Review: In Hitler’s House by Jonathan Lane









William Weber was on tour in Germany in the summer of 1931 when he chanced to meet a struggling politician, Adolf Hitler. Hitler soon discovered that Willy was a wealthy innocent and set out to exploit him in every way that he could. There follows a startlingly vivid exploration of inner life of this deeply evil man. In two volumes so richly detailed that they seem to have actually been created by somebody who lived through the events they depict, the private world of Adolf Hitler comes into focus in all its perversity and strangeness.

Willy soon realizes that Hitler is a monster and resolves to use his extraordinary position as his friend to try to derail his plans. In the process, he becomes a invaluable British intelligence asset and an extremely vulnerable spy in Hitler’s House. He also meets and falls in love with Hitler’s ultra-secret mistress, Carlotta Krause, a Berlin prostitute who is a year younger than Willy and has known Hitler since she was a child. As their secret love affair explodes into great passion, they both must play roles in the weird fantasy life that Hitler successfully hid from history.

In exploring the private life of Adolf Hitler, the story also by extension offers a warning to the world about such men, and a means of seeing beyond Hitler into the hidden lives and distorted psyches of many dictators and demagogues.

In Hitler’s House is the work of a pseudonymous history scholar, an expert on both modern European history and the history of the later Roman Empire.

Rating: 4.5-stars


In Hitler’s House by Jonathan Lane is an interesting historical insight into men like Hitler. The lives of such evil men leaves behind a lot of questions. What makes them into such devils, are they like that 24/7, or do they have more hidden secrets than we were aware of? This book dives deep into all this and even goes much further. I found it intriguing. A historical that goes back to a deadly terror and showed more betrayal, deception, and other sides not commonly known to many.

As a huge history fan, this caught my full-attention. Exploring into the lives of evil men and who they were really makes for an entertaining tale. One that can leave so many options. But it also opened up the lives of those close to Hitler himself. That’s where I got glued into this book. After reading some of it, I could not stop. I had to find out more. Overall, I would recommend this novel to all who love history, politics, and thrillers.

Author Interview with Brian Gallagher 

Author Interview with Brian Gallagher 

ULM: What lead you to becoming a writer?

I’m not sure I know. Years ago, I started a novel, but never finished it. Sometime in 2011, I grabbed my computer and started writing. The Vatican Protocol, more or less, wrote itself. When I’d come to a new thought or direction, I’d halt the writing and do extensive research. Whenever I came to a crossroads, I’d stop and do more research and my writing had new stimulation. It never felt forced or stagnated. I do take pride in the detail and accuracy throughout the novel. I even went to the granularity of checking the menus of the restaurants described, so items ordered by the characters were on the menu of that establishment.

The creative process is what draws me to writing new stories. I almost feel like a spectator, wondering what will happen next. It’s like a movie unfolding and I’m a participant. That makes it fun.

ULM: You’re first novel, The Vatican Protocol, had many interesting themes. Can you with us, readers, share why you choose to write about government conspiracy theories? 

I was a huge fan of Ian Fleming in high school and later, Robert Ludlum. Ludlum has been the biggest influence to my writing and everything he wrote seemed to revolve around conspiracy, governments, and religions. The Vatican is such an interesting entity that I was drawn to it. The institution portrays itself as infallible, all knowing and dictates how its’ followers should live their life. I find this so interesting because any student of history knows how corrupt the organization has been. Multiple Popes have been assassinated, the Church conducted genocide during the Inquisition, and they were in bed with the Nazis. Yet, their true believers will not accept that any of these historical facts could be true. There is so much documentation about Church deceptions, but they have remained Teflon to their followers.

When I discovered the amount of detail written about the Black Pope, I had a Ludlum-like moment.

ULM: I noticed that you have a new novel coming out soon, called Serial K. This one has a completely different direction than your previous novel. What are your plans for this series?

Serial K has been fun to create. I’m a fan of recurring characters and as I continue forward I’ll have many of the same characters show up. I’m a fan of Michael Connelly’s Lucas Davenport/Virgil Flowers novels and John Sanford’s Harry Bosch series. They are both in the crime genre and it felt natural to go in that direction. There is more to come in this series.

 ULM: Out of all your characters which one is your favorite? 

In Vatican Protocol, it was Father Battalini. I liked that he was in the inner circle of the Vatican’s clandestine operations, but battled his inner conscience of right and wrong and became the hero. I particularly liked the ending.

For those that think this novel was about Church bashing they should recognize the hero was a priest who ultimately adjusted his moral compass and represented what people of great moral character should do.

In Serial K, it is Lea Pucci. I wanted to create a female lead who could compete and outperform her male counterparts. I wanted her to be strong, a bit of a smartass, unafraid of anything. I wanted her to think, have a swagger and act more as a guy would.

ULM: In Serial K, the serial killer, is unique. What was it like creating him?

It was interesting to create Craig Breedlove. As the novel and its sequel progressed, the character evolved and grew. Much of his evolution came from the research I had to do into real-life serial killers. He started as a meek, demented individual and gradually became stronger and smarter.

When I started Serial K I didn’t plan a sequel. As the character grew, I started to think about him becoming a recurring killer, sort of like Moriarty to Sherlock Holmes.

The creation of the novel’s serial killer, along with the research into real serial killer’s, takes one into some dark places. Since Breedlove was emulating his hero’s, I had to research what the emulation would look like. That meant I had to learn what these sickos did and how they did it, to be historically accurate. Just like in Vatican Protocol, I was true to documented facts. Where I deviated from that, I had the character state what the real serial killer did and why they didn’t want to follow an exact replication.

 ULM: Will the FBI couple, in Serial K, be featured in your next novel?

 Yes. Serial K will be out in both Kindle and print in January 2017. Its’ sequel, Serial K-Returns, is done and ready to go to the publisher. I’ve held off submitting it so I don’t create confusion between the two. I’m guessing it will be in print in March 2017.

The FBI couple and the serial killer are back. In another twist, Sean O’Shea, from Vatican Protocol, becomes a prominent character. That was fun. I also think the serial killer’s vulnerable side at the end of the story will surprise readers. Again, I liked the ending. I think it’s critical to have an interesting start and a strong ending, to make sure the reader isn’t left disappointed.

My fourth novel is underway. It’s called Shapeshifter, and will bring the supernatural/horror genre into this one. It will also return to Europe. The regular characters will be back and I might bring back Battalini, but I have to watch it unfold.

ULM: What was it like connecting the Vatican, the Nazis, and the UFO’s into one novel (The Vatican Protocol)?

 It was actually seamless. When I started the book, I hadn’t figured out the whole plot. As I learned more details about the UFO crash in the Black Forest and that the remnants of the craft were taken to Wewelsburg Castle it all came together. My research, also uncovered the relationship between the Nazis and Vatican, which I hadn’t known about, and will likely show up in future novels.

 I like exposing readers to hidden facts and relationships they’ve never heard about. That’s an element I try to have in every novel and will continue in the future. I like to leave the reader with this question in their mind: could this really be true.

ULM: You mentioned having a radio show. What was that like?

 It was great fun. I had the wake up show from 7:00 to 9:00 during the week and a once a week political show. I did that for two years, while in college. I’ve been fortunate to do many “Walter Mitty” type things in my life.

ULM: Traveling to Europe inspired you to write The Vatican Protocol. What specifically in Europe would you say triggered the idea?

 I write about things I know and places I’ve visited. It’s far easier to describe actual experiences instead of making everything up. I think visiting the castles, driving throughout the European countryside, all contributed to a desire to write about it. I had a lot of detail about Strasburg, France that I had the cut out to get my word count down to 100,000.

ULM: What advice would you give to others writers?

Keep writing. Go to write’s conferences. Meet people and network. Everything I’ve done has been without a literary agent. I was fortunate to meet a publisher at such a conference and was able to shortcut the process. I don’t think vanity or self-publishing is the best answer. I also don’t think paying someone to publish one’s book is a good choice. If an author has a quality book, small Indie publishers are great options. They do most of what the big guys do, they don’t charge the author to publish and are easy to work with.

ULM: If your novels became big motion pictures, who do you see playing the leading roles?

Interesting question. Two producers asked to write a treatment and pilot for Serial K. I’ve finished both and submitted each. We’re having continued discussions on the characterization of the FBI agents.

 The treatment included suggesting characters for the different roles. Here’s what I submitted:


Ryan O’Callahan -Lea Pucci -Craig Breedlove -Butch Johnson

Timothy Olyphant- Mila Kunis- Walton Goggins -Nick Searcy

John Cusak -Mia Kirshner- Edward Norton            

Bradley Cooper -Alexandra Daddario- Michael Pitt

Ryan Reynolds -Kate Beckinsale-Elijah Wood

                                        Rachel Bison-Ryan Phillipe  

 I’ve also had contact with Nick Searcy and sent him the manuscript so we’ll see if it goes anywhere.

 The Vatican Protocol would have many interesting options for characters.                                                                                                              

 ULM:  What are your other hobbies besides writing amazing thrillers?

 All sports. I’ve always been an avid golfer. Love fishing and the north woods. I mentioned I write about what I know about and the Lac Du Flambeau homes in Serial K and Serial-K Returns have been my homes. I’ve written much of my novels at the lake.

 Huge Cubs and Blackhawk fans and I hate to admit Bear fan.

ULM: What are your future projects that you can share with us, readers, if any? When will Serial K be coming out?

 Serial K: In print January 2017

Serial K-Return: March 2017

Shapeshifter: In process

Night Sweats: Horror genre (will follow Shapeshifter)

 ULM: Where can readers find you and your work online?

 Amazon, Barnes& Noble, Book World, etc.










Review: Things We Don’t Say Out Loud




Rising star, Sheila Burkes, has a new position as the resident psychologist/radio talk show host at Memphis’s premier Black radio station, WRLM. With this new venture, she seeks to heal others by helping to guide them through their subconscious, mental blocks and into their greater possibilities. There’s only one problem. She has her own deep-seated secret that she is desperate to keep hidden; but, when all is said and done, she may have to deal with it on someone else’s terms. Will Sheila’s secret come out? If it does, will she be able to overcome the shame or will she be taken down a hopeless, dark road of no return?

Rating: 4 stars


The Things We Don’t Say Out Loud by Rochelle Walters is intriguing…readers will be lured into a fascinating plotline. This story holds so many what ifs…and the suspense of what will happen when it’s all out…keeps readers turning the pages and on the edge of their seats waiting…

It takes awhile for readers to get into the story when they should be hooked on the first page…however, good things come to those who are patient. This is the type of novel that builds up with every page and leaves readers feeling wowed by this writer’s talent. The emotional journey is captivating…readers will never know when or what happens until it happens…I loved that. Not knowing…keeps readers in the dark and that is the main attraction from this stunning read. I enjoyed reading this story and I highly recommend it to others. Beware of secrets…they can change everything or completely destroy you…The Things We Don’t Say Out Loud is definitely worth reading.


Review: Madness of Mercury



San Francisco astrologer Julia Bonatti’s life is turned upside down when she becomes the target of the city’s newest cult leader, Reverend Roy of the Prophet’s Tabernacle. Driven out of her apartment in the midst of a disastrous Mercury retrograde period, she takes shelter with a client who’s caring for two elderly aunts. One aunt appears stricken with dementia and the other has fallen under the spell of the Reverend Roy. To add to the confusion, a young man claiming to be a long-lost nephew arrives. The longer he stays, the more dangerous things become. Is the young man truly a member of the family? Can astrology confirm that? Julia’s not sure, but one thing she does know is that Mercury wasn’t merely the messenger of the gods—he was a trickster and a liar as well.

Rating: 5 stars


Connie di Marco’s brilliant mystery novel, The Madness of Mercury, is amazing. Readers will be immersed deeply into a dangerous yet luring plot of all time. A mystery that gets curious and more curious as the story unfolds. Every page is filled with humor, intrigue, and danger on every page. Readers will be kept guessing at the events get stranger…and more dangerous. One life is taken…another claiming someone else claiming another is after them and soon Julia’s life is full of things she never saw coming. Could Mercury be behind it all?

Connie di Marco’s writing is perfect. I loved the build-up of drama and trouble brewing. There’s never a slow moment…readers will be taken on one adventure after another. The characters make this story come, to life. The ladies are funny, sweet, and addictive. There’s something weird going on…and Julia is going to try and solve it. Julia is a modern woman whose life is now full of absolute craziness. The events and people will leave readers laughing and coming back every time. I enjoyed reading this cozy mystery and I highly recommend The Madness of Mercury to readers everywhere.

Book Review: Nirvana by J.R. Stewart

Nirvana by J.R. Stewart is a masterpiece unlike any other I have ever read. Readers will instantly be drawn into this stunning high quality of fiction with many interesting themes to keep readers hooked all night long. J.R. Stewart’s novel takes reality and evil to a whole new level.  The plot is complex, fast-paced and intriguing. Suspense that leaves you breathless and your adrenaline pumping like a roller coaster ride at a theme park. Readers will never know what to expect next with this talented writer. I definitely recommend this bone chilling read to readers everywhere.

Nirvana is the most captivating novel of all. Nothing is what it seems. Nightmares will seem like a thing of the past, after reading this story. The first book in a trilogy series, readers will see tons of technology as they follow the characters. Technology takes over life. Simple things we don’t take for granted are gone and the danger is very real. Nirvana is a place where virtual reality is taken to new heights. Follow Larrisa on her search for whether or not her husband, Andrew, is still alive or hiding within Nirvana and why. Many people want her to believe he’s dead and make his death a reality just by signing a piece of paper. But, then there’s Serge who has secrets and desires that may help Larissa find the truth. J.R. Stewart’s fictional world is one that will be remembered for a life time. For fans of Avatar and Hunger Games, this is for you. I can’t wait to read the next brilliantly well-written book in this intoxicating new series. I loved reading Nirvana. Overall, I rate this spectacular work five out of five stars.

Book Review: Smart but Dead by Nancy G. West

Smart But Dead (An Aggie Mudeen Mystery) by Nancy G. West is one of the funniest yet most intriguing novels readers will read. The main character Aggie is nothing but a funny, sharp witted woman who makes solving mysteries a fun and suspenseful adventure. Readers will feel excited and laugh all the way until the end. Nancy . West’s Aggies Mystery series is the best humor/mystery fiction that I have read. I have read her entire series thus far and I highly recommend other readers around the world to do so as well.

Smart But Dead by Nancy G. West takes readers deep into Aggie’s character. Here we are learning about aging and her encounter with a college professor who so happens to be working on a project related to aging. Aggie wants to learn more about what her professor is doing for her column about aging. However, it appears that her professor isn’t much of a help. He can’t even remeber her name right. As she learns more about the project, Human Genome and DNA, the more Aggie is determined to stay young. But soon, there’s a dead corspe on campus, and her curious nature of prodding into an investigation leads her on a rush to solve the gave before her detective friend does. Will Aggies manage to get off as the prime suspect to solve the case an stay off the list as the next dead corspe on college or will it be too late for a noisy wannabe detective? I loved reading this brilliant yet well written story. Readers everywhere will love it the moment the read the first page. A perfect way to spend any day, reading up on the next case that Aggie handles. Overall, I rate this a five out of five stars.

Book Review: A Love Story for a Nation by Mark Sasse

A Love Story for a Nation by Mark Sasse is one of those novels that readers won’t ever forget. For fans of The Fault within Our Stars, this is a must read. Though the plotlines differ it holds the same value and hearlt melting power as the famous book turned movie. I found the mystery of the plot incredible. The scenes and history all wrapped into one another was something that made this quite an exceptional read. I received this novel in exchange for an honest review and I have to say, I am pleased to have had it passed into my hands. This story will take readers deep into the plot and leave with breathless like one feels after a roller coaster ride. After one ride you want to go again and again. The same applies to A Love Story for a Nation. It lures you in and grips onto your mind and heart and doesn’t let go until the very end. By the the time you reach the end you will be waiitng for the next stunning well written adventure by Mark Sasse. It’s the first time that I have read any one of his novels and now, I plan to read each one of his previous novels before this one.

A Love Story for a Nation is about a writer how has suffered great loss. He lossed a son before he was born, and then to lose his wife. His wife has made Gerald Sanpantri pick up his pen and to begin writing once again. He finds a note from his wife telling him to smile and he does exactly that. It’s one amazing emotional action packed thriller that will keep readers turning the pages and asking when the next novel is coming out for reading. I was stunned at how remarkable the story turned out to be. Loss, love, danger and the meaning of courage can all be found as secrets are unveiled. Definitely, would recommend this novel to readers world wide. Highly engaging read that all readers will love. Overall, I rate A Love Story for a Nation a five out of five stars.

Book Review: A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn

A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn is exactly that. Readers will be lured into a curious beginning of events that will keep them even more puzzled as the characters go about finding the truth. A romantic mystery thriller that readers everywhere will come to love. The plot is fast-paced, complex, and suspenseful. I could hardly put the novel down. The cover of this stunning read intrigued my interest. It made me wonder what the woman was up to and where she was headed. Little did I know…that the mystery was greater than I had imagined.

Deanna Raybourn’s debut novel, A Curious Beginning, is one that should be read by every reader. This brilliant novel has it all. Action, intrigue, and love. Two characters are brought together by one man, who promises to give them the truth about something one of them didn’t know. Then he’s murdered and the two are left running for their lives while trying to figure out what the man was going to tell them before he was killed.  Can they find the uncover the truth before it’s too late?

A Curious Beginning is a one novel I highly recommend to readers. You won’t be disappointed once you open up to the first page. Excitement and adventure are awaiting every reader. Read on and discover the journey of two curious individuals. Overall, I rate Deanna Raybourn’s novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: A Thorn Among the Lilies by Michael Hiebert

A Thorn Among the Lilies by Michael Heibert is an astounding masterpiece that readers everywhere will enjoy. A woman who goes out and beyond to solve cold cases that continue to share the same patterns. Eyes sewn shut. This brilliant novel will take readers deep into a serial killer’s path where suspense and danger are more real than what Detective Leah Teal thought. After a psychic tells her that she can solve cases to prevent more deaths, Leah doesn’t believe it until cases are brought to her that lead to deadly chase after a killer. Michael Hiebert’s story will leave readers gripping their seats in fear and sweat. I enjoyed reading Detective Leah Teal goes about solving the cold cases and trying to catch the killer before it’s too late. Shivers will definitely travel down your spine as the chilling plot unfolds.A highly intensifying read that will keep you up all night long reading. I strongly recommend reading A Thorn Among the Lilies and rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Ghost Image by Ellen Crosby

Ghost Image by Ellen Crosby is a dynamic thriller that will have readers coming back for the next incredible book in this intensifying series. A freelance photojournalist who is friends with a a Franciscan Friar is set out on her most dangerous task of all. Right before her friend, Brother Kevin Boyle, is found dead he shares with her details that someone is after him for something he stumbled upon. After his death, Sofina Medina takes on the task to find out what he found and race against his killer. With a botanic discovery worth millions and a dangerous web of politicians, diplomats, and European royalty, Sofina has her hands full. Can she find out who killed Kevin and why before it’s too late?

Ellen Crosby has masterfully woven history, politics, and international issues inside one fascinating novel. Ghost Image is a must read for all. Intrigue and suspense at every corner, readers will love this fast-paced action thriller mystery. The realistic inside scope into the a royal family and the hunt of finding a international treasure is definitely worth reading. Ellen Crosby has beautifully put together a dangerous and addictive read together that readers won’t forget. For those who loved Titanic, this is for you! The character Sofina is one that all readers can easily relate too and fall in love with as she travels trying to piece together the murder of her friend. Overall, I highly recommend Ghost Image to readers everywhere and rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Spiraled by Kendra Elliot

Spiraled by Kendra Elliot is exactly that. For FBI agent Ava McLane, her world goes spiraling out of control fast when her troubled twin sister reappears within her life and then fate traps her in as a witness to a crime happening within a mall. Ava is trapped without her gun as the shooters begin shooting random targets within the mall. But that is just the beginning of all the chaos. These shooters are brothers who have committed random murders all over Oregon making everyone afraid of them. Why they randomly kill others before taking their own lives is a mystery that Ava’s boyfriend Mason Callahan can’t figure out. Plus, he has to figure out a way to save innocent lives and the Ava, the workaholic, before she spirals off the edge. But will he make it in time or lose her completely?

Kendra Elliot has a well written mysterious thriller that plunges readers deep into the action and murder. Why are the crimes random or do they just appear so? And why has Ava’s sister come back now when there’s so much danger? Can Ava’s troubled sister be the key to it all? These many more questions are left swirling into the minds of readers as they continue to read. Suspense hanging high on every page. Readers will love the fast-pace and heart wrenching moments that will leave your heart pounding with what ifs. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Spiraled and looked forward to reading more novels in the future by this author. Overall, I highly recommend it and rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review; Boderline by Liza Marklund

Borderline is a new novel that takes thrillers to a whole new level. Annika Bengtzon’s leads from a web of lies and violence take her face-to-face with a dangerous enemy. Annika worked as a newspaper correspondent in Washington DC and when she returns drastic events start happening with four murders and officials thinking there is a serial killer but Anna doesn’t think so and soon her husband is in danger and the bad guys are killing their victims one by one because their demands have been denied. Can Anna save her husband, solve who is behind the killings, and come out of it alive? Or will she be the next victim?

Liza Marklund is a New York Time best-selling author. And when reading her marvelous fast-past action thriller, readers will know why she is number one. Borderline will leave readers gripping their seats as the events in this highly anticipated novel turn deadly.Readers will be stuck in suspense as they read further into the stunning plot. Characters will pop off the pages bringing to life the horrors from within the story. Beware, this is one thriller that will send shivers down your spine. A gripping and must read novel, I highly recommend this to readers everywhere. You won’t want to put the novel down until you finished every last page. Overall, I rate Borderline a five out of five stars..

Book Review: Lilac Lane by Ann Swann

Lilac Lane by Ann Swann is a must read novel. A mystery thriller that catches readers from the beginning and lures them deep into a dark and luring world of intrigue. A woman name Ella and her son mange to escape her husband anger but for how much longer? Her and her son are free from danger until her husband is released from prison. Ella chose to move her son to Stutter Creek to begin their new lives. Once there, Ella meets a new man. A biologist name Chet Boone. Someone suddenly keeps driving past their home at night? Is it her husband or someone else? I loved reading this novel. Definitely keeps you guessing as to who really is causing the mayhem and what will happen next and why. Readers will become addicted to Lilac Lane due to the sense of adventure and the lurking of danger nearby. Every page is filled with suspense that will keep readers reading all night long. Ann Swann knows how to captivate her readers and what they like in a thriller. Her words paint vivid images of her story that come to life with every chapter. A fun and compelling story that readers everywhere will not want to miss out on reading. Overall, I give this novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: A Treacherous Trader by Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs

A Treacherous Trader is a must read mystery for all! Both Ellery Adams and Parker Riggs have created a fantastic world full of intrigue. This fascinating story is aboout a reporter getting ready for her big day. She has promised everyone that she will stear clear of any murders and crimes. But little does Mollie Appleby know that fate has more murders and crimes ahead for this woman. Mollie has a knack for falling around trouble. Trouble always fids her and now it’s up to Mollie to help solve the murders before her big wedding day. Mollie was suppose to go see her photographer when she finds him dead. As Mollie tries to solve the death of her dead photographer, another dead body shows up. This time it leads to the woma whom she was going to buy a vintage wedding dress from. Is this woman the killer or is it soemone else? And does the vintage dress have a connection with the previous two murders? Will Mollie by able to crack the cases before her big day? She still needs to do shopping and other tasks, can she do it in time? Or will the killer get to her before she says,”I do” ? I definitely recommend reading this novel. It will lure ou deep in a place where mysteries are bound to pop up everywhere. I enjoyed reading A Treacherous Trader and give it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Stiff Penalty by Annelise Ryan

Stiff Penalty by Annelise Ryan is  must read mystery thriller. This story is highly unusual for its kind making it the number one novel that readers will want to read. The story is about a pregnant woman who is a deputy coroner is out on the prowl as to who stabbed a math teacher with a barbecue fork. The weapon was straight in the heart. Why would someone want to kill a high school math teacher? And who had any motives to do so? Mattie also has her own problems. One being pregnant and having her estranged father following her around. Can Mattie solve the murder case before someone decides to kill and her unborn child? And even with all the evidence pointing to the dead teacher’s son as the killer, will Mattie be able to clear him or find him guilty? I highly recommend readers to pick up this brilliantly yet stunning novel to find out what happens next. Mattie Winston is no ordinary sleuth. Overall, I rate Still Penalty a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Southern Spirits by Angie Fox

Angie Fox has created the best mytery suspese novel that I have ever read. The plot will hook and captivate readers into this fun, addictive, and suspenful world. I loved reading this novel and the characters are so compelling. Such as graphic desginer Verity Long. She moves into an old and very haunted house and accidenty releases a ghost onto her porperty. Tis ghost is now trapped and stuck in the here and now. Verity Long has made a new friend with this ghost helping her along the way. But that is’t all. Verity has now gained the ability to see spirits. Ellis Watts hires Verity to chase aways the bad spirits on his property. And Verity soon finds herself in more than just restless spirits that are casing a distrubance. What is she going to do and how will she solve the issue before it gets to her next? This novel, Southern Spirits, is a must read for all. A novel that has it all. The intrigue, suspense, and thriling adventures are waiting at your fingetips. Overall,  I rate this amazing incredible story a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Blood Moon by Alexndra Sokoloff

Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff is astounding. Her creative talents have lured readers to award nominated FBI series. This story is mysterious, thrilling, and enough intrigue to keep readers hooked forever.  Twenty-five years since the slaughtering of three families. And only one survived. This one lone survivor was a child. But now is a main suspect on the FBI radar. Can the trained FBI member solve the case of the new murders, keep an eye on the suspect while wanting to  protect her, and maintain a professional distance away from her? Or will this lone survivor trick  the FBI agent into becoming more than friends with her only to lure him deep into a devastating trap? Is she the killer the FBI  suspect her of being? Or is the real murderer out there toying with her mind and the minds of the FBI? Alexandra Sokoloff has a stunning FBI series that will leave you breathless and wanting to read every book in this bone chilling and suspenseful series. I loved reading this novel and I know many others will find it just as incredible as I did. A world of fast pace adventures, murder, and mystery all in one. A must read novel. I recommend reading this novel. I rate it a five out of five stars.

New Agent Looking for Submissions

I found this info on Writer’s Digest Website and I wanted to share it with you all!


About Genevieve Nine: Genevieve has had a lifelong love affair with books. Her tastes are eclectic, ranging from the classics to quirky. She’s drawn to the fantastic, the curious, and the unexpected. Genevieve is looking to represent authors who weave layered tales with well-developed worlds and characters who threaten to burst from the page. She appreciates smart and original plots with well-crafted twists. And no matter how zany or diabolical, every character should be undeniably human at heart. Follow Genevieve on Twitter (@GenevieveNine).

(11 literary agents share what NOT to write in your query letter.)

Genevieve joined Andrea Hurst Literary Management as an intern in 2012. She has a background in professional editing and gets great satisfaction from developing authors. She’s a Creative Writing MFA candidate at the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, holds a Certificate in Children’s Writing from the University of Washington, and graduated with honors and a B.A. from the USC School of Cinema & Television. When not reading or writing, Genevieve enjoys watching her Sherlock DVDs, planning future travels, and embarking on culinary adventures. She and her husband live in Seattle with their two naughty cats, Selkie and Napoleon.

Within young adult and middle grade, she’s looking to acquire:

Fantasy (open to all subgenres except game-related)
ŸScience Fiction
ŸHistorical Fiction
ŸRetellings (classics, fairy/folk tale, myth)
ŸContemporary Realism (especially with elements of humor)

She also represents the following adult and new adult categories:

ŸMystery (detective/PI, amateur, cozy, historical, comic, caper)
ŸThriller (supernatural, historical, disaster, ecological)
ŸGothic/Hauntings/Quiet Horror
ŸHistorical Fiction
ŸRetellings (classics, fairy/folk tale, myth)
ŸRomantic Comedy
ŸMagical Realism
ŸFood Memoir
ŸTravelogue/Travel Memoir

(The One Big Reason Some Blogs Succeed, While Others Crash and Burn.)

She is not seeking:

ŸHard SF/Military SF/Space Opera
ŸGraphic Horror
ŸReligious Fiction/Nonfiction
ŸShort Stories

Submission Guidelines: Email queries only. ŸNo attachments. ŸInclude “Query: Book Title” in the email’s subject line. ŸPaste the first ten pages of manuscript below your query. ŸPlease state if manuscript has been previously self-published. ŸPlease state if query is a multiple submission and inform Genevieve if the project becomes no longer available for representation.

Writing Challenge #4-2 Thriller Suspense

images (9)    In the first part of the Thriller Suspense writing challenge, we wrote about a woman who came to realizing with an instant panic that she was trapped in a small dark place with something being piled on top of her. The only other thing she can hear is the evil laughter from above each of her breaths keep getting more shallow…she closes her eyes screaming as loudly as her lungs would allow her. 
Chloe Sanders a full time novelist is struggling with finding something to write about that would make her a bestseller.After having gotten the idea to write about a current police investigation into a ficticious novel, Chloe starts her own investigation into the death of a woman found dead in a grave that was suspose to be used for another person. What Chloe doesn’t realize is that she is putting her life into the hands of a serial killer.  Write in 700 words about:
Chloe disgusing herself as a reporter and steps into the police station to ask agent Luke Simmons about the dead womans case.
Luke sitting in his office waiting for a fake reporter to come by asking questions about the most recent police investigation perked his interest. Why would a novelist like Chole Sanders fake being a reporter? What is her interest in the case and why? Doesn’t she know she is playing a dangerous game. The murderer of the dead woman’s body in found at the grave was a crazy yet highly dangerous. Buring a woman alive..Shaking his head he didn’t know what to make of Chloe’s interest in the case.
Chloe being directed towards Luke’s office knocks before going in. Luke not believing his eyes couldn’t believe how much prettier Chloe Sanders looked when dressed in a low v-neck top exposing a peek at her beautiful cream colored skin, the snug tight jeans showing off her long shapely legs, and nicely shaped butt….
What man would turn down a chance to be with her.
After spending forty-five minutes answering questions and asking them, Chloe thanks agent Luke for his time and starts heading out when he offers to take her home. Just to make sure she gets home safely and not as the next victim.
Write about Chloe asking the dead woman’s friend about the last time the dead woman was seen alive and with whom. Also, mention how after questioning that friend of the dead victim that the friend ends up as the next dead victim.. buried alive just like her friend.
What is Chloe’s reaction? Does she give up her own investigation? Or does it make her more determined to find out the truth? And what does agent Luke do when he finds out that Chole Sanders intereviewed the new dead victim? How does he feel personally about that? Write all this in 700 words in the comment space below!

Writing Challenge #4-1 Thriller Suspense




In today’s writing challenge, we will be writing a thriller suspense novel. Using only 700 words we will write about: A woman is instantly filled with panic as she comes to, realizing she’s trapped in something dark, fighting with her life to get out, she hears evil laughter from above as something keeps hitting what she’s trapped in. Fear taking over her as she realizes her attempts are worthless as each of her breaths keep getting shallower. Closing her eyes, she screams as loudly as her lungs will allow her to, but no one hears her except the one with the evil laughter….

Chloe Sanders, is a full time novelist, working on building her platform as a strong writer. Currently her books are selling but not in the huge way she expected. Feeling hopeless, she turns to the Newspaper hoping upon hope that she can find something to get her selling as a best seller. Glancing at the first page, she reads about a woman being buried alive found at grave that was going to be used this afternoon. But due to the finding a dead body investigators have taken over the grave spot. Chloe felt sick to her stomach about the woman who was buried alive. Maybe…she, it would be wrong in every way. To write a thriller about the woman and the case the police are currently working on. It would be interesting to read in a fiction novel using fictitious names and places…yes, she can do this she thought. Chloe decides to do research and ask around about the dead woman. But what Chloe doesn’t realize is that she is putting her own life into the hands of a serial killer.

Write about all this using only 700 words! please post your response in the comment area down below for feedback!

Writing Challenge #2-3


Western Writing Challenge Part 3: Using only 600 words describe what both the cowboy and his beautiful neighbor try to do to avoid each other at all costs. Make one of them the stubborn one, and the other one make a risk taker. How does this now make them want to be near each other more? Or does it make them less pleased to see the other one? 

The two boys are super quiet and do not cause any trouble of any kind. Their Dad has noticed. They have asked to see their neighbor plenty of times already. If their neighbor had been watching the boys better they never would have gotten into so much trouble.

He was afraid they had been hurt. 

Make the cowboy realize that his judgement was poorly drawn upon because of the others he let take care of his two boys.

Have the cowboy plan a way to win back his neighbor’s trust and to win her heart. But how does he go about it? Is his first plan successful, or does he make a fool of himself?

Write how his cowboy pride won’t let him give up. And how he goes about winning his neighbor’s heart and admiration with his next plan.

Answer all this in a 600 word only response below! 

Writing Challenge #2-2

uvpic  Western / Western Romance 

Writing challenge part two: Using only 600 words tell us what happens between the young hardworking cowboy, a father of two twin mischievous boys, and new neighbor, a young beautiful, down to earth woman. Tell us how she offers to help the young cowboy out with his two boys. The two boys seem to behave around the young woman. She even seems to enjoy their presence. But there is something that keeps the cowboy from allowing his beautiful neighbor to get to his heart and the heart of his two boys. Why?

And what type of problem is keeping the young woman from completely falling in love with this hardworking cowboy who loves his two boys more than anything?

Does someone keep them from getting closer? If so, who? And why?

Does the cowboy come to the woman’s rescue? or does the woman come to the cowboys rescue?

Or does something the twin boys do cause them trouble and go missing, only to have their Dad blame the woman neighbor? And if he does blame the neighbor, which causes mistrust and hurt, does she dare think that they still can have a chance at love or will both their tempers keep them far apart?  

Answer in a 600 word response below!

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