Review: Madisonville 


Something isn’t right at Madisonville, Idaho’s most secluded penitentiary for its hardened criminals, and prisoners keep disappearing. 

Six college students are sentenced to Madisonville after almost getting away with the perfect crime. After a few short weeks behind bars, the six men awake in a meadow with no recollection of how they got there. These convicts are left with only meager supplies and a note: “You are being hunted.” So begins this epic battle in the mountains of Idaho and the ultimate game of survival. 

Rating: 5-stars


Madisonville by J. A. Huff is a terrifying thriller. Every page is full of danger, action, and consequences. Six college boys will soon find out that Madisonville isn’t what it looks to be. There’s something sinister happening, and the truth slowly unravels. 

Madisonville is a prison for those who break the law. Prisoners are to serve their sentence. But then prisoners are missing and fear creeps in…

Imagine being held in a prison then to be hunted by the prison guards. Death is everywhere. It will take everything these college boys have to out number the odds. Then, even then, the danger is still looming ahead…

Madisonville is a stunning novel. One that will forever haunt readers’ minds even long after they finish it. The ending was a major cliffhanger. I can’t wait to see what happens next to the college boys that have survived. The writing was intense. Suspenseful, engaging, and dark. J. A. Huff has masterfully woven a book that will ever be forgotten. Overall, I highly recommend it to all. 

Review: Money, Power & Sex

Money, Power & Sex: A Love Story by [Love, Norian F.]



Four Lives, four separate motives, one unbelievable outcome. Follow this twisting tale, full of romance, action, suspense, and drama. Watch each person desperately try to reach their desires and discover why they are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to answer one question. How far are you willing to go for Money, Power, and Sex?

Rating: 5 stars


Money, Power, & Sex by Norian Love is a powerful love story. Instantly it wraps readers into its depth. It was easy to lose myself, within this novel. Danger, greed, power and loyalty are all wrapped up in this dark read. Some people chose their lifestyles and others force some to fall into the darkness. The characters are both liked and hated. Their lives are messed up from the beginning to end. There only was safe is if you’re dead. Love causes people to do things to protect the ones they care about…and love can also carry a death sentence to those around you. Sad, well-written, and suspenseful. The action kept me turning the pages. Drama can also be found in the urban romance. Norian Love also incorporated a little street life dirt into the story. Street life can be a deadly game. Never know what will or won’t happen. Money, Power,  & Sex is all it takes for motive…overall, this tale is one that readers won’t want to miss. The characters are only left with choices…choices that can drag them down or pull them back up…I highly recommend this edgy read to readers everywhere.


Review: Sicario



On July 22, 1992 Pablo Escobar – the feared leader of the notorious Medellin Cartel – simply walked out of the Envigado prison. The latter was a luxurious facility that he had essentially designed for himself and a selection of his most trusted henchmen.

Free from even the minimal restrictions of the Envigado, Escobar was intent on continuing with role as the world’s preeminent drug trafficker. This he would do with practiced and unrestrained violence.

For the United States Government, it was the last of very many straws.

Intent upon ending his savage reign for all time, the decision-makers in Washington threw everything they had into the mix to find him and finish him…

… to include a covert Special Activity known as The Org.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Sicario by Regis P. Sheehan is outstanding. It’s gives readers a realistic first hand glimpse into a dangerous world. Readers will be fascinated with this stunning plot. A story that will keep readers turning the pages and seating at the edge of their seats. Intrigue, danger, and adveture can al be found within these pages. A hit man’ life is one hell of a roller caoster ride that readers will see, hear and imagine. It’s almost as if the readers are there experiencing all of the action instead of reading it.

Sicario is indeed a must read. Regis P. Sheehan shows readers all of the inner as well as the outer workings of a hit man, drug lords, and government ways. A brilliant way of informing yet entertaining readers at the same time. Readers may even have nightmares after reading this story. The cartel is a very dangerous enemy and their dealings are very deadly. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere. I definitely enjoyed reading this and look forward to reading more by the writer in the future.

Review: Her Sweetest Revenge



Mya Bedford’s hopes for a normal life, free from the hustle, seem more distant than ever when her best friend’s fiancé is shot, Mya’s husband is thrown back into the game, and a ruthless new crew hits the streets of Detroit. But there’s one bright spot: Mya’s father, Lester, has suddenly been released from prison. It seem like love is even blossoming again between Mya’s parents…

Mya can’t undo the past, but she can do her best to help her dad get his future back on track. The trouble is, the streets don’t forget, and the worst is yet to come. Soon Mya’s world is shattered in the bloody crossfire of someone else’s payback. Now, through the most bitter of tears, it’s time for her sweetest revenge…

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

Her Sweetest Revenge is the most enticing read yet by Saundra. Inside her third novel, readers will be hooked on the crazy drama world unfolding before them. Things never go they way we want them to, instead fate brings us a whole lot of trouble. Speaking of trouble, Saunder’s main character, Myra Bedford, goes through on hell of a rollercoaster ride. One ride no of us want to go through and yet Myra is pulled deep into it. One person shot, a husband, and a father back from being locked up sends a lot for one woman to handlle. But can Myra handle all that has been dished onto her plate or will her sweetest revenge go wrong? Definitely an intriguing read that readers will love. I highly recommend Saunder’s latest masterpiece, Her Sweetest Revenge.