Review: The Christmas Heirloom







In Kristi Ann Hunter’s “Legacy of Love,” Sarah Gooding never suspected returning a brooch to an elderly woman would lead to a job . . . and introduce her to the woman’s grandson, a man far above her station.

In Karen Witemeyer’s “Gift of the Heart,” widow Ruth Albright uses the family brooch as collateral for a loan from the local banker. But the more she comes to know the man behind the stern businessman, the more she hopes for a second chance at love.

In Sarah Loudin Thomas’s “A Shot at Love,” Fleeta Brady’s rough-and-tumble childhood means she prefers hunting to more feminine activities. She never expected her family’s brooch might be how a fellow hunter turns her attention from competition to romance.

In Becky Wade’s “Because of You,” Maddie Winslow has spent years in love with a man whose heart was already spoken for. When a church Christmas project brings them together and she stumbles upon an old family brooch, might it finally be her turn for love?

Rating: 5-stars


The Christmas Heirloom is a collection of four fantastic novellas told by some of the best writers in Christian romance. I was in love with this book. Each story captured my full attention. Stealing pieces of my heart as the journeys lured deep into the characters’ lives. Struggles come in all shapes and sizes. This was a heartfelt group of stories. Engaging from the the beginning, each writer hooked me right in…I could not stop reading. These pieces remind me what really is important in life. Things like love, faith, and family. There were times I both laughed and cried so hard. Overall, I recommend The Christmas Heirloom to all readers.


Review: Second-Chance Dogs

Second-Chance Dogs: True Stories of the Dogs We Rescue and the Dogs Who Rescue Us






Everyone loves an underdog, and nothing gives us warmer feelings than seeing someone get a second chance in life. A problem pup who flourishes under the right kind of training. The struggling veteran who finds unconditional love wiggling around at the end of a leash. The lonely child who finds comfort in the steady breathing of the warm, furry friend at her side. Each of us needs to be rescued from something–and each of us has the capacity to rescue someone, or something, else.

This collection of more than thirty contemporary, true, feel-good stories spotlights the beauty of being rescued–dogs rescued by people, people rescued by dogs, and even dogs who rescue other animals. It’s the perfect companion–well, besides the four-legged, tail-wagging kind–for your morning cup of coffee or an evening curled up on the couch. Contributors include Susy Flory, Dusty Rainbolt, Lauraine Snelling, Melody Carlson, Wanda Dyson, Suzanne Woods Fisher, and many more.

Rating: 5-stars


Second-Chance Dogs: True Stories of the Dogs We Rescue and the Dogs Who Rescue Us by Callie Smith Grant is a must read for all animal lovers. The short stories show us the joys of love and kindness. It made me laugh and cry. Definitely, a sweet collection that swept me off my feet and into the lives of the animals mentioned. There’s a bond that forms between the humans and the dogs. I loved reading this. Overall, I recommend it to readers everywhere.

Cover Reveal: The Meat Market by S. Van Horne and many others…

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The Meat Market

By: S. Van Horne, Riann C. Miller, Winter Travers, Trinity Rose, Mary B. Moore, Tracie Douglas, Gwyn McNamee, ML Rodriguez, Sarah O’Rourke, Mayra Statham

An Anthology to Support Prostate Cancer Awareness

Genre: Romance

Release Date: August 15th 6, 2017

Cover Design: SK Designs



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When Jason Somers inherited the family butcher shop, he had no idea he was taking the helm of a sinking ship. With the help of his younger brother Jaxson, a plan emerged to save The Meat Market.


What better way to earn some extra cash than to target one of their biggest customer group’s most basic needs.


All they needed were some willing men and some clever marketing.


The Meat Market is now the go-to place to order prime cuts of meat, both for human consumption and companionship.


The women of Chicago know where the best cuts can be found.


Come into The Meat Market and order whatever looks appetizing.




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S. Van Horne was born and raised in the small town of Belton, Missouri, which is a part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. She’s from a very large family and is the oldest of six. Growing up, she didn’t have the easiest life. She learned quickly that family means everything, even if it’s the type that you get to pick for yourself.

She met the love of her life at the early age of twenty and was married just after nine months of meeting him. Shortly after marriage, her husband rejoined the U.S. Navy and they moved from Kansas City and started their journey together. Currently they have two amazing children, a boy and a girl, and are still enjoying the Navy life.

She spends her days being a wife, mom, reading books, writing her latest novel, watching her beloved Kansas City Chiefs or Kansas City Royals, watching movies, hanging out with family and friends and having girls’ day at least once a month.

You can find S here:






Riann C. Miller lives in southeast Kansas and writes steamy contemporary romance stories. When she’s not reading or writing, she spends time with her friends and family or you might catch her watching a baseball game with a beer in her hand.

You can connect with Riann here:





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Winter Travers is a devoted wife, mother, and aunt turned author who was born and raised in Wisconsin. After a brief stint in South Carolina following her heart to chase the man who is now her hubby, they retreated back up North to the changing seasons, and to the place they now call home.

Winter spends her days writing happily ever afters, and her nights zipping around on her forklift at work. She also has an addiction to anything MC related, her dog Thunder, and Mexican food! (Tamales!)

Winter loves to stay connected with her readers. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact her.

Twitter: @WinterTravers

Instagram: @WinterTravers


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Sensual man and woman having sex. Intimate young couple enjoying foreplay on bed.


Trinity Rose (AKA Jamie Cercone) was born and raised in southwestern New York. Never in her wildest dreams did she see herself become an writer, but with one sentence you read that shit some much you should just write it!” from her hubby the rest is history. Now this devoted wife, mother of two awesome kids and RN writes about alphas, strong willed women and badassery. When she’s not writing, playing mom, performing her wifey duties or saving lives you can find her surviving on Nutella, Halloween, purses and reading.

Go and stalk Trinity Rose at the follow social media and drop her a line:





I’ve always been an avid reader and writer, so when my best friends (three males who drive me closer to insanity daily) dared me to publish, in fact triple dared with no returnseys, I couldn’t say no – the forfeits are always painful. Deciding to shelve all of the work I’d ever done and to start with a new project was my best idea though, at least I think so. After being on the brink of insanity many times, I’m delighted to confirm that I came out of it with my dignity still intact…just!


I’m the daughter of diplomats who has lived all over the world and you’d be hard placed to figure out where my accent was from – it’s a Heinz 57 variety accent. My poor child has also picked up my accent and vocabulary, which is predominantly American I guess. We should really be classed as having United Nations accents.


My projects so far are a contemporary romance series called the Providence Series, an MC series which I love called Luther’s Vengeance and also a paranormal series. In Luther’s Vengeance, I’ll be using my background to make it as ‘real life’ as possible, never let it be said my childhood was boring.


For now though, it’s going to mainly be about the romance…lots of romance!!

You can find Mary B Moore at:


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LHL - Tracie Douglas - Teaser 4.jpg


Surviving on caffeine most days, Tracie Douglas lives in Southern California with her husband, two children, two dogs and one really fat cat. She spends her days chasing children and fur babies, all while maintaining the illusion of sanity.

Her nights are spent toiling away at the keyboard, creating a world filled with hot men and strong women. She loves to read and write all types of book but tends to lean on the darker side of the spectrum. She’s pretty handy with a crochet hook too.

Tracie loves to hear from her readers!

Reader’s Group:





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Gwyn McNamee is an attorney, writer, wife, and mother (to one human baby and two fur babies). Originally from the Midwest, Gwyn relocated to her husband’s home town of Las Vegas in 2015 and is enjoying her respite from the cold and snow. Gwyn has been writing down her crazy stories and ideas for years and finally decided to share them with the world. She loves to write stories with a bit of suspense and action mingled with romance and heat.

When she isn’t either writing or voraciously devouring any books she can get her hands on, Gwyn is busy adding to her tattoo collection, golfing, and stirring up trouble with her perfect mix of sweetness and sarcasm (usually while wearing heels). An admitted shoe whore, Gwyn’s closet rivals Carrie Bradshaw’s and is constantly expanding.

Gwyn loves to hear from her readers!

She can be found here:

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A proud Texan, ML Rodriguez resides in Bavaria, Germany with her husband, two children, and their dog–Bolt. When she’s not writing, she loves to drive her husband crazy, laugh at the hilarious things her children come up with, or enjoys curling up on her couch with her Kindle.

You can find ML at:








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Sarah O’Rourke is actually TWO besties who live three states apart and write at all hours of the day and night! Born and raised in the Southern United States, they are overly attached to their one-click accounts, can’t make it through the day without copious doses of caffeine, and spend way too much time on the phone with each other.


Between them, they have four children and eighteen years of marriage…one to a super soldier and the other to egomaniac engineer. They hate empty chocolate wrappers and writer’s block, love to talk to readers…and oh, by the way, they write about strong, kick-ass women and hot alpha heroes!

Sarah loves to connect with readers and you can find them here:


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Mayra Statham resides in southern California with her three kids and husband. When she isn’t writing or hanging with family, you can probably find her hidden behind a romance novel while having a highly caffeinated iced drink.

You can find Mayra here:






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Review: An Amish Heirloom









A Legacy of Love by Amy Clipston

Local volunteer fire fighter Leon King agrees to repair his ex-girlfriend Susie Bontrager’s grandparents’ antique rocking chairs for her future home with her fiance and is forced to acknowledge that his feelings for her have not quite gone away. As Susie spends time with Leon, she begins to recognize she is marrying the wrong man for all the wrong reasons.


The Cedar Chest by Beth Wiseman

Decades after inheriting her great grandmother’s cedar chest, Emma Fisher decides to pry it open only to discover a beautiful love story in the form of letters between her great grandparents. But as Emma immerses herself in their story, family secrets are revealed, and she must decide whether to share them to preserve family history or honor her great grandparents’ decision to leave them hidden.

The Treasured Book by Kathleen Fuller

For the past two years, Shane Broyles has felt God leading him to join the Amish. He’s staying with his friends Noah and Ivy Schlabach in Birch Creek, OH, where he is reunited with Lucy Fisher, an old friend of Noah’s family. Shane and Lucy have never revealed their feelings for each other, but when they stumble upon an antique Bible at a flea market, they feel drawn to each other and to the mystery of the contents found within.

The Midwife’s Dream by Kelly Irvin

Iris Beachy serves as a midwife in her district where she longs for a family of her own. When her friend’s brother Mahon Kurtz seeks her help in delivering the baby of two young teenagers who have sought refuge in their town, they begin to see each other in a different light. Unprepared for parenthood, the young couple leave their baby girl behind in an antique crib quilt resembling the one destined for Iris when she becomes a mother. Mahon and Iris come together to take care of the baby as they try to find her parents, and they begin to see new possibilities for their future.

Rating: 5-stars


An Amish Heirloom is a wonderful collection of Christian stories. Each story is written by a different author. I enjoyed reading these tales. Every one of them had a different vibe and emotional as well as spiritual lesson attached. New beginnings, love, hope, and faith are tested here. The characters were easy to connect with and had me liking them more as their story unfolded. These were clean, good plots,  that made me heart melt with love. I  would recommend this collection to readers worldwide.

Review: Knowing There is More










I believe we have extraordinary stories inside of us. Stories that perhaps we have never told to anyone because they are difficult for us to accept as true. Often they tell of an intervention where someone or something appears in our lives unexpectedly and challenges our commonly held beliefs. No longer are we 100% confident we operate solely with our five senses to maneuver through life. There is something more trying to wake us up.

Consider the possibility there is a divine knowing available to us, and all that is required on our part is being open to its presence.

These 22 stories, though unique in their settings, speak to this presence of knowing there is more. A knowing that brought one woman to trust again … a knowing that guided a woman to protect her children from those who appeared loving and safe … a knowing to take a class that later saved a life.

It is my belief that the more attention we give to this knowing energy around us, the more we will feel the abundance of life and be less likely to think, “Is this all there is?”

So let’s tell our stories to all who will listen-our storytelling will inspire others to bring forth experiences deep within them. Sharing our stories can warm our hearts, bring excitement to the moment, and enlarge the connectedness we all have to one another.

Rating: 4.5-stars


Knowing There is More by Carol Hibbert is an inspirational collection of stories that make me believe there is something more. My grandmother told me a similar story yet I could not tell if she was serious. After reading these tales, I am left wondering.  Hoping that there is indeed more. I found these to be deep, thought provoking, and healing. It brings a sense of peace and calm to others like me. Truly, a heartfelt collection. There is more than what we can fanthom at times.  It is not until we experience it, that we believe. Overall, I recommend this stunning set with emotional journeys to all readers.


Review: I’ll Be Home for Christmas


Three holiday favorites from New York Times bestselling authors!

Silver Bells by Debbie Macomber

A single dad’s rambunctious teenage daughter hatches a plot to find her father a wife, and she has just the woman in mind. He may claim he’s not interested in remarriage, but perhaps the magic of the holiday season will help him change his mind.

On a Snowy Christmas by Brenda Novak

When their private plane crashes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains shortly before Christmas, two political enemies discover that survival means more than just staying alive. In their case, it also means falling in love…

The Perfect Holiday by Sherryl Woods

What’s a holiday without a handsome husband? To a matchmaking aunt, it isn’t very festive at all! So she sends the perfect man to her single niece. But will he become the perfect groom-to-be by Christmastime?

Rating: 4.5-stars


I’ll Be Home for Christmas is a book containing three Christmas novellas. Each one is done by a talented and well-known writer. These writers include: Debbie Macomber, Brenda Novak, and Sherryl Woods. It’s collection is sweet, sexy, and heartfelt. Christmas time is a time for family, healing, and new beginnings. These areas are explored in each piece.

In Silver Bells by Debbie Macomber, I got to follow a teenage girl separated from her mother and living with her dad. Her dad has buried himself into his work and ignored her. She misses the way things used to be between them. Her father is always grouchy. But when they move into an apartment with quirky characters, the daughter goes on a plan to find her father a wife. But he refuses her offer. But then, the woman he’s being setup with is just as enticing to his daughter as she is to him. A woman who needs a man in her life, soon gets her wish. However, there are many fun bumps in this journey. I laughed a lot in this story. The characters were realistic. It was fun watching all the main characters transform with every page.

On A Snowy Christmas by Brenda Novak, is just the thing to heat up the night. A plane carrying two nemesis soon crashes. The pilot dies leaving the two enemies working together to stay alive. The woman would rather save her pride than admit her attraction to her enemy. The man has been fighting his desire for his enemy since day one. Now, stuck in the freezing wilderness, they both need each other to stay alive until help arrives, if ever. Heat, passion, and frustration adds to the tension of this tale. Both characters want to make it out alive and return home in time for Christmas. Complications arise between the two and it takes a whole lot of trust and a risk to keep what they want alive between them. Sexy, entertaining, and funny…Brenda Novak wrote well. I was thoroughly engaged with her story.

The Perfect Holiday by Sherryl Woods is was the sweetest touch to this novella collection. I liked how two strangers were connected at the same pulled to together at random. An older lady makes a young man promise her to return to her inn at Christmastime. About that same time, her family relative, whom she left the inn too, also moves into the inn. Both miss the older woman terribly. However, they find a compromise and both stay at the inn. With the woman’s young daughter, the trio becomes best friends and more. Take chances, risk your heart, and fall in love again! This story was my favorite out of the three. Spicy yet still sweet enough to keep my interest the whole way. Sherryl Woods created a magical piece with this enchanting short tale.

Author Interview with Almas Akhtar

ULM: You mentioned that Miseries, Illusions and Hope is your second book. What was your first book? 

My first book was A very Resilient Amreeki Dream...a short story.

ULM: What led you to writing short stories? 

I like reading and writing about real life characters. I have a huge collection of autobiographies. I believe everyone is unique everyone has a story.

Write about social issues and about an immigrant’s perspective.



ULM: How many blogs do you have and where can readers find them?

My blogs are on Facebook by the name Tuesday Talk, Tuesday talk by Almas A.

I have written in Express Tribune, Oakland Press, and Muslim Observer Newspapers.



ULM: Since, you mentioned blogs, how long have you been blogging? Any advice for those just starting?

9 years

Put your message out.

Write your story.



ULM: Your four grandparents were immigrants. What were they like? Where did the migrate from?

They migrated to Pakistan from India.

Started their lives from scratch in their new homes.

Worked extremely hard.

Raised well-educated, honest and hardworking children and grandchildren.



ULM: Did your grandparents and your own journey as an immigrant inspire Miseries, Illusions and Hope?

I migrated to USA from Karachi, Pakistan.



ULM: Using only three words, how would you describe your writing style? 




ULM: Do you have any other books coming out soon? 

Yes, in spring 2018.

16000 words Novella

“A bestest story”


Fiction set in the 1970s of Karachi

True love defies the odds.



ULM: Where can readers find you and your books?





Review: Miseries, Illusions and Hope


My second book—Miseries, Illusions and Hope—is a collection of few short stories I wrote in the last few years. Most of them appeared on my blogs on Facebook and Blogger. 
These stories are about everyday people who are working hard for themselves and their loved ones. I call these people everyday heroes. They may be illiterate or poor, but they are sincere and trustworthy. They touch the lives of others around them. 
Life is highly unpredictable and very complicated. It silently teaches us so much about love, intrigue, conflict, and persistence.

Rating: 5-stars


Miseries, Illusions and Hope by Almas Akhtar is exactly as the title suggests. Short stories that demonstrate each of these. The characters each have their own reasons. Money is hard to come by and life brings and takes from each of them. Their circumstances are easy to relate to and draws the reader, like myself, closer to their tale. I was entertained and sucked in from the first page. Almas Akhtar’s writing feels so real that it’s hard to stop reading. Each part goes by quickly. Overall, I enjoyed it. I recommend this small piece to readers worldwide. 

Review: Bits and Peaces 


BITS AND PEACES could leave you thinking that what people believe in their own minds might be more powerful than reality; of course, members of all races and ethnicities are equal; don’t screw with the wrong guy; or it ain’t over till it’s over. 

The first section is comprised of six fiction stories of varying lengths that include primary characters such as Joey, a middle-aged man who believes he is en route to breaking the major league baseball lifetime home run record in softball batting practice; Michael Damsky, a fifty-year-old man pushed out of his twenty-one-year professional job, who continues to catch the same train to work each morning; and Richard Colucci, the retiree who returns to New York for his fiftieth high school reunion, worried whether anyone will recognize him, and if he’ll be asked to recount what he’d done all those years. 

Section II of Bits And Peaces consists of seven fiction stories narrated in first person by a character named Mitchell Graye – the author’s alter ego – each story about an unusual person he meets, his interaction with, and reaction to them. The characters include Amala who dials the wrong number two hours after the ringing in of a new year, seeking her psychiatrist because she wants to kill herself; Mildred, an elderly woman in a White Castle hamburger restaurant who lines up her twenty lipstick cases every thirty minutes, and speaks to nobody; Mel, a man in Panera’s restaurant with a scar down the side of his neck who takes his cell phone outside in any kind of weather each time it rings. 

The third section consists of several essays, including “Mr. Potato Heart,” about how people create their own fantasy version of other people based on what they want or need them to be. This collection of stories is aptly titled “Bits And Peaces,” rather than “Bits And Pieces.” 

Rating: 4.5-stars


Bits and Peaces by Mitchell Graye is an interesting book. It’s divided into three awesome parts. Part one, is a series of short fictional stories. Each one providing different kinds of characters. It was addictive to read. Never boring. Always caught my attention. The pages went by pretty fast. Before I knew it, I was already in part two. Here, there were more short stories but told in a different way compared to previous ones. I enjoyed the different point-of-view. A lot of action, emotions, and a variety of characters that gives it a refeshing taste. Last but not least, is part three. This section is a collection of short essays. It’s very deep, thought provoking, and interesting. Mitchell Graye spun a ton of short pieces and brilliantly wrapped them into a great book. I’m not usually into short stories or essays but this one was worth every minute of reading. 

Review: The Amish Christmas Candle


At the heart of winter’s darkness is the joyous glow of the Christmas season. In this love-filled holiday collection, warm yourself with the peaceful light of Plain gifts. 


Kelly Long

When staid Naomi Gish’s mischievous father hires strapping Gray Fisher at their candle shop for the season, she’s positive the old man has an ulterior motive. She doesn’t need help–but as Gray learns the craft of candle making, Naomi learns that love is not only possible, but God’s most precious gift.


Jennifer Beckstrand

Of all the sacrifices Bitsy Kiem made to raise her three nieces Amish, giving up her Englisch life was the only thing she missed. With the girls married now, she has a chance to kick up her heels this Christmas–unless widowed Yost Weaver can convince her that Plain love is a flame that will never go out.


Lisa Jones Baker

Blessing those in need at Christmastime is one of Lydia’s favorite traditions. But without her newly married sister’s help this year, the task seems daunting–until handsome Mennonite John King shows her that hands joined to do good may unite hearts, as well. 

Rating: 4-stars


The Amish Christmas Candle is a great collection. Not my overall favorite. The stories are more modern living than the Amish way of living. I did enjoy how each character found happiness, hope, love, and healing. 

Snow Shine on Ice Mountain by Kelly Long is a sweet yet inspiring Amish romance. Two young people who learn what love really is. Gray realizes love is peace and he’s never felt peace with any other girl except for Naomi. Naomi is a bit older than gray and very plain looking. But her heart, mind, and soul, are worthy of any man’s heart. Gray comes to realize that Naomi is the one. Naomi starts to feel like a wanted woman with Gray. But can she trust her heart to him? Kelly Long’s short story felt believable. It wasnt like other Amish tales I’ve read. Most wouldn’t allow the things that each character did without a chaperone or without some kind of consequence. However, it was sweet, engaging, and heartfelt. Gray not only finds peace but love and healing, too. 

A Honeybee Christmas by Jennifer Beckstrand is another entertaining short story. I liked how one English woman left her way of life to raise her three nieces as Amish women. That took a lot of strength, determination, and power. Imagine leaving the life you have now, to live a plain simple one…I don’t think I could do it. I may enjoy it, but I would miss a lot of things. The writer brought an untraditional tale and still gave it a heart tugging feeling. I warmed up to the main characters. Overall, it was realistic and a great adventure. 

The Christmas Candle by Lisa Jones Baker is the last Amish tale inside this collection. I felt the Christmas holiday sweeping over me. The pages went by quickly. Excitement rushed through me as I read every page. Filling me with a sweetness that I couldn’t let go. The main characters were enjoyable to follow. Both having faith in God. This story was more traditional in the Amish setting than the previous tales before it. I really loved this one. Giving back to the community, learning to trust, and not giving up hope are great themes found, here. Lisa Jones Baker created a piece that I fell in love with…overall, I highly recommend reading The Christmas Candle to all. 

Review: Going Down and Man Candy


“Elise Sax will win your heart.”—NYT bestelling author Jill Shalvis

“Elise Sax will make you laugh. Her larger-than-life characters jump off the page and make crazy seem like a fun place to hang out.”–Christie Craig, New York Times bestselling author of Texas Hold ‘Em

“Elise Sax belongs on every bookshelf.” — Melissa Foster, New York Times Bestselling Author 

The Five Wishes Series: Novellas about wishes that go terribly wrong…fortunately. Five Wishes…A happy ending is just a coin toss away. Each novella is approximately 100 pages with NO cliffhanger.

Book 1: Going Down:

Marion MacAlister wants to nail her audition, not get nailed. Truly. Honestly. All right…maybe she does want to get nailed, but that’s just because her hottie landlord and local diner owner Mack Ryan is confusing her. Can friends become lovers? Especially friends who might not even be friends in the first place? 

Book 2: Man Candy:

Raine Harper is in love with Wade Gates. But Wade likes women who are model thin, and Raine is model thin plus a whole lot of pounds. Desperate to make him love her, she trains just a little too hard and passes out in the arms of superstar movie star Dirk Adams. Dirk thinks Raine’s junk in the trunk is perfect and proposes to make Wade jealous by becoming her pretend boyfriend. Pretend soon seems very real. Is Dirk a great actor, or is something really developing between Raine and the movie star? 

Rating: 4-stars


Going Down and Man Candy by Elise Sax is a 2-in-1 book set. A great summer romance set that is enjoyable to follow. The two stories feature a different woman going through body issues. They also want to be super skinny. One wants to make it as an actress. The other wanting her long time crush to fall in love with her. Each one has a super hot guy after their own hearts. Sweet, sexy, and entertaining. Both stories are easy to read and short. Elise Sax writes funny yet romantic tales. Overall, I recommend her book set to all. 

Review: A Second, Less Capable, Head 


A Tea Party activist discovers that he is growing another head. A playboy befriends a fickle female only six inches tall. A rape victim confronts her assailant in a maximum security prison. 

James Hanna is a prolific writer whose stories have appeared in over a dozen literary journals. Drawing from his experiences as an adventurer in Australia, a counselor in an Indiana prison, and a San Francisco probation officer, James offers a variety of themes and genres in these nineteen aberrant tales. His stories range from a bizarre experiment (“Fruits”) to a manhunt in the dead of winter (“The Break”). From a flasher in search of the perfect pose (“Exposed”) to a diseased schizophrenic mind (“Hunting Bear”). 

Darkness abounds in James’ cryptic stories. And reading becomes dangerous again. 

A Second, Less Capable Head, The Guest, Exposed, The Stalker, Fruits, The Outback, The Sicilian, Breaking Vials, Honey Bunny, Jimmy Likes Mermaids, The Dress, Hunting Bear, Cheating the Jail Out of Time, The Break, The World Baseball League, The Wall, Hunter’s Moon, Another Will Take Your Place, The Body in the Bay. 

Rating: 5-stars


A Second, Less Capable, Head by James Hanna is a brilliant collection of short stories. Each one ranging in topic. A variety of charcaters and lives lived. Dark, engaging, and thrilling with every turn. I was intrigued. James Hanna definitely knows how to write well. A Second, Less Capable, Head is suspenseful, frightening, and hilarious. There’s so much to enjoy in this collection.  I highly recommend it to readers everywhere. 

Review: Thomas Haftmann, Private Eye


Ex-cop Thomas Haftmann, formerly of Cleveland Homicide, works as a private investigator in the resort town of Jefferson-on-the-Lake. You will follow his cases in these 15 short neo-noirs. Among them are “The Kneeling Woman,” “No Escape, No Turning Back,” “The Riding Boy,” “The Slave Master’s Dungeon,” “Archangel’s Daughter,” “A Woman With Tea-Colored Eyes,” and “The Dog Returneth to His Vomit.” These have been collected from a variety of outstanding publications and blog sites, ranging from Powder Burn Flash through A Twist of Noir to Sex and Murder Magazine. Be warned: Thomas Haftmann’s dark world of murder and madness is not for the reader of cozy mysteries. 

Rating: 5-stars


Thomas Haftmann, Private Eye by Robb White is a great collection of detective stories. Each one featuring the famous, Thomas Haftmann. He is a private investigator that goes on a variety of cases. Every case is different and entertained me from the start to end. Love detectives and murder mysteries, than this is highly recommend to be added as a to-be-read book. Great pieces of fiction. Thrilling characters and intriguing plot lines. Robb White’s writing is enjoyable to follow. 

Review: Uncharted Worlds – Xeno Encounters


Uncharted Worlds—an exciting new speculative fiction series featuring bestselling and award-winning authors.

These ten mind-boggling adventures include tales of ancient aliens, other worlds, and imagined futures.

Join authors Michael A. Stackpole, Matthew Costello, F. Paul Wilson, Thomas F. Monteleone and others as they take you on a thrilling ride from the inner and outer edges of our universe and from the past to the future in: Uncharted Worlds—Xeno Encounters.

Rating: 5-stars


Uncharted Worlds: Xeno Encounters by many writers is quite the science fiction collection. This anthology features enegaging tales. Adventure, action, and thrilling worlds. Well-written. I’m not a huge fan of science fiction but the works found within this anthology were superb. I definitely look forward to reading more works by these writers. Overall, I highly recommend Uncharted Worlds: Xeno Ecounters to readers worldwide. 

Review: Never Fear – Phobias


For those who like their stories on the darker side …
19 Stories of phobia from New York Times bestselling master suspense authors F. Paul Wilson and Heather Graham with a “krewe” of dynamic award-winning storytellers.
Thomas F. Monteleone

E. McCarthy

Laura Harner

Lance Taubold

Elle J Rossi

Michael Koogler

Crystal Perkins

Richard Devin

Connie Corcoran Wilson

Mathew Kaufman

Aidan Russell

Ed DeAngelis

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Rating: 4.5-stars


Never Fear – Phobias by 19 NY Times Bestselling Writers is one enormously dark collection. This anthology explores people’s worst phobias and makes them into stuff of nightmares. I was hooked. Definitely, not for those who don’t like so much horror, terror, and gore. Never FearPhobias is anthology readers don’t want to miss. The writing is superb. I enjoyed exploring the depths of each writer’s tale. 

Review: Love Happens


In this must-have short-story collection, Melanie Moreland introduces us to Ethan Thomas in When Love Blooms. Melanie Harlow shares her novel, Some Kind of Love. Molly McLain and Rhonda James share Luke and Mia’s no strings weekend that could lead to love. Claudia Burgoa visits New York City in How We Met. Leap with Dylan Allen to London where we meet Cara’s dream man. Emery Jacobs revisits the Beautiful Torture Duet. Go on vacation with the beloved characters of the Unspoken Series by Gabbie Duran. I See You is based on secondary characters in Ginger Scott’s How We Deal With Gravity. Fall in love with Jeanne McDonald’s Shadow Kingsley in All Of Me. Lisa Kamps takes us to the ice arena with First Shot At Love (A Baltimore Banners Story). Bad girl Delilah meets Lance, her total opposite, in Wild Pumpkin by Martha Sweeney. Mia Kayla brings us Kent and Beth from Marry Me for Money, a couple with different views in All Work And No Play. In Love on The Edge, Molly Lee’s Dash and Blake from the Edge of Chaos spend their honeymoon chasing storms. Rockstar Silas Palmer finds love on the side of the road in Hitch by S.M. West. 
Fifteen authors come together to celebrate Autism Awareness month with proceeds benefitting SARRC and Myles-A-Part. 
Love Happens features stories about finding love, falling in love and being in love.

**Includes Some Kind of Love By Melanie Harlow** 

Rating: 5-stars


Love Happpens is anthology by many authors. Each one with their own unique talent. They have come together to put this collection for readers and to raise funds for Autism. I love when talented writers get together to help others. It nails my attention immediately. 

After reading these stories, I got to go on a lot of adventures. Different experiences of love, life, and meaning. Each tale was deep. Emotionally, I was swept up in its great wave after wave of stories. Another amazing thing about this anthology, I got to taste other writer’s work, whom I never heard of until now…their stories are not only entertaining but inspiring too. Love Happens is romantic, hopeful, and well-told. Sexy, realistic, and contains a lot of real life issues. That’s what really had me hooked. I was able to connect to the charcaters because of that. Overall, I recommend this collection to readers worldwide. There’s a little of everything inside…I have received this free copy for an honest review. 

Review: The Dark and Other Love Stories


“The emotional range and depth of [Willis’s stories], the clarity and deftness are astonishing.”—Alice Munro

The characters in the thirteen stories that comprise The Dark and Other Love Stories exist on the edge of danger, where landscapes melt into dreamscapes and every house is haunted. A drug dealer’s girlfriend signs up for the first manned mission to Mars. A girl falls in love with a man who wants to turn her into a bird. A teenage girl and her best friend test their relationship by breaking into suburban houses. A wife finds a gaping hole in the floor of the home she shares with her husband, a hole that only she can see.
Full of longing and strange humor, these subtle, complex stories about the love between a man and his pet crow, an alcoholic and his AA sponsor, a mute migrant and a newspaper reporter—show how love ties us to each other and to the world. 
Rating: 5-stars


The Dark and Other Love Stories by Deborah Willis is a compelling read. Each story inside contains its own set of emotions and powerful tug. Luring me deeper into its core. The characters are believable and well-developed. The stories are easy to read. Every page brings a new sense of excitement. Never knowing what the next tale will contain. Deep, engaging, and well-told. Deborah Willis is definitely talented. It shows in each piece. The Dark and Other Love Stories is a collection of fictional worlds for readers to explore. Meanings that will not be forgotten. The human heart, soul, and mind are brought up in each tale. So sad but rich…I loved reading every single story. Overall, I highly recommend it to others. 

Review: Dead is Dead and Other Stories 


‘Dead is Dead’ is a collection of twenty compelling stories which focus on the complexity of being human. All of the stories have already met with success: broadcast, appearing in magazines or doing well in international competitions.

The title story, Dead is Dead, is set in colonial Africa and is told from the point of view of a little girl. Her father’s gun goes missing and so does one of the servants. Events unfold and end in tragedy, and in the little girl coming to a new understanding.

In ‘This is not Miranda’s story’ a woman observes her neighbour’s wife becoming a mother and, at the same time, sliding into madness. Here’s a small section from it: ‘Tim came round the next Saturday. He brought the big pram with the baby at one end and Hayden at the other. When I asked how Miranda was, he said, “She’s convinced that this little one is a daughter, although it’s obvious he’s not. She calls him Eve.”’ 

‘The Sleeping Handsome’ retells the story of ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ but with a male sleeper and set in modern times.

‘My Beautiful Dad’ is written from the point of view of the son of a man who is becoming a woman. Finally the boy meets the woman his father has become: ‘I push open the door to the café and there is ‘Rosalie; quite beautiful, long blonde hair, long slender legs elegantly crossed. She wears earrings that hang almost to her shoulders, silver bangles on each smooth arm, a short skirt, high-heeled shoes, a lacy blouse buttoned up to her cleavage, the hint of breasts. She holds her hand there, the long fingers fiddling with the top button, wanting to undo it .’ 

Matilda is dealing with writing a philosophical essay on the subject of free will and determinism, it is also her birthday and her mother, with whom she does not get on, is coming to stay, next door there is building work going on and bones are discovered. These are the themes for ‘Matilda, the Determined Woman’.

‘Polly’s Day’ is about the awfulness of war for the families whose men have gone to fight. It is set during the Second World War with flashbacks to the first. Here’s a section from one of those flashbacks: ‘Mum was in the kitchen. She was crying like she had been on the way to school, only worse. Gran looked up as Polly came in; her eyes were red and her face all wobbly. But it was Uncle Artie who said it, ‘Your dad’s dead. Killed. In action.’ 

‘When Mum came in from the bedroom, she had pink cream on her face but you could still see the other colours underneath, especially just below one eyebrow where there was a rim of black coming through. Her lips looked sore, too, swollen and bitten and when she yawned, it was almost as if she was trying not to cry. She walked through to the kitchen end of the living room.’ This is the opening to ‘One of Those Days’ a horrific story about a dysfunctional family, a battered wife and mistreated children. 

In ‘Dead Heading the Roses’ the narrator is dealing with an unwanted pregnancy and the request from her neighbour’s son, who has become a paraplegic, for her to help him die. It starts like this: ‘Three years ago, Dylan, who lives next door, slid off the roof. The fall didn’t kill him but now he is unable to walk or talk. He communicates by blinking. One for no, two for yes, several when the right questions aren’t being asked.’ 

And there are plenty more stories, all gripping, all beautifully written and insightful, all of which will leave readers wanting more.

Rating: 5-stars


Dead is Dead and Other Stories by Jane Seaford is a brilliant collection of stories. Each story has its own point of view of major issues. Issues readers know and can relate to…I found myself exploring the human nature. Raw, realistic, and complex. Relationships within members of our own family or outside of it..can be messy. Confusion, emotions tugging at war, and the moments that readers will never forget. I don’t know how the writer, Jane Seaford did it, but she captured life in a nutshell on every page of her stories. I was hooked, captivated, and stunned. Her writing style is clear, easy to follow, and powerful. The messages are deep, thought provoking, and will leave readers wondering what next. Dead is Dead and Other Stories is a fascinating anthology of fiction that all must read. Once, I began reading these, there was no stopping…overall, I recommend it to readers everywhere.

Review: Pieces like Pottery



Filled with graceful insight into the human condition, each linked story presents a tale of loss and love mirroring themes from each of the five Sorrowful Mysteries. In Expect Dragons, James Hinri learns that his old high school teacher is dying. Wanting to tell Mr. Smith one last time how much his teaching impacted him, James drives across the country revisiting past encounters with his father’s rejection and the pain of his youth. Disillusioned and losing hope, little did James know that Mr. Smith had one final lesson for him.

In The Gravesite, Lisa and Mike’s marriage, hangs in the balance after the disappearance of their only son, while backpacking in Thailand. Mike thinks the authorities are right—that Chris fell to his death in a hiking accident—but Lisa has her doubts. Her son was too strong to die this young, and no one can explain to her why new posts continue to appear on her son’s blog.

Twenty-Two looks in on the lives of a dock worker suffering from the guilt of a life not lived and a bartender making the best of each day, even though he can see clearly how his life should have been different. The two find their worlds collide when a past tragedy shockingly connects them.

A collection of nine stories, each exquisitely written and charged with merciful insight into the trials of life, Pieces Like Pottery reminds us of the sorrows we all encounter in life and the kindness we receive, oftentimes from the unlikeliest of places.

Rating: 5 stars


Pieces like Pottery is a unique collection of stories that will captivate readers immediately. Dan Buri is a talented writer who knows how to hold his audiences’ attention with every word he writes. His characters instantly cause readers to feel a sense of connection as well as sympathy and love. Pieces like Pottery holds amazing tales that will tear at readers hearts and inspire them as well. I loved reading each story with its own meaning. Readers will see life in a whole new way after reading this book. One inspirational collection that will keep readers coming back  every time. Overall, I highly recommend Dan Buri’s book, Pieces like Pottery. Readers won’t be disappointed and I can promise readers everywhere that they don’t want to miss reading this!

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OMG! A 5 Star Review!

6 Incredible Reads for the price of one novel! A collection of romance stories that readers will love. From A Duke to Remember (Historical Romance), Our Story (Erotic), A Start (Contemporary), A Modern Cinderella (Contemporary), Beautifully Flawed (Paranormal), and His Slave (Paranormal).

These quick reads were very quick indeed and easy to read. But it seriously, did’nt seem like it was the same author in each book. The writing style seemed to differentiate as the tales switched to different genres. Very talented indeed and if you have fifteen minutes, it will be worth the read!

Grab your copy here:

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Hi everyone, we have some exciting news to share.

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New Writing Prompt for September

September is the month where we think of and honor our grandparents. They are truly amazing people and need to be honoreed,  remembered and cherished. September 13th is Grandparents’ Day. So, in honor we are hosting a free publishing contest for our writers to submit a short 500 – 1,000 word short story featuring grandparents. It can be a memior or fiction piece. Please, submit it to us via email with Grandparents in the subject area.

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JUNE2015IssueCoverWe are happy to announce that June 2015 Issue for Universal Creativity Inc. will be released this Monday! The best-selling author Jacob Appel be featured inside our issue and we highly recommend reading his interview! Also, we will be featuring another author, Allen Eskens, who will have his interview featured as well.

Are you ready? The last and final piece to Enid is now here! What will happen next inside this thrilling piece written by Lucy Mitchell?

Free excerpts from Modern Girl will be featured for readers to get a taste of what the latest novel by Universal Creativity Inc. is like.

Pitch Slam for the summer starting this month will include a free open submission for all genres that contain universal themes such as family sagas, love, heartbreak, etc.. Details are inside the issue, which will be released this Monday!

Need help with your writing? Inside June’s 2015 Issue there is information about Writing to Publish, a creative writing course to help writers navigate through the writing, editing, and publishing process. A self-paced online course with lessons and assignments sent to you via email. A certification of completion will be given via PDF format for those who complete the entire course.

A list of new literary agents inside as well as publishers seeking new submissions. Must read the issue to find out the details.

Mark your calendar! June 2015 Issue will be released this Monday June 8th. 

Summer for Writing!

Writers need to do many things such as keep up their writing skills, tone up their skills to the next level, learn how to engage readers with their plot, and how to make their stories the ones readers won’t ever forget.

But where do writers begin? And how?

By taking classes that kept their minds sharp with fresh new ideas, assignments to keep them on track, and feedback to help them analyze what’s said and then transform their writing based on that feedback.

Students will learn how to transform a basic story idea into a full length novel. A novel that they can publish and sell anywhere books are sold.

Our Write to Publish course will teach the following:

– Take simple sentences and form them into story ideas.

Create characters to fit certain plots.

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– Write powerful hooks to lure readers into your novel.

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– Write dialogue between two or more characters.

– Write the beginning, introducing your story to readers.

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– Write short stories for Romance, Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal, Christian, Historical, YA, and New Adult.

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  32 lessons total this summer for writers to learn, grow, and succeed!

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The life is just buzzing here at Universal Creativity Inc. We are in the process of beta reading a wonderful romance novel called, An Unfortunate Journey.

The June 2015 Issue is being placed together as we speak. Gathering all the book reviews, author interviews, new literary agents listing, as well as the free short short stories for our readers to enjoy. I have received the author interview of a best-selling author, Jacob Appel. His interview is positively amazing. I have no doubts that everyone will love reading his interview and all of his brilliant works as well.

I was very fortunate to have had Jacob Appel send me one of his novels to review. It was called The Wedding Wipeout. This novel is very funny, well written, and the characters are just out of this world. The mystery/ humor/ comedy novel will definitely get your attention have you falling in love with this writer’s incredible unique writing style. Each of his books, he has put a little of himself into it. And once you read several of his works you will learn how and in what ways. The Wedding Wipeout is a five out of five stars novel and can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

His other novels such as Phoning Home, is a collection of essays that will definitely be read and re-read by readers everywhere. This is the one book by this talented author who pour a lot of himself and his family into his writing. I would to share more with you, but I know you will want to read it yourself. Trust me his novels and books are a must read.

There are three reviews that Universal Creativity Inc. is doing to submit to the San Francisco Book Review that are due on June 13th. We are also working on three reviews for AAMBC, which we will be featuring inside the June 2015 Issue. Two reviews for Reader’s Favorite are also being written.

As for new short stories to read, Love that Burns Part 2, will be coming out next week. Lucy Mitchell’s famous Enid story will be featured in June 2015 Issue. It will be the last and final installment for the most popular fiction piece that we have featured so far. So, you will have to sign up for your free copy in an exchange for a review and or rating on Amazon and Goodreads or buy the issue on Amazon to find out what happens in this exciting series.

Modern Girl Part 3 will also be featured next week. A sneak peek of Beautifully Flawed will also be featured next week in June 2015 Issue.

Nancy Thayer has recently accepted to do an author interview for Universal Creativity Inc. as well as letting us feature a book review or her novel called, The Guest Cottage.

Author interview has been sent to best-selling author and award winning journalist, Bruce Henderson.

Also, Laura Griffin will be doing an interview for us as well as letting us review one of her novels.

Author Interviews for Grant Boshoff, Marie Force, and Kevin 11 are currently in the works of being sent out soon. Grant Boshoff’s debut novel, The Copy, will be featured in our magazine issue as well as Kevin 11’s new debut novel which is book 2 of his trilogy series. His latest novel is called, Frankly Twisted (The Lost Files).

Universal Creativity Inc. has a beta reading program and a reader’s reward program as well. Be sure to email us at: for the details on how to enter the programs, if you missed our previous announcements.

Until next time, Happy Reading Everyone! 🙂

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The Writer’s Relief Review Board Is Now Open For Submissions—

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We’re currently accepting new clients, but first you must receive Review Board approval. Our Review Board is accepting work in the following genres only:

> Novels and memoirs

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Dear Viewers,

I don’t know how but, I finally reached my January goal of 1,500 views for just January! My second part of that goal was to then increase that by another 500 views, equaling a total of 2,000 views for just January. Do you think, I can achieve another 500 views before January ends? I am not sure, but I will try!

February’s Issue is just about ready for an early release! We have 3 more special featured articles we are waiting to place into the issue and then we can release it! Inside of February’s Issue, you will find 3 featured author interviews. One by a romance author, a science fiction/ fantasy author, and one by a thriller suspense author.

There will be a featured article writer, a writing contest list for this coming month, and a list of literary agents seeking submissions. Book reviews by both new emerging and best-selling authors will also be inside the issue. A funny sweet short story is inside for all to enjoy. A creative nonfiction piece will be featured.  There will be free writing prompts!

February’s Issue will be amazing. We have found a new layout that allows us to cover more topics and give us the new professional look every magazine has.

For March’s Issue, we are looking for poems, short stories, flash fiction, and creative nonfiction submissions to publish in our issue. We have a special featured author whose novel will be featured on our front cover and her interview, book review, and an excerpt for you all to read! We are looking for themes related to the month of March. Such as St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, and Luck of the Irish. Stories about forgiveness, loss of loved ones, and the renewed hope would also be some themes we are looking to feature in March’s Issue.

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Also, we have $5 editing cost going on now and until January 12th. All short stories are welcomed. And or nonfiction manuscripts as long as they are all under the 7,500 word limit. Anything higher than that will be charged $10.

Poets are welcomed to send in their poetry to be published in our digital magazine as well. We welcome all forms of poetry.

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Since it is a new year, and writers are just beginning their new projects, I will be hosting a two week sale of short story editing for only $5.00. All short stories must be under the 7,500 word limit. Any thing higher than the 7,500 word limit, will cost $10.00.  All stories must be double-spaced, and written in English. The stories must be emailed to: . All payments will be made using PayPal and sent to: .  Both fiction and nonfiction are welcomed.

Can I do it?


                                                                     Can I do it?

I have beaten my October’s status for viewers and likes, but can I beat my August status? That is still left to be determined. There are only 5 days let to December. I am hoping that I can pull off another 100 or more views and followers. Or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

So, I have been busy this month. I wrote to short stories. One is 1,361 words and the other is 1,427 words.  I feel accomplished. For me it was hard to continue writing to finish what I started. But these two stories were easy for me. They are short,funny, and sweet.

I am currently working on the next short story. As soon as it’s finished, I will post it on here to share with you all. I hope you all have enjoyed the previous two short stories. I have one writing project that still needs more chapters before it’s finished. And I have an idea for another writing project for later.

This month is good for sleeping in and relaxing. I been super lazy. I am still working on my Human Resources Diploma course and I have a manuscript to finish editing. Plus, I have ten more book reviews to post for you all to read! I can’t wait to begin posting them all for you! The books are exciting, funny, and irresistible.

Have you ever heard of Interlink Publishing Group? They are an independent publisher of adult fiction & nonfiction. Check them out at: .

Have a Happy New Year!

Author Interview: Richard D. Mellinger Jr.

Displaying IMG_1897_crop.JPG    

– What inspired you to start writing your novels, such as Harold and the Purple Wormhole?

Each novel has had a different inspiration. When I first started writing Harold, I was working on my senior thesis for my BS in physics at Cal Poly SLO. The project involved general relativity and, as I tend to do, I spent a lot of time thinking about wormholes. One day, in response to musing about where wormholes might come from, I though “Well, to make a wormhole, clearly you need a giant worm, duh…” This is the essence of Harold and the Purple Wormhole. After I finished chucking about how silly the idea was, the story had taken hold and demanded to be written, and so it was.

– Can you tell us readers a little bit about Harold and the Purple Wormhole?

Dr. Nenad Conroy is a brilliant scientist that wants to travel by wormhole, so he creates a giant worm that can tear holes in spacetime; this worm’s name is Harold. The two of them go out to test Harold’s abilities. Due to a disagreement and a mishap, they end up in pre-Arthurian England where they get their fair share of adventure trying to get home and learn about the true origins of the myth of wizards.

– What type of short fiction do you write?

My short fiction ranges in length from 60 to about 8,000 words. Some of it is science fiction, some of it is horror, much of it is just plain silly, a few are thought-provoking; all of them, though, are character-driven, as the characters are the most important part of any story.

– Who is your favorite character from your latest novel? And why?

I love all my characters, but forced to pick a favorite, I’d have to go with Harold. Harold is this huge, super-cognitive worm that can manipulate the fabric of spacetime with his brain and visualize eleven-dimensional maps, but he acts like a huge puppy. I think it’s hard not to want to scratch his head and call him a good boy.

– Which one of your short stories was the hardest one to write? And why?

I have a hard time writing from the point of view of a woman. As soon as I realized that I was making a great deal of my characters male simply because it’s easier for me to get into their heads, I started trying to make more of my protagonists female, because I like the challenge. I have one short, Tittle Attraction (available on my blog), that was pretty tough for this reason. The narrator wasn’t only a woman, but she was also a lesbian. Getting her voice down was rough, but the harder the character is to write, the more fun I have trying to get it, so it ended up also being one of my favorites.

– Which one of your short stories did you enjoy writing the most?

This is a tough question, because I get a certain amount of satisfaction from having a clever flash fiction idea and sitting down to write it before I even finishing giggling about it (House Rules is a perfect example of this). However, like I said before, I also really love the process of digging around looking for the right way to tell a story. I think, with that in mind, that I probably had the most fun writing The Great Hat Caper and Tittle Attraction of all my short fiction.

– How many short stories would you say you have written so far?

There are about 55 short stories on my blog. I’ve written a few more that can’t be found there, but that’s mostly because they aren’t any good, so I say that they don’t count.

– What advice would you give to other writer that also write short fiction?

My advice to writers is and always has been to write. Stop worrying about how it is going to turn out, stop waiting for the perfect idea, just write and read a lot. If you decided you like some other idea better, you can always put your current project aside, but you can never go back and recapture all the time that you didn’t spend writing.

At first your writing is going to be crap, don’t worry about it. I have a whole novel (possibly two?) and a pile of short stories that will never see the light of day. These stories were not a waste, because I learned about myself and my craft while making them.
Keep writing
, it will get better. If you love writing, it will be worth it.

– From reading your short stories, I can tell the use of dialogue is perfect. Any tips for other writers?

This is going to sound a bit creepy, but I spend a lot of time watching people. Not peeping-through-the-window sort of watching, but when I’maround people I watch them. I listen to how they interact and pay attention to how and when they talk. I think this helps a lot. At the very least it’s entertaining, because people are weird.

So, my advice about dialogue is this: to emulate people’s speech, you must observe people speaking. Also notice how rarely people actually finish their thoughts or speak in full sentences. Sometimes they just…

– What is your latest writing that you are currently working on?

One of my other novels, Molehills of Mountains (currently unpublished), is about a vole that takes on a maniacal cyborg mole, a remnant of the long since passed human wars. The mole has his mind set on the destruction of all the rodents in the valley and Viktor the vole, being a rodent in that valley, doesn’t like that plan. I’m currently writing the sequel, which doesn’t yet have a title other than Neven, which is the name of the protagonist.

– When is your book, Harold and the Purple Wormhole coming out?

That’s a complicated question. I signed my contract with Divertir Publishing back in July. There is some editing and cover designing going on and it all depends on how long that takes. The people at Divertir pride themselves on putting out high quality novels, so it will take a little while still, but the wait will be worth it.
As soon as I know a release date, you can bet it will be all over my blog, twitter, and facebook.

– What genre would you say your writing falls under?

My writing is all over the place. Being a scientifically-minded person, I think that there is a scientific slant to all my fiction, but I would put very little of it squarely in the sci-fi category. Some of it is a bit fantasy, a little of it is horror, some of it masquerades as literary, all of it is kind of strange. I wish “kind of strange” was a genre.

– Who is your favorite author? And why?

This depends on my mood. I can answer with my top three though: Kurt Vonnegut, Christopher Moore, and Stephen King.
The way Stephen King puts words together just works for and inspires me. He is brilliant, and his stories are great, but his manipulation of the language to get into the reader’s head just amazes me.
Kurt Vonnegut is more of an idea man for me, his writing is phenomenal, his characters are ready to crawl off the page, but what really gets to me with Vonnegut are his overall storylines and how wonderful they are.

Christopher Moore… what more is there to say about Mr. Moore. Just go read his novels and you’ll get it. The man is a master.

– What books, besides your own have you read?

I read a good deal. I like to switch it up: sometimes I read horror, sometimes I read science fiction, sometimes I read fantasy, and I love my classics. I’ll read just about any genre as long as its well written and interesting. I also read a fair amount of nonfiction in the form of research.

I’m on Goodreads (, if anyone is interested in exactly what books I read. I only joined recently, so it doesn’t have every book I’ve ever read, but I put them on there as I remember.

– Would you say that reading is important for those wanting to be authors one day?

Yes. Reading is critical, there are no two ways about it.

– Where can we find your collection of short stories?

You can find a lot of my short stories on my blog ( I try to post a new short or comic at least once a week. Often times at 3 pm (PST) on Tuesdays. There is also one piece of my flash fiction that was featured on onJune 17th.

– Where can all of us readers buy your book that is being published by Divertir Publishing?

Divertir sells books on their website ( and on Amazon.

I’ll post on my blog and twitter when I know a release date.

– Are there any other books you are working on? If so, can you tell us a about them?

Aside from the sequel to Molehills of Mountains that I mentioned above, there is another novel in the works. Eponym has been written and is in the beta reader phase now. In Eponym, an attempt to combat global warming by Dr Alexandros Florian goes horribly wrong and turns the earth into a desert. The novel is the story of his son, who shares his name, trying to survive in the remnants of society several years later.

–  Your characters come to life right off the pages! How did you write such stunning yet realistic characters?

Thanks! That is, in my opinion, one of the greatest compliments that you can pay a writer! As I stated before, I do a lot of people-watching, which helps, I think.

Also, when writing, it is beneficial to remember that though your story may only need some characters to do something very specific, allplayers in your story are still characters. They have a back story, they have a family, they have friends and aspirations, and most importantly, the story that they are living is not usually centered around the protagonist of the story you are writing, but around themselves. I make up back stories about anyone that I mention specifically in my writing… and people that I pass on the street… and random people that I follow on twitter… I think I have a problem...
My point is, though, that
every character has a story. Even though most of it doesn’t explicitly spill out onto the page, it’s there and I think that helps each and every character to feel more real.
I also recycle some of my characters. In most cases, nobody but me notices their presence, because I often don’t even use their names, b
ut they are there. Some of them are more obvious though, for example, Dr. Conroy is mentioned in Tittle Attraction as are the two main characters from Distinct Impression. Some characters will be in the limelight, others will play out their existence in the background, but they are all important.

– Did you always know that you wanted to be an author? 

I have always been a story teller, and I’ve always been intrigued by the fact that the creativity of a human mind can create or destroy entire universes within itself. I started writing on and off just after high school, but it was mostly for me, and a large majority of stuff I started at that time was never finished. I never really considered the idea that anyone (aside from my sister) might actually want to read anything I write until years later.

Now, though, I can’t imagine my life without writing.

Book Endings

Book Endings 

They do not have to always end where the readers know all the answers to every conflict in the book. 

You can end your book with a cliff hanger. Let the readers draw their own conclusions as to how your story would end if it continued some more. 

Also, if you are writing a book series and you come to your last book..wondering how do I end this? So, much more is coming to me? I want this to go out big! 

1- You do not need a perfect ending!

2- You can end it with a tragedy!

3- You can end it on a sad, happy, or angry note. 

4- This is just an idea but if, you do use the end it on a sad or angry note, you can than use that to create a new novel series.  Maybe the person who was sad or angry from your book in the end, has a lover or an unknown family member that decides to get payback to get revenge for their lover/ friend/ family member that was sad/hurt/ or angry from one of your last novels. Then this character will become your antagonists. But what happens is that the person or people the antagonist decides to go after dies.. then what? You can have a protagonist that is a friend/ lover/ co-worker/ family member of the person or people that the antagonist wanted to go after… now you have a new book with a new antagonist and a new protagonist and other new characters.  Have your antagonist’s motives change from getting revenge to loving the feel or rush of killing/ torturing others. Now the book gets even more interesting. Who are the victims? Who will be the hero?  


Creating Suspense In Your Novel

One way to create suspense in your novel and allure readers in is by having your characters have kept secrets. Secrets can cause for all kinds of conflicts to happen in your novel. 

Conflicts move your plots forward. They extend your novel.  

You can let your readers in on your characters secrets and keep them in suspense as to wonder who will find out the character’s secret(s) and what will the other character(s) that find out the secret do? 


Hope this helps! 🙂

ALERT: Short Story Writers!!!

Okay now that I have your attention.  The sole purpose of my blog is to help writers publish their works, gain a bigger and wider audience and have a place to publish their works for free to show a prospective employer one day.

So, here I was thinking! What if you took all your short stories and published them in a magazine instead of an eBook?!

Anyone who knows how to create a word document can create a magazine! There is one program I use where you can take your word documents and upload them as a file and the program turn it into a magazine format! 

Just think each month a small collection of your short stories in a magazine that you created that you can sell anywhere! And you can post the link of your magazine to any of your sites and share them with whoever you want too!!!

It’s just an idea, I had that if you wee interested go ahead and use it. It would be different and fun to do. 

One magazine program I used was Jilster. And the other one that you might like better is Joomag.


FREE Editing Service Available for Authors!

FREE Editing Service Available for Authors of short novels is now open!

The FREE Editing Service starts today and ends on Thursday July 31st.

If you are an author and have a short now that needs editing you can now have it edited for free during this time period.

JULY 28th – JULY 31st

To have your short novel edited, please fill out the form down below. State the title, genre, and page count. Also, to have your book edited, you will need to send a copy of your book in electronic form. In a PDF, or Word Document format. Needs to be 12 Times New Roman font, and double spaced.

Thank you!


Phrase story writing contest!

Use the phrase down below to write a short story, a poem, or a novel. Then send it to

Phrase to be used:
I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me…now I look around and wonder if I like them.

Please include the following:

A title.
Your first & last name.
Word count.
And what the genre is.

Use Times New Roman font.
Use size 14 font for title.
Use size 12 font for the rest of your writing.

All writing will be judged for grammatical errors, proper use of dialog if used, voice, characterization, plot, rhyming if doing poetry, & flow of words if doing poetry.

The winners in each category will be announced via email and on here. As well as all the other social media sites for Universal Creativity Inc. Also, winners will be published in the digital issue of Universal Creativity’s magazine for writers and readers.
Writers will be given titles such as:

Gold Level Author / Poet
Silver Level Author / Poet
Bronze Level Author / Poet
Copper Level Author / Poet

Contest is now open and ends 12 pm Central time on June 9th.

Best of Luck!!

Horror Fiction – Writing Competition

For this writing competition, you are to write and edge of the seat thriller, horror, or something that will terrorize your readers. This can be any length. Those with the most votes on their responses will be published in our monthly magazine  featuring them and their story.  Post you responses down below in the comment area!

Best of luck! 🙂

Writing Challenge #3-3 Cozy Mystery

New Writing challenge for our Cozy Mystery book we are writing. So, far we have written that a young woman named Susie Hayes was last seen alive walking towards the Opera House. And has since then vanished without leaving a trace. 

Now, five years later after reconstruction of the old Opera House, a young woman’s dead body has been found. The Media along with crime scene investigators announced the dead woman’s body to be that of Susie Hayes. Upon further study of the dead body investigators found a note clutched tightly in the young woman’s hand. After carefully taking the note out and reading it, the police believe Susie Hayes was seeing a man intimately because the note mentioned from a man’s handwriting on the note mentioned that he was happy to hear they were going to be having a baby and to meet at the Opera House. 

Police along with the investigators, especially Agent Anthony DeMarco, were thrilled to finally have a major break in the five-year old cold case. The only new problem was that after all this was made public, a new young woman matching Susie Hayes description goes missing. 

We also wrote a brief scene of the killer holding this woman in his place far outside the city limits. Tied up with rope in an iron chair with duct tape firmly against her mouth, the young woman struggles to escape the mad man’s clutches. 

Agent DeMarco, back at the police station receives a call about a missing woman. Then looking on top of his desk is the picture of the young woman. Her beautiful features resembling those of Susie Hayes down to every detail. It was hard to not think that this woman could be Susie Hayes. With the woman being missing for five hours, police were scrambling to ask every that new the missing woman’s last where bouts and who she was last seen with.

Write about the police asking the young missing woman’s co-workers, family and friends about where she was last seen. 

Who was with her? 

And what type of responses did police get when they re-asked Susie Hayes family, friends, and acquaintances about her seeing a man intimately? And if so, who are the police suspecting with Susie Hayes murder and the crime of kidnapping the woman who is now missing?

What his Agent DeMarco’s  discovery as he searches into the missing woman’s family history..? Could she be Susie Hayes daughter? If so, then who is the father? 

And is the father the prime suspect? If so, why would he kill Susie Hayes? And why would he kidnap his daughter?

What does the killer do to the young woman? 

Answer this in a 700 word response below!                                                                Image

Writing Challenge #3-2 Cozy Mystery

It’s now 1879, when a young woman named Susie Hayes body is found after an old Opera uvpic5House was being reconstructed. No one knows how she got there or why. And what was the cause of death?
Upon further investigation, police found out that in her right fist held in so tightly was a note! This got investigators so happy! Finally, maybe an insight as to how she died and why.

As they carefully extract the note, they read it. Finding out it was a note written by a man, saying he was happy to hear they were going to be having a child.

By the way the handwriting was done they confirmed it was a man’s writing. But that leaves the question of who wrote the letter? Who was Susie Hayes seeing that she could have had a child with? Do any of her friends and or family know of any man who had been seeing Susie? 

And if so, they need to find out fast. 

Another woman about the same age as Susie Hayes and same looks went missing the day that the media announced Susie Hayes body has been found. Now police think the have a serial killer on there hands.  Especially, agent Anthony DeMarko. He has been trying to solve Susie Hayes cold case since he made it as a detective. But there were so many loose ends. Now with her dead body, and the findings of the note he feels it will be soon when the catch the monster behind it all. 

The killer siting in his house far out the city limits is watching the television. Laughing at how stupid the police are. They haven’t figured it out yet that it was him. That he had been seeing Susie Hayes all the time, without anyone else knowing.  Now with Susie Hayes gone , he had found another woman looking just like his precious Susie. 

This woman possessed a fire deep inside her that he liked very much. Watching her squirm in an iron chair, tied tightly with rope, and duct tape firmly across her lips. No one could hear her scream. No one will know where to look for her. Just like they couldn’t find Susie Hayes til now.

Write all this and what happens next in 700 words only. Also mention a little background info on the trapped woman that the serial killer is now holding captive! 

Write your response below!

Writing Short Fiction- Free Writing Course

Assignments # 2 & #3 are posted. 

If you need any help with these assignments do not hesitate in emailing me on there. 

To access these assignments please click on the above link!

The third Assignment on there is one that will be of your own choosing. I will be helping you along the way, so that all you need to do is fill in what you want. Eventually, you will have chapters filled out and memorable characters and amazing plots. 

Best of luck! 

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