Fear Fear Itself

Fear fear itself and not the impossible, Fear fear itself. not the hopes that won't ever be. Fear fear itself, for it makes us quiver with thoughts of what could be. Fear fear itself, because it alone is our only failure. Fear causes us to act stupid, to make haste choices, leaving us behind with... Continue Reading →

My Sadness

Writing is my way,The only thing that brings me joy every day,And now it's slowly being taken away,What's sad it that I have no say,My dreams are like that of clay,Only I can create the way,Oh, but it's washed out like the color gray,Hovering upon me like a stray....

Poem: Rainy Days

Rainy DaysThe times children cant come out and play,And so listening to their parents say,they are only to stay,deep within the house of brick-clay,and silently watch as the rain washes the windows with its spray,and it is only soon that the parents silently pray,that the children's good behavior will remain.


Healing,is a long way,for me,because i feel myself peeling,away,like somebody stealing,my heart and soul,every breathe I take I feel my lungs getting as heavy as coal,Somewhere along the way I've lost the meaning,Now I'm feeling the toll,having my world spinning out of control,I'm kneeling..praying for a way out of my hole...

Believe it or not

Believe it or not.. Doesn't matter me, Because I'll be long gone.. By then you shall see.. There is no "we" Nothing lasts like it should be. The woman in your life that you talk about..im no longer that she.. So believe it or not.. I'll be long gone By then you shall see...


Strange, How no one wants to be within range, Of the mystery, Surrounding the history, Whose attention holds, More than its fair weight in gold, The fact that no outsider has been told, Is because once you're in on the mystery, you too will fold...


Run, And you feel the burn, With every turn, Run, And you feel the sun, With your hair falling out of its neat bun, Run, And calories will burn by the ton, With completing the race you are officially done.

Here it is-poem

here it is to buy,written by that guy,no, i am not going to lie,but please don't cry,there are so many reason why,the literature will never die,back then writing must have been easy as pie,so, know that this it is never going to be goodbye 

The Unknown-poem

the unknown is like a darkness,surrounding me every where i go.it gnaws at me, with every step i takeand every breath i breathe.the unknown is a shawdow following my every move.it rises a fear and uncertainty within me.never knowing, never stopping, just keep on mgoing, i tell myself.time, is everything. every decision lurking in my... Continue Reading →

Here I Am-poem

Here I am, standing before thee,slightly shaking from head to toe.yet you still dont see,I full of woe.My heart lingers so,For the touch of ur fingersupon my face.My gown of simple lacepatiently waiting for ur touch.Soon, you turn around,releashing all my fear and worry to the ground. Deep within, our hearts are racing as our lips are... Continue Reading →

No Words Just Silence-poem

No words just silence,piercing through the night.our minds far from communication,but our movemnets are communicating all on their ownwhat words couldn't say,just one touch, was all it tookto ignite feelings so deep, so fresh, so innocentthat our lips failed to say,what we were feeling,yet, it didn't stop us from other ways of communication,Sometimes one could see... Continue Reading →

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