Review: The Tarsina’s Legacy

  Synopsis: Then...Grigory "Grisha" Potemkin has had a successful long association with the powerful Empress Catherine of Russia. But Catherine and Grisha are older now and face new threats, both from powers outside of Russia and from those close to them. Haunted by the horrors of his campaign against the Muslim Turks, Grisha hopes to... Continue Reading →

New Writing Course

New -Romance Writing Course Free A new course has been added. It is free for all to join and participate in. We will be exploring different forms of romance writing. Different ways to write a romance novel and how to write a compelling romance novel with believable characters. Responses to assignments are required for feedback... Continue Reading →


There are two free courses that are being offered. They have recently been re-updated. New tasks are assigned and posted weekly. The courses are free of charge. Creative Writing Course Free Writing Short Fiction Course Free Thank you! 🙂 "></

Operations Unleashed Part 2

Undercover Marine agent, Tonio Santez still suspected Cassandra Wilks. His secretary. Leaking highly sensitive documents from the company and extorting the company's money into false accounts all over. What he didn't know was that Cassandra suspected her new CEO boss as the prime suspect.The leaks were happening since he started working here. Cassandra decided to... Continue Reading →

Writing A Children’s Book Series

Today's Challenge we will be writing about Lucky going to China. Lucky and his family get to explore the Great Wall of China, and other very important artifacts from long..long.long ago. Write how Lucky causes chaos inside an artifact store knocking down an artifact. This artifact that Lucky knocked down was a very ancient,expensive, and... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenge #8-1 Creative Brainstorming

In today's challenge, we are going to brainstorm ideas for a novel. What type of Well, let's say you choose as we go along, your characters, your conflicts, your settings all your way! First, let's choose at least two characters. One good character and one bad character. Creating a protagonist and  an antagonist. So,... Continue Reading →

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