Review: The Powerful Mindfulness and Meditation 


Are you finding it hard to relax? Do you always feel stressed and exhausted? Do you feel like life is just flying by? If you do, then you’re one of many. Unending stress and feeling like you’re just constantly racing against the clock can take a toll on your physical, mental and emotional health. These are all modern day problems, but you can look to the past for a solution. 

Meditation is a practice that has been in existence since antiquity and the positive benefits have stood the test of time. Meditation and mindfulness have proven effective in combatting depression and chronic pain, and it can certainly do wonders to help you deal with day-to-day stress. 

This book will show you: 

How to find out the causes of stress in your life and how meditation can change those; 

How taking a little time for yourself every day can guide you to your true nature and change your entire outlook; 

How to create strong foundations for your practice, such as the correct attitude and intentions that you should foster; 

How to gain confidence, develop self-discipline, and strengthen concentration and focus through meditation; 

And, finally, clear, simple, step-by-step guides on simple to intermediate techniques that can help you start your practice and deepen it, along with some tips on how to develop the perfect practice. 

Meditation is a very simple practice that won’t cost you much. All you really have to spend is time and effort in building your practice. This is a small price to pay for such life-changing benefits. Through meditation, you can learn self-love, powers of concentration, inner peace, goodwill to all, and an unshakable sense of happiness. 

Meditation can empower you to experience life in the best way possible and savor every aspect of life with positivity and loving-kindness. So what are waiting for? Grab this book and delve into the wonderful possibilities of meditation! 

Rating: 5 stars


Jodi Rowena has put together a great read. One that guides readers to a stress free environment. This allows readers to learn how to become more aware of themselves as well as what stresses them. Finding what one’s motivation are helps in securing the right peace of mind when meditating. The guide is a step-by-step book that gets readers relaxed. A relaxed atmosphere that reaps benefits is even better. Physical, mental and spiritual benefits are great rewards when meditating. From learning the breathing to right body techniques, readers will become new individuals after reading this fantastic book. Overall, I highly recommend The Power of Mindfulness and Meditation to readers everywhere. 


Review: The Best Possible Answer



AP Exams – check
SAT test – check
College Application – check
Date the wrong guy and ruin everything you’ve spent your whole life working for– check

Ultra-high-achiever Viviana Rabinovich-Lowe has always had a plan—and no room to be anything less than perfect. But her quest for perfection comes to a screeching halt when her boyfriend leaks racy pictures of her to the entire school. Making matters worse, her parents are getting divorced and now her perfect family is falling apart. For the first time, Viv feels like a complete and utter failure.

Then she gets a job working at the community pool, where she meets a new group of friends who know nothing about her past. That includes Evan, a gorgeous guy who makes her want to do something she never thought she’d do again: trust. For the first time in her life, Viv realizes she can finally be whoever she wants. But who is that? While she tries to figure it out, she learns something they never covered in her AP courses: that it’s okay to be less than perfect, because it’s our imperfections that make us who we are.

E. Katherine Kottaras once again captures what it means to be a teenager in The Best Possible Answer.

Rating: 5 stars


The Best Possible Answer by E. Katherine Kottaras is a young adult novel unlike any I have personally read. This book is just as epic as The Fault in Our Stars movie was. Mega sad. Actually is was sad all the way until the ending…the ending gave off an enormous feeling just as strong the weight of grief. I can’t ruin it and say what the new feeling was…but it’s one worth experiencing from beginning to end.

Inside, The Best Possible Answer, I like the main character a lot. I easily was able to connect with her frustrations, anger, grief and other feelings. Her reactions are completely normal for any teenage girl. Yet she handled every major life situation as maturely as possible. Okay, shouting at people isn’t mature but certain times do call for it. Working a summer job, she ends up offering her summer money to her mom. That’s shows she handles situations above her teenage years. Most teenagers roll their eyes, show awful attitude, and don’t want to do more than necessary. Here, however, Vivian is pressured into doing too much by both of her parents. This sets into motion the conflict that will hover over every scene.

Katherine Kottaras’s latest novel, The Best Possible Answer, shows readers a realistic side of being a teenager. Not only that but also how a teenager goes through a traumatic experience. Parents divorcing, failing AP exams, doesn’t get into the college of choice, a secret photo popping up everywhere and a health condition that lands her in the hospital. Could the life of Vivian get any worse? Yes. It does. But that’s for readers to find out and for me to keep top secret. I loved reading it. A great novel that captures everything brilliantly. I hope this makes it onto the big screens one day. Super good. Overall, I highly recommend this read to all.

Review: Anywhere You Are



As the daughter of a music legend, Grace Davingham, knows all too well what it’s like to be burned by the media’s glare. Now all she wants is to be left to do her painting and conservation work in peace, with no intention of returning to the spotlight. But after she sprains her ankle hiking and a handsome real-estate mogul comes to her rescue, Grace once again finds herself in the public eye.

Sexy, successful, and averse to any attachments, Marcus Colby thrives on rigid discipline in order to manage both his real-estate investment company and his personal life. Marc has no time for fun and no patience for crazy. Which is why meeting Grace—and inheriting an enormous Great Dane who won’t listen to a word he says—has turned Marc’s carefully constructed world upside down.

Only when Grace and Marc square off over a local controversy do they realize how different they really are. But if opposites attract, their love is destined to bind them together—forever.

Rating: 5 stars


Anywhere You Are by Elisabeth Barrett is funny, sweet, and exciting romance. I felt an instant connection to the main characters. Both from opposite worlds yet both are the same kind of person despite the lives they live. One comes from a rich lifestyle the other works his butt off to make good money. One is happy making enough to live on while the other is stressed out from work. He doesn’t realize that work is eating at him. Until a certain woman pops into his life. A charming gorgeous woman that he can’t shake out of his mind. The woman has a supermodel’s looks but is content living with a low quiet life. An artist who enjoys life. Both of these characters will drive readers crazy in a good way.  The plot is fast-paced. I enjoyed following the characters journey. Anywhere You Are is a story about finding a love that makes one happy. Anywhere the loved one is so too will the other half be. Happy, content, and thrilling. The tale was super sexy. Elisabeth Barrett’s writing is addictive and well-done. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere.