Prewriting is the process of organizing your thoughts. For example, as a novelist, I would think of a character, a conflict, and a setting. Then, I would create three big boxes. Inside of these big boxes, I would jot down a few sentences as to what will happen in the beginning, middle and ending. I can add characters and or other settings as I go about filling up my boxes. But, my greatest advice is to just start out with a character, a conflict, and a setting. Using those three boxes I mentioned.


This is the stage in your writing where you add more to those few sentences in those 3 boxes. The beginning, middle, and ending. For the beginning did you introduced who your character was? Did you mention what the problem was that the character is having? Did you state where your character and this conflict is happening from? These must be written in the beginning.  Then there is the middle, what happened that caused another dilemma for your character(s)? What did your character do that lead them to this new conflict and disaster?  Now the ending, based off your character’s reaction of the disaster from the second conflict, what does your character now decide to do to resolve it? Will the issue be solved, or is it one that can’t be solved but throughout the novel your character has changed from who he or she was in the beginning. Or maybe you can use a cliffhanger that will readers to read your next novel to find out if what they found out in the last chapter will lead them to next? New adventures and new characters? How exciting, right?


Revising is the process in your writing where you as a writer comb through your draft for errors, and or to find what’s missing? Maybe you need more dialogue between characters? Maybe, you need to make the conflicts more interesting. Maybe your characters need a little more work to make them more believable to your readers. Read through your draft aloud several times. Ask a family member or one or more friends to read through your draft. Ask them what they think.before you change anything in your draft! This is what revising is all about.


Editing is where your revised draft(s) are being thoroughly searched through for any grammatical errors, formatting, fluency, structure, plot, characters, dialogue and tone of voice. Did you use punctuation correctly? Did you use commas correctly? Do you have any misspelled words? Do you have any passive verbs that need to be changed to action verbs? Do you have complete sentences?



Write a novel within 12 months! How is that possible? Most novels are about 10,000 words. Within 12 months you can write a total of  12,000 words. By breaking it down into small sections. Each month your goal is to write 1,000 words! That’s right! A grand total of  1,ooo words a month. Now, you may say that is a lot of words but it really isn’t. That’s only 250 words a week!

Therefore starting on today, October 15th – November 15th, you are to write 1,000 words.

Your goal is to write 250 words by October 21st.  Can you do it? Yes, you can!

You are required to:

– Post the word count that you wrote for week #1 on October 21st.

– Post briefly what your story is about for week #1.

– Post a list of who your protagonist and antagonists are, where does your story take place, what are your main character(s) goals (needs or wants), and name 3 conflicts (problems) that you plan to happen.

New Course Coming Soon!! New learning format!!

Fiction Writing (Part 1) Course coming soon. The course format will be self-paced with lessons and assignments being sent via email to students. Assignments are to be turned in to instructor for one-on-one feedback. What will the course cover? It will cover, theme, character developments, scenes, settings, act I, act II, act III, conflicts, creating and extending your outlines. As well as, revising and editing your writing section by section as we move further into each lesson. Each lesson will be sent via email after you complete the assignment from the previous lesson. After completing the course, students should have their manuscript fully completed. Students should also have developed a sense of how to write, edit, and revise their work. Students will have a complete understanding how to develop their own style of writing. At the end of completing the course all students will receive a certificate of accomplishment in PDF format.


Horror Fiction – Writing Competition

For this writing competition, you are to write and edge of the seat thriller, horror, or something that will terrorize your readers. This can be any length. Those with the most votes on their responses will be published in our monthly magazine  featuring them and their story.  Post you responses down below in the comment area!

Best of luck! 🙂

Murder Mystery #5

Leslie and her detective boyfriend, Mark, have been asked as chaperons for the upcoming Spring Ball at the local high school.  Leslie and Mark dressed up to blend in, while keeping an eye on students were having fun. Until a high school student dressed in a pink prom dress walks across stage covered in mud. She falls down knocking the bands microphone along with her. Students start screaming, other chaperons are running trying to calm students down. Mark and Leslie run over to the young girl covered in mud. Leslie calls for an ambulance as Mark checks her pulse. Nothing. He then checks for a wound. He soon finds shes been shot multiple times in the chest and back. As the rest of the police made their way towards, Mark and the victim, the projector screen rolls down. Then a message pops across the screen: Beware or be the next victim! All the students started screaming and running out of the building faster than ever. The police didn’t blame the students for their fright. Who would kill this student and why? Why shoot her multiple times? How did she get covered in mud from head to toe? Who wrote that message on the projector? Was the killer in the gym? So many questions that needed to be answered. The police along with Mark and Leslie, went to check for a nearby place that was muddy. After a short distance by the grave yard, they found a muddy place. There was an indention of foot prints. Along with bullets scattered around. This was where the young high school girl was killed. But why? Who? And who was next? 


Write all this and what happens next using only 2500 words. Please, post your response down below for feedback! Thanks!


Best of luck!!!! 🙂

Novel Challenge# 12-4

Kyle Andrews was living alone until the death of his brother and his sister in-law. He was then left with the custody of their four children. The youngest one is an infant, the next one two, then four, and the oldest is eight. 

Write using this as your novel opener. Then mention what happens next. You should have your first few pages written by answering this prompt! 🙂 

Later, I will then add another part to this challenge. It may diifer from yours so do not worry. The addition that I will add to this later might help you plot your next conflict. To help keep your novel moving forward! 🙂

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