Review: Diary of a Dead Dreamer 

Synopsis: A ghost. A killer. A man. All three want to be a part of Elizabeth's life... but for very different reasons. Rating: 4-stars Review: Diary of a Dead Dreamer by N.C. Cummings is a dark read. It has a haunting theme. Action, consequences, and evil lies ahead. A young girl goes to college and... Continue Reading →


Chapter One Nothing but numbers everywhere. Dead bodies could be found every place you looked. Those that survived were either barley hanging on or buried under many who were dead. Bombs, machine guns, and terrorists were to blame. It's no longer just fear foreigners, but fear your neighbors and now family members. People were so... Continue Reading →

Madness by Me

Madness "Kim, hurry!" Carrie yelled for the tenth time. Soldiers were coming in by the dozens. So many of them injured beyond help. Blood has become a common site around here. Not just by the surgeons doing everything they can in the operation room. Us nurses have seen our fair share of the wounds our... Continue Reading →

A Short Story

                        Chapter 1       Only sounds of the rain hitting my window kept me up. I couldn’t see anything out the dark and bleary window of my compartment. Silently, I wondered what my new life was going to be like. Will my husband still want me after seeing me when I arrive at... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt

The fight has been raging for three days. The teachers on their end, toting rulers, eraser canons and textbook grenades, and the students on the other, with only school-approved items found in their book bags. Both sides have suffered casualties and people are wondering, what happened three days ago at Wolverine High that started this... Continue Reading →


All it took was just one look, and I immediately knew he was mine.The heat within his amber eyes reflected back the same heat and desire. Before I knew it, he captured my lips with his. Gently kissing them softly and creating tiny little moans from deep inside me. Who knew kissing would have such an affect... Continue Reading →

Story Starter!

Your character wants to get in shape, and s/he joins a gym.  While s/he's lifting weights, s/he's approached by a muscular stranger, who says he trains and represents professional wrestlers.  "I can tell you have potential, and I want to show you how to use it," the stranger says.  Your character thinks he must be... Continue Reading →

New Course Coming Soon!! New learning format!!

Fiction Writing (Part 1) Course coming soon. The course format will be self-paced with lessons and assignments being sent via email to students. Assignments are to be turned in to instructor for one-on-one feedback. What will the course cover? It will cover, theme, character developments, scenes, settings, act I, act II, act III, conflicts, creating... Continue Reading →

Hold on Tight written by me (finally completed)

Hold on Tight   ByDanielle Urban           ©2014 Universal Creativity Inc.Mountain Home, Arkansas            Prologue Hold on tight, he told me.I didn't think I'd make it out of there. The house came down. Just at the moment he grabbed me. BOOM!!!!The place where I was born collapsed.I couldn't shake off the feeling that this wouldn't be the last bad thing to happen... Continue Reading →


I was walking alone or so I thought. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Something was out there. Fear over took my reasoning.. Glancing around, I noticed a fury dog in the distance. I was about to go after it, until..something poked me. I jumped."Hey!", Max screamed at me. I swear my little brother could be a nusiance.... Continue Reading →

Trouble Part 2

Mandy couldn't stop thinking about what happened to her friend Rose. They were always close. They were Beatles since they were born. Inseparable. Feeling the need to help her friend by finding out what happened, Mandy leaves off to the campus. Surely, there would be tons of gossip, with truth hidden deeply underneath. Meanwhile at... Continue Reading →

The Runaway Part 3

Detective Amy Reid and her now partner Officer James Weatherson, have three unsolved murders. And a serial killer on the loose. Who are all three victims? Where were they held captive before killed? Were there more bodies to be found? Questions after questions, reporters were storming the police station. A fourth victim was found in... Continue Reading →

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