Review: The Furies’ Bog

Synopsis: A bog may be Earth’s undoing, but it will be a gift to Mars. Digging up bog bodies and analyzing corpses are the last things archaeology graduate student Felicity Cratchett wants to do. And when unusual mummies are discovered in the subpolar region of Polar Bear Provincial Park, it’s the last place she wants... Continue Reading →

Review: Trip to Anguilla Pt. 1 (Indecent Chronicles Book 2)

  Synopsis: Omar leads a life of denial and uncertainty, living in a protective bubble created by his father and uncle; to protect him, to shield him from the severity of the world. His childhood was spent in the belief that his father was a simple businessman, but something didn't fit there. His guests, his... Continue Reading →

Awesome News!

I passed my frist assesment in my Human Resources diploma course, and I passed with a 90%. I only missed one question! I am now starting the second part of my course. There are three parts total that I have to take and pass before continuing onto the final assesment! 🙂

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