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From Nothing









Victor Selo had blown up his life. A wannabe rock star turned tech savant, he’d wagered his Silicon Valley executive position on a corporate inside straight and lost. Having security escort him out of the building was the best thing that happened to him that day. The rest left him in the hospital, broken, broke, and with no prospects. That’s when a shadowy stranger with questionable motives came with an offer: a chance to get his life back – and better – if he simply cooperates. It would require becoming invisible for a while, but he would be hiding in the spotlight, playing guitar in a Vegas cover band. Reluctantly, Victor accepts and begins an odyssey he never could have imagined. One that involves a charismatic lead singer who owns the stage but aspires to own an Elvis wedding chapel, a mesmerizing woman who can play anything on her keyboards and can really play with Victor’s head, and two specters from his old life offering competing devil’s bargains. Suddenly, multiple futures are opening up in front of Victor. All of them offer opportunity – and each comes with potentially catastrophic risk. Populated with a wide array of colorful characters, brimming with reflections on everything from love to God to the price of commitment, and backed by a great soundtrack, From Nothing is an endlessly engaging work of fiction that will resonate like your favorite song.

Rating: 5-stars


From Nothing by Ken Goldstein is unlike any novel I have read. It carries so much punch and intrigue that I could not put it down. The tale carries me through one man’s journey from a corporate world to the lifestyle of a rock star. This book shows what happens when the main character rolls like a dice on a gambling table. The chances are fifty-fifty and the risks are high. An opportunity of taking a new road to life comes with consequences. But this character keeps rolling; making the best with each roll. I liked the do not look back attitude and how Victor moves forward despite his past life being destroyed. The remaining cast varied in positions and levels of life. It was quite interesting to follow them. The main focus was redemption for Victor. It was a long yet tough journey for him, whether he found it or not, is up for discovery. I enjoyed watching Victor grow as a man throughout novel. He went from being someone to nothing then to somebody going somewhere. His future held hope. Overall, I would recommend this read to all. There’s a little of everything for readers to like, relate to, and connect with…

Review: The Goodbyes



Since he was thirteen years old, rockstar Webb Turner pinned for Bree, the enigmatic girl across the street. He captured her in his songs, but never in his orbit. His lyrics about her propelled Webb’s band to superstardom, but his fame came with the price of finding real love.

When he discovers that Bree is dying, Webb leaves a stadium full of adoring fans to be at her side. As a blizzard batters the east coast, will Webb succeed in his fight against the storm and the mistakes of his past for a chance to say one last goodbye?

Rating: 5 stars


The Goodbyes by Leslie Welch is phenomenal. The emotional rollercoaster is brilliant. I cried, laughed, and rooted for the characters. Many issues are brought into this exciting read. A tale about love, mistakes, and music. A young guy falls in love with a girl name Bree. Bree is going through a whole lot of hell. Her father is crazy and she acts on impulse. She likes Webb but is with someone else. Webb feels shy around Bree. He wants her but he doesn’t want to play her games. Then there’s another girl name Charlotte. Webb ends up falling for her. But due to his mistakes, he may just end up losing the one person he truly loves. To make matters worse, Bree is dying. Webb is paying for her surgery…if she makes out alive will Webb finally be able to live his life without regrets or will his heart, break for good? Leslie Welch’s writing is superb. I could feel and see everything as it happened. The plot was fast-paced and thrilling. I absolutely loved reading this story and following the characters. Overall, I highly recommend this rock star romance to all.

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