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Review: Nature’s Confession












The epic tale of two teens in a fight to save a warming planet . . . the universe . . . and their love. A cli-fi quest full of romance, honor, and adventure.


LitPick 5-Star-Review Award winner
#1 Top Fiction Read (ARC) of 2014, Marinovich Books


Best of a New Genre, included in “12 Works of Climate Fiction Everyone Should Read”
Eco-Fiction Honorable Mention
5-Star Foreword review

When a smart-mouthed, mixed-race teen wonders why the work that needs to be done pays nothing compared to the busywork glorified on holovision news, the search for answers takes him on the wildest journey of anyone’s lifetime. Their planet is choked with pollution. They can’t do anything about it . . . or can they? With the girl of his dreams, he inadvertently invents living computers. Just as the human race allows corporations to pollute Earth into total desolation, institute martial law and enslave humanity, the two teens set out to save civilization. Can they thwart polluters of Earth and other fertile planets? The heroes come into their own in different kinds of relationships in this diverse, multicultural romance. Along the way, they enlist the help of female droid Any Gynoid, who uncovers cutting-edge scientific mysteries. Their quest takes them through the Big Bang and back. Will Starliament tear them from the project and unleash ‘intelligent’ life’s habitual pollution, or will youth lead the way to a new way of coexisting with Nature?

Nature’s Confession couldn’t be more timely, amidst the largest climate change march in world history when world leaders converged for an emergency UN Climate Summit in New York City. With illustrations and topics for discussion at the back of the book, JL Morin entertains questions about busywork; economic incentives to pollute; sustainable energy; exploitation; cyborgs; the sanctity of Nature; and many kinds of relationships in this diverse, multicultural romance.

Rating: 4-stars


Nature’s Confession by J. L. Morin is an interesting science fiction read. There are a lot strong messages about our environment. I actually liked that. Many of us forget about the impact of our action on/in our environments. Pollution is one major issue that we still have not found a solution for…our cities are so polluted no one thinks of the pollution as an issue. Because they have grown so used to it. If you can’t see the stars at night, there is too much pollution where one lives. J. L. Morin entertained me as I dug further into the book while bringing up these issues. I found it engaging to read. Not many fictional writers bother to address real world issues like pollution into their stories. Overall, I recommend Nature’s Confession to readers everywhere.


Review: The Nephilim Virus









Nick Reese wakes from a three-year coma to find the world he once knew is gone. An ancient virus has infected two-thirds of the world’s population, turning humans into either incredibly intelligent super-humans or large and indestructible animalistic creatures. For the survivors, there is no government, no antidote, and no safety. With the help of a beautiful hematologist named Faith and a man they call the Commander, Nick must survive long enough to discover the origin of the virus and learn how his blood could hold the key to a cure. But he has to do it while being hunted by the infected. And failure means the extinction of the human race.

Author and Hollywood actor John Prather intertwines history, science, and the Bible to create a plausible post-apocalyptic tale. The Nephilim Virus is an intense thriller implementing spiritual ideas and subtle Christian symbolism. The Nephilim Virus is a nonstop race against time from beginning to end.

Rating: 4.5-stars


The Nephilim Virus by John T. Prather is an incredible thriller. It has a dystopian ring to it. A virus breaks us and the world is never again the same. People that were infected become hunters hunting the rest of the population. One man may hold the key to curing those who are infected with the virus. But until it’s solved, he has to struggle in this new world. Fighting to survive felt so real. I was able to visually see the scenes as the happened. Exciting, edgy, and entertaining…I couldn’t stop reading this book. John T. Prather has a way of luring me into his world of fiction. I was intrigued. Overall, I recommend this supernatural thriller to readers everywhere.

Review: Near Haven 


A forgotten shipyard at the edge of the world. Apocalyptic noise from the black-and-white television. A comet. A controversy. And a cat. 

1987. Tom Beaumont is a rural boat builder looking for reason in an age of blind panic. Even the remote town of Near Haven, Maine, can’t escape the tide of violence following news of a coming, global catastrophe. Doubtful of all but his own future,Tom turns to the sea, hoping to find a meridian separating human fictions from the objective reality beyond.

Rating: 4-stars


Near Haven by Matthew Stephen Sirois is a great apocalypse tale. Dark, haunting, and sad. I got to follow as madness erupted throughout the world. Death, loss, and anger. The plot was fascinating. Sucking me in deeper…the events were horrific. Imagine if those events actually happen one day to us all…it all felt so real. Captivating words. Matthew Stephen Sirois is a talented writer. I recommend his novel to readers everywhere. 

Review: The Han Agent 


In the 1930s, Japanese scientists committed heinous crimes in their quest for the ultimate biological weapon.
The war ended. Their mission did not.
Eighty years later, Japanese-American scientist Amika Nakamura won’t let rules stand between her and scientific glory. When the ambitious young virologist defies a ban on the genetic manipulation of influenza, she’s expelled from the university. Desperate to save her career, she accepts a position with a pharmaceutical company in Tokyo. Soon after, a visit to a disputed island entangles her in a high-profile geopolitical struggle between Japan and China. Applying her singular expertise with bird flu in a risky experiment may be the only way out. Little does she know that Japanese ultranationalists and a legacy of unpunished war crimes lurk in the shadows, manipulating people, politics, and science.
But DNA doesn’t lie. Amika uncovers a shocking truth: a deadly virus is about to put the “gene” in genocide.

“Amy Rogers’s latest medical thriller, THE HAN AGENT, is as exciting as it is frighteningly realistic. It could be tomorrow’s headline. Here is a story fraught with taut tension, sudden explosive action, and threaded through with scientific accuracy and speculation that will leave you stunned. Read it…if only to prepare yourself for what might soon become true.”

James Rollins, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Sigma Force series. 

Rating: 3-stars


The Han Agent by Amy Rogers is a science thriller. The whole synopsis sounds way better than the plot itself. The realistic situation of what the main protagonist does as a scientist is unbelievable. She does things halfway through instead of being thorough. A scientist always likes being thorough whether they’re right or wrong. Another situation was how did Amika, the scientist, get to be the main character…it kept me wondering. It sounded like she was still in the process of learning her field. I didn’t believe that she could somehow stumble against a virus that deadly. Plus, even if she did someone above her would have taken the claim for such a discovery. Last, there’s her personality. Amika isn’t likable to me. She comes across as manipulating and devious. It is only right that she does get entangled into a geopolitical situation. I have to say Amika deserves what she gets. If Amika was created innacting more like a real scientist would her title as a scientist would have been more believable. It was like someone tossed her the job and she just rolled with it. Overall, it sounded better than it actually was. Some changes need to be made, once made, I think this would indeed be a great thriller. 

Review: The Criminalist 


“CSI–Without the makeup.”
A Russian model and a reluctant forensic scientist must join forces to fight a dangerous sex trafficking ring.
Paul Connert, just your everyday forensic scientist, keeps a dark secret as he combs through scenes of violent death. Then his world is rocked by the beautiful and desperate Vika Koslava, a Russian model who arrived in the US with her sister for an erotic photo shoot. When the sister disappears, he must join forces with Vika and use all his skills to stop a deadly sex trafficking ring before she meets a similar fate. The Criminalist is the story of forensic science at its best, and it’s all about teamwork, but can everyone on Paul’s team be trusted?
It’s been five years since PAUL CONNERT’S fiancEe died of a drug overdose and he’s never forgiven himself for not trying harder to help. Now he plans to atone. He seeks a woman who reminds him of his lost love and fantasizes about getting her into rehab, even if by force. But then he meets the feisty, alcoholic, VIKA KOSLAVA, a beautiful Russian model who was sent on an erotic website assignment to Santa Barbara with her heroin-addicted sister. When her sister goes missing, Vika is left homeless. Paul uses a clever means to meet Vika, but his intervention fantasy is quickly busted when he meets her, face-to-face.
Paul and his crime lab friends join forces to protect Vika by enrolling her in a secret clinical trial but also continue the search for her sister. We follow Paul and Vika as they go through their daily routines: Paul as he processes a murder scene, Vika as she is exposed to experimental nanoparticles as a part of her addiction therapy. When they get together and form a powerful alliance to fight the violent members of a sex trafficking ring, he will need to use all his scientific skills to keep her safe.
The Author says, “When I retired from a twenty-five year career as a forensic scientist in southern California, I took home a treasure-trove of story ideas. I’ve been there, I’ve collected that and I’ve weathered the subsequent cross-examination, too. When I cooked up The Criminalist, I wanted readers to feel what it was really like to work in a crime lab. I drew from the colorful personalities I had worked with and blended in scenes from real-life cases. The story includes several strong female leads and a plausible, suspenseful plot. There are a few graphic (but not gory) crime scenes and a dash of courtroom drama. Running throughout is an engaging, romantic thread.”

John Houde, author of the award-winning nonfiction book, Crime Lab: A Guide for Nonscientists, has had a career in forensic science spanning four decades. Now he draws upon his experience to spin an intricately woven adventure in the world of truth and lies, love and hate, science and crime…

Rating: 4.5-stars


The Criminalist by John Houde is an interesting crime novel. Forensic science lovers like myself will enjoy this read. Similar to CSI Criminal Minds this novel demonstrates forensic science in a realistic setting. The suspense builds up as I progressed through the pages. The plot was exciting. Crime, drugs, and a disappearance that kept me intrigued. I liked the forensic scientist, Paul Connert. He is a likable character. It is his duty to investigate the case of her missing sister. Intense, frightening, and very believable. John Houde has created a tale that sent me straight into the book. I was hooked. Visa is another main character, that I liked. Her personality is great. The book brought issues like drugs and sex trafficking out in the open. Overall, it stunning, and I recommend it. 

Review: Cat Zero


Artie Marshall is a scientist. She is perpetually underfunded, relegated to a damp basement, and besieged on all sides by sexist colleagues. Added to that she is immersed in a messy divorce. But she’s never been happier: she recently landed her own lab, based in an eclectic think-tank housed in the leafy suburbs of North London.
Artie spends her days studying an obscure cat virus that nobody else in the world seems to have heard of – or cares about. But her arcane little research problem suddenly becomes worryingly relevant as local cats start dropping dead overnight. Matters get worse when people start getting infected too.
Working with her right-hand man Mark, her vet friends and her street-smart technician, Artie races to get to the bottom of the ballooning epidemic. Unexpected assistance arrives in the form of two basement-dwelling mathematicians – a sociopathic recluse and his scary, otherworldly savant mentor. When their mathematical models suggest that the cat plague might actually be more sinister than it first appears, Artie gets drawn into a web of secrets and lies that threatens to blow apart her lab family, undermine her sanity – and endanger her own life. 

Rating: 4-stars


Cat Zero by Jennifer Rohn is an exciting mystery. As an animal lover, the plot was scary. Something like this could happen anytime. I love reading stories that feature a strong female protagonist. Artie is just that. Her world seems to be sinking fast only to leave her in a more dangerous yet complicated situation. A deadly virus is found. Causing not only animals, but humans to die. 

Jennifer Rohn creates suspense with ease. As the characters race to solve the problem at hand, I found myself loving the book more. Death, danger, and intrigue. All wrapped up into a great read. A lot of different elements can be found, here. From science to a bit of romance, there’s a lot happening inside this, tale. However, I still found myself following along. This book, isn’t for everyone…due to the lab stuff. Overall, Cat Zero was good. 

Review: Fault Lines 


As a security expert, Charlie Hazard is all about taking control of the situation. But when the stunning Dr. Gabriella Speciale draws him into a secret psychological project, risk parameters are shattered. Every move brings him to the edge of one fault line after another, and Charlie struggles to stay clear of a maelstrom of entangled dangers. 

The research team abandons the lab on the Florida coast and flees to a mountain refuge in Italy. The battles in Charlie’s mind are overtaken by real life attacks. He must grapple with the daunting realization that a conspiracy is taking hold on both internal and external levels. Can Gabriella be trusted, or is she just part of the scheme? 

Leave behind your assumptions about the way the world works, and race along the unknown corridors of human consciousness in Fault Lines.

Rating: 5-stars


Fault Lines by Thomas Locke is fascinating thriller. Instantly, I was hooked. The story is about mind-shifting technology that one can destroy and another is fighting to keep alive. Danger, risks, and a mystery that propelled me from my chair into the book. The plot was well-developed and built up the intensity as the pages were flipped. Two main characters, Charlie and Gaberiella brought this tale to life. Charlie is in the line of protection duty while Gabriella is a psychologist who takes him deeper into a deadly scenario. My heart raced. The threats felt real. The novel reminded me of the fast-paced Bourne Series. Overall, I recommend this thrilling title to readers worldwide. 

Review: Almost Human


Almost Human is a thriller where creatures with the enormous strength and power of a chimpanzee and the intelligence and size of a human are sought out and discovered in a remote compound in equatorial Africa. The special bond between trainers and their animals is central to the story. Drs. Ken Turner and Fred Savage follow rumors of chimp-human hybrids. The scientists want to study the hybrids, but government operatives want to exploit them. The resulting conflicts threaten Turner and Savage’s research and their lives, as well as the lives of many others. Can they stop the murderous onslaught in time?

Rating: 5-stars


Almost Human by Kenneth L. Decroo is a fascinating thriller. The entire plot hangs onto the theme of: what happens when the line between ape and man is blurred? That question lingers in my mind long after this read. I keep thinking what if…and what will happen if that were indeed a reality. We are already hearing about robots taking over humans in the workforce…what is to say that scientists won’t go so far as to blur the lines between ape and man. 

Almost Human is exciting and terrifying at the same time. The impossible comes possible. Scientists working on experiments that no one really wants to know about…and soon, it will hit the papers. Secrets will come out…and the fear of the unknown will conquer those involved. The plot takes readers to Africa were these experiments occur. Ape-human hybrids…danger is just lurking on every page. The intensity of this wild situation will send readers with nightmares and chills as they explore what happens when the lines become blurred. Kenneth L. Decroo is a talented writer. I was awed and chilled by what his words showed. Interesting scenarios. The characters were brilliant. Both the good and the bad made it believably real. Overall, I recommend Almost Human to readers worldwide. 

Review: Under The Double Integral- Ray Donner (Planet Master)


Under The Double Integral is the second in a series of novels by Stan Burns. It is a sequel to Stan’s first novel, Extraordinary Space, The Integral. Under The Double Integral is a work of science fiction that blends everyday life activities of a family from a moderately sized Midwestern community with various other intriguing activities, known only to a few, mainly that of exploring the vastness of space. In the novel, an ordinary teen is given the means to travel to distant planets and back. His explorative curiosity of the planets is first sparked while in high school and this curiosity continues well into his college years. While Ray Donner’s extra-planetary adventures are intended to be kept secret from his younger siblings, their antics are nevertheless evident throughout the novel. Amazingly, Ray reaches a breakthrough that could have astounding implications for all mankind, a second chance if you will, for mankind to get it right. Ray Donner (Planet Master) Under The Double Integral, and Beyond the Final Frontier.

 Rating: 5-stars


Under the Double Integral – Ray Donner (Planet Master) by Stan Burns is an astounding piece. Explore science and the vast world of space. Every pages leads readers on a journey of a lifetime. Imagine exploring Mercy and Venus and finding valuable gems. Just being on the planets would be exciting enough. I felt like all the things that I learned in Physcial Science were being taught to me again. Except in this entertaining world of fiction, I could easily see how the knowledge would come in handy. Knowing the tempartures and atmosphere stuff is fascinating. The combinations of what there are up of is interesting. The moon, sun, and space travel will definitely hook readers. I definitely was lured. Captivated by the story. The characters were refreshing and kept me turning the pages. Intrigue, educational, and adventure all wrapped into one brilliant read. I haven’t read the first novel, in this series, but I look forward to reading it. Stan Burns has truly created an engaging read. Loved reading his latest book. Overall, I highly recommend Under the Double Integral to readers worldwide. 

Review: The Furies’ Bog


A bog may be Earth’s undoing, but it will be a gift to Mars. Digging up bog bodies and analyzing corpses are the last things archaeology graduate student Felicity Cratchett wants to do. And when unusual mummies are discovered in the subpolar region of Polar Bear Provincial Park, it’s the last place she wants to go. But since her faculty advisor insists that she log more hours in fieldwork, she has little choice. In a remote bog with a small team of scientists, Felicity unearths the greatest secret of our time—a secret with ties to ancient Rome, roots in Botswana, and a link to the first people to exercise abstract thought. This revelation will challenge the conventional theory of human origins and human evolution. Meanwhile, astronaut Lucas Wilson, a man tormented with a deep-seated anger, is terraforming Mars. He reluctantly descends to the Red Planet’s surface with his fellow astronauts, preparing to direct their exploration. Mars, in its birth pangs, will challenge every step he takes, with gas explosions and raging rivers, with damaged fuel processors and limited oxygen supplies. In the midst of these disasters, Lucas must keep his companions from discovering a feat of genetic engineering that will transform Mars like nothing has in over a billion years. The double helix of this masterwork twists all the way back to Earth and Felicity’s mummies. But if he fails, Lucas must decide whether to take up Mars’s sword, or to cast the weapon into a bog.

Rating: 4 stars


The FuriesBog by Deborah Jackson is truly a unique read. It combines the wildlife study and a mission into one great read. The story started out something like that of the Call of the Wild and then transformed into a whole different universe.  Here, readers will find genetic engineering, human evolution, and a deadly mission. Deborah Jackson created a book that intrigues readers minds. Like the boneless mummies found in the bog. A bog that may be the earth’s undoing. Sensitive material and an unwanted investigation dragged me further into this engaging tale. I enjoyed following Felicity and Baruti  as the plot unfolded. These characters held my interest all the way to the end. The Furies’ Bog is science fiction fantasy novel that I would recommend to readers everywhere. I give it a four star rating due to the slow opening in the beginning. I really had to tell myself to keep turning the pages. Once I got past that, it was like the book took off for me. I enjoyed Deborah Jackson’s writing and look forward to reading the next adventure. 

Review: Light

Light: A Radiant History from Creation to the Quantum Age by [Watson, Bruce]



Light begins at Stonehenge, where crowds cheer a solstice sunrise. After sampling myths explaining First Light, the story moves on to early philosophers’ queries, then through the centuries, from Buddhist temples to Biblical scripture, when light was the soul of the divine.
Battling darkness and despair, Gothic architects crafted radiant cathedrals while Dante dreamed a “heaven of pure light.” Later, following Leonardo’s advice, Renaissance artists learned to capture light on canvas. During the Scientific Revolution, Galileo gathered light in his telescope, Descartes measured the rainbow, and Newton used prisms to solidify the science of optics. But even after Newton, light was an enigma. Particle or wave? Did it flow through an invisible “ether”? Through the age of Edison and into the age of lasers, Light reveals how light sparked new wonders–relativity, quantum electrodynamics, fiber optics, and more.

Although lasers now perform everyday miracles, light retains its eternal allure. “For the rest of my life,” Einstein said, “I will reflect on what light is.” Light explores and celebrates such curiosity.

Rating: 5 stars


The Light by  Bruce Watson is a phenomenal read. This book covers everything about Light. Light has always gotten the best of our curiosity. Light can be many things and taken in many different ways. I was amazed at all of the topics covered about light in this title.  From science to history perspectives on light…readers will not only be informed, educated, but also entertained. Fans of history will immediately love this book as much I have reading it. Then there’s the fact that humans have yet to know all there is about light. Measuring it, to capturing it, and then to creating our own light. Many well-known names of scientists and others are mentioned throughout the book. Instantly upon having opened Light, I have gone on a journey of rediscovering and understanding it in more than one way. Bruce Watson has wonderfully crafted an exciting and refreshing detailed book on light. Overall, I enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it to all.


Review: Dark Matter

Dark Matter: A Novel by [Crouch, Blake]



Those are the last words Jason Dessen hears before the masked abductor knocks him unconscious.

Before he awakens to find himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers in hazmat suits.

Before a man Jason’s never met smiles down at him and says, “Welcome back, my friend.”

In this world he’s woken up to, Jason’s life is not the one he knows. His wife is not his wife. His son was never born. And Jason is not an ordinary college physics professor, but a celebrated genius who has achieved something remarkable. Something impossible.

Is it this world or the other that’s the dream? And even if the home he remembers is real, how can Jason possibly make it back to the family he loves? The answers lie in a journey more wondrous and horrifying than anything he could’ve imagined—one that will force him to confront the darkest parts of himself even as he battles a terrifying, seemingly unbeatable foe.

Dark Matter is a brilliantly plotted tale that is at once sweeping and intimate, mind-bendingly strange and profoundly human—a relentlessly surprising science-fiction thriller about choices, paths not taken, and how far we’ll go to claim the lives we dream of.

Rating: 5 stars


Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is absolutely stunning. There is a combination of genres that make up this brilliant novel. A little bit of science fiction, mystery, and mostly all thriller. The story is powerfully written in a way that keeps readers flipping the through the pages. Fast-paced, easy to read, and a read that sucks readers in whole. From the beginning to end readers are lured by the mysterious of what’s about to happen. They know something is about to occur but what and how…keeps them turning the pages in haste to solve the answer. Science, research, abduction and fear. This story sends chills down my back as I progress deeper. An unknown fear takes over as the main character is taken and his fate hanging in the balance. Dark Matter is amazing. The ending is just as satisfying as the beginning. How far do humans fight to get back to where they want to be? To find the answer, readers must open up the novel and read. I loved reading this tale. A fictional world where I lost myself inside the scenes. Well-written and masterfully woven. Bake Crouch knows how to create a piece that readers will never forget. Overall, I highly recommend Dark Matter to readers everywhere.



Review: The Premise

The Premise: A Novel To Save The World by [Crossfield, Andy]



The Premise, like life, is full of contrasts. Good news has bad outcomes, one-time criminals turn out to be heroes, those with the most to live for die early, and solutions coalesce from the most confusing set of clues.

Such is the nature of this novel that coaxes the reader to suspend doubt just long enough to realize we all are just one discovery away from a completely different life.
Set in 2017, you soon realize we are as foreign to what our lives will look like then, as are our lives today when compared to them pre 9/11. When you consider the central question posed by The Premise, introspection is the result. Only you know the answer… would you take the cure?

Andy Crossfield is a first-time author, a fact that may seem hard to believe to the readers of The Premise. Set in the very near future, the plot evolves quickly, moving from a scientist who finds himself killing his co-conspirator, to a prison corporation CEO, that devises the deaths of 13 inmates in order to cover up his larger crimes, to a famous criminologist/mystery writer who becomes entangled with a beautiful, violet-eyed geneticist and tries to uncover why she is being targeted.

The Premise explores the extremes of human nature and ingenuity, and through its many twists and didn’t-see-that-coming revelations, convincingly makes the case that humanity can indeed create a better future. Strap yourself in for one helluva ride. The Premise is an adventure you won’t want to put down!

Rating: 5 stars


The Premise by Andy Crossfield is a political crime fiction that will keep readers turning the pages. There’s enough action that moves the plot in a fast pace. The suspense will hang in the air like a thick-covered blanket until the ending. Andy Crossfield’s writing is brilliant. It combines science, politics, and crime all into one magnificent read. Technology and science hand-in-hand used to solve world issues like ending diseases. The Premise shows readers how easily corruption, greed, power can occur taking everything that is good and using it for the worst. As long as there, is good there will always be evil too. The characters come from all paths of life. Creating an interesting set of characters and a lot of twists. For those who love a good murder and suspense novel, this is definitely a must read. Once readers open this book, they will not want to stop reading it. Overall, I highly recommend this story to readers everywhere.


Review: The X Cure

The X-Cure by [Forciea, Bruce]



Dr. Alex Winter, a brilliant biomedical engineer, teams with Dr. Xiu Ling, a beautiful Chinese scientist, to discover a revolutionary cure for cancer. But Tando Pharmaceuticals, the world’s largest and richest drug producer, also has an interest in the cure, and when they discover that the treatment is flawed as recipients begin to die after four months, causing a media frenzy and a drop in Tando’s stock, they call upon their ‘Mercenary Soldiers of Medicine’ to maintain global domination.

Rating: 5 stars


The X Cure instantly drags readers into a dark and dangerous situation. Ski masks and assault rifles. Kidnapping and men shooting in Chinese…it’s something that will have readers sitting on the edge of their seats wondering why and what’s next. This is one medical thriller that will continue to lure and intrigue readers for a long time to come. Powerfully written and intriguing…imagine a science that destroys cancer cells by using the right amount of energy. Pharmaceuticals, drug  company conspiracies, cancer treatment and traveling to China will keep readers turning the pages fast. Danger, threats, and a revolutionary cure for cancer can all be found within this suspenseful novel. Bruce Forciea is a talented writer who knows how to engage his readers from the beginning to end. The characters are believable and the plot feels real…The X Cure is a masterpiece that readers don’t want to miss. Overall, I highly recommend this medical thriller to readers everywhere.


Review: Vinegar Girl



Kate Battista feels stuck. How did she end up running the house and home for her eccentric scientist father and uppity, pretty younger sister Bunny? Plus, she’s always in trouble at work – her pre-school charges adore her, but their parents don’t always appreciate her unusual opinions and forthright manner.

Dr. Battista has other problems. After years out in the academic wilderness, he is on the verge of a breakthrough. His research could help millions. There’s only one problem: his brilliant young lab assistant, Pyotr, is about to be deported. And without Pyotr, all would be lost.

When Dr. Battista cooks up an outrageous plan that will enable Pyotr to stay in the country, he’s relying – as usual – on Kate to help him. Kate is furious: this time he’s really asking too much. But will she be able to resist the two men’s touchingly ludicrous campaign to bring her around?

Rating: 5 stars


Anne Tyler’s Vinegar Girl is indeed the perfect read for all. There is just the right amount of humor, romance, and intrigue to keep readers hooked. I absolutely loved reading this novel. The story itself is realistic. The main character is beyond believable. She suffers from the same things that the rest of us do. Demanding work, impatient parents, and grief. This leading female character is smart and funny. Anne Taylor brings many topics to her interesting tale. Topics like marriage, love, and family. A remarkable journey Vinegar Girl is. There’s plenty to keep readers buried in the pages.

A young woman struggles with living life. Her father is like a dictator controlling everything she and her sister do. Then her sister gives her and her future man a hard time. Her father’s science project is at its break it or make it moment. Then, his assistant is being sent away…unless he can marry someone. A brilliant young Russian scientist is soon married to a woman. A woman who at first refuses the marital set-up by her father. But once the marriage plans are set…she actually goes through it all. At the ending, Anne Tyler surprises me. Her leading character does something that wraps up the whole novel and sets it off in a satisfying way. Overall, I highly recommend this exciting and well-written novel to all. Vinegar Girl is the perfect read for all.


Review: Blind Thrust



Horrific earthquakes are devastating the Front Range between Denver and Colorado Springs in an area long believed to be seismically quiescent. They are being generated by ruptures along cryptic, mysterious, deeply buried thrust faults (blind thrusts) that, unlike many faults, do not break the surface during large-scale seismic events. Somehow the cause of the unusual earthquakes must be unraveled and the cataclysms stopped before they result in more carnage and devastation. But are they the result of natural tectonic adjustments, hydro-fracking, conventional subsurface sequestering, or clandestine operations?

Environmental Geologist Joe Higheagle is on a mission to find out the answer. But he soon finds himself in a deadly duel of wits against powerful forces. With his team of techie sleuths, Higheagle goes toe to toe against his adversaries while grappling to collect, analyze, and leverage the scientific data needed to prove his case. But at every turn he is thwarted by his shadowy enemy and, with the cataclysms worsening, he may not have enough on his side to solve the mystery and save Colorado from more devastation.

Can he solve the enigma of the earthquakes and gather enough evidence to stop those responsible? Will the tremors continue to wreak death and mayhem across the Front Range? Or will Higheagle and his outgunned team be defeated and ultimately crushed by their adversaries? If the earthquakes are not stopped, thousands more will perish and more towns and homes will be destroyed, leaving countless injured and homeless as well as untold financial damage across the Front Range. But can the resourceful Higheagle and his team stop those responsible? In the end, all they can do is try.

Rating: 5 stars


Once again, Samuel Marquis has presented a masterpiece to readers worldwide. His latest novel, Blind Thrust, is another earth shattering thriller. What I love best about this new bestselling writer’s work, is how he incorporates his knowledge of geology into his writing. An interesting fact for readers that haven’t read any book by Samuel Marquis is that Blind Thrust was also the name of a manuscript. One that was stolen from the main character, Nick Lassiter in The Slush Pile Brigade.  I love the style of writing found in each of the thrillers. The characters are believable and the scenes are action packed. Fast-paced and well-written.  Readers of all ages can find Blind Thrust highly engaging, intriguing, and educational.

Danger, suspense, and a journey like  no other…all inside Blind Thrust. Humans versus mother nature. Adventure, science, and a crime that will keep readers hooked. From the beginning to the end, I found myself lured. A plot that pulls readers into the path of life and death. A place in Colorado is experiencing some mother nature disasters that can turn deadly…but what’s added to the danger ahead is that humans are making worse. One man of science and his friends are hoping to stop that group of humans before all is too late. Survival of the people who live nearby the area, of destruction, are all on the line. Can Joe Higheagle come to the rescue in time or will it be too late? Overall, I loved Samuel Marquis’s novel, and I highly recommend it to all.




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To celebrate Pi Day, we are hosting a writing prompt contest. All participants must email their writing to us at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com. Must be written in English. And must include the prompt in their writing. Also, each entry must have the author’s first and last name, email, and word count. This enables us to give the author credit for his or her writing when it’s published within our magazine. 

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Here is the writing prompt:

Alice was carefully calculating her experiment when a door slammed shut behind. Aggravated to being disrupted in the middle of her experiment she stops and heads over to the door. Only when she tried to open it..it was locked!

Hey! Let me out! Someone open this door now! It’s locked!

Alice kept banging on the door. Hoping someone would hear her. But so far no one heard her. Just then Alice noticed smoke coming into the room from under the locked door.

Oh no! I must get out of here!

Searching the room, there weren’t any windows.

How the hell did I not notice that before!

Feeling frustrated she searched for a key or something to break the door down with. But nothing. Screaming, she shouted at the top of her lungs. Until a male voice behind her said she had a set of healthy lungs. Turning around, Alice caught a small glimpse of a disfigured face that belonged to a man of get built. And then everything went dark.

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Dark World War-Chapter 9

Sabre heard more rumors of Evil One over the course of days. This time, he was reported having had kidnapped Jennifer. One of the teams members. But why?, Sabre thought. To use her as leverage? How could he suddenly have his powers back? What was Evil One’s next move? Would he be returning back to his empire? And where was that male servant of his..
Sabre was snapped put of her thoughts as the Evil One himself appeared in the room.
Getting up, and being to her master Sabre was stunned. He looked younger and happier than before.

“Sabre, I heard you took over while I was away.”

“Yes, master. I just wanted to keep things running smooth. And planning on ways of destroying the team”, she informed him.

Evil One, stripping out of his clothes and walking around her nude..left Sabre speechless. He always had that effect on her no matter what. Coming closer to her, Evil one cups her ass, bringing her closer to his body. His manhood springing to full force was ready to dive into Sabre’s smooth hot liquid core. Kissing her mouth, taking full force, Evil One carries her to his bed..seducing her completely. Knocking away all her pervious thoughts of never letting him near her again. Sighing with pleasure, Sabre wanted more. She never felt like she ever had enough. Sex was good. And with him it was explosive.

After spending the entire night with Sabre, Evil One gets up. Leaving to plan his next moves concerning Jennifer and his godlike child. Not knowing whether it was a girl or boy.  The night with Sabre left him wanting more. It was her power. To seduce and to be seduced. That’s why Evil One had made Sabre and her traitor sister his slaves. He loved bedding with sexy, powerful women. It was one of his weaknesses no one figured out yet. Sabre was completely unaware of what Evil One had done to Jennifer days before.  And he planned to keep it that way for now. Something was troubling Sabre’s mind. He sensed something. But he couldn’t tell what exactly. He never could read her, like her sister Everett.

Chapter 8 Dark World War

Chapter 8:
Dark Designs
Jennifer woke to a bright early sun. Today was her day off. She had planned to go out shopping today. Jennifer went into the bathroom to take a morning shower to wake herself up before she made her morning coffee. She wanted to get a gift for Andrews as a thank you to him for his kindness to her. She knew that he collected coffee cups, like she did. But Andrews was a big time coin collector. She knew of a store near the mall that had some rare coins that she could stop by to find something for him.
After an hour of showering Jennifer wrapped a towel around her body and went into the kitchen to start the coffee maker. Well the coffee maker brewed her favorite morning drink, Jennifer dried her hair and got dressed. She wore a tight pair of blue jeans with a belt. She put on a sports bra because they were far more comfortable, then she put on a small dark green t-shirt over it. She then grabbed a thin black jacket and put it on.
Jennifer got into her truck and left the base. She cruised down the road to the freeway access that will take her to Lynnwood. The trip took Jennifer three hours to reach the town of Lynnwood where the mall was.
“Uh, I’m hungry,” Jennifer complained to herself as she pulled up into the parking lot. She felt her belly complain that it was hungry. “First trip to the food court.” She walked into the main entrance that was on the opposite side of the mall from the food court where Jennifer wanted to be. The mall was crowded, despite the fact that it was a Tuesday. “Oh well,” Jennifer thought to herself. She saw an ice cream shop and just could not resist. Jennifer went up to the counter of the Ice Cream shop to place her order. “I want three scoops of chocolate ice cream with fudge and chocolate sauce.” The girl on the other side of the counter made Jennifer her ice cream bowl and handed it to her after Jennifer paid the young lady for the bowl.
She sat down at a table to enjoy her ice cream. Chocolate was her favorite, and she was thinking of Andrews. This caused Jennifer to think erotically for a moment, and she was enjoying it, but being in a public place may not be the best place for this. She smiled to herself and lightly blushed as she thought of her lover. She finished her ice cream, to it to the trash bin, and walked back into the mall.
Unknown to Jennifer, that a shadowy man in black was following her. He saw her enter a large clothing retail store to look at shoes. Jennifer spent an hour inside the store trying on several different shoes. She bought two new pairs of shoes and walked out to the next store. The shadowy man decided to wait until Jennifer was alone in the parking lot.
After four hours of shopping Jennifer had her hands full of new things for herself, Marylynn, and Everett. Jennifer put all her things in the back seat of her four door truck and locked it. The shadowy man came up from behind and covered Jennifer’s mouth with a cloth laced with chloroform. Jennifer blacks out, and the shadowy man reveals his true self as a male Demon servant to the Evil One. He tore a hole in mid air, tossed Jennifer in and he jumps in after her.
Jennifer stirred and moaned as she slowly woke back up. She felt that she was laying on something very soft and silky. It felt so good to her scared skin. Jennifer woke up to see a dark room with a fireplace lite on the far side of a large room. Jennifer was still in her clothes as she looked at herself, her shoes were missing though. The bed itself was very large and covered in black sheets, blankets, made of silk and other fine materials.
“Someone went all out,” Jennifer said to herself. She stood up on the floor and saw how big the bed was. She saw that the bed was as tall as she was. Jennifer felt her strength return to her, and she looked around for a door or away out. “I need to get out of here.”
“And where would you go?” a powerful male voice echoed from the shadows.
“Who’s there? Show yourself!” Jennifer ordered readying herself for a fight.
A very tall powerful muscular man with pale skin appeared before her. The man towered over Jennifer, he had to be at least seven or eight feet tall. But he was so handsome, Jennifer could not help but be captivated by him. He now seduced her by just looking at him.
“Who are you?” Jennifer asked absent-mindedly.
He stood there directly in front of her nearly naked. He kneeled down to come eye to eye with her. “You are an actual magnificent woman. But you need a few improvements before we engage.”
He kisses Jennifer passionately on her lips, and the act paralyzed Jennifer and made her have an orgasm. The tall powerful has in is hand a vial full of a purple liquid in it. He gently opened Jennifer’s mouth and poured the liquid in her. Jennifer’s reflexes made her drink it. The taste and sudden shock to Jennifer’s body snapped her out of her trance. She held her stomach from a sharp pain inside her belly. In a few seconds Jennifer’s body began to expand. Her muscles grew, her hair gets longer, her breast get larger, her body becomes taller. She tore through her clothes and only had her underwear covering her now. Within a few minutes Jennifer stops growing and she realizes that she was back to the size she was a few weeks ago when she used the wishes from the teapot.
“Now, you are perfect. The ultimate woman, a mortal goddess. The one that will give me what I have desired for so long,” the man smiled evilly at the distracted Jennifer.
“What have you done to me?” Jennifer demanded.
“I have made you into what you should be, now and forever. You will continue to grow stronger and more powerful with every passing second for all time. You are a worthy mate, and lover,” the man when embraced Jennifer.
The hulking woman used her new strength to shove the man off of her. “You are one fucked up fool. You do realize that you have made me the strongest Human to ever live and no one can over power me, right?”
“True you are the strongest Human to ever draw breath, but you can still be controlled and seduced,” he said.
Jennifer felt another orgasm, but this one was so much stronger. So strong in fact that she fell to her knees and became impassioned to the point where she now needed to have sex. It did not matter with whom at this point. She breathed heavily trying to control herself and her unstoppable urges.
“Your urges and appetites have become infinite. The more you resist the stronger your urges and appetites will become,” the man said.
“What sick plan do you have with me, Evil One?” Jennifer demanded knowing who he is now. “What do I have that you want?”
“A divine child,” the Evil One said and then kissed Jennifer even more passionately. Jennifer’s powerful new body became numb and she lost control of everything. Her sexual urges became so uncontrollable that she felt the Evil One force himself into her. Jennifer with the Evil One on her fell onto the bed as he pushed into her harder and harder. He curtest all of her new strong curves and muscles making Jennifer explode with more orgasms then she had ever felt. Even if she could fight, she could not, because the sheer pleasure and the numbness kept her from moving properly. Jennifer had never felt such pleasure before, and she felt so guilty for this.
“Please stop,” Jennifer whimpered, but her plea went without a reply.
“Where is Jennifer? She has been missing for three days!” Andrews stated worried.
“I don’t fucking know you crazed primate!” Huxcu complained.
“I may know,” Everett said coming up to Andrews.
“Where?” the young general demanded.
“I felt a dark vortex form in that town you call Lynnwood. Jennifer was there. She may have been taken to the dark realm,” Everett admitted.
“If she is in the dark realm, what will happen to her?” Marylynn asked.
“I’m not sure, but we need to get her out of there though,” Everett said.
“Can you still get to the dark realm?” Andrews asked.
“I can, but I’ll need help and I can only take one other person with me,” Everett warned.
“Take me with you. I want to make sure that Jennifer is safe,” Andrews said.
“You must really like that short, dike,” Huxcu laughed. A female Grey Alien smacked Huxcu on the back of his head for the insult.
“Idiot!” the female Grey Alien screamed at Huxcu.
“Everett, what do you need to get us to the dark realm?” Andrews asked.
“Just a small dark room, and if you want to come, follow me,” the Demoness ordered.
An hour later Everett got her dark room and Andrews followed her into it.
“Okay the transition is going to be a little rough for you. You’re not use to it,” Everett warned her Human ally.
“Just do it. I’ll worry about the consequences later,” Andrews ordered.
Everett’s hands began to glow purple and then she made a circle. The circle formed into a vortex to the dark realm. Everett and Andrews jumped in and the vortex closed behind them.
Jennifer laid in the black sheeted and blanketed bed completely naked and sweating hard. For the last three days she had been having sex with the Evil One. How could he do that for three straight days, and somehow she could do it too. In fact she had more energy in her then before, and she hated this. She felt that she has betrayed Andrews. She started to sob, until the arm of her violator wrapped around her shoulder and rested his hand on her gigantic breast. She shoved him off of her to give herself some space. She then felt him fondle her larger buttocks. This was now getting irritating to Jennifer.
“Stop it damn it. You have been banging me for three days now, and you are still at it? How much do you want?” Jennifer complained.
“I will not stop until you fulfill your mission for me. Until then, I will enjoy you,” the Evil One said slyly.
Jennifer felt something odd in her belly. It was enough to cause Jennifer to moan lightly. The Evil One knew that something was up and he felt Jennifer’s stomach.
“You have done it. You are pregnant with a powerful child,” he whispered into her ear.
“You fucking man whore,” Jennifer spat.
“You truly are a magnificent woman. Imagine the children that you will bring into the world. Powerful beings, gods and goddess that will conquer all the known realms. You will be the mother of the most powerful beings in the universe,” the Evil One promised.
“I’ll mother this one and no more kids for you!” Jennifer said sitting up. She felt her stomach and found it to be harder then normal. “My god I’m hungry!”
The Evil One snapped his fingers and a table appeared with all of Jennifer’s favorite treats, snacks, and secret desires to eat. Jennifer’s appetite overcame her and she started eating and could not stop. As she ate more candy appeared. Chocolate ice cream, fudge, brownies, peeps, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, apple pies, popcorn, and chocolate covered fruit. Jennifer loved it all and she just could not stop stuffing herself.
“Eat all you want. You will have al you could ever desire,” the Evil One ran his fingers over Jennifer’s naked curves and large muscles. “The pleasures will never stop.”
Jennifer felt a small bump in her belly. The baby growing inside her was growing fast. She stopped eating and realized what was going on. She had to resist his temptations to her.
Jennifer summoned all of her strength and elbowed him in his stomach. The sudden strike allowed Jennifer to quickly turn around faster then she was ever able to, and punched him so hard in the face that his skull fractured. She picked him up and held the unconscious Evil One over her head and Jennifer tossed him into a tub. Jennifer found several chemicals and dumped them into the tub and turned on the hot water.
“Soak on that, you fucking pig!” Jennifer spat. She found the door that lead out of the room to be locked. Jennifer remembered that she is the strongest Human ever, s she used her strength to break down the door. “Well that was easy.” Jennifer ran down the hall completely naked and oblivious to the cold. “I think I need some clothes that will fit me?” Jennifer looked behind her and saw how far she ran. “Wow I’m so much faster now!” Jennifer smiled to herself. “I actually like this. Maybe I can put this new power to use. The Evil One just made me his equal and I will make sure that he can’t do any more damage.”
Jennifer busted down the door to a Demoness’s dressing room. Four Demoness’s looked up at the seven-foot tall Human behemoth of a woman. Two of them launch themselves at Jennifer only for her to swat at them. Jennifer shattered their bones killing them instantly. The other two Demoness’s hissed at Jennifer but they backed away from her as she came closer.
“You two are going to get me some clothes that fit,” Jennifer ordered.
“Why?” one of the Demoness’s asked.
“Do you want a broken skeleton?” Jennifer asked. They both shook their heads. The other Demoness went into the closet and brought out some underwear for Jennifer to wear. “This bra and panties are all you have?”
“It’s the only thing in your size,” the Demoness complained.
“Alright, now get lost,” Jennifer, ordered. She slipped into the underwear and put on the very tight bra. She felt her belly again and noticed that the tiny bump was now slightly larger. “You’re growing fast. We need to get out of here.” Jennifer looked around. “Well it’s a good thing that you have the most powerful mommy ever.”
Jennifer used her new strength to run faster then she ever could. She then came across a lab. Jennifer forced her way in and found it empty. She found books, tubes, beakers, and racks full of vials. Jenifer went to the vials and saw labels on each one. One said infinite strength, another said growth, one said rain, water, fire, mind.
“Decisions, decisions,” Jennifer thought. Then she decided to try them all. There were a hundred vials of magical potions. Jennifer drink one after another after another. After the hundredth vial Jennifer’s belly felt sore. “Holy crap my belly feels like it’s going to explode!” Jennifer felt massive surges of power coursing thru her. Jennifer’s belly starts to expand at a rapid rate. She watched her belly grow bigger, because the baby inside her was growing larger faster. Her child is getting more powerful and that was causing her child to grow.
“Everett, are you sure you know where to go?” Andrews asked the Demoness.
“Yes I do. We need to get to the lab to get a few things for me,” Everett said. She was hoping to get a few potions to use and to keep. They wonder threw the fortress for an hour before they come across a door that had been smashed open. They heard a female moaning loudly.
“That sounds like Jennifer,” Andrews said excited.
He and Everett went into the room and saw that it was indeed Jennifer, a very large Jennifer with an enormous pregnant belly. She looked just like she did when she took the teapot and wished for this body. And she looked like Everett when she was pregnant.
“Andrews, Everett, please help me!” Jennifer cried out to them.
“She’s huge! We both are not strong enough to lift her. And she has a very large baby in her belly,” Everett complained.
“We can’t just leave her here!” Andrews roared.
“What happened to all the vials?” Everett asked worried.
“I drank them all,” Jennifer admitted.
“You what?” Everett asked astonished.
“I was hoping to get stronger or bigger, but my baby got bigger and stronger instead,” Jennifer said out of breath.
“You did the same thing I did,” But you have the powers too now. It’s all permanent and I’ll tell you right now,” Everett put her hand on Jennifer’s naked belly. “You have a divine baby girl growing inside you.” Everett was astonished. She always wanted to have this child, but Jennifer was the destined mother all along. Jennifer sat up towering over both Andrews and Everett. “Can you walk?” Jennifer nodded.
Jennifer was outrunning Andrews and Everett as they struggled to keep up. Jennifer felt odd with her massive belly but she was able to run. She ran right through a ten-inch thick solid wall of stone as if it was tissue paper. She jumped down several stories and landed on her feet with no pain. Andrews held on to Everett as she jumped the same distance.
Jennifer all of a sudden felt a surge of pain in her belly.
“She’s in labor. We don’t have much time,” Everett warned.
Jennifer fell to her knees unable to stand back up. Andrews did what he could to hold her up. However Jennifer weighed five hundred pounds and was twice Andrews size now. Everett worked as fast as she could to open a more powerful portal. Everett’s powers are stronger in the dark realm so she can make the vortex large enough for the three of them. Jennifer’s cries of pain got louder as she struggled to hold her child inside long enough to get out of the dark realm. Andrews was struggling to keep Jennifer on her feet. Everett got the vortex open, and not a moment too soon. Andrews walked Jennifer through and Everett followed them in.
Jennifer laid on a hospital bed screaming in pain as she pushed out her child. A few hours later Jennifer gave birth to a ten pound baby girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.
“She is so gorgeous,” Jennifer smiled and cried.
“What is her name?” Marylynn asked cooing at the baby. Everett was also in the room smiling at the baby.
“I will name her Danielle,” Jennifer kissed the baby on her forehead. “She is mine.”

Dark World War- Chapter 7

The Evil One went into hiding. Nobody knows where or how long. All they know is that the Evil One is disfigured and left powerless now. Sabre was left with her boss, the Evil One’s empire all to herself. What to do…, she thought. It was no use waiting for Evil One to return. What could he possibly do to her now? Absolutely nothing. If all the rumors were true. Sitting in the Evil One’s chair, Sabre ponders her options. She can now take over. Become powerful and rule the empire herself. Making the male minions serve her like they served Evil One. Then she can take care of her sister, the trader. Going over to the other side. Now, I’ll crush her. Making her wish she had died earlier. Before her sister Everett, went to the other side. Sabre tempted to kill her own sister. She wanted the Evil One to herself. She wanted the Evil One to love her. But he didn’t. And now that he’s weak. Sabre isn’t going to let him near her. She will destroy him. As well as destroying her sister too. And that meddling American team with their alien friends. Trying to save the world. Not if she can stop them.

Sabre leaves the chair and heads to the Evil One’s private library. The library was off guard to everyone. Anyone who went in would be killed. Try killing me now, Evil One..Sabre silently said to herself. Stepping into the library, there were thousands upon thousands of books ! Tables were full of glass bottles with different colored liquids glowing, sizzling, and bubbling. What the heck are these, Sabre thought. This could take longer than she expected.

Back at the other world, the team was struggling with a major problem. If they didn’t get off the planet soon, they will all perish.  The Judge, and the eight member team were rushing out of the building as fast as possible. Heading back to their spacecraft to and leaving the planet far behind them, a huge tidal wave from the explosion forces their craft to move.

“Wow, that was fast..”, Marylynn stated.

“Yeah, there goes my whole planet as I once knew it”, the Judge commented back.

“Well, I am just happy to be alive”, Horcux told them all.

“Let’s head back home, guys”, Andrews says.

“You got it boss!”, Horcux said.

Feeling a tad shaken over having almost died, Jennifer sits quietly. Andrew sensing her quietness sits down beside her. Taking his arm to bring her closer to him. Jennifer feeling relief from Andrew’s comfort silently cries. Having his arm around her reassured they would all be okay.

Everett almost forgot about the necklace.

“Hey guys, I have the necklace!”

Cheers exploded all around the ship. Having barely escaped death, at least their efforts of their mission weren’t wasted. They had what they came looking for.

“So, what do we do now?”, the Judge asked.

“Now, we will just place it where it will be safe”, Markus replied.

“And the Evil One?”, the Judge asked again.

“We just have to wait, til he shows up again. And then fight him then”, Andrews said.

The craft once again fell silent as the craft reached it’s designation..

Meanwhile back the the Evil One’s empire. Sabre was reading all the books, and going through the spells. Hm..so this is how the Evil One…but before she could finish her thought, one of the male minions came in.

“Sabre! The Americans got away with another object!!”, he announced.

“What?!!! How??!!”, she demanded from him.

“Evil One was there, with Amanda. And of course the team was there and..”

“Wait, Evil One was there?”, she questioned him.

“Yeah, he was. There with Amanda.”

“I shall have to deal with Amanda then..”

“Actually, she’s dead.”

“She is? How? And tell me everything! Or else I shall inform Evil One how unfaithful you are as a servant to him”, she demanded.

Feeling fear of what Sabre would do, the minion told her everything he knew. Then after she got her information from him, she killed him. Sending him flying across the wall, where there were metal spikes. Hitting the wall, he was noting but disembodied and blood. Leaving the room, Sabre ordered two other minions to clean up the mess. She headed up to her room. What to do now..If the Evil One is gaining his powers back he could destroy her easily. But, if he’s not then she could easily continue with her plans. Destroying him, and her sister. And the American team too. Then she will expand the empire as her own. Everyone will answer to her.

Dark World War- Chapter 6

Chapter 6



“I’m still rather impressed that you were able to convince Miss Everett here to aid us in our research,” Admiral Sertus said still shocked by Princess Marylynn’s efforts to convert Everett to their side to help them. The old female Admiral turns to Everett who was standing next to Marylynn. “Tell me everything about your former master.”

“That’ll take hours, but if you want the short version?” Everett asked.

“Maybe you should type up a report. You do know how to do that right?” Sertus asked the Dmeoness Human hybrid.

“Yes, Admiral I do know how to use a computer. I am a scientist from where I’m from,” Everett said flatly.

“Funny, I thought that you were a sex toy? Not a scientist?” Sertus said trying to get under Everett’s skin to test her personality.

“I get that a lot. I really don’t care what you think of me. I will however do my job,” Everett said.

“Good,” is all Sertus said and she walked out.

“That went well. But at least they will let you in,” Marylynn said sheepishly.

“She likes me though, I can tell that. That was a test,” Everett pointed out. She sat down at a nearby computer to type up her report that Sertus wanted.

“Will you tell them about your sister, Sabre?” Marylynn asked.

“Yes I am. But I’m going to recommend that they just observe her, in order to keep on top of her activities,” Everett pointed out.

“Are you sure?” the Princess asked.

“Yes I am sure,” Everett said.

“So how was the dance that you and Markus conducted?” Marylynn asked wanting to change the subject.

“You were right. Markus is quite the man. A romantic and that was the first time that I’ve had the pleasure of romance. It felt good, I loved it. You were right,” Everett smiled up at Marylynn as she moved behind the computer in front of Everett.

“That is wonderful to hear. I am happy for you,” the Princess said.


“What is it” General Andrews asked Huxcu the Grey Alien half Andrews height.

“We have detected a planet that is identical properties to this one. A duplicate Earth in a parallel universe,” the Grey leader informed Andrews.

“Can you tell what’s there?” the young General asked.

“No, We would need to send a team to it to see for sure,” the alien mentioned.

“Okay, an away team it is. I’ll put one together,” Andrews thought out loud.


Jennifer was in the gym exercising by herself. She had her headphones in listening to a Disney song as she did her sit-ups.

“You look good sweaty,” Andrews smiled at Jennifer getting her attention.

“You would too,” Jennifer smiled as she sat back up.

“You are one strong gal, just don’t go super woman on me again,” Andrews said.

“Yeah whatever. I know you like me like that,” Jennifer said grinning.

“Well get cleaned up and meet me in the boardroom in forty minutes,” Andrews tossed a towel to Jennifer.


Thirty minutes later Jennifer walks into the boardroom dressed in a pair of jeans with a blue shirt and was wearing a jacket. The room was filled mostly with uniformed military personnel. Princess Marylynn and Everett along with Markus were also in the room with Huxcu at the screen.

“Glad that you could show up,” Admiral Sertus the highest-ranking person in the room said.

“Sorry. So what did I miss?” Jennifer asked.

“Huxcu here just told us that the extra-dimensional detector has found a double of Earth,” an Air Force general pointed out.

“Yes, We’ll also need to send a team to that planet. We may have found a Sacred Object there,” General Andrews pointed out.

“Which one?” Everett asked.

“We’re not sure yet. That’s why an away team is going over there,” another General said.

“So who is going there?” Jennifer asked.


“I can’t believe that you forced me into this,” Jennifer complained to Andrews.

“What is the matter? I would think that you would want to go on a mission like this,” Marylynn asked her.

“Not to another world! I don’t think that I’ll be much use if it’s a medieval world,” Jennifer said to the Princess.

“Funny it looked like a technological world to me? Though a little barren,” Everett thought out loud.

The team consists of Jennifer, Marylynn, Markus, Everett, Andrews, and Huxcu. They are accompanied by two Army Rangers that were armed with a multitude of advanced weapons.

“Andrews, we going to have a little chat about this when we get back,” Jennifer said. Andrews looked worried; maybe he did not think this through for her.

The massive machine powers up and the portal of energy comes to life. The portal has become stable the team walked threw.


The eight person team walked onto a barren sun baked ground.

“Uh, the desert, why couldn’t we end up near a tropical island?” Everett complained.

“There is a city roughly fifteen miles to the east of us,” Markus informed everyone as he looked at his tablet.

“Fifteen miles! What the fuck?” Jennifer went into a rant. “That’s maybe a two day hike?”

“The heat will be a problem,” Huxcu said. “Hey Princess! Can you alter the weather with your magic or make it cooler around us?”

“I’ will try to do something,” Marylynn said. She begins to do her magical dance that would change the weather. As a pink and red magical energy built up around her, the magical powers of the Princess all of a sudden shot lightening and electrocuted her. Marylynn is shot back and Everett caught her.

“What happened?” Jennifer asked.

“I do not know. That has never happened to me before,” Marylynn said lightly dazed.

Markus took out a scanner and scanned the air. “I think I know why. The atmosphere has elevated levels of radiation, consistent with that of a nuclear test site, or in this case a nuclear war.”

“We’re in a radiation field?” Everett almost screamed.

“Not just the field, the whole planet is like this,” Markus said.

“How dangerous?” Andrews asked.

“We can stay for up to three days before the radiation starts to affect us,” the male scientist said.

“Three days, and two of those days will be devoted to walking. Unless,” Andrews saw what looked like a large van near a road. “Does it still work? Sergeant!”

One of the Rangers slung his rifle to his back to look at the van. He opened the hood of the engine to look at the machine inside. “The only thing this van needs is gas. Other then that it looks functional.”

“Uh corporal, you have a drone that uses gasoline, right?” Andrews asked the female corporal.  She nodded yes. “Put it in.” The corporal took out the drone and the small gas can and dumped the fuel into the tank of the van.

“We may have just enough to make it to the city,” the female corporal said.

“Alright then, everyone in!” Andrews said.

As ordered the eight individuals climbed into the van with the sergeant in the driver seat. He started up the engine and released the brakes. The van goes to the east where Markus pointed.


The team reaches the city in forty minutes and see a massive wall of metal and buildings in the distance.

“Where’s the door?” Huxcu asked looking up.

“I think will have to climb it?” the Corporal looked up too.

“It’s over two hundred feet tall! How do we scale it?” the male sergeant.

“How about that?” Markus pointed to what looked like a window on a ledge in the wall.

“It’s pretty low to the ground. Maybe it’s a sensor array?” Jennifer thought out loud.

“Let’s go see,” Everett said getting out of the van.

The Demoness ran over to the wall and used her Demoness powers to jump up thirty feet into the air. She got behind the sensor array and saw a maintenance door. “Hey there is a door up here!” The sergeant shot us a rope to Everett for her to catch. The Demoness catches the rope and ties it to a chock in the wall. “Okay it’s safe to climb up!” The other seven slowly climb up the thirty-foot rope to where Everett is.  “Man you people are so slow!”

“Well we are not all Demoness with super Human strength,” Jennifer stated.

The sergeant forced the door open and it leads them all into a dimly lite metal tunnel.  They wonder through the tunnels until they come to a light. The light was another hole that showed what was on the other side of the wall. It was a massive city with very tall towers and flying cars.

“Wow, okay now I’m glad you took me along,” Jennifer said in disbelief.

“It looks dirty at the bottom,” Marylynn commented looking at the streets below.

“Maybe we’re in the bad part of town?” Everett suggested to her best friend the Princess.

They all climb down to the street level to find it deserted and in a dilapidated state. Trash was everywhere and graffiti also decorated the buildings. The Sergeant and the Corporal raised their guns ready for a fight. They were trained for urban warfare.

“We have to be careful, there could be terrorist or violent gangs running around these parts,” the Corporal said.

“Yeah I would say violent gangs, by the look of the graffiti,” Jennifer postulated.

“I agree, we had better find the authorities,” Andrews suggested.

“For all we know the authorities are totalitarian psychopaths,” Markus said back.

“We’ll have to take that chance. If they are hostile, Huxcu here can give them something to think about,” Andrews put his hand on the Alien Grey’s shoulder.

“You’re putting a lot of fucking stock into me? You morons must be desperate,” Huxcu cracked. “It will also depend on how advanced these primitives are.”

An explosion a block away was seen. Emergency vehicles race to the scene and people are held back by armored police officers. Gunfire was also heard as cars are thrown on their sides to be a form of protection from bullets. These were punks with guns. Men and women firing at the local police and normal people. Helicopters soar above and blast the building behind the gang gunmen. The shockwave from the explosion destroyed the building and killed all the gang men.

Then a fleet of motorcycles race towards the battle scene with odd looking policemen or soldiers riding them. Nine of these cyclist in total pull up to the destroyed building.

“Flatten the Horde Punk’s defenses and barricade all streets in the surrounding blocks!” the leader ordered.

“Yes, Judge!” the other eight saluted and run in separate directions.

“It’s Judge!” a female gang member with a Mohawk and many piercings shouted.

“Alrighty then, time to decapitate us a super soldier!” a crazed drugged out junky with a machine gun said hysterically. He insanely fired at the man called Judge. “Die, Judge, Die!”

Judge rolled and ducked behind a wall to avoid the gunfire. “You know how many times I hear that a day?” He took out his oversized handgun. “Activate incendiary rounds.”

Judge came out of his defense position and opened fire. He set the crazed gang man on fire. He screamed violently and he ran around like crazy. Judge looked at the female who was shaking. She dropped her gun and ran. One of Judge’s female allies punches the female gang member in the face, knocking her out.

“Round up these scum,” Judge ordered. He looked in another after his H.U.D. picked up an odd signal. “Return to base. I want to check out a strange read.”

The eight super soldiers take away fifteen gang members to the prisons. Judge activated his cloaking field to make himself invisible.

“Well that is interesting,” Jennifer commented on the whole episode.

“Where did the ninth knight go?” Marylyn asked.

“I don’t know that that worries me,” Everett said looking around.

All of a sudden the Sergeant is tossed aside and Judge appears out of thin air. He pointed his gun at the Corporal, and she pointed her rifle at him.

Everett got an idea. She came in front of Judge insinuating her curvaceous body in an attempt to use her Demoness powers to seduce him. If she can seduce him, she can control him. “Tell me, handsome, how do you want me. I can be as sexy and lustful as you want.”

What happens next was something that Everett never expected. Judge punched Everett in the face so hard that he knocked her out cold. “Don’t even try it bitch!”

“Okay jackass, then we’ll do this the old fashion way,” Andrews said. Judge ran up to Andrews, picked him up and tossed the young general aside and into the Corporal.

Jennifer using her martial arts skills kicks Judge in the stomach only to see that it did not phase him. He then kicked Jennifer in her stomach in the same manner that she attacked him with. Jennifer was unable to withstand Judge’s powerful attack. She felt like puking after the attack. Judge pointed his weapon at Jennifer’s face. Andrews tackle the armored man to the ground. He punches Judge in the face as many times as he could and as hard as he could.

“Get off of me you dirt bag!” Judge grabbed Andrews leg yanked on him. This forced Andrews off and to the ground. Hurting badly Andrews coughed up blood.

Judge pointed his gun at Andrews ready to fire.

“Stop, please!” Marylynn cried out. She came in front of Judge and Andrews. “Please, we mean no harm. We have only come to retrieve a sacred item, nothing more.”

“A what?” Judge demanded.

“A magical item that is too dangerous here. I beg of you, we are not dangerous,” Marylynn said.

“I believe you,” Judge said lowering his gun.

“Thank you. Now I believe that a proper introduction is in order,” Marylynn curtsy to the armored man.

“Save it, I know who you all are now,” Judge said.

“How?” Jennifer demanded.

“I’m also a telepath,” Judge admitted.

“So why did you attack us?” Markus asked.

“It takes time to read minds, you moron,” Judge spat. “Come on, we’re going downtown.”


At the main law enforcement headquarters in the city’s downtown Judge brought the eight visitors inside the building.

“Take the Demoness to the medical ward. She’ll be treated for the concussion there,” Judge pointed to a white painted door.

“Yeah whatever, fucker,” Everett complained menacingly.

“Be nice to him. He is willing to help you now,” Marylynn said to Everett almost sounding like an order.

‘This bastard punched me in the face! No man has ever punched me before,” Everett complained.

“A first time for everything?” Marylynn thought out loud.

“When I do my lustful act, men usually go head over heels for me, and want to make love to me immediately, not punch me in the face. That was embarrassing, I feel inadequate now,” Everett complained.

“Markus will still love you and want you. Just do your lustful dance for him and you shall be restored to your legendary sexual appeal,” Marylynn smiled to her friend.

“I suppose. When we get back, I’ll need a few days with Markus,” Everett smiled playfully.

“I see, well I am sure he will not argue,” Marylynn smiled.

“I know he won’t. He enjoys me and I enjoy him,” Everett said as a female doctor started to examine her.


“Is this what you were looking for?” Judge held out a strange looking necklace.

“It is. Thank you Judge,” Jennifer smiled as Judge tossed it to her.

“We have no use for it. It doesn’t work in this radioactive environment,” Judge pointed out.

The room shakes violently. “What the hell?” Judge stated. Everyone runs outside to see the whole city was shaking itself to pieces.


Marylynn runs outside with an injured Everett. Two gang men came up to the two ladies and tossed a gas bomb at them.

Marylynn wakes up to see that she was tied up. Everett was restrained by chains and one of them was taking blood samples of the Demoness.

“You and your friend are an interesting breed. But your friend here is the actual interesting one. An actual Demoness, and with her powers in our hands, we will over take the cops and rule the city,” a pale muscular man said. “Amanda!” he called out to a normal looking woman with red hair. “The Demoness’s powers and blood will only work on women, and this gal has volunteered to test this out.”

“You cannot. She is a moral! Everett’s powers are too much for your lady to handle!” Marylynn warned.

“Oh please, I can handle anything,” the young lady arrogantly proclaimed. “Give me her blood and make me a Demoness.”

“Who are you?” Marylynn asked.

“I’m the leader of this gang, my name is Amanda,” Amanda smiled evily.

The normal looking red haired woman took off her shirt and pants to show that she only had her underwear on. She laid on a table relaxed and ready to be injected with Everett’s blood. A scrawny looking man with a syringe full of Everett’s blood, sticks Amanda’s left arm.

Amanda breathed heavily and started to moan. Her body started to grow and her skin went from tan to pale. Her hair grew longer and purely red. Her muscles lightly expand and her breast also expand. In a minute Amanda grew six feet tall from her small five foot form. Amanda sat up laughing evilly.

“Oh yes the power that is now inside me is incredible. I will take this city and all will fall to me!” Amanda laughed.

“You are mad!” Marylynn yelled.

“We will see,” Amanda countered.

An explosion destroys the back wall and Judges walks in. “You are all under arrest! Resist and I will terminate you!”

Amanda laughed hard, “You fool I am the law now!”

Judge responded by shooting at her. Amanda used her new Demoness powers to protect her from Judge’s attacks.

“How are you able to use magic here?” Marylynn asked.

“My body is radiated and it protects and enhances the magical powers now growing inside me. I am the only magical being able to be here!” Amanda is punched by Judge.

“You have always talked too much,” Judge pointed out. He shots Marylynn’s restrains and Everett’s too, who was now awake to watch the whole thing transpire.

“You stole my powers you bitch! Now you’re going to pay!” Everett snarled.

Amanda shot off a beam of black magical energy at Everett. The force blasted the Demoness into the wall. Then she slammed Judge and Marylynn with a wave of energy. “Hahahahahaha you are all so pathetic. I am practically a goddess now!”

“We’ll see about that,” Everett spat and used what little power she had to jump into the air and pounce on the red head. Judge also shot at Amanda.

“Who is she?” Marylynn asked Judge.

“Amanda is the richest person in the city and a popular super model. She is known for her appetites and lust, as well as being greedy,” Judge explained to the Princess.

“If she has all this wealth and popularity, why would she what to do this?” Marylynn asked.

“Don’t know, and I don’t care. All I want is to take her down, she is now a dangerous criminal,” Judge said loading his gun.

“Then let me help,” the Princess asked.

“You’ll get in the way, just stay down,” Judge ordered.

“You need help! Everett and me are all you have. Teach me how to use this weapon,” Marylynn said holding up a similar weapon to Judge’s oversized multi round pistol.

“Fine. The weapon is voice activated and has nine different forms of rounds in its clips. They are listed on the small screen. Once selected point and shot,” Judge explained to the Princess.

“Okay I understand,” Marylynn said and pointed the weapon at Amanda’s forces. “Incendiary!” She opens fire wildly causing a fire that burned all of Amanda’s followers.

“I don’t need them. I have this power now. I can do anything!” Amanda roared.

Everett kicked Amanda in her back knocking her down face first. “You are one deluded whore, you know that!”

The red head swiped and hit Everett so hard that she sent Everett flying. Marylynn helped Everett up and Judge stood in front of them to protect them. The building is now on fire and the heat and smoke became unbearable. A shadowy figure appeared a person the Everett knew all too well.

“Who the fuck is that?” Judge demanded.

“That’s my former master, the one you call the Evil One,” Everett said.

“That man is the Evil One?” Marylynn asked shocked, and she could see why so many women fall for him, he was so handsome and powerful. Marylynn has become enchanted by him.

“What do you want?” Amanda demanded.

“Such arrogance, woman. You being yourself above your fellow man. But you have become the means that I need to destroy this world,” The Evil One said.

“This can’t be good,” Judge added.

“You wouldn’t!” Everett pleaded.

“The Princess has made you weak, You deserve to share her fate,” Everett’s former master spat at his failed lover.

“Marylynn was right, you are a monster. I was a fool to love you!” Everett snapped with tears in her eyes.

“You can hammer out the emotional crap later! Right now we need to stop him and the crazed bitch!” Judge then opened fire on the Evil One. The Evil One shot at judge sending him, Marylynn and Everett into the wall.

The Evil One approaches Amanda. “What are you going to do?” Amanda asked now enchanted by this sexy man.

“Like I said, you have become the instrument that I need to destroy this troublesome world,” the evil man smiled.

“How?” Amanda asked now worried.

“Like this!” The Evil One kisses Amanda on the lips filling her with an incredible explosive power. He then laughs and vanishes.

Amanda felt enormous pain throughout her body, she felt as if she was going to explode.

“What just happened?” Judge asked Everett.

“Oh no, Amanda has a massive build up of explosive black magic. She has become a world busting bomb! We have to get out of here!” Everett said.

Amanda wailed in pain as her body began to expand in every direction. Amanda looked as if she was getting fatter as she began to grow bigger. “What is happening to me?”

Everett grabbed both Marylynn and Judge and pulled them out of the burning building. Amanda in the meanwhile kept growing larger and fatter as she felt so much power grow and explode inside her. Marylynn, Judge, and Everett ran out of the building and felt the ground shake. The burning building all of a sudden exploded and a pale organic mass came out of it.

“Is that Amanda?” Marylynn asked.

“Yeah it is, She will continue to grow bigger until the power gets to critical mass inside her then then she’ll explode. The explosion will be enough to shatter the crust of the planet,” Everett explained.

“How do you know this?” Judge asked.

“Because this is how the Evil One destroys worlds. A Demoness volunteers to become a divine bomb of their master. Remember that black mist that covered your world, Princess?” Everett asked Marylynn. She nodded her head. “That was Kera a young Demoness that was rendered barren by one of the Evil One’s foes. Her master made love to her and then gave her the power to become a world killer. She turned into a black mist that dissolve a planet and then exploded.”

“That’s barbaric, and you Demoness’s actually volunteer for that?” Judge asked.

“All Demoness’s love the Evil One and will do anything for him. I was foolish enough to as well once,” Everett said sounding ashamed.

“Needless to say you’re different. Now how to we stop this?” Judge asked.

“We can’t. Once given the explosive black power it cannot be stopped. We have to get off this planet,” Everett said.

The pale organic mass started to glow and expand faster. Amanda’s mass has now flattened almost a hundred blocks and a dozen mega towers.

“Once she becomes as big as the city, she’ll explode,” Everett said as the three run up to Jennifer, Markus, and Andrews.

“What the hell is that?” Andrews pointed at the growing pale mass.

“How long before she gets as big as the city, Markus?” Everett asked.

Markus pulled out his tablet and scanned the growing mass. “My god it’s Human! And if she continues to grow at this pace, She’ll be as big as the city in twenty five minutes.”

“We need to get out of here,” Andrews ordered.

“Judge, come with us!” Marylynn asked.

“There has to be away to stop this!” Judge demanded.

“I can’t figure it out in twenty five minutes!” Markus yelled.

The nine man team run to a military van that Judge had ready. They race out of the city being chased by the pale organic mass that is Amanda’s flesh. Once outside the city they see the mass consume the city, and the mass was glowing.

“Through the portal!” Andrews ordered to Judge who was driving.

“Got it!” Judge responded and raced into the forming vortex.

Once the van runs through the vortex it closes behind them.


Amanda was in excruciating pain. Her perfect body was now ruined and she just cannot stop growing. Her powers explode inside her more violently every passing second. “It hurts so much. Just explode already!” Amanda’s body shakes violently as she has now hit her limits. Then next thing that happens to Amanda was that everything went black.

Her body explodes so violently that it shatters the crust of the planet. Then the planet fell apart.


Dark World War- Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Halloween Horror’s


Two weeks after the incident that tore through the base and caused destruction. The beast that came from out of nowhere was killed and is now being dissected and analyzed. Most of the destruction was actually from Jennifer’s emotional rampage and unstoppable growth from wishing on the teapot to grow herself. But very few know this and the rumor is that the creature actually did the damage.

Jennifer now partially cured of her emotional jealousy. She is now more open to Marylynn as a close friend. She now has an intense romance with Andrews, whom actually finds her to be perfect the way she is.


Marylynn is looking into the jail cell of Everett as she is being studied and treated.  She thought that this Demoness might be useful. The others want to kill her to prevent more havoc. But Marylynn disagrees.

“Madam Admiral. What is to become of this Everett?” Marylynn asked Admiral Sertus.

“So far he consensus is to put her down before she can pull another crazy stunt like what she did the other week,” the Elderly woman in the white navy admirals uniform said to the Princess.

“Perhaps I could talk to her. She may be of use to us?” The Princess asked.

“You and Dr. Markus have said the same thing?” The admiral said, but she noticed Marylynn’s innocent look. “Fine if you can get her to change then she can live. If not! The bitch dies. Understood?”

“Of course!” Marylynn bowed to Sertus and walked away.

“This had better be worth it?” The admiral said to herself shaking her head.


The door to Everett’s cell opens up and Princess Marylynn steps in. She dismisses the guards to leave her alone with the Demoness.

Everett grinned at Marylynn, “so they send the beautiful Princess in to finish me off?”

“Thank you for calling me beautiful. And I hunk you are gorgeous too,” Marylynn smiled innocently at the Demoness.

“So you’re going to kill me with kindness?” Everett said off handedly.

“Actually, Everett I was hoping to change your heart. I actually like you, and I want to help you,” Marylynn said.

“Why do you like me? One of a Demoness’s jobs is to kill those that rival us, when the master wants a prettier woman. And since you are the most beautiful of all women, little princess. You are a target of mine,” Everett points out.

“Then how come you have not killed me?” Marylynn asked.

“Never told to do so, nor have I had the time. But I can see why my master lusts for you so much. Me and my sister have changed our bodies to mimic, then surpass yours as we grew up. I thought it worked,” Everett said.

“I am actually flattered that you and your sister mimic me. They say that imitation is he most sincere form of flattery,” Marylynn said with a giggle.

“You’re not at all what I expected,” Everett said.

“I never am. I enjoy that,”Marylynn smiled.

“So you think that you can change me? Well then, good luck with that,” Everett boasted with confidence. “So are you going to put a spell on me?”

“No, I could. I am more powerful then you are, but that is not who I am. I want you willingly to change,” Marylynn mentioned. “Oh did you know that it is a holiday called Halloween in the next few days? I am not too familiar with it though.”

“I know what Halloween is! I happen to like the holiday. I didn’t know that it was in a few more days. Too bad I don’t have a date,” Everett thought out loud.

“Maybe you can still celebrate it if you are willing to change? I do want to know what this Halloween is though,” Marylynn asked.


Few day later it is Halloween day and it is noon. The skies are cloudy and the wind blows cold. It looks like rain again. At the base the office is decorated with the style of Halloween and everyone is dressing up.

Even Sabre has dressed up, as a super sexy Vampire. The office party was going to start in an hour or so. Sabre is now aware that her sister was caught by the Americans, and she was happy that they have her now. That means she will now have their master all to herself. Everett was always in the way, so now because of her gluttonous nature she will be dealt with by the Americans. Sabre was actually happy about it. Sabre also happens to be very popular at the office and fun to be around. If only they all knew who and what she really was.

In the classified area of the base the main lab is decorated for Halloween. This was the only time of the year that the grey aliens could go out without arousing suspicion.   The female grey aliens dress up, but the males don’t.


Jennifer is in her new temporary apartment putting on high heel shoes. She is also wearing a black trench coat. She has lipstick on and her face has a very light touch of makeup to give herself that extra attraction. Once done Jennifer gets into her car and drives it to the main office building. Everyone has dressed up so Jennifer went by unnoticed. On the fifth floor to Andrews office. She knocked but no one answered. She had the key card and slides it in the reader. The door opens and no one is truly in.

“Oh good, can set up no,” Jennifer grinned to herself. She couldn’t decide to sit in the chair or lay on the table. “Decisions, decisions.” She decided to sit in the chair and wait for him. Behind the chair and the desk is a big window that had a view of the mountains and the forest that hide the base. She closed the blinds to make the room darker.


General Andrews was in the base commissary getting a pack of candy. An old thing he did every Halloween. He remembered when he was a kid years ago when he trick or treated. It helped him hold on to the past, good memories.

He was also waiting for the exchange to get finished with the custom ear rings that he ordered. They were going to be a gift for Jennifer, that and one other very special item.

The line was long as usual. The whole sub fleet is in and three of them are in the underground dry docks. And the aircraft carrier and an entire bomb wing is here too. So the base is crowded, and as usual the exchange and commissary are packed. But being a flag officer has its advantages. The cashier had him come to the front of the line and he paid then left.  At the exchange’s jewelry counter the jeweler had the custom ear rings and another package ready for him. He paid the jeweler and walked out to his car.

After forty minutes of driving to the other side of the base into the classified areas he parks his car and goes to the office. Unaware of the surprise waiting for him. Andrews slides his key card in the reader and his door opens up and shuts the moment he goes in. Andrews sees a trench coat on his chair but no one wearing it. He door shuts and he turns around to see Jennifer, in a very sexy red underwear.

“Hey there handsome. I’ve been waiting for you,” Jennifer smiled and spoke in the sexiest voice she could.

Andrews was completely stunned by this and was at a loss for words. “Wow Jennifer I didn’t know you had it in you?”

“There’s a lot about me that you don’t know that I can do,” Jennifer slowly walked up to him. She gently lowered his head to her face and she slowly and very passionately kisses him. “What did you get?”

“Something we can share and a gift for you,” Andrews smiles but also trying to catch his breath.

“Oh goody! I love chocolate and you got my favorite!” Jennifer’s face lite up when Andrews pulled out a milky ways candy bar. “What’s in the white box?”

Andrews opened it up to reveal two platinum and diamond ear rings shaped as angels.

“They’re gorgeous! Oh you really know me too well,” Jennifer kisses him again. “I love them.”

“I have one other thing that I want to give you,” Andrews asked.

“Show me later. Right now I want to enjoy this, and I know for a fact that you will love this too,” Jennifer then forces Andrews onto the couch in his office. She sits on his lap, and undoes his pants so that they can enjoy each other’s form. All while she and he kiss passionately and more intensely.

The next thing Andrews knows, is that Jennifer is thrusting herself on him, making love to him so passionately she looked as if she had been waiting for this moment forever. Her moans of pleasure were loud and intense. She may have been short, but she was strong, and very skilled. He grabs her butt and helps her force her hips to go harder. Jennifer wanting more holds on to Andrews and using her strength to make it harder and more intense. For hours is goes on, they will send Halloween in Andrews office alone and with each other.


Everett and Marylynn are still in the cell talking about a great many things. Marylynn was trying to warm up to Everett and get the Demoness to change, but so far this all powerful Demoness isn’t changing. She did learn that Everett likes to talk and Marylynn has learned a lot about her. Everett had explained what Halloween is to Marylynn, and the Princess loves the idea of dressing up as something scary to scare off evil spirits. Plus this day allows her to be some else that she would not normally be.

“So then, Everett? Would you like to celebrate Halloween? What would you dress up as?” Marylynn asked.

“Well I usually go as a Vampire or a dark princess, I don’t know, I doubt that I will be celebrating this year,” Everett held up her wrists showing cuffs and chains.

“I may be able to speak to the admiral on your behave if you promise to behave?” Marylynn pointed out.

“Me? Behave? Sure why the hell not?” Everett’s words sound very insincere and cynical.

“I mean it! Maybe the nice Doctor Markus will dance with you?” Marylynn said.

“Why do you bring him up?” Everett asked.

“He is the reason why you are still alive. Plus I think he like you,” Marylynn giggled.

“Of course he would like me, what man wouldn’t?” Everett stretched out her body to show off her curves. Marylynn was not impressed by that. “You are really difficult to infuriate, you know that. Unlike that Jennifer who was so easy to taunt, but not cool on how she tried to kill me!”

“Poor Jennifer has had a hard life, so she needed her anger. But now it’s hard to let go for her,” Marylynn said.

“Unless you used that magic teapot on her to get rid of those feelings?” Everett questioned. “Now it is you who’ll be temped to use its power.” Everett sat back. “Do you know what I’d wish for?” Marylynn shook her head stating that she didn’t know. “I would wish to be the sexiest, most powerful female ever to draw breath. And of course immortality be ageless, and divine. No man would be able to resist me, I would make all women envious of me.”

“I would have thought that you would want to rule the world?” Marylynn thought aloud.

“I would eventually would want to become the empress of this world, and all others beyond. But I want to have fun first,” Everett admitted.

“But you are sexy, and powerful? How much more could you get?” Marylynn asked. Everett didn’t know what to say to that. The Princess told her that she rivals her and she liked it! “In fact you are perfect the way you are. That cute young man Markus certainly thinks so.”

“He does? Wow, never thought about that?” Everett said to herself. Everett then noticed that her powers are starting to work again. She could escape, and take Marylynn with her. She can use the princess to her ends.

Flashes and crackles of lightening come from Everett. She stuns the princess and the pressure forces the door open. Everett shocks the guards and she holds the stunned princess in one arm.   

Everett and Marylynn vanish into thin air. Everett went to go find her sister Sabre.


Sabre got done dancing and drinking. She had danced with damn near every hot guy in the office. She had to go to the bathroom. She made sure that she was the only one in the room. Sabre locked the door and using magic isolated the room so she’s old not be caught. She needed to talk to her master. She waved her hand over a mirror and the imagine changed to a dark figure who’s face could not be seen.

Everett and Marylynn quietly appear in the bathroom closet since Everett felt Sabre’s powers. Marylynn is awake but she stayed quiet. Everett saw who she was talking to and was curious to what they were talking about.

“My dearly loved lord. Our plan worked. I told you that Everett wasn’t strong enough. The monster that she gave birth to was too unstable. She was always a wild child,” Sabre said to her master.

“Yes I know, but I had to know for sure before I moved on. So what is Everett’s condition?” The master asked.

“She was captured and probably killed by the people of this world. Either way they made her pay for offending you with a freak for a child. She is better off dead anyway,” Sabre said insinuating her curves in her sexy Halloween costume.

“Yes of course. You have always been my personnel favorite anyway. You were the strongest of all my servants and the only one that has ever satisfied me,” the evil one said making Sabre’s ego grow more.

“I will continue on. That teapot has been locked up, but it’s power is still inside the Jennifer. If I can get a sample of her blood, I can become stronger for you,” Sabre said.

“Do what you can, I will call again later,” the image vanished. Sabre smiled to herself and walks out, completely unaware of Everett and Marylynn’s presence.


Everett and Marylynn vanish and reappear back in the destroyed cell where the Americans were holding Everett. The half demon woman released the princess and she broke down crying. Marylynn gently pulled Everett’s head and rested her head on Marylynn’s chest. She let the Demoness cry her heart out.

“How could she do this to me? We are sisters! She …..” Everett cried.

“I am so sorry. In truth neither of them deserved you,” Marylynn said softly to Everett.

Dark World War- Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

Dark Love:


Somewhere deep in the dark and far away from anyone. A powerful Demoness woman is in a bed being made love too. Her mate is the Evil One in the form of powerful dark energy and also solid as well. She enjoys every pulse, every push, every touch that her body feels. She breaths heavily as the Evil One’s power courses through her.

After a few hours of this, the sex ends with a big powerful man forms next to the Demoness, holding her tightly.

“Oh my love, no one has ever made such powerful love to me before,” she spoke laying her head onto his chest.

“Of course. You are after all my favorite, Everett. I have always had an eye out for you. And I was correct. You did not disappoint, better then any woman that I’ve had,” the Evil One spoke into the Demoness’s ear who is named Everett.

“Even more then my sister?” Everett Questioned playfully.

“Yes of course,” the Evil One then kisses Everett on her lips.

Everett felt movement from inside her belly. Everett smiled evilly as she and the Evil One placed their hands on Everett’s stomach.

“Oh yes. Hopefully I can give you what you wish for,” Everett smiled and kisses him more passionately.


The next day the Demoness Everett appears in the Human world dressed like a sexy college student. She had on a pair of tight fitting jeans with a belt. She had on a very low cut short sleeved buttoned shirt that revealed much of her rather large cleavage. Her long thick Blue-Black hair flowed freely and went all the way down to her butt. Her lips were red and her eyes were green. Her smile seemed to enchant any man that looked at her, and her playful wink made them want her. She enjoyed being sexy, and powerful, and her Demoness powers where beyond what any normal one was, but she looked completely Human though a little bit tall. She stood five foot seven inches, which was average. Yes she enjoyed her powers of seduction, and her lustful nature.

Everett was looking for an apartment complex for someone. She found the address and went up a flight of stairs to an apartment that had only one occupant. She knocked twice and the door opens. The woman that answered it look identical to her.

“Well hello Sabre. Can I come in?” Everett smiled.

“Whatever, sister, make yourself at home,” Sabre grunted in annoyance at her more energetic sister.

Everett walked in and then she went into the kitchen because she was very hungry. Sabre noticed that that her twin sister was walking a little odd, and that her appetite was greater then ever. That can mean only one thing.

“I take it, Everett that you’re pregnant?” Sabre asked.

“Oh yes I am. I made passionate, and powerful love to our master,” Everett said with lust in her voice. “Oh Sabre you have almost nothing in the cabinets! I am seriously hungry. I have a growing baby to feed, and myself too.”

“You have always had a gluttonous appetite, you have an iron stomach and can devour anything that is edible and almost unlimited amounts of it too,” Sabre reminded her gluttonous twin sister.

“So sue me, I was always a hungry, sexy gal. It’s part of my charm,” Everett smiled at Sabre as she went through the cabinets and raids the fridge for anything to eat.

“I can’t get the amount of food that you want without getting people suspicious. Also I have work to go to. I have a paycheck coming tomorrow, and we’ll go out then,” Sabre said.

“Tomorrow! I can’t go that long without something in my belly!” Everett whined.

“Uh, how the hell are you able to keep such a thin and sexy figure with the amount of food you feast on?” Sabre questioned.

“I can’t help it, I’m a growing girl,” Everett smiled.

“You’re twenty six years old now. The only way you can grow on is to use potions and gain enormous powers. Or in your current case get knocked up and make the baby explode in size,” Sabre said.

“If I didn’t know better Sabre, I would say that you are jealous?” Everett thought.

“Me? Jealous of you? You’re a glutton, and way too happy for my taste. And besides I’m better in bed then you are, always have been,” Sabre boasted.

“Not according to our master. You may have made love to him first but I was able to satisfy him better then you,” Everett said back. “So how are the ten children that you had with him?”

“I wouldn’t know they are probably all grown up now. I have not seen any of the ten that I had from my experience in sex with the master,” Sabre admitted.

“Too bad. I would have tried to find them. I do love children after all,” Everett said.

“Will I don’t they are messy, and drive me crazy. Not to mention they are painful to push out. Fun to make, yes, but that’s the only part I like,” Sabre stated.

“I want food!” Everett felt her belly growl with hunger. It was loud enough for Sabre to hear.

“I’ll order pizza then. The one thing we seem to like together,” Sabre offered annoyed.

She did not want to hear her sister whine, nor did she want to hear Everett’s belly grumble all night.

An hour later four pizza’s were dropped off at Sabre’s apartment.

“Cute delivery boy. Too bad I’m pregnant,” Everett said as she smiled the pizza.

“Yeah too bad your pregnant indeed,” Sabre said off handedly.

Sabre only had three slices. She watched as her twin sister devoured a whole box of pizza, and then another, and another. She finished off the pizza that Sabre got the slices out of. She was not too surprised by this, but she is shocked by the fact that Everett’s stomach started to bulge for the first time. She never gained weight before even from eating so much. The baby was indeed growing inside her. Everett undid her belt and unzipped her pants, and also undid the bottom buttons of her shirt. This allowed her belly to grow without being hindered.

After eating all the pizza, Everett still complained that she was starving. Then her belly seemed to jump. Everett giggled in delight as this happened.

“That baby of yours must be super strong?” Sabre said.

“Oh he is. I know now that it’s a boy, a very strong, powerful, baby boy,” Everett held her stomach heaving. The twins watched as Everett’s belly began to expand slowly.

“And a monster. Well it looks like even you will not give our master his desired divine child,” Sabre said feeling her sister’s stomach sensing the baby’s power and form.

“He’s a monster? Oh well I still love him. Can’t wait to bring him into the world. I would say maybe a few more days now,” Everett said.

“I agree. Maybe three days at the most. It’s going to be a powerful beast indeed,” Sabre said walking away. She went into the kitchen to get a vial out of a drawer. She showed it to Everett. “Do you know what this is?” Everett looked surprised and smiled. “Use it when you are trapped. Only drink it after you give birth or your baby with absorb it instead of you.”

“I know chemistry, Sabre. That stuff will make any creature grow,” Everett took the vial from her sister and put it in a pocket in her shirt. “Understood, sister.”

“We’ll go to the hospital tomorrow too so we can get some baby things for you. Can’t have you give birth in the hospital and answering questions that we really can’t afford to tell them,” Sabre said.

“Okay, I don’t want them to hurt my baby,” Everett said and then she got up to go to the bathroom.


The next day Sabre goes to work at the base, leaving Everett at home to watch TV, read books, or play video games.

Everett was bored reading Sabre’s old tech magazines. She had to wait for Sabre to come home so they could go shopping. Everett felt her belly rumble powerfully with hunger.

“I can’t take this anymore!” Everett said to herself. Since she cannot fit her pants she looked through Sabre’s closet and found a skirt that can fit around her. “I didn’t think she went for skirts? Good thing she has it though.”


Everett goes out with the skirt and a loose shirt. She felt her belly rumble as she walked down the street. “Alright already! I know your hungry, so am I.” Everett saw a convenience store and went in it to get a quick snack. She used her powers of seduction on the cashier and got a free meal. She walked out leaving the one and only young man hypnotized and unconscious.

The hospital in Arlington was the first thing she saw, and remembered that she will soon need supplies for giving birth to this baby that is growing inside her. She uses her power to make herself invisible and walked in. She went to the maternity ward to gather the supplies.


A female Army officer walked through the hospital looking for a few of her soldiers that might have ended up here from a party last night. She noticed something odd in the maternity ward, so the officer goes into investigate. In a room a tall long black haired woman appeared out of thin air. The female officer pulled out her M9 Pistol and quietly entered the room without the mysterious woman noticing.

“And this should be it,” Everett said to herself believing that she is alone.

“And I’ll blow your damned head off!” the female Army officer warned pointing her pistol at the back of Everett’s head. “Hands up, bitch!” Everett did as the officer said. She dropped the bag of stuff and she was forced out to another part of the hospital. It leads to a secret tunnel that goes under the hospital.

“What is this place?” Everett asked.

“That’s classified, bitch!” the officer shoved Everett down the stairs and to the bottom. There was a small station with a rail car. “Get in!”

The rail car takes off at high speed down the magnetic track. In thirty minutes the train stops at another station with dozens of American soldiers ready to take Everett into custody.


In the main lab Jennifer, Marylynn, and the retrieval team walk through the portal with teapot in hand.

“Good you got it. Now what does it do, Princess?” Andrews ask.

“I need to read the manuscript to figure that question out,” Marylynn took the document from the Sergeant, opens it and begins to read. The Princess looked confused.

“I take it that you don’t know?” Jennifer asked.

“No, the document does not say. I need to do more research,” Marylynn

Admiral Sertus took the teapot and placed it on a table with a scientist working at a computer. “Try to figure out what this damned thing does, Markus.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Markus said as he adjusted his glasses and grabbed a scanning device.

“While he’s busy with that. Miss Jennifer, I have another task for you,” Sertus said. “How are your interrogation skills?”


“Is that Sabre?” Jennifer asked looking into a holding cell from a one-way glass.

“No it isn’t. Sabre is at her desk as we speak going through invoices from purchases at the exchange. This woman is someone who just bares a striking resemblance to her. I want you to figure out who she is, and what she wants? And why she was stealing from Arlington Hospital’s Maternity Ward?” Sertus informed Jennifer.

“Okay? Here goes nothing then,” Jennifer said walking into the room.


Everett looked up to the opening door, and saw Jennifer walk in by herself. Jennifer had to admit that this woman was indeed attractive, but she had a wicked persona to her.

“Well, you’re certainly not what I expected for an interrogator,” Everett smiled sexually.

“And you are not what I pictured as a thief. You are not even Human are you? According to your blood work anyway,” Jennifer began.

“Oh? You people stole some blood form me? So what did you think?” Everett asked.

“You have some interesting traits, for a she Demon. So why were you stealing from a maternity ward? Not much money to be made from that,” Jennifer questioned.

“I didn’t want money, honey. I needed those items for something else,” she said.

“What’s your name?” Jennifer asked.

“I’m Everett. So what’s yours?” Everett asked.

“My name is Jennifer Lawrence, and that’s all you need to know,” Jennifer said.

“Jennifer? Such a plain and ordinary name. Judging by your looks, I would say that you are or were a soldier?” Everett said commenting on Jennifer’s one noticeable scar on her arm.

“I was a Marine,” Jennifer said.

“A Marine? You? Wow you’re tougher then I thought sweetie,” Everett giggled.

“Back to my questions. Why were you at the hospital?” Jennifer asked.

Jennifer heard a loud rumble coming from Everett. Not her mouth, but her stomach. That told her everything. “You’re pregnant. Aren’t you?”

“Very good. Your smarter then I thought too. Yes I am pregnant. And I happen to be extremely hungry. Both me and my baby,” Everett said as Jennifer looked down at the now noticeable bulging belly of Everett.

For some odd reason Jennifer felt jealous of this Demoness. She was taller, sexier, and way more attractive, and apparently able to get a man to get her pregnant. She looked rather young too.

“What’s the matter, honey? You look as if you’re jealous,” Everett commented.

“What am I to be jealous of?” Jennifer spat losing her cool.

“Oh yes you are. You are actually so very seriously overcome with jealously, envy, and a few other things as well,” Everett smiled evilly at Jennifer getting under her skin.

Jennifer slammed the file shut and stormed out, leaving Everett chuckling. Her belly rumbled again. “Oh yes my baby. I just need some time to figure out how to get out of here.”


Jennifer walked away angry passed Sertus, and Andrews. They both saw what happened. They both also thought it would be best to leave Jennifer alone.

“Send in Markus to do psychological, and biological work on her,” Andrews said to Sertus.

“Agreed, get him,” the Admiral said.


Markus walks in with a cart full of machines and test equipment. Everett smiled sensuously at the scientist with the glasses.

“So you’re the only one brave enough to come in here. Who might you be?” Everett asked.

“I am Markus Caesar. I’m a biologist and advanced psychologist,” Markus said a little impressed and intimidated by Everett.

“Markus Caesar. I like that. And you’re a scientist too. I love smart men. Though I am more of a physical science and chemistry fan myself,” Everett said.

“Oh? You’re a scientist for your kind?” Markus asked curious about her.

“In a way I am,” Everett thought for a moment. “Science was one of my strongest skill sets for knowledge.”

“You’re an expert in chemistry? How about metallurgy? Or atomic research?” Markus asked.

Everett’s smile switched from evil to genuine. She was never asked about her favorite subjects before. “I like you. I prefer chemistry personally. I have advanced knowledge in metallurgy and nuclear physics too. In fact I’m the only Demoness that actually has any knowledge in nuclear science.”

“Why is that?” Markus asked.

Everett noticed that her charms and spells were not working on him. This made things more interesting and fun to her. She knew that she was not suppose to tell but this man and these people will eventually find out.

“The radiation generated by nuclear technology is hazardous to all magical beings. Our powers are the first to go, then the same effects that afflict your people start on us. I for some odd reason am tolerant to radiation, but I suffer from the biological affects. Every Demon and Demoness avoid radioactive things except me. I have as much knowledge about that subject as your teams of scientist, technicians, and engineers do,” Everett explained.

Markus thought for a moment then Everett giggled as her stomach seemed to jump.

“What is it?” Markus asked.

“My baby is moving,” Everett said happily.

“May I do an ultrasound on you then?” Markus asked.

“Only if you do it,” Everett smiled then she lifted her shirt up and pulled her skirt down to expose her belly. It wasn’t that big but large enough to be noticed. Markus rubbed a clear cream on her belly and he ran a device over her stomach. “Oh a little cold, but still. You are not to bad at this.”

“I’ve done this before,” Markus lost his words as he looked at the screen. He was shocked by what he saw. “My god? What is that?”

“Can I see?” Everett asked excited. Markus turns the screen so Everett can see. “Oh my, he is quite the baby. He’ll be a powerful being.”

“You don’t mind a creature like that growing in you?” Markus asked.

“I do this for him,” Everett mentioned.

“For who?” the scientist asked.

“My master. He desires a divine child. And I am one of the most powerful Demoness’s ever to live, so naturally he would want me to bare a child for him. I do this gratefully for him. I am willing to give birth to monsters for him,” Everett said.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because he loves me, and I so very much love him,” Everett said with lust in her voice.

“It doesn’t sound like he loves you. If he did then he would be fighting us right now trying to get to you,” Markus mentioned.

Everett’s smile then faded and she fell back. Her belly then rumbled with hunger again. “I’m hungry.”

“I can tell. From all my scans of you, you’re in need of a lot of energy. I’ll see if the military types can give you their M.R.E.’s, lots of them,” Markus offered.

“Thank you? Why would you do that?” Everett asked.

“I’m curious,” is all the scientist with glasses said as he walked out with is cart of equipment.


An hour later several scientist cart in carts full of packaged items. It was the M.R.E.’s that Markus promised. She could smell food, high energy food. After ten minutes they close the door leaving her all by herself. She was alone and she knew it.

“I need to get out of here,” Everett said to herself rubbing her belly. “I don’t have the strength or the power to escape. But you do,” Everett looked down talking to her stomach. Then she remembered the vial that Sabre gave her. She snapped her fingers and searched her pockets. She found it, and she smiled wickedly. “Oh yes! You are going to be a very big baby. Hopefully you stop long enough for me to bring you into this world. I need you to break us free.”

Everett drank the small vial and for a moment nothing happened. Then she felt her belly churn, making Everett laugh as her baby began to change and grow. “Oh yes! Now for all this delicious food!”


Jennifer stormed into the lab where it was empty. She sat in a chair to think. She really had to get this crap under control. But still, first Marylynn, now this Everett, what is wrong with me, she thought. Jennifer turned her head and noticed that the teapot that she helped bring back was on another table unattended. Jennifer got up and went to it to better examine it.

“Huh? Maybe I can figure this out,” Jennifer looked around to see if anyone was around. “Back at my place.” Jennifer placed the teapot into a bag that she found and walked away.


An hour later Jennifer walks into her apartment, puts her purse on the dining room table. The purse has the teapot in it. She went into the kitchen to get a coke out of the fridge. She came back to the teapot and took it into her bedroom and sat on her extra large bed. She loved her extra large bed. Jennifer got her tablet out and searched ancient Chinese relics. She found the teapot, and the internet told her nothing useful.

“Damn, so even the internet doesn’t know. Who’d thought,” Jennifer said to herself.

She then noticed something inscribed at the bottom of the teapot. She knew a little bit of Chinese, but not enough. So Jennifer googled Chinese characters symbols in order to translate what is written.

“Okay so it says grants, unlimited, wishing, powers?” Jennifer cocked her eye brow in confusion. “So you supposedly grant unlimited wishes.” Jennifer looked at it. “I wish you could. Oh what I’d wish for.”

She looks at it and then sighs, and then walked into the bathroom, “Oh what the hell.” She put it on the counter in her bathroom. “I wish that all my scars would vanish and all my injuries could be healed.”

Her wish seemed to come true. The scars visible on her arms and the one on her neck were now gone. Jennifer took off her top and pants, standing in front of her bathroom mirror in her underwear. It her shock all twenty three of her scars all over her body were all gone. “Holy crap! This thing actually works!”

Jennifer looked over her body, or in her opinion short, average body. Jennifer then remembered Marylynn and Everett, and how attractive they were. Her envy then overtakes her thought and she see’s this as her chance.

“Teapot, listen to me and what I want next. I want to be more then six feet tall, I want my body to be large toned and muscular. I want my breast to be enormous, larger then Everett and Marylynn combined. I want to be the strongest Human alive, fastest, and be the best at what ever I am tasked with.” The teapot glowed and Jennifer watched as her body started to grow. She moaned with pleasure as her body expanded. Jennifer hit her head on the celling and she realized that she is now more then six feet in height. She looked in the mirror and realized that she was naked. Her bra had snapped off, because her breast were larger then she had originally realized. Jennifer thought that she could now be the largest naturally breasted woman, even for a woman of her size now.

“I guess I need new clothes now,” Jennifer giggled as she admired herself in the mirror. She looked at the teapot, “I want all my clothes to be able to fit me, but not too much.”

Jennifer just could not believe her eyes. She was a tall hulking woman now. She was now so very strong. This teapot could give her what ever she wanted. “I’ll call in sick tomorrow. I want to enjoy this.”


Late in the next day Markus opened the door to the cell room holding Everett and he was shocked by what he saw. Everett’s belly had swollen to a size that almost rivaled her own body size.

“My god? What happened?” Markus asked flabbergasted.

“Those food packages were so good. It fueled my baby’s growth so much so that I’m almost ready,” Everett said sounding exhausted.

“You look as if you’re going to explode?” Markus commented.

“Oh no. I am known for having an iron abdomen. I can put anything in it,” Everett struggled to say. She was exhausted but satisfied with what she has done.

Markus got his scanner and put a device on her belly to see inside her.

“Well? How’s my magnificent baby doing?” Everett huffed.

“Good lord,” was all Markus could say as he looked at the monitor.

He showed Everett what was on the monitor. She smiled evilly as she saw the monster inside her. Then a massive pulse of pain surged from between her legs. She wailed and cried out in pain.

Nurses came in with sheets, and medical equipment. They laid her on the floor with a pillow to rest her head on.

In one moment Everett started screaming and did not stop. Black blood and a black mist started to pour out of her and a terrible sound came out. Everett’s stomach started to shrink as more of this black stuff came out of her and a terrible beast was emerging.

Everett stopped screaming and her belly was back to its flat normal size. She passed out from the exhaustion. The monster that she gave birth to was huge, it was the same size as the soldier at the door, and it was getting bigger.

It looked to be a cross between a spider and a snake. It has eight legs, large abdomen and a long body. With it’s powerful jaws it snapped the guard in two, and devoured the remains. The poison stingers that it launched at them also kill the three nurses. Like a python it swallowed the three nurses whole. The beast then power drove it’s way through the door and out into the hallways. It surprised the guards and poisoned them. As it ate more it grew larger. Four soldiers opened fire on it with shotguns and automatic rifles.

Angering the monster the soldier fall back as it screamed so loud that it almost made them deaf. It retreated from being wounded by the bullets.

“Sir! It looks like our weapons can hurt it. I think we can kill it thing, but it’s quick. We need to track it,” an Army Captain said into his communication device on his head.

“Very well, Captain. We will call out the rest of your company. We will also get back up.

The creature broke into the lab and killed nine people in just the first few seconds. It even killed three of the Grey Aliens.

“Keep it away from the machine!” Andrews yelled.

Snipers, mortars, and riflemen opened fire on the beast. A man with a flamethrower blasts the monster with a wall of flame. With it screaming in pain it jumped up to the ceiling, five stories up and tore through the metal and went outside.

“Oh shit! But out a base wide alert, now!” Andrews ordered.


Jennifer is still admiring her new larger, sexier body, and giggling to herself. She finally had the body she wanted.

“Oh yes, this is it, I am perfect. Oh Andrews you are in for one hell of a surprise,” Jennifer whispered to herself.

She then heard her T.V. turned on with an alert. It said that a creature has escaped from the main lab.

Jennifer then thought that she could put her new and improved self to the test. She took the teapot, “I want unlimited strength, I want to grow stronger with every passing second. I also want to be the ultimate hurter.”

Jennifer felt a surge of energy go through her. She felt stronger indeed. She put on her old cameo pants and a super tight black tank top. Her sandals were the only foot wear that she had that was large enough to put on her feet. She ran out or better yet jumped out of her apartment. She sniffed the air and followed the odd scent. She ran into the forest after the monster.


The beast has broken down the fence protecting the forest and the power plant. The monster killed all five of the guards and was trying to break in.

“Hey skinny legs!” Jennifer bellowed to the monster.

It turned around to see a Human woman only slightly smaller then it was.

“So you’re the freak that came out of that Demoness, bitch!” Jennifer then punched the monster in its face. The shock sent the head of the monster back and hit the ground. Jennifer jumps into the air and body slams herself into the monster’s body. It spat up black blood and tried to force Jennifer off of it.

“Good luck monster, I’m three hundred pounds of muscle and fury!” Jennifer then pummels the creature’s abdomen and she ripped it open exposing the creature’s internal organs. It tries to poison Jennifer but she wished for herself to be completely immune to all poisons, and diseases. She grabbed it’s neck and then with all her strength pulled off it’s head. It stopped moving and went limp.

Jennifer then noticed that she had an audience, “Well hello boys!”


Jennifer is strutting down the hallways towards the lab. She noticed that she truly is turning heads, and she loved it. General Andrews noticed her and is shocked. She was now just as tall as he was, but she had more mass.

“Well, hello sexy,” Jennifer smiled.

“Jennifer? What happened to you?” Andrews asked a little worried.

“A very wonder thing happened to me,” she said sensuously.

“Jennifer? What did you do to yourself?” Marylynn asked now looking up at Jennifer. Jennifer was actually hoping that the Princess was now jealous of her now.

“If you are done showing off, perhaps you would like to finish interrogating the prisoner?” Admiral Sertus demanded.


Everett wakes up in a chair feeling tired with a headache, and a horrible bellyache too. The door opens up and a larger Jennifer walks through.

“What the hell happened to you?” Everett demanded looking Jennifer up and down.

“My little secret, honey,” Jennifer mocked Everett. “We now know why you broke into the hospital, but you have yet to answer one question. Why are you here?”

“Tell me your secret, and I’ll tell you mine,” Everett suggested.

“Okay. We found a teapot with magical powers. It grants wishes, and I wished for all of this,” Jennifer waved her hand over her body.

“So you wished for a powerful sexy body. I had no idea that you were so vain? You must be desperate or something,” Everett laughed. “So what happened to my baby? Did you kill it?”

“Yes I did and it was so easy,” Jennifer smiled. It did not affect Everett however.

“I would imagine. He was a strong boy, but in the end he did get out. Now his spirit is with his father now,” Everett said sounding almost cold blooded to Jennifer.

“Your baby is dead and you don’t care?” Jennifer questioned.

“My baby isn’t dead. Body yes, but not his soul. He is still alive, just released,” Everett said.

Jennifer began to feel her rage build. She slammed her fists into the table shattering it. She grabbed Everett by her neck and threw her at the walk behind her.

“Okay, now tell me what I want to know!” Jennifer thundered.

“No,” Everett smiled.

Jennifer slapped Everett so hard she spat blood.

“Jennifer! Enough!” Andrews roared. Jennifer dropped Everett and smiled innocently at Andrews. “My office now!”


Jennifer walked in with a smile on her face. However Andrews was not smiling. He in fact looked angry.

“What the hell is the matter with you? This all isn’t you?” Andrews demanded.

“I just lost my temper, it’s nothing new,” Jennifer said.

“Not that! This!” Andrews pointed to Jennifer’s body.

“Oh, don’t you like it? I am new and improved. And you want to know the best part is?” Jennifer asked Andrews now cornering him up against the wall. He shook his head. “It’s all yours.” Jennifer passionately kisses him, hard and powerful the way she loves it.

Andrews forces Jennifer away from him. “Jennifer, Stop!”

“Why? You have always wanted me. Don’t deny it. I’m now giving you the chance to have me,” Jennifer tried to hold him and kiss him again. Andrews slips away from Jennifer’s grasp and went for the door. “Where do you think that you’re going?”

“Jennifer!” Andrews roared and then punched her. “Get out!”

Jennifer was shocked. The punch did not hurt her, but Andrews words did. Tears began to flow from her eyes, and she ran out.


Jennifer slammed the door to her apartment shut and crashed on her large bed. “Why? What is wrong? Why doesn’t he want me?”

The teapot was still on the bathroom counter, and Jennifer in a fit of rage went in and without thinking made a big wish. “Make me big, make me the biggest!”

Jennifer’s body glowed for a moment and then everything around her seemed to shrink, but in fact she was growing. Jennifer became so big she smashed the apartment building with her size. She was now larger then the building and getting larger. Jennifer has now lost all control of herself, she was now more like an animal then a person.


Marylynn saw Jennifer thundering down the road towards the power plant. She was shocked and afraid for Jennifer. She made herself appear in the ruins of Jennifer’s apartment looking for the teapot that she mentioned during the interrogation. She found it under a piece of plaster.

“Hopefully I’m not too late,” Marylynn using her magic vanished.


Jennifer now even larger and being bombarded by tank shells, shells from the three warships in the harbor, fighter jets, and drones. They are all unable to hurt her. With powerful swings she destroyed the drones and jets, she stomped hard causing earthquakes which destroyed the tanks. Jennifer now stood almost a thousand feet tall and still getting bigger.

Marylynn appeared at the power plant and saw her friend and had a hard time believing it.

“Teapot, please here me. All I want is to have Jennifer back to her normal self. Cure her of the envy that plagues her,” Marylynn wished on the teapot.

Jennifer then shrank back down and is out cold.


Jennifer wakes up in a hospital bed with Marylynn and Andrews in the room sleeping in separate chairs. They both wake up when Jennifer coughed.

“How do you feel?” Marylynn asked.

“I have a splitting headache, and my whole body feels torn,” Jennifer said as Andrews gave her a cup of coffee.

“Well, that is what happens when you allow a deadly sin or two to run your life. I hope you learned your lesson?” Marylynn said sweetly and scolding her at the same time.

“Actually I did, and it was embarrassing. I was a giantess and only had my underwear on,” Jennifer turned red.

“And not to mention the billions of dollars in damages that you caused,” Andrews handed a paper to Jennifer that showed the damage details. It said that she causes over thirty two billion dollars in damages to the whole base. Jennifer’s face sunk. Andrews smiled. “However, since the beast that escaped caused the damage. I don’t see why you are talking about blaming yourself?”

“Thank you, Andrews,” Jennifer still red, and Marylynn giggled.

“You two make a sexy couple,” Marylynn said and then walked out.

“She is right,” Andrews said and then he kissed her. “Besides, I prefer you the way you are. Your actually sexy to me the way you are.” She returned the kiss and they held each other closer.

Dark World War- Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

The Nine Magical Items


A conference is underway at the main office building deep inside the Area 51 like base in Washington state. Here military leaders, Generals, and Admirals have come across something very odd, and the Pentagon wants it investigated.

“The top of the brass have shipped over a piece of paper that is glowing gold?” a civilian researcher said almost like he was complaining.

“How the hell is it glowing gold? Is it radioactive?” a Marine General asked.

“Radioactive material typically glows blue,” an old Navy Admiral stated.

“They ran a radiation counter on it, and it has no radiation what so ever,” another Army General answered.

General Andrews looked at the pictures on the computer display in front of him and it looked familiar to him. “This thing looks similar to the Declaration of Independence? Our founding fathers used this.”

“Actually, General you’re right, it does?” Admiral Sertus commented as she looked at the computer screen in front of her. “What does this mean?”

“Perhaps we should examine it before we go any further,” Andrews suggested.


Princess Marylynn and Jennifer where at the lake beach front that was on the massive base. A day at the beach for it was Saturday and Jennifer promised to take the Princess to the beach. Since they cannot leave the base, this was the next best thing. The lake itself was huge and had three rivers and streams flowing into it and one massive river going out into Puget Sound. It was the last days of summer and the temperatures will start to cool down quickly.

During one of Marylynn’s shopping extravaganzas she bought several bathing suits and wanted to try at least one out this year. She had on a smaller then normal bikini that was blue and white. The Princess was enjoying showing off her figure even though there was only Jennifer around. Marylynn stood five foot ten inches in height. She had very long toned legs, and her hair reached down to her butt. Her butt was itself was toned yet curved very well. Her breast were very large and the bikini looked to be having a hard time covering her. She stomach was flat and soft and looked very flexible. Her arms were light on toned muscle. Overall Marylynn looked the part of a very beautiful very sexy very curvaceous lady. She truly is the kind of woman that any man would want, and she also the body that any woman would want to have.

Jennifer was truly envious of the Princess. She wished that she was as tall and had those curves too. But instead she stood five foot three or four inches, weighed less then 125 pounds. She had more muscle then the Princess but that was about it. Her body had many scares across her body, though her skin has healed and the scars no longer hurt, they were still there and noticeable. Jennifer had powerful toned muscular legs, and arms. Her stomach had a very light six pack from all the exercises that she does on a regular basis. Her breast were a fraction the size of Marylynn’s and where more muscular than fatty like the Princess’s were. Because of the numerous scares Jennifer wore the standard issued one piece Marine Corp. females bathing suit that was all black.

“Jennifer! Do you want to have a swimming race?” Marylynn giggled for she was in a very playful mood.

Jennifer was reading a book on her Samsung galaxy tablet. She put it down and rose up to challenge the Princess. “You’re on your highness.”

The Princess smiled and walked to the water as Jennifer ran towards the water. They both walked into the lake’s cold water getting their bodies use to it. “Are you ready?”

“On the count of three, then. One, Two, Three!” Jennifer roared and then she swam with all her might. The Princess followed after her.

Despite Jennifer’s smaller size she was in fact much, much stronger, and more aerodynamic in the water. Marylynn had to fight not only her weaker strength, but also her body was not toned for a race in the water. Jennifer was now easily thirty feet away, and she stopped at a red buoy. Two minutes later Marylynn finally caught up to her at the buoy.

“Wow, Jennifer! You are like a Mermaid,” Marylynn complimented.

“When I was in the Corp we had to master three different swimming techniques. It also helps to have a bod built to be aerodynamic for the water,” Jennifer explained.

“I wish I was as strong as you, and as fast in the water,” the Princess smiled.

“With a little bit of practice and training, you can be,” Jennifer said. “Let’s get back to shore, the old bat is over there waiting for us.”

Admiral Sertus was indeed at the lake shoreline waiting for the two younger females to return. The two walked out of the water and stood in front of the old woman.

“Get dressed and lets go to conference building, now!” she stated so firmly that it looked as if she was going to smack them.

“Yes, ma’am,” Jennifer said and went to her bag to get a towl.

“What is it?” the Admiral demanded looking at Marylynn.

“I did not bring any other clothes? Me and Jennifer came here in her horseless carriage. I only had a towel on,” Marylynn looked embarrassed.

Emily Sertus sighed and rubbed her old eyes in frustration. She remembered the other day when the Princess went through the lab with a rather revealing dress or should she say corset. Apparently in the kingdom where the Princess comes from, they are allowed to do that. She has yet to learn that it is inappropriate to do half the things in this world.

“I have some things she could wear, really quick. She use her magic to make them all fit,” Jennifer tossed Marylynn a pair of jeans, shoes, socks, a belt, and a loose t-shirt. This left Jennifer with her own shoes, socks, jeans, and a black tank top.


At the main office complex Admiral Sertus escorted Jennifer and Marylynn through all the security check points, and signs them in. Marylynn is so enthralled by the wonders that the American military has created. To Jennifer it was a typical government white painted hallway with monitors hanging from the overheads, and cameras everywhere. Some of the doors had no handles, only a machine that read key cards could open those doors.

Admiral Sertus slides a white key card through the reader and the door snaps open. Jennifer and Marylynn walk through into a dark room with a very large LED monitor showing an image of a document and the information that they had on it.

“Perhap’s the Princess can help explain the glowing part of this document?” a General suggested.

“I can, where did you get this?” Marylynn asked in wonder.

“It’s been in our archives for more the two centuries. Our founding fathers like George Washington had it. He claimed to have found it two years before the Revolution started in a forest somewhere in upper New York State,” Andrews answered.

“Do you have the actual document?” the Princess asked.

Admiral Sertus tapped a few buttons at her desk and the floor opened up to allow a small case on a petistool to come up in front Princess and Jennifer.

“Do you realize what you have here?” Marylynn asked looking shocked at the document.

“We were hoping that you could tell us?” Andrews said.

“This is one of the nine! You have one of the nine sacred objects! This document is a gift to your people!” Marylynn said surprised.

“What do you mean?” Sertus asked.

“There are nine sacred magical objects. They are almost useless to you Humans, but to other magical beings, they are coveted greatly. This is the Manuscript! This has great powers like all the other items. Each one is different and this one’s powers are that it can grant unlimited wisdom to the reader that it see’s as worthy of it, and it can show where the rest of the items are. It can tell you also what ever you need to know about it,” Marylynn explained. “I guess you could call it the American Manuscript of the Founding Fathers. It did after all help found your country and showed them how to set everything up.”

“We can’t read the damned thing though. Can you?” Sertus asked.

“I can read it. Only a magical being  can read it, but only a non-magical being can handle the items without being affected by it’s power. Well that is if the items want to affect a non-magical being anyway. They do seem almost alive in a way, have personalities of their own,” Marylynn explained.

“Where might we find the first item then, so that we can study it?” Andrews asked.

Marylynn approached the document and reads it. “It says that it is in some place called China in the year 632 BC?” Marylynn had never heard of this kingdom before.

“Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me? In China with their Dragon Emperor? Oh this will be fun,” Andrews laughed in frustration.

“Hopefully we don’t have another accident with time travel like you did, General,” Sertus said.

“I’m not going through that again!” Andrews said.

“Wait a damned minute! You people are talking about going back through time? Is that even possible?” Jennifer asked.

“Remember that machine that brought the Princess and all her followers here? That very same machine can also allow for time travel as well,” another General in an Army uniform said.

“We will send a covert strike team back to that era to retrieve the item. Princess what is the item that we are looking for?” Sertus demanded.

“It is a teapot. It will be plain but colorful. Take the document with you and it will glow for you so that you may find it,” Marylynn said.

“A teapot? What does it do?” Andrew asked.

“The document does not say. Maybe if we get it here then it will tell us or we will figure it out?” Marylynn suggested.

“Very well then. We will assemble a strike team of SEALS and Delta Force units and they will retrieve the item. Have the Greys prepare the machine,” Sertus ordered.

“Yes Admiral,” Andrews responded. General Andrews Collins was in charge of the base, but Admiral Emily Sertus was in charge of the whole project.

“Oh this will be so exciting!” Marylynn smiled happily.

“You and Jennifer will go with them,” Sertus ordered.

“Why me? There are no computers back them?” Jennifer asked.

“You are also an excellent combatant. And you are going to help protect Marylynn as she helps to look for this teapot,” Sertus said.


The Greys have powered up the machine and have programed it for time travel. A unit of thirteen SEALS and Delta Force units along with Jennifer and Marylynn are in front of the machine as it powered up and opens the portal to the past.

“When ever you’re ready!” Huxcu yelled.

The whole team walk through the portal and venture back in time.





The Long Dark Road


The night was cool and rainy. The long dark road flanked by tall trees on both sides. A lone new blue car is racing down the road. Only one person occupied the car. A young woman in her late twenties was listening to the music on her iPhone through the speakers of her entertainment system via a Bluetooth device. She was secretly a Disney fan and loved the music and songs. You would not even know that she was once a Marine of the United States Marine Corp.

Well an ex-marine, she was honorably discharged because of battle injuries. Those injuries were healed, but she was not able to serve anymore. She wanted to carry on the family tradition of military service. But she was the only one in her family still alive that actually saw combat, but she did not serve no where near as long as her parents, grand parents, and cousins did. She was a marine for six years, as an ‘electronic warrior.’ Her skills were on the computer, and she hacked terrorist networks and even foreign powers.

Now she has a job as a reporter for the local newspaper. She has worked for them for almost a year now and she needs a break. Washington State may have been the state to go to for all the tech jobs, but all the companies wanted degrees, and she did not have that. She had more experience then anyone with a Masters Degree, but without that paper she was useless.

Her name was Miss Jennifer Lawernce, never married and no children. She was 28 now and very fit from her days in the Marines. Oh how she missed her friends in the corp. She did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and a secret mission into North Korea. That mission is still classified and can’t be talked about. However her last mission was in Torra Borra Afghanistan her unit was ambushed by a suicide bomber and a mortar madman. She was the only one to survive after she programmed a drone that was flying nearby to attack the mortar. The American commanders found her through the reprogrammed drone’s flight path data plan.

Jennifer looked at her GPS and found that it did not know where it was. All Jennifer knew was that she was two hours north of Arlington which means that she is five hours north of Seattle. There is nothing but wilderness and an old road. No street lamps and the there is the threat of stray deer or moose up here. She was born in Arlington the town just south of were she was, but that doesn’t mean that she knew the whole area. In fact area that she was in looked very unfamiliar to her.


Then all of a sudden a black SUV rushes by her and turns to speed towards her.

“Holy shit!” Jennifer cussed as she saw the SUV come right at her. The driver in the black vehicle matches Jennifer’s speed of sixty miles an hour and is now right next to her. The driver then tries to shove her off the road.

“Okay you ass hole, let’s tango,” Jennifer then recalled her military training. Her friends called her the ‘psyco roadster’ for a reason. Though she wished that she had the old Humvee. Jennifer banks hard to her right hitting the black SUV forcing it to give her some room to move. Then she speeds up hoping that her little car can out speed the SUV.

“For a new Ford Focus this thing is not bad,” Jennifer said to herself. She was impressed with it. She normally liked Toyota’s for cars, Fords were perfect for trucks. Something a little different was what Jennifer was all about.

Then another SUV came out of the trees and right in front of her. It slows and the other SUV comes up next to her again. Then Jennifer did something super dangerous. She turned into the forest and lost the SUV’s. The ride down was super bumpy and she then crashed into a downed log and forced next to a body of water. Jennifer was still conscious and she grabbed her iPhone and ran out into the rain. She was looking over her shoulder seeing if she was being followed. So far all she heard was rain.

What was odd was that there was a strange looking fence. It was a standard metal fence with barbed wire rounded at the top. But there was a series of black boxes along the perimeter and behind the fences.

“Is this a base?” Jennifer asked herself.

A low buzzing noise came over the wind, and that buzzing was all too familiar to her ears. It was an attack drone, the kind that helps defend military installations. She should know, she used to operate them.

As she thought a black winged drone came surging towards her firing a machine gun at her. Jennifer dived and ducked behind a rock. The drone flies away, however it does something that she has never seen a drone do. It stops in mid air and spun around on it’s axis to as if look down at Jennifer.

A bright light is shined in Jennifer’s face from the ground and two Humvee’s pull up to her. These Humvee’s have large wheels, a variant that was designed to be driven through the forest.

“You are trespassing on private government property! You are under arrest!” one of the men shouted at Jennifer as he and several others came out of the Humvee’s pointing M-16’s at her. One of the Humvee’s had a top mounted machine gunner, the other had an automated missile launcher.

“That’s a lot of firepower for just one little reporter like me?” Jennifer said.

“Hands up, bitch!” he ordered again, a man with a Sergeant’s rank in the standard forest cammo.

Normally Jennifer would slam her knee in between his legs, but there are too many troops and way too much firepower. They would drop her in an instant.

“Okay, ass hole you win,” Jennifer put her hands behind her head. Another woman with a Corporals’ rank took her iPhone, and took her purse, and what ever was in her pockets. “Hey, I want those back!” Then someone from behind knocks Jennifer out.


Jennifer woke up in a dark room tied to a chair with a table in front of it.

“Oh man, never thought that I’d be on this side of the table,” she whispered to herself. She didn’t know if there was someone else in the room. She looked and noticed black sound proof paneling walls.

A door opens with a man in uniform walking in. She looked at him as he sat down in the other chair at the other end of the table.

“I never thought that I would see you again, Jennifer,” he said.

He sounded familiar to her, but Jennifer couldn’t quite place the name, “Do I know you?”

“You do, but you wouldn’t recognize me now,” then light fills the room to reveal a middle aged man in a General’s uniform. The name tag read Andrews.

“You’re a little young to be a three star General? I knew a General Collins Andrews from my days in the corp.” Jennifer said.

“That would be me. Like I said you wouldn’t recognize me,” the General noticed Jennifer’s look. “I’ll prove it. Remember that drone strike at Mosel in Iraq back 2007? You saw that the terrorist figured out how to hack the data feed? You gave it a final program that turned it into a kamikaze? It took out the ones controlling it and a whole deserted street block?”

“That was a classified mission? If what you say is true, then you would know what did Andrews tell me after that?” Jennifer tested this rather young looking General.

“I told you that you did beautifully and terrifyingly,” Andrews said.

Jennifer couldn’t believe it, “How, the, what the? What happened to you?”

“It’s complicated. I’d love to tell you, but you are as we say asleep in the bed of the enemy. You’re a news reporter now of all things. I pulled your military file. You were the perfect soldier as far as I was concerned. Now you’re struggling to make it out there in the civilian world. I remember how skilled you were it computer technologies, and I would like to hire you,” The General offered.

“Your goons trashed my new car, then I got knocked out and I’m tied up. I don’t remember the corp. being this ridicules in its recruitment policies,” Jennifer said with a hint of humor in her voice.

“Oh shit, sorry, forgot,” Andrews sighed and he got up and untied her. “You can stand up now.” Jennifer stood up and Andrews looked at her again. “Do you want a civilian job with us?”

“I’ve actually got nothing to loose now,” Jennifer responded.

“We will give you everything you need. A new apartment on base, a new car, and a few other things,” Andrews said as he was walking out. He tossed her the iPhone that she had. “I believe that’s yours.” He stopped for a moment. “Oh you will see very strange things here. Try to keep claim and an open mind.”


General Andrews Collins takes Jennifer Lawrence deep into the building and she is already seeing some strange things.

“Hey Gen A!” a strange high pitch voice screamed.

Jennifer turned and saw what she thought was an alien! The a typical grey alien from the conspiracy theories. It had big black eyes and grey skin and a spindly body with a big head.

“What Huxcu?” Andrews demanded.

“The coffee is gone again, and we need it to run the next experiment for you assholes!” the alien that Andrews called Huxcu spat.

“Don’t tell me that Ursula didn’t stock the mess again?” Andrews whined.

“Hey maybe I can help with that?” Jennifer offered. “I can make a really good brew.”

“Okay, Ursula keeps the coffee stuff in room 211B.” Andrews said.

Jennifer followed Huxcu to the room and gathered the coffee grounds and a few other items. Then in the coffee mess, which was typical of any government building. White walls with a counter with multiple coffee makers, and cabinets above, and a bunch of tables with chairs.

“So uh. Huxcu? What do you do here at Alington?” Jennifer asked.

“My people build new technology and test them. Our world was destroyed years ago, and we wondered space till we ended up here. In exchange for living on this world we build new tech for this tribe,” Huxcu explained.

“Sorry to here that,” Jennifer apologized.

“What ever,” Huxcu then took a cup of coffee as it was made by the maker that Jennifer just stocked. He slurped and hummed with what seemed like satisfaction. “Damn you weren’t kidding, when you said that you make a good brew. You’re the new coffee bitch now!” Huxcu laughed and walked out.

Andrews walked in with a smirk on his face.

“Is he always like that?” Jennifer asked.

“Actually he likes you. To here that from him is impressive,” Andrews said. Jennifer gave him a cup and they both drank it like marines do.

Out into the main lab which was five stories tall and two football fields deep, and another two football fields wide. There were many booths, machines, chain falls, and other things that Jennifer did not know what they were. At the very far end it looked like a version of the large hadron collider.

“We have a serious problem, and I was hoping that you would help us out?” Andrews asked.

“What could you people have a problem with?” Jennifer questioned her friend.

See that thing at the far end that we are heading to?” Andrews pointed to the hadron collider like machine.

“Yeah, what is it?” Jennifer asked.

“It is a machine built by our alien friends, it’s designed allow us to travel to other worlds, dimensions, and time periods,” Andrews mentioned.

“You’re kidding? There is no machine that I know of that can do that!” Jennifer whined.

“You’ll see, short stuff,” Andrews said her nickname.

Short stuff was Jennifer’s nickname in the Corp. a name that she so badly hated. She felt short, but she was of average height and size for a woman. Jennifer always wanted to be bigger and taller, but she was either average or smaller. She truly wanted to be larger, maybe she can ask the aliens if they could do that for her. All she would need to do is make them coffee it seemed.

General Andrews and Jennifer were on an electronic cart driving towards the massive machine. At the massive four story tall machine they see a massive number of workers, both Human and Alien, but also what look like terminator like machine robots working at computers, and other hardware.

“Sir, the colony at Alandashia has reported trouble with it’s computer systems, and they also report strange events happening,” an Army captain saluted to Andrews.

“Power up the Gateway Generator, and take a team over there,” Andrews turns to Jennifer. “Go with them.”

The massive machine warms up and a whirlpool of energy forms at its center. A wave of wind blows through the whole lab.

Jennifer watched as five soldiers with Navy SEAL insignia walk through the whirlpool of energy. Andrews ushered Jennifer to follow them through. She cautiously walked up to it and put her hand through the energy, it did not hurt, in fact she couldn’t feel a thing. Then she walks in and then it is as if she was falling.


Jennifer is deposited on a red dirt ground. The five SEALS help her up.

“Where are we Mars?” Jennifer asked as she looked out onto the landscape.

“No miss. Look there,” the Chief pointed to a massive dome in the red environment.

“What is that?” Jennifer asked the Chief.

“It’s where all the life on this world now lives,” he answered her.

They walked for about three miles to the entrance of the dome. A doorway that is designed to slide into the walls to provide maximum room for entry. Inside the land was very different. It was lush, green, water flowed in rivers, streams, and lakes. Tree, flowers, bushes, and all manner of flora and fauna. The sun shined and clouds formed. Birds chirped, and crickets chimed. To Jennifer this looked like something out of a fairy tale. Then a small Fairy like being flew up to the SEAL team. The chief held out his palm so the tiny female Fairy could land in it.

“Hey Flaua. Can you take us to our research team?” the Chief asked the Fairy named Flaua.

“Of course Chief, they are all at the Palace with Princess Marylynn,” Flaua said. She then flew into the air to lead them to the palace.

“A Princess? And was that a Fairy?” Jennifer asked.

“That was a Fairy, and her name is Flaua. She helped my team when we came here the first time. The Fairy people here were under attack from a weird Demon like creature. My men engaged and destroyed the Demon creatures. The Fairies thanked us and they have been our friends ever since,” the Chief explained.

The six Americans are in the vast beautiful white marble palace, escorted by Fairies, and Dwarves. They are told to wait well the Princess made herself decent to be seen.

Jennifer wanders onto the balcony and see’s a series of gardens with flowers of all kinds. There she saw a lovely tall woman with black hair. She was wearing the most lovely silver dress that Jennifer had ever seen, and she was humming a tune as she picked flowers. She saw Jennifer and smiled sweetly to her.

“Well hello there, and who might you be?” the rather young but tall lady asked kindly.

“I’m Jennifer Lawrence, I came with the American team to help fix the computer systems,” Jennifer explained.

“Oh, your one of the Americans? Oh that’s good. We have had a great big trouble be fall the kingdom,” the lady said as she came up to Jennifer.

She was taller then Jennifer, this lady stood five foot ten inches. She was also very curvaceous as well. Her hips were very pronounced and her breast, were very large. This gave her an hourglass like figure, a figure that Jennifer wished that she had.

“Lady Jennifer, are you an American technician?” the lady asked.

“I’m a computer expert they need me to fix the system,” Jennifer explained.

“I still find it strange that a culture has women as equals to men. And I like that about you Americans. Ever since your people have come, I have seen women doctors and warriors. The men can both build and cook as well. Also the greatest of inventions and technology that your people have,” she said walking with Jennifer.

“Yeah, we Americans are a weird bunch, but that’s our unique quality,” Jennifer said. “Oh I never caught your name.”

“Oh! Where are my manners? I am Princess Marylynn I am the ruler of this kingdom and an admirer of your people,” Marylynn smiled and held out her hand to Jennifer to shake hands with her.

Jennifer was in shock, “Oh I’m sorry! I’ve just never met a real Princess before.”

“Do not be. I like you Lady Jennifer. You are quite a female warrior. And you are very intelligent. I thank you for coming,” Marylynn welcomed Jennifer with a sweet smile like a child. The two girls walk back inside to were the Princess’s court and the American research team and the SEALS where.

Jennifer saw the computer system that the Princess had the Americans set up in the palace. The research team was welcomed into the palace to stay. She walked over to it and started to work on it’s software to see what was happening to it.

“My Princess!” a small male Fairy flew into the great courtroom.

“What is it Jevsa?” Marynlynn asked worried.

“A dark cloud has over taken the realms beyond and it heading this way!” Jevsa cried.

“The Evil One is here,” Marylynn said with dread.

“The Evil One?” Jennifer looked up with a cooked eye brow.

“The term that these people use to describe an entity that causes harm and mayhem,” an American researcher said to Jennifer.

“Well it looks like the software was corrupted by some kind of strange power surge. I can’t recover the data without better equipment,” Jennifer said.

“We need to leave anyway. Chief please me and my people need to leave. My kingdom is no match for The Evil One,” Marylynn begged the Chief.

“Chief, we need to leave!” Jennifer pointed out of a window to a black cloud coming in waves towards them.

“Okay! Get to the gateway and we’ll funnel as many of these people as we can!” the Chief ordered to his SEALS.


At least a thousand people follow the SEALS to the gateway outside the dome into the red dirt environment. The gateway opened up and the Chief orders everyone to go through three at a time. The black cloud consumes the dome and the kingdom is gone. As the black cloud came towards them, the last of the magical people are through the SEALS jump through and Jennifer was the last.


Jennifer again on the floor, but a familiar one. It was the lab floor and the machine behind her shuts down.

“You idiots have some explaining to do!” Huxcu complained as he looked at all the magical people. They looked at him with wide eyed amazement for none of them had ever seen a Grey Alien before.

“He is right about that!” General Andrews along with an elderly woman in a white Admiral’s uniform said coming down a stairwell.

“Roughly a thousand unauthorized personnel are in this lab. Would you like to explain this?” the woman demanded.

“Jennifer, this is Vice Admiral Emily Sertus. The one that is in charge of the entire United States Super Weapons Arsenal,” Andrews introduced the Admiral to Jennifer and Marylynn who just walked up to her.

“Please mad’am Admiral. My people will make ourselves useful to you, if you allow us to stay. We have no home now, I beg you,” Marylynn curtsy to the two star General, and the three star Admiral.

“This base is a highly classified military installation. However if your people stay within the perimeter. Your people can help defend the base,” the Admiral said.

“Oh thank you, madam Admiral!” Marylynn bowed to them.

“I’ll have some of my officers get quarters for all your people,” Andrews said and he had twelve officers go find places for them to live. “Jennifer may I talk to you?”

Jennifer walked with Andrews well the Admiral talked to the Princess.

“The Princess is actually important. I want you to look after her. She can walk off the base as long as you are with her. She seems to like you a lot,” Andrews asked.

“You want me to babysit the Princess?” Jennifer complained.

“You brought them here, It’s only fitting,” Andrews patted Jennifer on her shoulder and he walks away.

“Great! Just fucking great,” Jennifer cussed to herself.

The Princess walked up to Jennifer with a smile, “I have something for you.” The Princess gives Jennifer a pair of ear rings that were more beautiful then any that she had ever seen. “It is a thank you. I hope that you do not mind escorting me. I would love to see your people’s kingdom.”

She helped Jennifer put them on, and the former female Marine could not believe that someone would give her such a beautiful gift. She loved ear rings.

“These look as if they are meant for royalty?” Jennifer asked.

“They are. Only a Princess or a woman of beauty may wear them. However a Princess can give them to a friend that she feels deserves them. It is said that they have magical powers,” Marylynn explained.

“I don’t know what to say. No one had ever given me such beautiful ear rings before. Thank you,” Jennifer hugged Marylynn. The Princess hugged her back.

“Your welcome, Lady Jennifer. I cannot wait to see the nearby village tomorrow,” Marylyn giggled and walked away.


The next morning Jennifer and Marylynn who are dressed in average clothes of jeans and long sleeved shirts. Four of the Princess’s loyal friends are also with them disguised as Humans or small Humans. The city that Jennifer drove them too was Lynnwood, just south of Everett but north of Seattle. It is here that a large mall was called Alderwood. Marylynn goes through the high end clothes stores like a kid in a candy store.

Jennifer and Marylynn try on many new outfits and buy some too. Marylynn also loved the shoes. Later at lunch Marylynn enjoyed the food court too much. For a Princess, Marylynn seemed to have a bottomless stomach. She could eat the whole menu at every restaurant in the food court.

“You have one hell of an appetite?” Jennifer commented as Marylynn was still eating.

“But it is all just so good,” Marylynn said as she continued to eat.

“How is it that you are not getting fat?” Jennifer asked.

“Well I am half Fae and half Human. Fae are seven foot, powerful warrior people. They can also eat all they want without the limitations of food storage, like everyone else suffers from. So I can eat what ever I want and how much I want without getting heavy,” Marylynn explained offering Jennifer a bowl of soup. She takes it and drinks it.

“That’s quite an advantage. I wish I had that. Along with everything else that you have,” Jennifer said.

“You may find this a little odd then, I actually admire you Jennifer,” Marylynn said. This made Jennifer look at the Princess oddly. “You are strong, and smart. Everything that I am not.”

“You are strong and smart in your own right! Never let that thought hurt you,” Jennifer said sternly.

“Thank you, Lady Jennifer of Lawrence,” Marylynn smiled.

As Jennifer and Marylynn talked, another person was watching them. This was a woman that worked for the base that they all lived at. She was assigned to watch them to make sure that they did not get into trouble. Jennifer knows her only by her odd name, Sabre.

She was also tall, more then five and a half feet, at least taller then Jennifer. She had blue-black hair tied up in a pony tail. She was wearing a black female business suit that hugged her body tightly. She had an hourglass figure that rivaled Princess Marylynn perfectly. She too had wide hips, with a tight buttock. Her legs were toned and she had soft skin. Her breast were huge, and the shirt that she had on showed off her cleavage very well. She also wore glasses and her look was both classy and a modern badass chick vibe. She was an expert martial arts fighter, and just as smart. Sabre worked in a cubical in an office building for accounting.

What Jennifer, Marylynn or her American military employers do not know about her is that she is like the Princess a magical being. She was actually half Human and half Demoness. She worked for the same force that destroyed the Princess’s kingdom.

Sabre gets up and walks to the bathroom. She is alone and she locks the door and uses her powers to isolate the room. She goes to a mirror, waves her hand over it to make another image appear.

“My lord, the Princess is here in this realm. She and her people are being protected by the nation of this realm that I told you about before. What do you wish of me now?” Sabre asked.

“For now, monitor the Princess and keep her alive. Try to guide their missions to my ends. I have faith in you my favorite love,” the mysterious man said to Sabre.

“Yes my lord,” Sabre said as the image vanished. She broke the spell and walked out. She saw that the gorging Princess was finished eating. She and Jennifer were cleaning up and walking away. Sabre from a distance followed them as was her instructions from both the Americans, and her mysterious master. She knew that Jennifer knew that she was following, but Jennifer believed that Sabre was an American undercover operative. That will help in the long run for Sabre.


Near midnight Jennifer drives the five magical beings home, in Jennifer’s newly fixed blue Ford Focus car, back to the base with Sabre in the back in her brand new F-150 truck. Sabre loved Trucks and all the new gadgets.

The Princess collapses into her bed and sleeps in. Jennifer finds her way to her new on base apartment that she got setup in with. From there she sleeps and wonders what tomorrow will bring.

Redemption written by Daniel J. Darcey

Daniel J. Darcey’s book, Redemption, is a science fiction fantasy novel that will leave you wanting more. His characters are truly life-like bringing them out of the books and into our world. Each character in his promising book, reveals both a bad and a good side. The places you travel to are out of this world, and take you on incredible never before adventures. Leaving you breathless with the technological advances his characters build and take on, to fighting wars, to intoxicating romances. There’s a little of everything for everyone to read, explore, and intrigue your senses along the way. Every one of his thrilling scenes take you on a roller coaster ride. From laughing so hard at his evil characters, to almost feeling sympathy for his female villains, to feeling excitement over a new discovery, or angry at the total chaos, to feeling romantically in love, or in complete jealousy. These and much more are all in his incredible book called, Redemption. This is a must read for all! Ready to embark on an exciting, and thrilling adventure? Then you must read Redemption, by Daniel J. Darcey!!

Writing Challenge #7-2 Science Fiction & Fantasy (Adults)

Today’s science fiction fantasy novel challenge is: about Dr. Robert Reynolds having been transported back in time. Once he’s back in time at this new location, Dr. Reynolds, panics not knowing here to go or what to do. What is  a 21 st century scientist going to say to people who are from before his century. His language might be off by a lot. Not sure yet what time century he’s in, he decides to make the best of his situation by taking any low paying job he can get to pay for a place to stay til he figures out where hes at and how to get back. More importantly what is he going to do? Should he wait for the other scientists to figure out a way to get him back? Will they try to bring him back? Or will he be stuck here forever?

Does Dr. Robert, stumble upon a way to create another time machine to travel back?  And if so, does he head back to his time and day or yet to another place back in time??  Answer all this using only 700 words in the comment space below for feedback!!!

Writing Challenge #6-2 YA Science Fiction/Fantasy

Today’s sci-fi fantasy for young adults challenge is:  Using only 700 words write a background information on the person helping Melanie Hermes disappear from the CIA who are after her. To make it more interesting let’s make this character a male, a year older than Melanie,16 years-old, who was in the same position that Melanie is now in. What is his story? What differences are there between his and Melanie’s situation? What are they going to do next? Does Melanie trust this guy in helping her why or why not? What happens when they go out in the open to get extra supplies? Are they followed? And what are they followed by? Why is the government genetically re-engineering alien mutations for their own use? and how are they going about it? What happens if the government succeeds? Write about the ifs.. and their current situation of being seen and followed by super high technology DNA sensors,

Write all this using only 700 words down in the comment area below!!!!! 

Writing Challenge #7-1 Science Fiction/ Fantasy Adults

Today’s writing challenge for adult novels in sci-fi fantasy, we will be writing about how a group of NASA scientists have been working on creating a time traveling machine that allows people to go back in time all over the world. The only problem is that they are missing one thing in completing the time machine. Dr. Robert Reynolds is also, a scientist who has been known for research and trying to rebuild a time machine. The group of NASA scientists hire Dr. Robert Reynolds to help them complete the time machine. What they didn’t expect was for Dr. Reynolds to be transported in time through the machine when turned on. Write what happens next. What is Dr. Robert Reynolds experiencing as he’s being lead back in time? Where does he land? What time period is he stuck inside? And mention what happens to and while Dr. Reynolds is stuck there. Does he help out with something important? Is he held as a captive? Also, be sure to write about what happened back at NASA Headquarters after Dr. Reynolds was transported through time.

Be sure to write all this in a 700 word response!!!! 

Writing Challenge #6-1 Scifi-fantasy YA

Today’s science fiction/ fantasy writing challenge will be geared towards young adults. Using only 700 words, write what happens when Melanie Hermes discovers that her father is using his knowledge as a genetic engineer to replica the mutation cells of aliens for Area 51. The government officials are using her father’s work to clone the dead aliens from the latest UFO crash site for their own purposes. What happens to Melanie’s father when word gets out about his work? What does the government do to her father because his work is now made public? Where does Melanie go to run away from the government that are now after her? Who decides to step in and help Melanie hide from the government? 

Write all this using only 700 words down in the comment space below!!!!