner. I love being a practitioner!

Review: Enjoy the Ride


This memoir chronicles the last seven years of the life of Uncle Sammy, a Holy Fool, as he travels the different dimensions of dementia. There are stories of deep wisdom in this simple tale, written by Sandia Siegel and Sammy after he came to live with her in Hawaii. He is truly a rascal and an unlikely sage.

Rating: 5 stars


Enjoy the Ride by both Sandia S. Siegel and S. George Green is a beautifully written book that all will love. It is about an older man who goes through the journey of suffering from dementia. I can truly relate to this book because someone from my family is suffering from it as well. It’s hard for us to accept a loved one going through the it. This title, gave humor and wisdom everywhere. It made me laugh, cry, and love it. Truly a refreshing outlook and a real experience that readers can be sucked into as well as enjoy. Life seems too harsh not to try and enjoy the present moments. Enjoy the Ride is definitely a memoir that I would highly recommend to readers everywhere. 

Review: Fukushima and the Coming Tokyo Earthquake


This book details the story of two earthquakes, one that has already happened and one that is imminent, and their consequences, not only for Japan but also for the rest of the world. It is structured in a way that ‘chunks up’ in sections, from Japanese cultural elements, to the sequence of events after the earthquake and reactor meltdowns, through to global consequences of the two quakes.

The radioactive leaks from the Fukushima reactors have led to an abandonment of nuclear power by many countries. This will have consequences in a world where exponential use of fossil fuels is causing global warming. In addition, this book shows that the world’s advanced economies are heavily dependent on Japanese technology and components, supplies of which will be seriously restrained when a large earthquake strikes near Tokyo. The cost of rebuilding one of the world’s biggest metropolises after a large earthquake has been estimated at up to $1.45 trillion, around a third of Japan’s GDP. At least part of this amount will likely come from selling a portion of Japan’s $1 trillion in US treasury bonds. This is turn will have knock-on effects on the world’s fragile economies.

Rating: 5 stars


Fukushima and the Coming Tokyo Earthquake by Tony Smyth is a great informative yet educational read. There’s a lot that many such as myself don’t know that about the situation ahead. Tony Smyth provides stunning questions that all would have while reading his book. But he also goes on to explain the answers. Each chapter was well-organized and easy to digest. 

Earthquake disasters, financial costs, and the potential damages caused by such natural disasters are all covered inside this book. Technology lies in Japan. The same technology most of the world relies on…yet it’s located where the most damage can be done. Why? Imagine relying on one resource then it being destroyed. Humans think nature is not worth taking serious until it happens to them. Peoples lives are in danger due to companies not doing what they should. Currently studying PR and this book shows horrifying PR situations. Deadly…costly…and shocking. The truths and dangers are quite interesting. Economies are already in bad shape then Fukushima provides a nightmare revelation that that can make economies disappear. Tony Smyth’s writing style was not boring, it was intriguing. I had to keep on reading until the end of the book. Readers will want to read this. I recommend it to all.

Review: The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary 


 These days, there is no such thing as politics as usual. So Americans who care about the future of this country need books on politics that don’t pull any punches. The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary comes out swinging and doesn’t stop till the last page. These political, ideological, and philosophical essays are like nothing readers have ever seen. After three decades of writing on these topics, author Oscar J. Phillips delivers incisive analysis, using humor and curve balls to keep readers on their toes. At times, readers may feel their blood boil as they read the in-your-face, put-you-on-the-spot truth, but Phillips’s controversial stance offers truth that can’t be denied. He does not dance around taboo or provocative subjects but instead offers refreshingly undiluted conservativism with super-sharp accuracy. As unorthodox as The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary may be, it nevertheless fills a gap in political literature. Phillips offers unconventional political thoughts printed nowhere else.

Rating: 5 stars


The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary by Oscar J. Phillips is an interesting read. It brings up a lot of strong issues that can bring heated arguments towards one’s way, if spoken. However, I found that what the writer mentioned was true. It’s scary to know any writer writing about politics and government stuff to mention things one already agrees or disagrees to. When it comes to these topics, I want to say I know what they are…but when discussing it to an opposer it’s hard to really discuss something I only know pieces about…that’s where this book comes in handy. I found myself intrigued and educated. Plenty of topics to keep readers turning the pages and rereading it. The Rantings of an Uneducated Reactionary is am excellent choice for learning, discovering, and exploring topics like socialism, race, liberalism an many others. Readers may find themselves familiar with such terminology but really how much do readers really, and I mean honestly know about them? Oscar J. Phillips created the best handy book for readers everywhere to take with them knowledge and an education over some issues. I enjoyed reading this book, and I recommend it to all. 

Review: The Powerful Mindfulness and Meditation 


Are you finding it hard to relax? Do you always feel stressed and exhausted? Do you feel like life is just flying by? If you do, then you’re one of many. Unending stress and feeling like you’re just constantly racing against the clock can take a toll on your physical, mental and emotional health. These are all modern day problems, but you can look to the past for a solution. 

Meditation is a practice that has been in existence since antiquity and the positive benefits have stood the test of time. Meditation and mindfulness have proven effective in combatting depression and chronic pain, and it can certainly do wonders to help you deal with day-to-day stress. 

This book will show you: 

How to find out the causes of stress in your life and how meditation can change those; 

How taking a little time for yourself every day can guide you to your true nature and change your entire outlook; 

How to create strong foundations for your practice, such as the correct attitude and intentions that you should foster; 

How to gain confidence, develop self-discipline, and strengthen concentration and focus through meditation; 

And, finally, clear, simple, step-by-step guides on simple to intermediate techniques that can help you start your practice and deepen it, along with some tips on how to develop the perfect practice. 

Meditation is a very simple practice that won’t cost you much. All you really have to spend is time and effort in building your practice. This is a small price to pay for such life-changing benefits. Through meditation, you can learn self-love, powers of concentration, inner peace, goodwill to all, and an unshakable sense of happiness. 

Meditation can empower you to experience life in the best way possible and savor every aspect of life with positivity and loving-kindness. So what are waiting for? Grab this book and delve into the wonderful possibilities of meditation! 

Rating: 5 stars


Jodi Rowena has put together a great read. One that guides readers to a stress free environment. This allows readers to learn how to become more aware of themselves as well as what stresses them. Finding what one’s motivation are helps in securing the right peace of mind when meditating. The guide is a step-by-step book that gets readers relaxed. A relaxed atmosphere that reaps benefits is even better. Physical, mental and spiritual benefits are great rewards when meditating. From learning the breathing to right body techniques, readers will become new individuals after reading this fantastic book. Overall, I highly recommend The Power of Mindfulness and Meditation to readers everywhere. 

Review: Live Free or DIY



Live Free or DIY is the time-starved small business owner’s survival guide!

From startup to growth to pivoting in a changing marketplace, Live Free or DIY reveals that small-business owners in every industry hit the same roadblocks — and that the solutions are within reach. Whether wrestling with customer acquisition, budgeting, time management skills, work-life balance, the headaches of red tape, or how to build a team,

Live Free or DIY is the ultra-practical guide you’ve been searching for.

The vast majority of small business owners encounter the same problems, on their road, to success: you feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do in order to make your business as great as you know it can be; you know you need to focus on how to get more customers; you know you need to delegate and build a team to make operations hum; you know that better productivity habits and a few key management tools could go a long way; and you know you’ve got to improve your time-management skills — or you’ll never sleep again. In fact, after months and years of trying to build your business, you’re downright desperate for the work-life balance that will finally make your job sustainable.

It’s all here. In an easy-to-use format that systematically tackles the small business owner’s greatest challenges, Live Free or DIY answers all the questions you’ve been asking: How do I build a team — on a shoestring budget? How do I get more customers? How can I do the kind of marketing that will nail customer acquisition once and for all? How do I improve at time management? Is it possible to be a small business owner and achieve work-life balance?

In Live Free or DIY, you’ll find a simple strategy for properly valuing and allocating your time. You’ll also find the difference between “cheap” and “efficient,” how passion equals efficiency and boredom equaled bankruptcy, how breaking up “the value chain” is key to running a smart business, how the Business nModel Canvas can help you focus and build, and how you can develop a marketing plan that finally cracks customer acquisition.

Live Free or DIY is helping thousands of small business owners unleash the kind of explosive growth they had only dreamed about.

Rating: 5 stars


Live Free or DIY by Justin E. Crawford is the must have book for all business people and entrepreneurs. It’s the essential guide on how to do it all. Gain more customers,increase profits, achieve that great life and work balance and how to DIY as a small-business owner.

Live Free or DIY gives readers the step-by-step ladder with all the tools necessary to be successful. Our markets are constantly changing…starting a business is a scary mess and then keeping the business going is even harder. But with this book, it basically walks readers through it all. Start here…then go here…then here’s what you do. The chapters are well-written and easy to follow along.  It also is a great help for our digital  age and the toughest competitions that we have within our markets. When readers go into the business world, it’s a dog against a dog kind of war. Brand names can easily take smaller businesses out in a matter of time. Time, management and marketing strategies are discussed inside this stunning book. I loved it.

Live Free or DIY is a book that I will be keeping forever in my possession. It gave me tips, ideas, and a deeper understanding, in how to be more successful, within the business realm. This not just for those in business but for anyone including bloggers and others who have something to share or sell with the world. Justin E. Crawford’s book is one that I highly recommend to everyone worldwide. This was and is definitely a must read for all.

Review: Light

Light: A Radiant History from Creation to the Quantum Age by [Watson, Bruce]



Light begins at Stonehenge, where crowds cheer a solstice sunrise. After sampling myths explaining First Light, the story moves on to early philosophers’ queries, then through the centuries, from Buddhist temples to Biblical scripture, when light was the soul of the divine.
Battling darkness and despair, Gothic architects crafted radiant cathedrals while Dante dreamed a “heaven of pure light.” Later, following Leonardo’s advice, Renaissance artists learned to capture light on canvas. During the Scientific Revolution, Galileo gathered light in his telescope, Descartes measured the rainbow, and Newton used prisms to solidify the science of optics. But even after Newton, light was an enigma. Particle or wave? Did it flow through an invisible “ether”? Through the age of Edison and into the age of lasers, Light reveals how light sparked new wonders–relativity, quantum electrodynamics, fiber optics, and more.

Although lasers now perform everyday miracles, light retains its eternal allure. “For the rest of my life,” Einstein said, “I will reflect on what light is.” Light explores and celebrates such curiosity.

Rating: 5 stars


The Light by  Bruce Watson is a phenomenal read. This book covers everything about Light. Light has always gotten the best of our curiosity. Light can be many things and taken in many different ways. I was amazed at all of the topics covered about light in this title.  From science to history perspectives on light…readers will not only be informed, educated, but also entertained. Fans of history will immediately love this book as much I have reading it. Then there’s the fact that humans have yet to know all there is about light. Measuring it, to capturing it, and then to creating our own light. Many well-known names of scientists and others are mentioned throughout the book. Instantly upon having opened Light, I have gone on a journey of rediscovering and understanding it in more than one way. Bruce Watson has wonderfully crafted an exciting and refreshing detailed book on light. Overall, I enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it to all.


Review: The Holocaust (History & Memory)

The Holocaust: History and Memory by [Black, Jeremy M.]



Brilliant and wrenching, The Holocaust: History and Memory tells the story of the brutal mass slaughter of Jews during World War II and how that genocide has been remembered and misremembered ever since. Taking issue with generations of scholars who separate the Holocaust from Germany’s military ambitions, historian Jeremy M. Black demonstrates persuasively that Germany’s war on the Allies was entwined with Hitler’s war on Jews. As more and more territory came under Hitler’s control, the extermination of Jews became a major war aim, particularly in the east, where many died and whole Jewish communities were exterminated in mass shootings carried out by the German army and collaborators long before the extermination camps were built. Rommel’s attack on Egypt was a stepping stone to a larger goal—the annihilation of 400,000 Jews living in Palestine. After Pearl Harbor, Hitler saw America’s initial focus on war with Germany rather than Japan as evidence of influential Jewish interests in American policy, thus justifying and escalating his war with Jewry through the Final Solution. And the German public knew. In chilling detail, Black unveils compelling evidence that many everyday Germans must have been aware of the genocide around them. In the final chapter, he incisively explains the various ways that the Holocaust has been remembered, downplayed, and even dismissed as it slips from horrific experience into collective consciousness and memory. Essential, concise, and highly readable, The Holocaust: History and Memory bears witness to those forever silenced and ensures that we will never forget their horrifying fate.

Rating: 5 stars


The Holocaust: History & Memory by Jeremy Black is one that I will forever behold. This book contains so much history and memories during one of the most horrifying moments in history. Jeremy Black has brilliantly put together a great study of the Holocaust for readers everywhere to revisit and learn. His writing is direct, concise, and very detalied. I am never giving up this book. There is so much to read. The information contained in this reading material is stunning. I was surprised it wasn’t thicker with all that was inside of it. The journey back in time and across nations and other countries was remarkable. The Holocaust always brings up the dreaded nightmares and terrors that noone wants to remember. All the innocent lives that were taken in mass killings is something that all should never forget. We need to be reminded of the hows and why and to learn that we shouldn’t ever allow something like that to occur ever again. The Holocaust: History & Memory is a strong and superb book. I highly recommend this read to all. Jeremy Black’s work is one to take seriously and read.Educational, informative, and a remembrance of such nightmares…

Review: Gods, Empire, & Shifting Trade Routes



In approximately 200 pages, this book seems to describe what 200,000 pages could not come close to adequately holding: the history of the world. Featured in this brief ride through the human condition: why over 40% of the world speaks in tongues descended from an obscure tribe called the Indo-Europeans, how political violence escalated in a three-part ancient republic, the African king whose massive wealth caused inflation when he traveled abroad, the probability that you are personally related to Genghis Khan, how the coming of Islam influenced Java’s shadow theater, how Sub-Saharan Africans were visiting Europe long before Europeans “discovered” Sub-Saharan Africa, the six foot eight giant who collected midgets while also making Russia a great power, Britain’s wars with China over their right to sell illegal drugs, the CIA intervention in order to secure a monopoly for a fruit company, Soviet jokes, and the African World War. Also mentioned is all the stuff you know already: the origins of the major world religions, Ancient Greece and Rome, Charlemagne, the French Revolution, World War One and World War Two, including the part of WWII between China and Japan that had a death toll estimated around 20 million.

Rating: 5 stars


Gods, Empire, and Shifting Trade Routes by Matthew Crowe is the book to read. It’s a small nonfiction book that contains history from the beginning to this very time period that we’re in now…Excellent way of condensing all of history into a brief easy to read style. I love the fact that readers can learn more and watch how the four major parts that created the world the way it is, evolve. These four areas are known as religion, politics, economics, and last but not least culture. All of these specific areas are the domination for wat made humans do what they did and still do today. It helped build the social institutions we know. Like our governments. Every part of the world there is some kind of government in existence. Another brilliant part of this book is that it answers the who, what, when and where questions. I love history and this is brilliant. I found words that pop up in my studies since I was in middle school to now in college. The writer, Matthew Crowe, goes on to explains these common terms that are essential to readers’ knowledge of the world and history. Third reason, I am enamoured with this nonfiction piece is that it takes readers deep into the world’s culture and environments. Can you imagine how some of the most magnificent architecture were built and why? Matthew Crowe had a goal in mind and he succeeded in doing just that. I was blown away by all the topics he managed to cover in this brief edition. I hope he creates another edition exploring other parts that were not highlighted within this one so as to cover all parts. Overall, as a history lover, this was one of the best condensed editions of history,that I have run across. Highly recommend Gods, Empire, and Shifting Trade Routes to all.


Review: Beyond the Gray Leaf



Walt Whitman, John Burroughs, and J.P. Irvine represent a handful of the thousands of government clerks who worked in Washington, D.C., after the Civil War. But Irvine, a small-town poet from the Illinois prairies, was the one selected to address President Ulysses S. Grant and a crowd of 10,000 on Memorial Day 1873. Those words were lost, along with the legacy of the man. Until now.

Dustin Renwick tracked down that piece and more for his book, which explores Irvine’s life from his pioneer upbringing in western Illinois to his years in the nation’s capital. The poet excelled in his depictions of the Civil War, and the Chicago Tribune called some of Irvine’s nature poems “nearly pure gold.”

Beyond the Gray Leaf weaves biography and historical context with the rediscovered poems of this forgotten literary figure from 19th-century America.

Rating: 5 stars


Beyond the Gray Leaf by Dustin Renwick is a fascinating book. One that contains a collection of poems that readers everywhere can loose themselves within and enjoy. This book represents a poet’s life story and the poems he wrote. A wonderful way of bringing poetry to readers worldwide. Dustin Renwick knew exactly how to put together an educational yet entertaining read. It was like stepping back in time. Each word took me into the story and poetry presented to me. Each poem was beautifully written. I love poetry and this was by the best book I have seen featuring a poet. Overall, I highly recommend Beyond the Gray Leaf to all readers.


Review: An Affair with Beauty



Fame, fortune, and beautiful models–Howard Chandler Christy had them all.

Christy was the most famous American painter of the Jazz Age, a time when an elite brotherhood of New York artists dominated the publishing world. Christy had eclipsed all of them with his ”Christy Girl,” an idealized woman who redefined beauty, influenced fashion, and inspired generations of women.

The Magic of Youth is the first book in An Affair with Beauty — The Mystique of Howard Chandler Christy, a biographical trilogy of the artist’s epic life as told primarily through the eyes of his second wife, Nancy, a former Cosmopolitan model once considered to be one of the most beautiful women in America. As she reflects on her life, Nancy tells of first meeting Christy in 1912 and becoming his top model. She is captivated by his irresistible charm and the glamour of his enchanting world, but discovers that things are not always what they seem and even the great Christy has scandalous secrets.

Rating: 5 stars


An Affair with Beauty by James Philip Head is a nonfiction book about an artsit and illustrator who redefined the American idol of beauty for women everywhere. Women flocked to him like a moth to a flame. The famous illustrator within these pages brings to life Howard Chandler Christy. His work is famous. He definitely was married and well liked. I found it interesting reliving his entire life through the words and retelling by James Philip Head. The theme hidden deep within this book is youth and beauty. Howard Chandler Christy always managed to portray that within his artwork. Reading this book, was like stepping back into history into the illustrator’s shoes. James Philip Head has done an incredible job in bringing to life the artist’s life’s story. Fascinating journey indeed. Overall, I highly recommend it to readers.

Review: Reckless Traveler



Reckless Traveler: an autobiographical novel of adventuring in South America, sure to delight anyone with a passport.

Perú and beyond: Through the alchemy of travel, youthful folly may bring disaster or wisdom . . . and more.
The instructional travel guide for aspiring backpackers: learn how to bribe police, avoid malaria, and find employment abroad — and what to do (and not to do) when armed mercenaries detain your charter bus.
Awaken your inner explorer with Walter Rhein’s Reckless Traveler, expat tales from a decade of discovery.
Rating: 5 stars
The Reckless Traveler by Walter Rhein is definitely a must read. For those who want to travel far and experience another country…well, here’s the chance. Inside this brilliant well-written autobiography, Walter Rhein takes readers, into the world full of action, danger, and suspense. I didn’t know quite what to expect…well maybe things like trouble speaking a foreign language and surviving the hardships that pop up when one travels so far from home.  This nonfiction book was highly entertaining. Every page took on a different turn in Walter Rhein’s journey as he lives and travels within South America. The culture and language wrapped inside are amazing. Disasters seem to happen a lot but one can definitely learn lessons as they move through this title. Funny, well-done, and intriguing. Overall, I would highly recommend this adventure to readers everywhere.

Review: Caesar and Cato (The Road to Empire)



This is a story, a true story which I always think are the best of stories. A Story of Ancient Rome. An Adventure Story, perhaps?

It is a story of two protagonists, Julius Caesar, and Marcus Cato. They represented two opposing philosophies, both dedicated to the same end, the recovery of the health of the Roman Republic which was in their day unwell. Both men were fighters, Caesar on the battlefield where he was arguably the greatest tactician ever and certainly of his times, and plucked many a victory from the jaws of defeat. Cato fought in the Senate. There he opposed Caesar and everything he stood for. This is their story.

The book takes the form of alternating chapters written by each of the two protagonists, the Chapter Headings, indicating, who is writing and the main subject matter of the chapter.

Rating: 5 stars


Caesar and Cato: Road to Empire by Brain Igoe is well-written. The book’s chapters are well-developed in a way that readers can easily dive right into this history moment and be taken back in time. A time that brings us to two important men in Ancient Rome. There’s the famous Caesar the man of many battles that everyone knows like the back of their hand and then there’s Marcus Cato who brings up the other side of the perspective. Two educated men who fight for what they believe in…

I love anything that deals with real life people and events. Brian Igoe’s brilliant writing has taken me back to Rome where a government very much like what we have today existed…it was the basis to other governments around the world. Ancient Rome was a vast empire reaching far and wider than readers can imagine. I was swallowed up whole from page one until the last page. The viewpoints from each man was another thing that hit home with me when reading this brilliant informative of Caesar and Cato as well as the empire the served to help succeed. Each man has his own way of being successful and brings a different approach, to life, and the causes they fight for…and as it happens each man believes in the opposite thing which brings me to the reality of the here and now. It’s funny how history comes alive not just in the words that pop off the pages but in how they have shaped the world we live in now…we can see bits and pieces of how it all fits like a puzzle. As a reader of all genres, I was immensely taken in with this nonfictional piece. It’s educational, entertaining, and informative. Unlike many of its kind, that is dull and boring…Caesar and Cato: Road to Empire is exciting. An easy read for anyone who loves history, important figures, and wants to learn more about what it was really like back in Ancient Rome for these two men and their people. Overall, I highly recommend this book to readers worldwide.

Review: The Reluctant Soldier



The Reluctant Soldier spotlights the “forgotten war” – Korea, in hundreds of letters written by Neil Mellblom, an Army combat reporter with the Pacific Stars & Stripes and the Third Division’s Public Information Office, the United Nations sanctioned police action comes, to life. Neil received the Bronze Starr for “aggressive reporting” which made the division one of the best known of the Korean war. It may be the definitive book on a soldier’s life in wartime. Funny, yet deeply moving, it records Neil’s growth from a cocky Montanan to a seasoned adult.

Rating: 5 stars


The Reluctant Soldier by Marnie Mellblom is a fascinating historical read for all. It’s a collection of letters written by one soldier’s letters of is wartime experience and reporting. I found the whole experience new and refreshing when reading something that’s a part of history. I was excited, pumped,  and thrilled to have read this nonfiction book. World War II is a war that will forever be marked on every soul. Whether one was born during that time period or not, we still feel the fear, danger, and emotions that come from having lost friends and family. All soldiers should be honored and respected. Going into war is not anything anyone dares to dream of…yet it’s the real truth of our world. There will always be a war of some kind or another happening and we must not forget the one before it nor the people it has affected. I enjoyed reading the brilliantly well-written and organized way of this book. Readers will be blown away by one soldier’s journey from point A to point B. The letters from father to daughter made this an interesting read. Readers will get to travel all over the world and to go back in time during the time of war and relive old memories. Marine Mellblom has wonderfully captured a beautiful time in history to share with readers everywhere. Overall, I would highly recommend The Reluctant Soldier to readers worldwide.


Review: 144 Thousand & Speaking in Tongues



This book is my translation of the Bible’s prophecy as well as how it ties into today’s events. It breaks down a couple of books within the Bible. It talks more about the 144 thousand. It gives the reader a clearer picture of who the 144 thousand are and it explains where they come from. This book is an attempt to help people to become more comfortable in reading the bible. You can read this book and follow along with your Bible. Follow along, read, and prepare for what’s coming in the future.

Rating: 5 stars


144 Thousand and Speaking in Tongues by Melvin Winfrey is a unique book that is inspirational and a tricky way to get readers more familiar with their Bibles. I loved the goal that this writer had in mind to persuade his readers to read, analyze, and interpret the Bible. Following along this easy, to read book, readers will find the answers to questions like how the Bible mentions about today’s events, how we can prepare for the future, and what does it all mean for us. Inside 144 Thousand and Speaking in Tongues, readers will hear a lot about the 144 thousand.  Readers’ interest, into who the 144 thousand are and why the book focuses so much on them is answered by reading further.

Melvin Winfrey has brilliantly written a book that serves a guide that educates, informs, and inspires readers everywhere. There are many of us who have a Bible but hardly crack it open. I wasn’t aware of just how much I really didn’t know, about what’s inside my Bible until I have read 144 Thousand Speaking in Tongues. What’s wonderful about this book is how well researched the Bible quotes are and how Melvin Winfrey then explains each one to readers. The whole set-up of the book is easy to read,  follow and understand. Readers can follow the quotes and readings and use their Bibles to read the full passages from where all the quotes are taken from…This was my first religious book that I have read and I foud it quite intriguing. I definitely look forward to reading more books by Melvin Winfrey in the future. Overall, I highly recommend 144 Thousand Speaking in Tongues to readers worldwide. This is one religious book that readers will find fascinating and enjoyable to read along with their own Bibles…I don’t know of any other religious book that allows you to read along like this one does. Truly a remarkable nonfiction book to help readers read their Bibles more often.

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Review: Szen Zone



Whereas ZEN is of the moment and what is, SZEN celebrates what could be. The SZEN ZONE – Reaching a State of Positive Change contains lighthearted and positive narrative on life and its possibilities, with stories that cover the gamut from interesting to profound. The general overarching theme is on change and all of the aspects of it – Creating, surviving and managing change with the goal to recognize the power we have to become what we choose, both when we’re feeling in control and how to mange when we’re not in control.

The SZEN ZONE focuses on identifying the lift-off point for creating positive change. Although everyone is different and it’s a very individual and sometimes internalized process, the principles in this book can help you establish the context and right frame of mind to embrace and manage change. After many years of professionally helping individuals and companies navigate change, I’ve observed how some changes seem to take forever while unforeseen change can come right at you and in an instant move your world.

Wherever you may find yourself at this moment, you will find an insight or example in this book to help you change course and take charge.

Thanks for listening. Enjoy what happens next.

Rating: 5 stars


The Szen Zone by Gary Szenderski is positively the most enthralling read yet. The writing style will lure readers instantly into a world of reaching a postive state of change. With the way the world is today…everything is dark, sad, and depressing. This book is refreshing, positive, and thought provoking. The set-up of this book is easy to follow and to read by anyone. I highly recommend the Szen Zone as one of the top reads that readers must have. Szen Zone teaches readers how to navigate through life’s cahnges. Powerful reading material that will lighten up anyone’s day. The qoutes, topics, and stories help readers understand and connect with what Gary Szenderski wants readers to take with them. I loved it. I can’t think of a better or more mind blowing read that compares to this…Readers this is one you don’t want to miss!

Review: The Painting & the Piano



The Painting and The Piano is an improbable story of survival and love. Growing up more than a thousand miles apart and worlds away from each other, Johnny and Adrianne seemed to have all that children could ask for. However, the demons of their respective mothers would tear their fragile young lives apart.

Eventually, destiny would bring Johnny and Adrianne together, but first they had to endure the painful toll that alcohol, drugs, and a negligent court system would take on them. With parts of Adrianne’s story ripped from national news headlines, their story takes them from the depths of despair and near death to their first serendipitous introduction and the moment each knew they were finally safe.

Filled with hope, inspiration and humor, The Painting and The Piano, is an unforgettable story of pain, loss and the undying human quest for happiness.

Rating: 5 stars


The Painting and the Piano by both John Lipscomb and Adrianne Lugo is a beautifully woven memoir that will inspire readers worldwide. This read portrays what it’s like to live with a drug addict, an alcoholic, and an abuser.

The story opens up with a character about to lose a father only then to find out he’s going to make it. But once he’s home…the man he once was is gone. The strong father was now a frail man with his morphine tank…Then there’s Adrianne who was born addicted to heroin. She soon gets to meet her real birth parents. Next, there is Johnny whose mom drinks all the time.

Both have biological parents who choose to live a life that will send them falling apart faster and faster…until no trace of who they were originally was left to be seen.  Both Adrianne and Johnny had to go through life in a rough way that no child should have to…yet somehow they both might just make it.

The Painting and the Piano is indeed a must-read memoir for all. This is a story of how two individuals struggled with surviving in what life tossed their way and took away from them. Readers will be lead on an inspirational journey that will cause fear, at first, then tears, and then happiness. I loved this survival and love story. It something that readers all over the world can relate to and find inspiration to move forward no matter how hard life may become. Overall, I highly recommend this to all.


Book Reviews



Hi everyone,

Book reviews will resume tomorrow. Today, was a busy day here. We have a variety of amazing reads to share with you all. I know we will have at least five reviews posted tomorrow, if not more.

  • Craved (Dark)
  • Jump (Inspirational)
  • Sicario (Intriguing)
  • Fighting Dirty (Hot Read)
  • The Spring Moss Hill (Contemporary Romance)
  • A Drop in the Ocean (Women’s Fiction)
  • From a Distant Star (Fantasy/ SciFi)
  • A Worthy Heart (Historical Romance)
  • Whimsy Wood (Children’s Fiction)


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New Release!

Tomorrow, I will be releasing my 4th nonfiction book, called If I Can Do It, So Can You. Anyone, who is interested in an advance copy for a review, can email me at: Advance copies will be $0.99 and once it’s uploaded to Amazon the price will go up to $1.99. (Nonfiction/ Inspirational).

Tomorrow, I will be releasing my Hearts Collide novel collection onto Amazon, as well. Again, advance copies will be $0.99 and then the price will go up to $1.99. Please, email me at: if you are interested in an advance copy. (Romance).

New Novel Project:

Remember Paris. Those two words were etched onto my locket. What it meant and who gave it to me had my curiosity burning… I was soon going to be released from the hospital ward. I still don’t know my name or anything else. Apparently, I was near an explosion. Many people have died. I was one of few who survived the ordeal. Inside my locket was a picture of an older man and woman. Maybe they are my family?
Shouting could be heard. Fear kicked in. Patients were screaming and doctors and nurses where running while being shot. What on earth was happening. First, the explosion I was in and now, I was going to die in a place where the injured go to get better. I ran out of my room and ran in the same direction as the rest of the crowd. Only to find that men with guns were waiting for us to come out and shooting us down one by one.
Lord help us. Running backwards, I remembered the guns were in the other direction. No place to run…what was a patient to do. More screams and shots firing all around. I slid under a hospital bed. Hoping that escape will come soon. Or maybe help will arrive. Lying there on the cold floor, I felt a darkness come over me and then the world was gone…

Coming later this week: 

My first ever collection of mystery,thriller, and suspense stories called Living Memories will be published into one book for all to enjoy. Advance copies will be $0.99. Email me at: for an advance copy. The price of the novel collection will go up to $1.99.

Why is Writing Nonfiction Papers so Dull?


Why is Writing Nonfiction Papers so Dull?

As a writer, I have written many nonfiction papers especially this past summer. For my Legal Environment of Business college course, I found writing nonfiction research papers to be easy and fun. I made A’s on every paper I wrote. However, I am struggling to fill out 6 pages worth of paper on a topic for a political science college course. I have two pages so far and it’s like my brain juice dried up.

How do I stretch my paper out in order to make the 6 page limit  to get an A? One, I always use the prompt question given to me to fill out the first two paragraphs. Then, I look back and read the prompt question and look for what exactly it’s asking me to write about. I can always usually find ways to break it down and turn the pieces into writing material.

But that is just not happening at all with this particular paper!

I feel like I have been running  3 miles only to run out of air and muscles strength to finish the last 3 laps for the race.

Nonfiction papers usually take away all imagination of writing away from those of us who are creative writers. I consider myself to be a creative writer. I usually have no problems in letting the words flow. For the first time, I feel stumped. As though an elephant came stampeding by crushing all thoughts of organized educational writing away. Do I just stand there and give up? Or do I dare to continue to stare at my computer screen until ways of adding more content come to me.

Writers of all kinds are very familiar with deadlines. If you’re a writer and you haven’t experienced this issue then something is up or you have the perfect writing atmosphere or you can write so many thousands of words at time without ever stopping. Most of us are not that fortunate.

This six page research paper is the first writing assignment for this semester. Then there’s only one more left to do later on at the end. Paper is due this Sunday afternoon, and I am beyond stuck.

What does a student writer like me do?

Give up or find a creative way to add more content?

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