Blog Anniversary is Today!

  Today, five years ago, my blog was started. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone feels like only yesterday. Thank you to all who have supported, liked, followed, and referred us to another author. We love reading new books and helping out new writers. Thank you!   

Great News!

I have been nominated for the Weebly Award for the Best Online Community! How exciting is that?! I never thought I would be nominated for an award like this. So, to everyone who nominated me for this award, I want to say a major thank you for making my night end on a special note!

To: My Readers (if you read this, then perpare to comment!)

I have just read another writer's post. Her post had me thinking. Are my characters believable? Are they realistic? Or are they dull and boring? When I write, I do not focus on the characterization. Which is important. I focus on introducing my characters, and their problems in the settings I have created.  Have I... Continue Reading →

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