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Review: The Keeper of Dreams (Volume 2)


The second volume of The Keeper of Dreams explores questions of morality refracted through the prisms of dreams, the unlikely, and the surreal. “A House Burning” opens upon a crowd of the disaffected watching the ashes of their home smolder. As they turn away, one-by-one, they find their lives torn asunder – and brought into new meaning. “Time Stops For” follows a stoner man-child stuck in a metaphysical and metaphorical timewarp. Inspired by classic Russian surrealism (Nabokov, Bulgakov) and modern sci-fi and absurdism (Douglas Adams, a Kafkaesque Ray Bradbury) these stories and poems ruminate upon the moral decisions made at the human limit, and beyond. 

Rating: 5-stars


The Keeper of Dreams (Volume 2) by Matthew Keefer is an interesting set of poetry. Inside, the poems sweep over me. Sending me further into a darkness. Choices are left to be made. Each poem like the one before it, is addictive. Stunning, entertaining, and fascinating. I fell into this book. I didn’t want to come out…overall, I recommend The Keeper of Dreams to all. Matthew Keefer can definitely write well enough to suck anyone into his work. 


Review: White Wine and Medical Marijuana


White Wine & Medical Marijuana is a book of poetry that explores themes such as femininity, sexuality, weakness, strength, addiction, power, and profanity. It analyzes these themes, while keeping the language casual, simple, and accessible to all readers. Enjoy the power struggle between self criticism and self love, the raw life observations, and the relentless scrutinization of everyday life.

Rating: 5-stars


White Wine and Medical Marijuana is a collection of poetry that is easy to read. I got lost within the poet’s words. Words that had me turning the pages quickly. Each poem had a different take. Themes varied as I progressed through the book. Beautifully written and fascinating to follow. Julia Cirignano is a talented poet. Anyone who read this book will clearly see that. Enjoyable, deep, and bold. I recommend White Wine and Medical Marijuana to readers everywhere. 

Review: Kamikaze White Noise


Kamikaze White Noise is a collection of three books by Nicole I. Nesca, The Sexual Repression Collection, Kink and Canned. Though not a formal trilogy, the books were written as companion pieces and follow the themes of sexual freedom, emotional frankness and street-carnival logic, all written with Nicole Nesca’s usual free-flowing sardonic wit. Kamikaze White Noise is prose and poetry that assaults the sense, liberates the mind and celebrates life on the edge like a perfect quarter-mile drag race.

Rating: 5-stars


Kamikaze White Noise by Nicole I Nesca is a brilliant collection of poetry. The poems words create a billion emotions swirling in my mind. As I read further, I was pulled deeper into the bold free verse. Unlike anything I’ve read. Each piece had its unique message that branded me. The words flowed easily. Not once did they feel forced nor strained. Exciting. I found many themes hidden in each poem. I loved it. Nicole I Nesca is definitely one poet I would watch for….her poetry is beautiful. Overall, I recommend Kamikaze White Noise to readers worldwide. 

Meet, Poet, June Marie Davis…


ULM: What inspired you to write Reflections of a Soul?


 JMD: I was told that I couldn’t and that I wouldn’t amount to much by a close relative. So I did it, I wrote a book.


ULM: How long have you been writing poems?


JMD: Since I was a teenager, 12 or 13 years old.


ULM: Which of your poems inside Reflections of a Soul was your favorite?

JMD: They all have a special sentiment to me, but if I had to choose I would say there are two that are my favorite. “I AM”, which is the last poem in the book is an empowering poem about being who you are, being proud and accepting of that.  


“Daddy’s Little Girl” is the first poem to open the book and I chose that poem because it was something that I never experienced as a child. My mom did an amazing job raising my brother and I as a single parent, but the not knowing what my father was like was always a curiosity to me.


ULM: Are there more poems you have written besides the ones inside your latest book?


JMD: I do have more poems, and I try to write often. Writing is cathartic for me, most times I just write down what or how I’m feeling and I wont go back to it for days or weeks later.


ULM: How would you describe your writing using only three words?


JMD: Simple, Contemplative and Flawed. 


ULM: Do you have more works coming out soon? If so, can you share with us, readers, what those will be and when they’ll be published?


JMD: I have some works in progress. I’m working on a children’s book and another book, but I’m not quite sure of its format just yet. I am hoping by the end of the year to have one or both books published.


ULM: Have you published other volumes of poetry?

JMD: My first poem was published when I was 16 years old in a book with varies poets, but Reflections is my first book.


ULM: What advice would you give to other poets?

JMD: I would say to never give up on yourself and never let any one person keep you from your destiny. If you want to write, write. Your words are worthy of being read.


ULM: Where can readers find your work online?


JMD: Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Inkwater Books



Review: Reflections of a Soul


Inspired by the journey of life, June Marie Davis has developed an anthology that has captured the essence of her soul by discovering the power of words. Words have flowed ever so freely from a mind to create the divine art form of poetry. In this collection, you will feel the sentiments of a young woman’s soul. The experiences of growing within a world of urban decay and life’s situations have built this young poet’s persona. Living in the midst of confusion and reality created this young woman’s inner discovery of life, love, soul and heartache. These are thoughtfully captured by this writer’s irony, as is the journey in developing self-pride by embracing the beauty and richness of her Latin/Boricua (Puerto Rican) and Afro-American heritages. Her surroundings and experiences made her find a channel of self-expression to record her life, thus far, in a simple yet powerful way. The way that only poetry can provide! “Through My Mothers Eyes” captures the value of lessons learned. Emotions are expressed through a young woman’s void and are heartfelt in “Daddy’s Little Girl.” “Mi Hombre Latino” rages of fury and the passion of love. “Snapshots” depicts the irony of physical and mental reflection. This short collection will allow you to smile, cry, think or reminisce as you become wrapped in emotions on a journey to discover a young woman’s life and Reflections of a Soul.

Rating: 5-stars


Reflections of a Soul by June Marie Davis is a beautifully told collection of poetry. Each poem has an issue that lies with most of us. One that can utterly break us apart or bind us together. I got to travel through the writer’s journey as every piece took hold of my heart and captured my attention. Immediately, I was drawn into the book like a moth to a flame. The words echoed in my heart. The pain, struggles, and other emotions held me like a prisoner. June Marie Davis brought up topics like racism, growing up without a father, and love. I was thoroughly impressed. I felt each word as though it were my own thoughts and feelings. Sadness, anger, betrayal, hatred, and others can be felt as readers move through the collection. Reflections of a Soul by June Marie Davis was pleasant to read. Overall, I recommend it to readers worldwide.

Author Interview with John Sibley Williams 

Author Interview with John Sibley Williams 


Me: How does it feel to be a five-time Pushcart nominee? What were your thoughts?

I am honored to know so many magazines and presses believe in my work. It’s always a bit of a shock, but the joy never diminishes.

Me: After reading Disinheritance, a collection your poetry in one brilliant book, what inspired each piece? Or inspired you to write the poems?

Disinheritance was inspired by a few pivotal moments that occurred within a few months of each other, namely the illness and passing of my mother, a terrible miscarriage, and my wife and I’s struggles to move forward and redefine the landscape of “family”. To explore grief more fully in this collection, I adopted various unique voices, like those of our miscarried child, the hypothetical boy he might have grown up to be, my mother in her last moments, and my wife as she struggled to cope.

So Disinheritance shows a far more personal side than most of my poetry, though I hope the poems speak to larger, universal human concerns about how we approach mortality and what roles we play in each other’s’ lives.

Me: I noticed that you have written several other anthologies. Can you share with us, readers, what the titles are of those anthologies?

Sure. My other full length collection is Controlled Hallucinations. It was published in 2013 by FutureCycle Press. Before that, I had a number of chapbooks published through various presses.

Me: Is it difficult to put an anthology of poems together?

Absolutely. I have always struggled with organizing my poetry collections. Which poems should be included? Which cut? How to organize them to create a feeling of cohesiveness? Are there poems you love, perhaps that have even won awards, that simply don’t match the themes of the collection as a whole? Most collections go through a series of revisions before reaching a point where the poet feels comfortable submitting them to publishers. And if enough publishers reject it, the question becomes: what have I done wrong? What can I revise to strengthen it?

Me: Using three words, how would you describe your most recent anthology of poetry, Disinheritance?

Lyrical. Heart-breaking. Honest.

Me: Would you highly recommend writers to submit their works to places to win awards?

That’s a good question. I’ve read numerous articles about the pros and cons of submitting to awards, and both arguments make valid points. For example, it’s true that awards can be costly (often between $10 and $30 per submission), and these costs can add up quickly. It’s also true that any poem or book is up against hundreds (or thousands) of others, so competition is fierce. However, if you win or are nominated for an award, that does carry significant weight; award-winning authors tend to be taken more seriously by publishers and readers, and, of course, most awards carry substantial cash prizes. So it’s a mixed bag.

 My recommendation for emerging poets and writers is to hone your craft before spending money on contests. Submit first to magazines and acquire a number of notable publications. Once enough editors have shown interest in your work, then perhaps it is contest-worthy. That is not to say new authors without publication experience aren’t amazingly talented. But, as writers, we tend to have a skewed opinion of our own work. I’ve been submitting to contests for most of my writing life, winning one or two a year at most. Those years, I spent far more on submissions than I made back on prize money. Only recently have I consistently won enough awards to financially warrant the expense. However, it’s not about finances. The bottom line is not money so much as exposure. If you love your work and have spent decades honing it, in the end, I would argue it’s worth the time, effort, and expense to submit to contests.

Me: You have won several awards and credits. How does this affect your job as an editor?

I’m not sure if my own accolades, or those of my co-editor, per se affect our editorial work. Hopefully it gives authors who submit to our magazine some confidence in our ability to select powerful poetry, but many of our published authors have similar awards and credentials. 

Me: Out of all of your poems, which three are your top favorite?

I honestly can’t say which of all my poems resonate the strongest with me, but in Disinheritance the three poems that still make me tremble when I read them are “I Go to the Ruined Place,” “Teething,” and “A Dead Boy Speaks to His Parents.” 

Me: When did you first begin to write poetry? 

I’m lucky to have been passionate about books since childhood. Perhaps it’s in part due to my mother reading novel after novel over her pregnant belly every day. Perhaps it’s in part due to my own restlessness, my need to make things, and my love of words. But I began writing short stories in middle school, and I continued in that genre until my early twenties. A handful of those stories found publication in literary magazines, which was eye-opening and oddly humbling.

 I was 21 when I wrote my first poem. Before that, I had never enjoyed reading poetry and had certainly never considered writing one. It was summer in New York and I was sitting by a lake with my feet dragging through the current caused by small boats when suddenly, without my knowing what I was doing, I began writing something that obviously wasn’t a story. What was it? Impressions. Colors. Emotions. Strange images. I didn’t have any paper, so I used a marker to write a series of phrases on my arm. Then they poured onto my leg. Then I realized I needed paper. I ran back to the car, took out a little notebook, and spent hours emptying myself of visions and fears and joys I don’t think I even knew I had. That was 17 years ago. Since that surreal and confusing moment by that little city lake, I’ve written poetry almost every day.

Me: What was the first award you won for your outstanding writing skills?

Gosh, it was so long ago that I must apologize if I get the details incorrect. But I believe the first time my work was honored with an award was about twenty years ago, when I was eighteen-years-old. One of my prose pieces won Best Short Story in the undergraduate magazine Voices. I still remember the shock and honor of discovering something I created actually resonated with strangers. I hope I never forget that feeling.

Me: Do you have any works in progress at the moment, if so, can you share it with us, readers?

I have two upcoming collections, both quite different in styles and purpose. I recently completed a chapbook titled Skin Memory, which combines free verse and prose poetry to explore human connects and disconnects as they relate to culture and family. The other project, which I’m currently working on, is titled Road to the Sky.

Me: What tips would you share with other poets?

There’s a reason “keep writing, keep reading” has become clichéd advice for emerging writers; it’s absolutely true. You need to study as many books as possible from authors of various genres and from various countries. Listen to their voices. Watch how they manipulate and celebrate language. Delve deep into their themes and characters and take notes on the stylistic, structural, and linguistic tools they employ. And never, ever stop writing. Write every free moment you have. Bring a notebook and pen everywhere you go (and I mean everywhere). It’s okay if you’re only taking notes. Notes are critical. It’s okay if that first book doesn’t find a publisher. There will be more books to come. And it’s okay if those first poems aren’t all that great. You have a lifetime to grow as a writer.

 Do we write to be cool, to be popular, to make money? We write because we have to, because we love crafting stories and poems, because stringing words together into meaning is one of life’s true joys. So rejections are par for the course. Writing poems or stories that just aren’t as strong as they could be is par for the course. But we must all retain that burning passion for language and storytelling. That flame is what keeps us maturing as writers.

Me: Where can readers find you and your work online?

Thanks so much for asking. All my books are available via the usual online shops and in plenty of independent bookstores, though I have far more information, including newly published poems, on my website: https://johnsibleywilliams.wordpress.com.

Review: After Party (Poems)

The After Party: Poems by [Prikryl, Jana]



Jana Prikryl’s The After Party journeys across borders and eras, from cold war Central Europe to present-day New York City, from ancient Rome to New World suburbs, constantly testing the lingua francas we negotiate to know ourselves. These poems disclose the tensions in our inherited identities and showcase Prikryl’s ambitious experimentation with style.

“Thirty Thousand Islands,” the second half of the collection, presents some forty linked poems that incorporate numerous voices. Rooted in one place that fragments into many places—the remote shores of Lake Huron in Canada, a region with no natural resources aside from its beauty—these poems are an elegy that speaks beyond grief.

Penetrating, vital, and visionary, The After Party marks the arrival of an extraordinary new talent.

Rating: 5 stars


The After Party (Poems) by Jana Prikryl is a collection of poems that will knock readers off their feet and into the book. Traveling to explore, feel, and loose one’s self in words so masterfully written. Jana Prikryl’s talent shines forth on every page. The work is highly engaging and addictive. I easily finished reading this wonderful collection of poetry under an hour. Each poem has its say and will win over readers instantly. Truly an enjoyable array of words for all. Entertaining, refreshing, and stunning. The After Party (Poems) is a book all will be talking about for a long time to come. Overall, I highly recommend it to readers worldwide.


Review: Uncharted

Uncharted by [Renson, Jennifer]



Welcome to the unknown and unexplored in “Uncharted”, Jennifer Renson’s third book of poetry. Prepare to dive deep into the thoughts and dreams of several lives from a leader struggling to keep his group alive, to a dark horse deserving of a title, a lovesick London man, a water sprite, a man worthy of being called a Prince, and men of liberty.
From tale to photograph be immersed in times almost forgotten as you trek through the uncharted roads ahead of your life.

Rating: 5 stars


Uncharted by Jennifer Renson is a short collection of poems that readers everywhere can enjoy. Easy to read. Absolutely an enjoyable array of poems to keep readers lured. Each poem is beautifully written. The words are very descriptive and send you into the images that are portrayed by each sentence. Jennifer Renson is a talented poet whose poetry engulfs readers completely. Swallowing me whole. I felt the raw intensity of the emotions as I read through each page. Uncharted is the third book containing Jennifer Renson’s best poetry. I love reading her work. Overall, I highly recommend Uncharted to readers worldwide.


Review: Beyond the Gray Leaf



Walt Whitman, John Burroughs, and J.P. Irvine represent a handful of the thousands of government clerks who worked in Washington, D.C., after the Civil War. But Irvine, a small-town poet from the Illinois prairies, was the one selected to address President Ulysses S. Grant and a crowd of 10,000 on Memorial Day 1873. Those words were lost, along with the legacy of the man. Until now.

Dustin Renwick tracked down that piece and more for his book, which explores Irvine’s life from his pioneer upbringing in western Illinois to his years in the nation’s capital. The poet excelled in his depictions of the Civil War, and the Chicago Tribune called some of Irvine’s nature poems “nearly pure gold.”

Beyond the Gray Leaf weaves biography and historical context with the rediscovered poems of this forgotten literary figure from 19th-century America.

Rating: 5 stars


Beyond the Gray Leaf by Dustin Renwick is a fascinating book. One that contains a collection of poems that readers everywhere can loose themselves within and enjoy. This book represents a poet’s life story and the poems he wrote. A wonderful way of bringing poetry to readers worldwide. Dustin Renwick knew exactly how to put together an educational yet entertaining read. It was like stepping back in time. Each word took me into the story and poetry presented to me. Each poem was beautifully written. I love poetry and this was by the best book I have seen featuring a poet. Overall, I highly recommend Beyond the Gray Leaf to all readers.


Review: Temptation’s Trust



Love is but a splendid experience which may only be appreciated through unexpected actions. Temptation’s Trust expresses Gary R. Hess’s unforeseen and sometimes unthinkable affairs with love throughout his life.

Rating: 5 stars


Temptation’s Trust is a collection of beautiful engaging poetry by Gary R. Hess. His writing is superb. I loved reading each poem that splayed across each and every page. Capturing moments of life and love within each one…I enjoyed reading this book.Well-written and told in a way that lures readers into each word. Deep and meaningful. Overall, I highly recommend it to readers everywhere.

Review: The Big Game




This poetry eBook is a journey to simplistic emotions and feelings. It features contemporary haiku, free verses, and songwriting. This volume is the 1st of its kind. It is about spirituality and love. The poetry is meant to be passed on or savored by one’s self.

Rating: 5 stars


Readers will be blown away by this poet’s book. Bethany James has created a collection of the best poetry as well as recipes all for her readers’ delight. The recipes are decadent and delicious…and her poetry stirs up emotions so deep, lustful, and true. The Big Game is a collection that readers must read. Every thing all beautifully written and ready for readers everywhere. Blissful, exciting, and creatively spun for adults enjoyment. I loved reading this volume, and I highly recommend readers everywhere to read it. You won’t be dissappointed…

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April is the (PAD) Poems a Day Month!

April is the Poems a Day Month, so I thought why not post a poem a day challenge on here? Calling all poets! You must create a poem today and every other day that is remaining in April in a comment on here. The poet who posts the most or posts a poem each day in the comment area will be recognized and published in June 2015 Issue as well as have their interview featured inside.

So, let the challenge begin!

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Universal Creativity Inc.

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One More Day Left of 2014

One More Day Left of 2014!

Today, I have gone over my goals for the up coming year and I noticed they were good ones. Ones that will help me develop further as a writer, editor, blogger and publisher. I have been thinking of new designs for the next new issue of Universal Creativity Inc.’s magazine. I was thinking for the cover that I could feature a new emerging author’s book or that author photo as the cover design. Along with the author’s brief bio and interview (and yes, I will post a review of their latest book as well).


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Loving Him-poem

i love him so,

 much that when i try to speak

no words come to me,

yet my heart feels as tho it cud yell it out to him,

every time i see him,

i feel myself blush,

and my hands shake,

 but then i think

he loves me,

so then my courage comes to me,

and i look right at him,

and take my hands each one upon his face

 and hold him sitll

til, i draw near,

and lean in close,

pressing myself closer to him,

and tilting my head, as i lean

in, give him a kiss worth a tousands words,

one that would leave him breatheless,

and his lips red, from kissing so hard.

mm.. his lips are like sugar to me,

as honey is to a bee

Summer’s Love-poem

As I turn the small door knob made of brass,
I look out into the open field of tall grass,
There far, far in the center is a young lass.
Her golden hair swaying in the summers gentle breeze.
Her skin like porceiln glowing brightly in the morning’s sun.
I try with all my might to shake my mind loose of the thoughts of her and I having fun.
Only if she would look at me,
but then again what shall that do, 
if she to leave soon.
Halfway to me and she starts running as fast as those tall slender legs of hers would take her.
Soon we meet up, but before either one of us can speak, she clings to me tightly ands starts
sobbing upon my sleeve.
Meanwhile, all I can do is hold her tightly to me.
Just when I thought she has stooped crying, she gazes up at me with those pierceing blue eyes,
and says to me, “Im not leaving.” 
Upon hearing those words coming forth from her, every vein in my body is pounding with joy and happiness with a profound new energy racing thro me like never before.
I just stand there as tho frozen in time.
My ears not wanting to believe what was just said.
she clings to me to me even closer, and says in a loud whisper,” I love you”.
Hearing that from her sent my whole mind buzzing with new ideas. 
stuff we could do together for the summer.
sensing her so close to me, mad my arms wrap around her tighter yet.
then very slowly, I brushed my lips upon her forehead, then to the top of her nose, and gently but hestistantly to her soft , lips. the sweetness making my mind buzz even more than ever. 
hastily i kiss her, all over again. hearing her sigh deeply and feeling her whole body relaxing in my grasp.
I casually make my way down to her cheeks, her lips and her jaw. the texture of her silky hair , sends ripples of pleasure up and down my spine.
thy other hand tightly, tightly around her waist keeping her as close as possible. 
neither one of us cared if it was scorching hot out or the tiny mosqittoes bitiing into our flesh.
Soon, the sun would be seting and casting bright colors into the sky.
Finally after several long moments we take each others hand and depart back to the hotel. Leaving behind us the beauty of nature.


go away
Take from me my pain,
Sadness covering my every day,
Rain falling just like my tears,
Leaving a show of strain,
Cannot wash away my fears,
Crying is all i hear,
Out cast just like Cain,
My heavy heart full of wear,
My troubles all lined up like carts on a train,
With me use to always being in the rear..
The sun unlike the rain shines down its glare.
Oh I wish my problems would take off like that of a plane.
Rain…take away my pain.

Just Loose Control- written by me

 Oh, baby

what are you doing to me??

driving me insane,

 with your craziness,

your voice fuilling my head

 with thoughts that dont belong to me

ohh, baby

what you doing to me??

so, baby, im just gonna loose all control

let everything go…

let you go, spinning into

all that craziness of yours,

because i cant take it anymore..

i don’t want to be a part of you,

i want to live, live freely,

with thoughts of my own,

and make my own decisions too.

Oh, baby, what you doing to me?

I’m no longer addicted to you..

so, baby, i’m gonna loose control..

A Fire Within Me- written by me

 a fire within me,

 burns my soul with undeniable

quench for you love,

your love sends a fire within me,

causing my heart to race,

like it never did before,

my palms are sweating,

and tingly sensations fly through my body,

like a drug would do..

your kisses sending me to

an unending bliss,

the warmth melting my heart,

sending my soul burning for your compassion once more,

a fire within me,

sending a yearning sensation,

like a hunger through me,

making me wanting you to kiss me

again, making me love you…

Because of Me- written by me

everything was going perfectly,

just for once,

and then i made a decision,

and all hell broke out.

what  to do?

i thought.

 oh what am i going to do?

will i make it?

will i never get past this?

my heart quickens,

as i see my fate before my eyes,

i can sense its not going to go

well, yet it was of my own fault.

hold could i have been so wrong?

usually my instincts a re a lot sharper,

yet, today they were not there,

as if they’ve left me all alone,

to fend for myself,

because of the choices i had

made once before.

now its all tooo  too late,

the verdict has been passed,

the tension growing stronger,

the pain sinking deeper as though

a thousand needles were being forced into my skin.

my heart only beating out so loud, oh god can u hear me?

i thought. yet no answer.

i have to try and fend for myself.

yet to  no prevail.

i just have to wait..

and wait for the torture to begin again..

except it will be magnified to the extreme now,

my sense feeling all worn and torn out,

i close my eyes hoping all would solve itself.

I Should Have Been- written by me

 i should have been more

forgiving than before,

but you should have been

more of man than you were

but i guess that’s just how life is

nobody can have everything they want

it doesnt always work out

the way you want it too..

so, why not , just enjoy

the time we have

and make the bst of it while it lasts

i should have been more

more giving.

should have given you


more than you desevered

because you were mine,

 and i was yours..

A Swim In the Summer’s Ocean

today is summer’s first day,

i’m not going to let anything get in my way,

i rush on outdoors in my swim suit straight out

to the deep blue summer’s ocean

letting my hair fall about to my shoulders,

blowing about in the summer’s breeze,

today is the first day of summer,

i’ll look up to the summer’s sky,

and think this is the day,

the day i’ll give my heart out

and get one in return,

as i swim further out in the summer’s ocean,

i think of you, by my side

and how it felt to be happy.

diving under i let the ocean’s beauty swirl upon me.

taking me with it.

as i rise back to the surface there you

are right beside me,

dazzling me with ur smile

Life After You- written by me

life after you,

 feels empty,

and bare,

 like life has been sucked out,

and the walls

keep on falling all around me.

i try to keep on running to somewhere safe,

but that i only found with you,

u were my refuge,

from all,

my love that

still burns deeply in me,

 and still runs through my veins.

there’s nothing

in life that can hold me the way u did,

nothing in life.

life after you,

 is no life..

 not after you..

Another Day- written by me

 another day has gone by,

and i don’t miss you,

 another day has gone by.

 and i don’t think of you,

another day has gone by..

and i don’t even think of your kisses,

or your lying heart…

another day has gone by,

and i’ve made it without you,

another day has gone by,

and i’m not missing you,

no, no, no….,

i’m not missing you,

or your false love…

another day has gone by,

and i realize that i don’t need u anymore..

i don’t need the lies…

i don’t need the disappointment that feels my..

that feels my heart…

another day has gone by…

and i don’t need..  don’t miss you.

another day.

Treated Like A Fool- written by me

wasted all these years

only to be treated like a fool,

days go by , that i dont feel

like i use to,

i was just another one of ur tools,

that you  needed then,

and I being young and in love,

was just an ignorant fool,

of the fake bliss,

and to think you thought of other girls 

when we  kiss,

how could I’ve been such a fool,

to have miss

that i was just being treated like a fool…

If Only He Knew-written by me

 if only he knew,

if only i could tell him,

if only he could see the way,

my heart beats out for him,

if only he could feel the way,

i do, when i hear his voice,

the deep gentleness,

washing over me,

taking me under its simplicity,

of the love i feel,

if only he knew what,

i feel every time,

he talks to me,

the wonder and joy,

fulfilling  me,

in ways i didn’t know ,

a simple love could do.

if only he knew..

You Got Me

you got me.

you got me to fall,

into your world,

leaving mine behind,

 just to be with you,

forever and ever,

you got me to,

 stand here by your side,

and defend whatever comes,

our way,

you got me to,

fall in love with,


and all i ask  for  is that you,

 love me back in return..

yes, that’s all i ask for…

just for your love.

If You See Him- written by me

if u see him,

if u see him,

let him know,

that u love him,

that u think of

all the memories,

of that you both shared,

that the thought of him,

never leaves your mind,

even as you try to let go,

let him know,

 the way u feel,

if u see him,

if u see him,

hold onto him


because u never know

what’ll happen in

the future..

if u see him,

let him know.

No,no, no, no….No more!- Written by me

i want it like it was before, all things came crashing down,

upon the floor,

i don’t want to hear the screams,

screeeching in my head..

i don’t want to yell no more..

i don’t want to be secluded..

from what i could be..

i want to be heard,

i want to be happy,

i want to live with my family,

i want to be normal 

like other women my age.

i cant , wont,take it no more..

no more fighting for me..

im not going to let it be..

because i’m,

breaking free..

oooh, yes, i am.

i’m going to stand my ground..

i’m going do what i can..

i will try to save whats left..

i will, strive for the best..

and i wont take no, no more…

yeah, yeah, u  cant , wont, take

whats deep inside of me..

u wont be given free rein anymore..

because im going to say, to stand up,

to save what left…

Our Troubles- written by me

Today i feel so sad,

lonely, and cold,

i shiver knowing whats going to hapen next,

i try to keep my thoughts from straying,

to the worst of the worst,

my heart already sinking,

tells a horrible story,

 of one that I wouldn not

want to hear,

if i had the chance

to leave of this misery,

 thats grabbed hold of me,

then i would take that chance,

and fly free,

of the despair taking root in me,

the sadness creeping down my

face, staining my own rosy cheecks

with cold wet tears,

oh why, is this happening,

why does eveyone have to sufffer,

cant they be happy ever?

cant we just live on with out,

this horrendous time,

our hearts were sore before,

and now they gone worse

from wore of the pain,

stabbing us in the back repeatedly,

over and over..

never showing any mercy,

never giving up,

leaving us to suffer through

our own agonies..

Life’s Memories- written by me

life’s memories

are what we’ve shaved,

 we we have been through

and a part of us that will never leave.

people may come and go,

 but they will never leave our hearts,

for they live deep within ourselves,

helping create who we are,

sheltering the love we have felt and shared,

grow deeper, and stronger,

making us strong to endure

life, but knowing that we carry a little part of them with us wherever we go.

I AM DONE- Written by me

I’m done looking

I’m done searching,

I’m done crying,

I’m done being lonely,

because I have you in my life..

and i’m happy,

i’m not sad no more,

i’m not lonely no more,

no more,

i’m not searching no more,

 because i have you with me.

with me.

You’re the One – written by me

every time

every day

every chance

that i get

you’re the one who has filled my thoughts

you’re the one

the one

the one thats got my heart aching

with pain

to feel you close to me

to hear you whisper to me

to hold you close..

never going to let go

never going stay away

never going to fall in  love again

baby you’re going to see

going to hear

going to feel

 the waaay i feel bout you

every second,

every week,

every heartbeat

i live for you

for you for you

you’re love is like a need so strong.

i cant defy it.

i wont deny it

baby you’re the one

the one the one

the one

for meeeee

you got me on fire

you got me feeeling desire

oh oh oh oh oh

baby you’re the one

the one the one for meeee

you’re the one for me

i only want you

i only need you

i only only only  want you bc baby

you’re the one for me!

Writing Poems

Writing poems is hard for me to teach to others. Because, I write all my poems based off my feelings, and emotions as they come to me. Another way that helps me write my poems is by competition, if a poet writes a poem that I like, I feel that I have to write one to top the that the poet wrote. So, then begins my poet competition. Sometimes, my friends and I write poems back and forth to each other. It’s fun and a creative way to get your poet to come out of you. Do not think of how to write a poem, or what to write about. Just write or in this case type whatever comes to you. You may be surprised what you write! Writing poems for me is fun and easy. I can’t tell you anything on how to write different versions of different kinds of poems. But it does help if you read, read, and read a lot of poems. Hope this helps! Best of luck in writing poetry!!!

The Unknown- poem written by me

the unknown is like a darkness,

surrounding me every where i go.

it gnaws at me, with every step i take

and every breath i breathe.

the unknown is a shadow following my every move.

it rises a fear and uncertainty within me.

never knowing, never stopping, just keep on going, i tell myself.

time, is everything. every decision lurking in my mind. trying to break free.

consequences, beating all around me.

creating a fog before me. my mind traveling in a haze,

i stumble , not knowing where i’m going,

falling deeper into the darkness, into the whispering shadows.

as to what happens next no one ever know.

that is why it is the  great unknown.