Review: My Name is Curly

      Synopsis: Curly the dog is born in a barn, surrounded by his parents and siblings. But when a day of boredom prompts him to explore the nearby woods, he soon finds himself lost. Alone and scared, Curly attracts the attention of a sympathetic raccoon, who decides to help Curly find his way.... Continue Reading →

Story Within A Poem

In this competition, you are challenged to write a poem that tells a story and also rhymes. The winner will have their work published in our monthly magazine featuring their work 🙂 Please post your responses down below in the comment area!Best of luck! 🙂


My need, Has taken on the path of greed, Turning my into a whole another breed, As I'm spilling the seed, Of envys great deed, Oh..oh..oh..why am I indeed? My words falling down into the reeds. My actions are as unworthy as the weeds..


Healing,is a long way,for me,because i feel myself peeling,away,like somebody stealing,my heart and soul,every breathe I take I feel my lungs getting as heavy as coal,Somewhere along the way I've lost the meaning,Now I'm feeling the toll,having my world spinning out of control,I'm kneeling..praying for a way out of my hole...

Believe it or not

Believe it or not.. Doesn't matter me, Because I'll be long gone.. By then you shall see.. There is no "we" Nothing lasts like it should be. The woman in your life that you talk no longer that she.. So believe it or not.. I'll be long gone By then you shall see...


Strange, How no one wants to be within range, Of the mystery, Surrounding the history, Whose attention holds, More than its fair weight in gold, The fact that no outsider has been told, Is because once you're in on the mystery, you too will fold...

Here it is-poem

here it is to buy,written by that guy,no, i am not going to lie,but please don't cry,there are so many reason why,the literature will never die,back then writing must have been easy as pie,so, know that this it is never going to be goodbye 


Cupid,is the master of love,he knows that love makes people act stupid,at times, people often commit crimes,because of his work,love doesn't come inside a bottle topped with a cork,Cupid knows love doesn't work with a bid.


Lies Can spread faster than flies No way to hold them away with ties, They never go away even after we die, Nor are they sweet as a homemade pie, They will only leave with good byes, They can be detected when when you look into another's eyes.. So, why tell any lies?

Poem written by me!

wow, you are absolutely stunning,you keep my heart running,your words are mending,my broken heart that's lending,you my whole being,as you are seeing,your poems make me put on my thinking hat,which I know you don't mind that,because what we say is true,just like the sky is did that ryhme?hopefully I type this in

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