Review: The Return

Synopsis: Beautiful and winsome, Betsy Zook never questioned her family's rigid expectations, nor those of devoted Hans, but then she never had to. Not until the night when she's taken captive in a surprise Indian raid. During her captivity, Betsy faces brutality and hardship, but also unexpected kindness. She draws strength from native Caleb, who... Continue Reading →

Review: Death by Roses

Synopsis: Death by Roses is an outrageous, laugh-out-loud, exploration of life and love before and after death. Leading us on a journey full of shocking revelations, eccentric characters, and perhaps even enlightenment, Vivian Probst is a master of her craft. Death by Roses mixes just the right blend of irreverence, ingenuity, and heart-felt sincerity in... Continue Reading →

My Sadness

Writing is my way,The only thing that brings me joy every day,And now it's slowly being taken away,What's sad it that I have no say,My dreams are like that of clay,Only I can create the way,Oh, but it's washed out like the color gray,Hovering upon me like a stray....

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