Novel Challenge #6

Eric Carter, an eight-year Marine, recently found out that he's a father. Coming back home for vacation, he picks up his mail. Heading into his apartment, he skims through the envelopes. Until one huge envelope addressed to him by the Human Services department catches his eye. Opening the letter he reads, finding out that a... Continue Reading →

Ready for a different topic? One that can be written as a Cozy Mystery? Well here it is: In March 1874, a young woman called Susie Hayes goes missing. Nobody knows where she's gone. She was last seen walking towards the Opera House. No one saw her go in or exit the Opera House. After... Continue Reading →

(NEW) Free Writing Course – Writing Short Fiction

Writing Short Fiction is a free writing course that will be open for all to access. It is self-paced and will help writers, write fiction in a short easy way! In this course, writers will learn characterization, creating conflicts, adding suspense, hooking readers, how to develop different scenes as the plots develop. You do not... Continue Reading →

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