Review: Jagdlied by Dolly Gray Landon

Jagdlied: a Chamber Novel for Narrator, Musicians, Pantomimists, Dancers & Culinary Artists (color paperback) by [Landon, Dolly Gray]






This musically and graphically enriched chamber novel is an over-the-top black and blue comic extravaganza about the conspiratorial undoing of a teenage entitlement princess. The story throbs throughout with an undercurrent of apocalyptic motifs related to the extinction of art, fall of empire, and coming of the Antichrist. It is an epic farce that reads like an erotically supercharged psychological suspense thriller. The narrative takes the reader/audient on a veritable boomerang roller-coaster ride (with multiple inversions) through a reputational strip-and-whiptease of the novel’s malignantly artful (albeit ingenuously doe-eyed) protagonist: a wealthy young heiress and socialite who boasts an exclusive claim to her progenitors’ munificent estate. Her inheritance comprises an immense fortune amassed through shareholder investments in the world’s largest employment recruiter: the multi-national temp agency behemoth known as the Pleasant Peasant Corporation.

The character-driven narrative of Jagdlied explores themes of jilted love, misinterpreted motives, paranoid ideations, bombastic egos, ghoulish envy, smoldering jealousy, unconscionable revenge ploys, extravagant public humiliations, ruthless power games, insatiable greed, pernicious corruption, feigned moral outrage from all sides, and even (Heaven forfend!) coldblooded murder—all the type of stuff pre-calculated to magnetize your run-of-the-thrill-seeking bookworms and bibliophiles.

A rich repository of tongue-in-cheek nonce words, malapropisms, neologisms, archaisms, spoonerisms, slanguage, and whole swaths of unintelligible nonsense, the text of Jagdlied is also replete with irreverently lurid, salacious, and scatologic elements, which serve to set it in motion as a formidable contender for the distinctive cachet of being regarded (by cultivated aesthetes of omnifarious persuasions) as a momentously serious dirty book. It is targeted towards percipient readers and audients in possession of a well-seasoned sick and—dare it be said—cruel batch of funny bones inflected with a gallows-cum-smoking-room bent.

Whilst the plot of this story (grotesquely absurd as it will undoubtedly be esteemed) embraces reflexively cringeworthy sadomasochistic motifs, its author would hesitate to instyle it as porn, yet he would not be wholly disinclined to characterize it as a farcical parody thereof. And whilst at the same time its author is admittedly predisposed to eschew ascribing labels of any kind to this opus (especially seeing as what he has concocted is so rarefied in its formal structure that it cannot be facilely pigeonholed), it may not be altogether off the mark to view it as a form of literary neurotica (if, indeed, there is such a genre) as opposed to the more boilerplate literotica—or what in sex nazi circles is dysphemistically adverted to (in no uncertain squirms) as “filth.”

Whilst the text of Jagdlied may be read in silence as a novel in the traditional sense, it is ultimately written for the purpose of being recited by a skilled elocutionist to the accompaniment of extemporized music by ad hoc variable ensembles in relatively brief, self-contained or—depending on how one looks at it—semi self-contained episodes with the aid of a do-it-yourself improvisation kit provided in its appendix. This “kit” is likenable to a Baroque-style table of ornaments, albeit comprehending specific sets of chance operations for each and every participant involved in renditions of individual fascicles of this work. Aside from entailing a professional narrator and musical extemporizers, the score discretionarily calls for pantomime actors, dancers (hence choreographers), set designers, culinary artists, and even members of the audience itself.

Rating: 4-stars


Jagdlied by Dolly Gray Landon is a thriller novel unlike any other. Its words lead you on a journey that give a unique literary style I have not seen before. I was curious and lost within the pages immediately. The plot was complex. Dolly Gray Landon knows how to write in a way that peaks one’s interest and holds it until the end. The language was a bit bigger than my normal reads, yet it was still a good read. Due to the level of content and words, I highly recommend it for adults only. Although, I can see young adults grabbing this book and hiding away to read it. There was a combination of styles poured into this book. They add to the flavor. Reading this book takes time, but it has so much to offer. Overall, this is a rich, fun, and one epic read.








Review: Danny and the Dreamweaver


Danny is a grumpy video-game junky. He daydreams in school and has a long-standing rivalry with his neighbor.
Yet Danny soon finds himself ensnared in a bizarre dream. Controlling his dream is Nostrildamus, an odd-looking creature with a huge nose and no eyes, yet can oddly see into the future.
Taken on a time-traveling hunt to solve an art-related mystery, Danny meets strange looking artists, like Hippopotamus Bosch and Michelanjello, while Nostrildamus tries to impart subtle pearls of wisdom.
Yet, what does it all mean? And what effect, if any, will all this have on Danny?

Find out in “Danny and the DreamWeaver,” an imaginative adventure of criminal intrigue, time travel, and art history, infused into a bizarre dream that will have you scratching your head and smiling, until the end! 

Rating: 4.5-stars


Danny and the Dreamweaver by Mark Poe is one of the most unusual books I’ve ever read. The cover also caught my attention. It was strange looking and made me wonder what it was about…

Inside this intriguing yet fascinating story, was a teen who meet a nose figure in a dream. From there, the main character, a teenage boy, learns a lot about famous artists as well as life. I love art and this story covered it in an interesting way. Mark Poe was creative. His book took me on an adventure. It was part fantasy and part time travel. Educational yet entertaining. I would recommend this book to YA readers everywhere. 

Review: Chasers

Chasers by [Vivian, H. W.]



In the small town of Winston, Colorado, Shelby, Gary, and May are born with a “condition” that prevents them from walking on the bare earth. Many years later, May runs away from home, and it is up to Shelby and Gary to find her. They encounter many horrors along the way, and must find a way to cure themselves of the “condition” before it’s too late.

Rating: 5 stars


The Chasers novel by H.W. Vivian is an engaging young adult novel that will instantly take readers on an adventure. Inside readers will find a small-town with three children. Each of them born with a unique stone. An emerald. Besides that, the three are connected in a way that makes them even more special. One adventure after another happens in this exciting tale. H.W. Vivian brings together a plot that moves by quickly and intrigues readers’ minds. Once readers open up the book, it will be difficult to close it. Page after page the events spiral like a movie sending readers further into the story. I loved the journey that was presented. It was both a physical and emotional one. The mystery of who and what the Chasers are will keep readers hooked. The characters, Gary, Mary, and Shelby were realistically created in a way that is believable. Their journeys are filled with suspense, danger, and obstacles that they must overcome if they want to succeed. Overall, Chasers is a brilliantly well-written novel and one that I highly recommend to all.


Review: The Cat Factory & Other Stories



From a 100,000-year-war, in space to the everyday horrors of loss and aging, the new collection by Tim Newton Anderson will spark your imagination and touch your heart as his characters meet horror with humanity.
You will meet:
 An artist who crafts miniature solar systems
 Three youngsters in a children’s home who turn their disabilities into advantages
 A group of unlikely friends who encounter angels at their bingo club
 The ugliest cat in the world who faces murder by an industrialist seeking the perfect pet
 An unscrupulous politician who finds an internet tool to control the population
 A ‘Pataphysical scientist who has accidentally split himself in two, in a rivalry to find the secrets of life and the ultimate joke
 A camera that not only photographs ghosts but captures them
 A man facing the demons of his childhood and another who is haunted by his younger self

Rating: 5 stars


The Cat Factory and Other Stories by Tim Newton Anderson is an interesting collection of tales that will instantly grab readers’attention. Once readers open up the book, they won’t be putting it down until they finished.  Well-written, intriguing, and different. Each story within touches readers’ hearts and minds. Thought provoking. This book, leads me to thinking…what if these things were to happen…what then? Curious plot lines and interesting characters. I found this collection unique and highly entertaining. Overall, I recommend The Cat Factory and Other Stories to readers everywhere.

A Must Read Novel by E.C. Manley!

I highly recommend this stunning new novel to readers everywhere! A romance unlike any other. E.C. Manley has a way with telling a story that captures the reality and emotions of her characters in way that makes it so inviting to read. I loved reading book one in this delightful series. 3000 Texts Part Deux picks up where book one left off. J.D. and his love are having to deal with their romance from a distance. Can their relationship survive despite how far away they are? Or was their romance just a brief summer thing that will eventually fall apart?  This novel is a must read. So many twists that will leave readers wondering what will hapen next. Believable characters and a well written plot makes 3000 Texts Part Deux  a perfect story for readers world wide.  E.C Manley definitely has talents in bringing her characters to life. I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Letting Your Hair Down by Fiona Price

Letting Your Hair Down by Fiona Price is a must read novel. A story we all know but with a twist that will leave you wanting to read more. Twenty-two year old Sage Rampion is the new modern-day Rapunzel. She lives a very sheltered life until one day a naked man name Ryan comes crashing her world of tight walls. Sage witnesses him modeling and wants to warn him, but can she without getting into trouble with her grandma. The  number one person no one wants to be enemies with. What happens when Ryan and Sage become close? What will Sage’s grandma try to do? In this modern-day story, so many possibilities of what could happen to both Sage and Ryan will lure you in like no other modern-day fairy tale.

I highly recommend this masterpiece to readers everywhere. A world like our own but yet so different. What happens to a modern-day Rapunzel and her man? Will they both survive this tale to live another day? Or will Sage’s  grandma have her way with them both? The intrigue is fascinating. I couldn’t put Fiona Price’s novel down until I finished reading every chapter. Her words have a way of captivating her audience and taking them deep into her world of adventure. I loved this novel. I give it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Against Her Gentle Sword by Alan Stroe

Against Her Gentle Sword is the most exciting romance that I have ever read. The entire novel is well-written. The plot with its interesting twist drives readers forward and a new yet strange society lures them in deeper. A boy who wants his freedom and equality for his society shares his plans with a few other guys. When fate brings the boy to the arena to fight his friends, that’s when everything goes wrong. Men have to fight each other with swords to win a woman’s attraction and the right to reproduce with that woman. But if they lose, they are striped naked and humiliated in front of all. Gwen chooses the one boy to fight his friends. She loves him but she has to follow their society’s rules. Women rules against the men. Will Dario win his love? Or lose his love due to defeat and humiliation from the arena? Will Gwen still love Dario even though he is against the way their society currently is? Will they form a new society o their own where both men and women are equals? To find out what happens, I highly recommend reading Against Her Gentle Sword by Alan Stroe. He definitely knows how to attract and lure in his readers through his thrilling romance novel unlike any other. Overall, I rate this amazing novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: My Husband’s Other Women by Regina Swanson


My Husband’s Other Women is a novel that will lead readers thinking one thing, when the story is about another thing. The title made me think that the man was a cheater. But he was a man of many beautiful women. A man who didn’t want to marry and yet. One woman who caught his heart and can deal with his crap made him settle down. His new woman has to deal with her husband’s other women. A challenge that most women wouldn’t be able to or wouldn’t want to deal with and yet, Rayvon Laws has found a tough women who proved to be everything he wanted with a few surprises of her own. Will his wife Stacy try to be what her husbands wanted in all his other women or will she find out new things about herself that even she didn’t know?

I was highly surprised in Regina Swanson’s novel.  I read the title thinking I knew exactly what this book was about and then I found out that I was completely wrong. I was intrigued by the story’s plot and the well written characters as well. This book was a completely new perspective in the romance genre than I am use to, but overall the book proved to be well worth reading. I would recommend other readers to read this book by Regina Swanson. You will be surprised just like I was and hooked. I rate My Husband’s Other Women a 5 out of 5 stars.

Book Review: To Have and To Hold by Trae Stratton

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Trae Stratton’s novel, To Have and To Hold is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend reading his fabulous novel. Trae Stratton definitely knows how to keep his readers intrigued and lured in from the first page onward. I loved his characters journey of romance unfolded right before me! A beautiful and simple love story told from the groom’s point of view! This book  caught my attention because most novels are told from the woman’s or both the woman’s and man’s point of view. But Trae’s dashing novel was strictly told from the groom’s and the groom’s family point of view. The chapter’s switched point of views and kept me intrigued as to when the groom will be finally getting married. Collin MacLann  has it all. A good life and many girlfriends that come  in his life at different points in his life. Making the novel highly unique and interesting. Which one of the girlfriends will be his bride? Or will someone else be his bride? Whether you love reading a good mystery or a perfect romance, To Have and To Hold, has it all! A brilliant must read that will keep you reading all night long! I highly recommend getting a copy of Trae Stratton’s book and start reading it now! I rate the novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

A New Book to Review

Dear Viewers,

Today, I recently received a hardback copy of a novel called, Forty Acres. In this novel, a story unlike any other takes place.  A story that leaves a chill running down your spine. The author wrote a story about a place where black men who are wealthy and have high positions in life created a world in which the white men are the slaves and the black men are called “masters”.  Slavery of any kind is a chilling and horrific thing to happen. This unique novel tells us what happens when the opposite races switch positions. Now the white men are suffering through what the black slaves suffered for so long.

A black high profile lawyer makes new friends. These new friends take him to a place where he is separated from those he loves and placed in a position to join the ranks of these “new friends” or to be killed. A place called Forty Acres.  I highly recommend all of you to pick up this thriller and read on what happens next. Will the lawyer choose to become a “master” or will he be chased for opposing his “new friends” in a world so completely different than the one we all know today.


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