Book Review: Get Lucky

Walking the Line

Can a hot, charmable and unrelenting Irishman convince Ellie to beileve in love again? She has long since given up on love and there is one determind man to make her all his. Absolutely a compelling story to read by Nicola Marsh. Nicola Marsh is a best-selling authors whose talents have created a beautifully told masterpiece.

Amazed by You

Oliva McLaughin is an author’s assistant. She is working her butt off to score a much needed promotion. Unfortunately she can’t win that promotion without the help of the gardener, who happens to be her high school boyfirend. Talk about fate playing it’s cards when it comes to these two. Can they work together? And does their old romance burst out into hot flames that reginte passion that is sizzling between them? Kelsey Browning has created a prefect ot read that readers will love.

One Little Kiss

Two individuals are trapped in snowstorm at the same time and same place. Will Leighton and Jonas have more than just a one hot night together? Will their one little kiss turn be the start of many more new beginings together? What happpens when the snowstorm ends? Where where that leave them? A hot and enticing read, One Little Kiss, is indeed a novel that readers won’t want to put down!

Big, Bad Red

We all love the classic fair tales we have heaard and read as little kids but now that we are adults we need something a bit more luring. And Avery Fylnn does exactly that in this sexy hot read. This story is about Red Riding Hood Holding a fencing in the back yard of her Granny’s Pub. But all readers know that this story is never complete without the big bad wolf. And in this case, he’s hot, sexy, and irresistible to Red Riding Hood. Liam MacTire, the werewolf finally comes into Red’s life. What will she do? Will he entice his way into her heart only to hurt her? Or will they be abe to be together in ways that will heat up any reader’s night? I recommend reading this incredible story to every reader. You won’t be disappointed.

Luck of the Irish

Sara Humpreys ¬†has created an enchanting and mystical world that will hook and lure readers deeper into her novel. Luck of the Irish is a fabulous story telling how one man is trapped in the mirrored realm where he plans and thinks about how he will take his revenge for his wife’s death. Unitl one day a beautiful looking woman who is human and wearing the same amulet stares into the mirror. ¬†Declan Aherne is just about to get lucky but in what ways? And what about his revenge for his wife? I highly recommend reading this brilliantly well written novel and to find out.

Something Borrowed

Kimberly Kincaid has done an excellent job in creating a world that pops off the pages. Sasha Arrington is to attend her successful brother’s weeding in Ireland. But Sasha unlike her brother is unlucky in the love department or is she? Her best friend, James Sullivan wants to take her to the wedding and maybe convince her that he wants to be more than just friends. Will Sasha say yes? And will James be able to convice Sasha to be his forever? Or will they always be left at just being friends? Something borrowed is the best realistic and beleiveable story that I have read in a long time. A sweet and sexy story that readers will conitnue to fal in love with.

Overall, I rate the enitre novel a five out of five stars for all of the amazing stories written by the talented professionals. Get Lucky is one novel readers all over will want to pick up and begin reading.

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