Review: Beyond Our Degrees of Separation 


A narrative weave of testimonial non-fiction by Judith Ravin and Muhammad Hassan Miraj, Beyond Our Degrees of Separation evokes points of intersection between the United States and Pakistan. Hailing from oxymoronic bureaucracies, the co-authors transcend their respective realms of diplomacy and the military to reaffirm commonalities beyond differences. The alternating narratives trace their real-life discovery of equivalent experiences within dissimilar worlds. From an off-hand discussion during a one-off encounter, they embark on a project to prove that words and culture have the power to transform. Themes include displacement, social justice, cross-border issues, terrorism, loss, and interfaith harmony. Beyond Our Degrees of Separation delights in the documentation of that journey, along with all journeys, and demonstrates how travel and fate obey their own logic, ever-populating with wonderment the imagination of the “geographically disturbed” – those who live in perpetual wanderlust.

Rating: 4-stars


Beyond Our Degrees of Separation by both Judith Ravin and Muhammad Hassan Miraj is an interesting book. Many powerful themes can be found within the pages. This non-fiction book,  show that similarities do exist even between two different cultures. A journey that a well traveled journalist and an army veteran took me upon was quite an eye opener. Felt like I traveled from my seat to the world in which they inhabited on the pages. Overall, this a book I recommended to readers everywhere. 

Review: The Life She Wants



In the aftermath of her financier husband’s suicide, Emma Shay Compton’s dream life is shattered. Richard Compton stole his clients’ life savings to fund a lavish life in New York City and, although she was never involved in the business, Emma bears the burden of her husband’s crimes. She is left with nothing.

Only one friend stands by her, a friend she’s known since high school, who encourages her to come home to Sonoma County. But starting over isn’t easy, and Sonoma is full of unhappy memories, too. And people she’d rather not face, especially Riley Kerrigan.

Riley and Emma were like sisters—until Riley betrayed Emma, ending their friendship. Emma left town, planning to never look back. Now, trying to stand on her own two feet, Emma can’t escape her husband’s reputation and is forced to turn to the last person she thought she’d ever ask for help—her former best friend. It’s an uneasy reunion as both women face the mistakes they’ve made over the years. Only if they find a way to forgive each other—and themselves—can each of them find the life she wants.

Rating: 5 stars


The Life She Wants by Robyn Carr is another amazing read by this talented writer. A novel that shows how one’s easy life can easily be taken from them. One can work hard and be decent and still have trouble…like Emma Shay Compton. Marriage and her lifestyle were  taken away in one great swoop. Fate lands her back home. A place with bad memories. But looking at her options she has nowhere else to go. Maybe she can start new and gain her life back. Easier said than done. Robyn Carr brilliantly creates novels that hook and captivate readers from the beginning to end. Her words are inspiring and heartwarming. Friendship, as well as new relationships, are great themes within this riveting new title. Back home Emma will have to be patient in getting the life she wants.

The Life She Wants is packed with emotions and a raw intensity that pulls me in deeply. I love Robyn Carr’s writing. She never disappoints. The rollercoaster ride that readers will be going on within this new tale is one that shows us no matter what life brings we can overcome anything. Friends with a falling out so long ago are now brought back into each other’s lives. Only time will tell if they can repair their friendship and make it solid once again. The drama of Emma’s husband’s investigation still comes chasing after her…making her life miserable. She can’t wait until it’s over if it ever ends. The police have been tapping into her phone and still bother her with endless questions. Her frustration and despair felt so real. I felt like I was inside Emma’s shoes rather than sitting in a chair reading about what she felt. Not only does Emma have nothing, battling an ongoing investigation due to her dead husband but also has feelings for a man that she tries not to get to attached to...The Life She Wants has everything plus more then what every reader wants or expected to find. I loved following the characters especially Riley and Emma. Their friendship tugged at my heart. Overall, I highly recommend this story to readers everywhere.


Book Review: Carlita’s Way: Out of the Dark into the Light (Vol #1) by Carlita Hodges

Carlita’s Way: Out of the Dark into the Light is a story of a woman life as a wife of famous man. A man who spiraled downward fast. He didn’t care about his wife or his family. The book told of how this woman survived through it all. The cheating and abuse from her husband. This novel sparked my interest from the start. It captured my whole undivided attention as I read on. How our lives can be perfect in one moment and then completely turn upside down and inside out is what the story tells us readers. It shows us how the ugly sides of life that many go through that most never see or ever hear about until it happens to them. And this one women went through it all and survived the worst of the worst. This is one story that readers should pick up and read. Not all stories are meant to be super happy with perfect fairy tale endings. This one is a realistic and stunning novel of a real women’s life and experiences as they occurred. Carlita Hodges’s novel depicts real situations and real side of life. Her words send lessons to readers. These lessons make us readers more aware of what and how reality can be. I highly recommend this novel to readers all over. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

The Outcast Part 1

Jeff Burris, was one of many kids who were left to grow up alone on the streets. He had to learn to fight or to be beaten up. Now sixteen, Jeff has learned to make his way up in the world. He started helping an elderly man cut his lawn. He soon was offered a job as a shop assistant at the man’s store in town…
Until there there was a robbery. The police found a gang of street kids who claimed the Jeff had given them keys to break in.
The police took the keys the kids had and indeed they were the shop’s keys.
Jeff didn’t do it. He wondered how the others he knew got them. And why did they say he gave them the keys. He would never hurt the older man like that. The older man was generous enough with paying Jeff. He also gave Jeff a free room to live in and made him an assistant. The older man’s trust meant a lot to him. The police went to inform the shop owner of the event. But when there they found the shop owner dead. Laying on the floor, blood everywhere, Jeff ran to the old man’s side. No pulse. The police took a look around and some asked the neighbors questions. Jeff was heart broken. First, the shop is broken into and stolen from. Second, the gang blamed him for the crime. And now someone had killed the only person who had cared about Jeff.
What’s going to happen now? Will the police arrest me for both crimes? Who did this?
Jeff’s tears and sadness turned slowly to anger.
The police took the body away and told Jeff that he wasn’t to leave town. And that he needs to grab his stuff and find another place til there were done investigating the house.
Jeff feeling numb went to his room and took a bag of cloths and a picture of him and the old man at a baseball game. As Jeff remembered that day, the tears came down even more…
Where will I go? He thought. A police woman came in and asked him if he was okay.
“Yeah, I’m..”
“It’s okay.Things like this happen all the time. We will find the murder and most likely the one who gave the keys to that street gang.”
“You, think I’m innocent?”
Looking at Jeff’s eyes, she felt his pain. “Yes, I do. I knew the old man. And he thought the world of you. Like his own son. He talked about you a lot.”
“Thanks..where do I go now?”
“The next door neighbor, Susie. She said she’d take you in, in a heartbeat. Plus, she said how could you survive without her good cooking?”
Laughing for the first after everything that happened, Jeff felt a touch better. “Yeah her cooking is the best.But it won’t be the same with out him..”
“Come on, I’ll walk you over.And I promise I’ll tell you everything we find out.”

Fireproof Part 2

Samuel and his pretty next door neighbor are justing heading back to her place. They spent the night a the local theater. It was a special night. One that neither of them has had for a long time. Walking Kathy to her door, both Samuel and her notice the door is open..
Samuel heading into her house with her close by, step in. Looking around her house everythig was tossed and broken.
Who would do this to Kathy?, Samuel thought. As they head deeper they find a note saying, “Your time is up.”
Kathy starts crying, Samuel wraps his arm around her. Trying to calm her. And calling the police. Heading back outside to Samuel’s car, the whole house goes up in flames as a big boom sounds off.
The police and fire truck sirens going off, heading up to take of the situation.

Operations Unleashed Part 2

Undercover Marine agent, Tonio Santez still suspected Cassandra Wilks. His secretary. Leaking highly sensitive documents from the company and extorting the company’s money into false accounts all over. What he didn’t know was that Cassandra suspected her new CEO boss as the prime suspect.

The leaks were happening since he started working here. Cassandra decided to confront the bastard using her .22 caliber pistol. That should make him talk. Tonio making his way over to his secretary decided he will seduce her into telling him everything she knows. Just as the two were about to start the interrogations, a gun goes off. 

Damn it, they both thought. Next, the lights went off. 

“What’s next?”, she  asked Tonio.

“I don’t know, you tell me.”

“What?! You are the one leaking the companies documents and taking their money.”, she growled at him.


“Oh so you do not deny it!”, she accused him.

“That’s ridiculous. I’m an undercover agent, Ms. Wilks. Maybe it’s you”, he accused back.

“Never! I maybe a hacker, but I would never destroy a decent way of making a nicely six figure income!”

“Maybe you got greedy?”

“Maybe you are just buying your time,because I have a pistol in my hand.”

Looking straight at her face, then at her hands, he noticed the pistol. The woman was serious. Better play nice, he thought.

“Okay, so if you didn’t then why are all the leaks coming from your computer in your office!”

“I never use the company’s computers. Everyone here, including my boss will tell you so!”

“Fine then, stay here.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to go check out for intruders and see who’s been shot.”

Damn it. Now, I’ll be left alone in the dark with a crazy guy shooting people. 

“I’ll come with you.”

“Afraid of the dark, Cassandra?”, he said teasing her.

“As if, I don’t want you running away in-case you really are behind it all”, she replied.

Just as they headed to the nearest desk, they searched for flashlights. Finding one, they search the floor for intruders. Having gone through three floors and nothing, the lights went back on. That’s weird, they both thought. Police made their way in. Behind them were paramedics carrying a dead body. Stopping the medics, Tonio flashes his badge, and looks at the victim. Cassandra looking over her shoulder recognized the body.

“That’s Jimmy the company’s accountant. He said he found strange things going on with the accounts”, Cassandra informed him.

“Who all knew about Jimmy’s discovery of what was going on with the company’s accountants?”,he asked her.

“Our former boss, who’s dead, Karen, the boss’s wife, Karen’s other man might, and me.That’s all who I know might have known.”

The head police chief handed Tonio a piece of paper. “That was left on top of the body. Thought you would like to look at it before we take it in for evidence.”

“Thanks”. Reading the piece of paper it said, ‘One down, many more to drown’. Handing it back to the chief, Tonio heads back to the office. Cassandra following his every step.





Finding Prince Charming Part 1

Lilly Green, was the high school’s geek. She always had her head stuck in her books. She answered every question perfectly. And she talked like a college professor whenever a student tried talking to her. None of the guys wanted to date her. She was too smart, too nice, too weird. Well, Lilly Green has changed. She now only answers when called upon, and reads when there’s nothing else to do. And answers in short sentences and only elaborates when asked. She also dresses more girly. New Lilly was still the old same Lilly only looked and spoke differently.
Lilly wanted to be different. She wanted to be liked by a guy. She wanted a friend.
All that changed when, she got to her World Literature class.
A new student was sitting in her seat!
Not just a student. A goood looking guy. Oh…my..gosh!
Someone pinch her!
The guy had to choose that moment to look up at her and smile.
Wow! The guy has an awesome smile. Feeling like she was staring too long she heads past him two seats back..until she trips over Syndney’s backpack.
Way to go me, Lilly thought. The guy seeing what happened got up and pulled Lilly up from the floor.
“Are you okay?”, he asked her.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.Thanks.”
Quickly turning around to sit in a seat, the guys moves over to sit by her.
” Hi, I’m Zach.”
“Hi, I’m..”
“She’s weirdo Lilly, I am Sydney.Hi. So, you are new?”
“Yeah, I’m new”.
Lilly turning to face the front felt like an utter fool. First tripping then being mocked in front of Zach.
Opening her notebook, a neatly folded note was placed on her desk. Grabbing it, Lilly reads it.
Sit with me at lunch?-signed Z
Glancing up she catches Zach eyes. Nodding at him, he smiles back. Feeling way better, Lilly can’t wait til lunch time.

The Hired Boyfriend Part 1

Tim Daniels was a hard, tough, young cowboy. He enjoyed farming and ranching. His parents left him their small white brick house, small land, and a small heard of angus cattle. Tim worked long hours fixing the fence to keep his cattle safe. What he didn’t know was that he was going to find a small,petite,red head laying in his hay stack. After a few moments staring at the woman’s figure, especially her ass, he nudges her foot gently. Not wanting to startle the woman. But then again she was tresspassing into his property.

Maria McCarn, wasn’t the type to tresspass, but she was exhausted. Having been in the run from a man in the city who wanted her dead, she could not walk anymore. Seeing the golden hay stack ,she takes some making a soft bed. Then laying down, she feel asleep instantly.
Having not sleep long she feels something hitting her foot. Looking up sees a man. No, a cowboy standing over her. He was tall, broad shoulder and cute. Her five o’clock shadow gave him a sexy tough guy look.
“Ma’am, I have to ask you why are you sleeping on my hay?”

Feeling her ached body and sensing she looked like a homeless person, she got up.
“I needed a place to rest for a moment.”
Looking at her state of wrinkled clothes and exhaustion in her eyes, he felt sympathy for the strange woman.
” If you follow me, I’ll make you some breakfast.”
Hearing the handsome cowboy’s offer, Maria heard her stomach grumble. It’s been days since she had a decent meal.
“If you insist, I would be grateful to you.”
“I definitely insist, Ma’am.”
Walking back to his house with the woman following behind him, Tim wonders why and how she got here? Was she in danger?

Defying Fate Part 1

Middle age, Anne Smith, is deteremind more than ever to defy her fate. She is currently battling her long battle with cancer. With every procedure and check up doctors notify her wih only more negative news. Feeling like her life is being sucked away form her, Anne forms a plan to have fun before she’s stuck lying in bed til fate takes her away. Anne has always dreamed of swimming in the ocean’s clear blue waters and feeling the hot sand beneath her feet. Heading to Florida she rents a small white cabin. Being close to the beach, Anne can swim anytime she wants.
Kyle Winters, has rented a small cabin next door to Anne. His reason for being an escape from his work. He needed a break. What he didn’t know was that he will meet Anne, a beautiful woman, whose enthusiasm and bright smile makes him fal fast for her. Anne is nothing like most cancer victims in her stage of the cancer battle. She’s smart, witty, and fun.
Anne soon bumps into her neighbor. She finds out he too, is renting. Her nieghbor is hot, smart, and..single. Too bad her life would soon be over. No thanks to fate.
It’s not long before Anne and Kyle go from hot, steamy, no strings attached to wanting more than what they have. Anne sensing that Kyle feels the same way about as she does about him, leaves her cabin and heads back home. Kyle wanting to spend every moment with this incredible woman named Anne is sad when he discovers she has left. No idea where she left to. Feeling disappointed and like a part of him is missing, Kyle heads back to work.
Will Anne completely defy her fate? Will Kyle and Anne reunite? And what dire circumstances do they meet again? Will Kyle’s affection for Anne grow only stronger after finding out she’s battling cancer? Will Anne pull through?

To find out all this and more, come back tomorrow to read what happens next! 🙂

Fireproof Part 1

Samuel Sterling, a fire fighter, for the town’s newly remolded fire department thought he could put his past behind him. He was wrong. Kathy Hawn, a widower, just moved in next door to the hotest bachelor in town. Not a good way to start her life over again. Having had gone through a terrible marriage with a controlling husband, Kathy wants to stay far away from men as much as possible. But having Samuel Sterling as her next door neighbor is hard for her not to feel attracted. Samuel having had his wife cheat on him with a rich man from a big city, and then only to die in a car “accident” a year later kept him from going anywhere near another woman.  His next door neighbor, Kathy Hawn, was the sweet innocent type of next door girl. Her soft features and curves made it impossible for him to concentrate on anything while she was near.

Write what happens when, a mysterious man comes to town.. and strange things start happening. Kathy is being harrassed..police are lead on a wild goose chase, and clues about Samuel’s wife’s death start poping up. Write what happens and who is the mysterious man. Did the mysterious man kill Samuel’s wife? And is he out to kill Kathy? If so why? Do Samuel and Kathy deny their attraction for each other?

Post your responses down below in the comment area for feedback!

Best of Luck! 🙂

Operation Unleashed Part 1

Tonio Santez, a United States Marine was asked to go under the toughest mission of his life..
Having to learn a new identity, fight his way to the top as a CEO undercover, and being a business man is easy. But what he wasn’t prepared for was the sexy brunette that is his secretary. There have been leaks in the company and all the trails lead to his secretary’s computer. But going through her profile, she’s the last person he would guess for a thief.
Cassandra Wilks, is the sexy long legged, perfect curves, and the pretty green eyes. Most guys are attracted to her, only want one thing. Cassandra has had to deal with men’s reactions to her looks. But despite her good looks she has a sharp tongue, advance technological knowledge, and can easily defend herself. What she doesn’t know is that the CEO she has to work for suspects her as the one leaking sensitive document information and money to accounts across the country. Cassandra thinks her new CEO is behind all the leaks.
Write what happens next when an employee is found murdered right inside the company…
Does Tonio and Cassandra still think that the other is the criminal or will they work together and find the real culprit behind it all before more murders pile up? Write all this and more in the comment area below for feedback!
Best of luck!!

P.s.   To find out what happens between Cassandra and Tonio and what happens next, please come back tomorrow and read what happens! 🙂 Thank you!

Novel Challenge #6

Eric Carter, an eight-year Marine, recently found out that he’s a father. Coming back home for vacation, he picks up his mail. Heading into his apartment, he skims through the envelopes. Until one huge envelope addressed to him by the Human Services department catches his eye. Opening the letter he reads, finding out that a young woman he knew two years ago, became pregnant with his child. A female child by the name of Abby Carter, is his daughter biologically. Running through his thoughts back to a hot steamy one night, two years ago, he met a young woman named Sara Owens. They had a one night stand. But damn, it was the best one night he ever spent. Looking over the letter, it said to head over to the Human Services Department to claim her or the young child will be placed into foster care. Taking the letter, and his truck keys he heads on over to the Human Services Department. To pick up his little girl. I’m going to be father! The thought thrilled him. With eight years already put in, he can retire from the Marine Core. He can start his own business in town. This would allow him to be there for his little girl. Not focusing on the street ahead of him, Eric barely misses hitting a car straight on.

The driver of the other car pulls to the side. Getting out of her car, she was fuming over the jerk who wasn’t paying any attention to where he was driving. Parking his car in the Human Service parking lot, Eric feel like an ass. Damn, I might have just proved how horrible of a father I will make. Fuming at himself, he heads on over to the petite woman with blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes he’s ever seen. Kelley walks over to the hunk of a driver. This guy was the jerk? No, wonder, she thought. 

“Hi, I am Eric Carter. I am terribly sorry for my lack of better driving skills. I just found out that..” 

“Hi, I’m Kelley and I do not care what your lame excuse is for almost driving straight into my car. I’m here to pick up my sister’s daughter.”

“I am here to pick up my daughter. Just found out I am a father.”


“Really! I’m excited!”

Kelley looked at him and could tell he was telling the truth. His happiness was written all over his face. Lucky little girl, she thought.

Opening the door and holding it open for Kelley, they both head in. Walking up to the main desk, Kelley asks, ” I am here to pick up Abby Carter. I am her aunt.”

“Wait, you can’t take her. She is my daughter. And I have a letter that says she is mine. And I am here way before the deadline of picking her up. I do not care if you are her aunt, she’s my daughter and I plan on keeping her. But of course you can visit her anytime you would like”, Eric added softly.

“He’s right, Ma’am. If he can produce the letter we gave him as well as some identification, then he has every full right in keeping the little girl”, the receptionist stated briefly.

“Fine..but I want to come see her today. If that’s alright with you. Plus, I think you should follow my to a store so, I can buy my niece proper clothes and other things. Unless you have any objections?”, Kelley smoothly asked. 

“No, that will be fine. And I would appreciate all the help I can get.Thank you.”

“Let me go get Abby and bring her to you. We also have a car seat for you in-case you don’t have one”, the receptionist told Eric. 

“Thank you, I will definitely need that. Can I return it tomorrow?”

“Yes, that would be fine.”

Watching the receptionist walk away to get Abby, Kelley asked, “So, you never knew you had a daughter?”

“No, I didn’t. Not until, I just got home today and saw the letter. And it makes perfect sense. The timing and all.”

“So, you really want to raise her?”, she asked him.

“Yeah, I do.”


Write all this and what happens next using only 2500 words. Write how Eric and Kelley butt heads when it comes to raising Abby. Also, mention the chemistry that sparks between Eric and Kelley. Write how an accident involving Abby occurs, that cause Eric and Kelley to fight for custody of Abby. What happens when the little girl disappears..? How is she found. And how do Kelley and Eric reunite as a team once again to raise Abby. Please post your response down below in the comment area for feedback! Thanks!


Best of luck! 🙂


Murder Mystery #4

Leslie and her detective boyfriend, Mark, are embarking on a historical dig in their home town. Professor Lucas Helms, is leading the historical dig. What at first, turns out to be a fun adventure soon leads to a historical murder site. A recent dead body wrapped in burial cloths in an Egyptian fashion is found buried, where the town’s hidden 1700’s artifacts are found. Who is the dead victim? How did this body turn up in a historical digging site? And why? Are there any connections to the dead person and the town’s hidden artifacts? What happens when Professor Lucas Helms, goes missing? Everyone in town thinks the Professor killed the person and once discovered took off. But why would a murderer hide a dead body, where he was leading a historical dig? Nothing made sense. And if, Professor Helms didn’t do it, then who did? And who kidnapped the Professor? Will Leslie and Mark find out who is behind the murder and the kidnapping or will there be yet another murder? 

Write all this and what happens next using only 2500 words. Please post your responses down below in the comment area for feedback! Thanks! And best of luck!!! 🙂

Novel Writing Challenge 2

This writing challenge, you will be writing about a man who went to Afghanistan to fight for the U.S, and how he watched  so..many of his fellow marines died fighting against the other side. During the fighting, he risked his life trying to save one of his marine buddies, but as he was halfway there a bomb blew up. Sending debris flying everywhere. His buddy now completely gone and his leg damaged from a blow from the blast, he struggles staying conscious.

After spending 6 months in a hospital back in the States, he decides to head back home to his parents. Only to find out that his parents are now in a nursing home and there home, they gave to a young woman who was kind enough to help them while their son was away.

Feeling exhausted and for the worse, he heads to the nursing home. There he visits his parents. They tell him that he is to share the house and property with the  young woman for three months. After the three months, half the farmland will be split between the two, unless their son and the woman get married then the whole property was to be theirs.

Write how the marine heads back to his parents place, the place where he was born, to spend three months in the small house with the younger woman. Describe what this younger woman is like. Her personality? What scars does she have? And how do they both help each other heal from their wounds. Is marriage in their future? Can they live together for three months? Write all this and what happens next using only 1200 words!!

Best of luck!!!

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