New Writing Assignment!

New Writing Assignment! Summarize your novel in 500 words. If you only have an idea, but no middle or end, just describe the idea or the beginning of the story. If you don’t have an idea, describe the kind of novel you envision writing, e.g., “I want to write about ghosts who help people solve... Continue Reading →

What happens when..

What happens when a couple come to your character's office to fix their marriage problems, only for your character to be attracted to the husband of the troubled couple? How does your character go about making sure the troubled couple separates for definite? How does the husband feel towards your female character? Does your character... Continue Reading →

What happens if…

What happens if your character who is a writer, is writing a horror story and as your character writes, he/she is completely unaware that everything from the story is coming to life? When does your character finally realize what's happening? And what horrors are releashed from your character's writing? Reply in the comment area down... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenge for May

For this month's writing challenge you have to write a short story in two paragraphs using the the phrase given down below! Be sure to post your responses down below in the comment area for feedback! 🙂 "People say you can't ever go back. But the paths of a life journey are rarely straight."


There are two free courses that are being offered. They have recently been re-updated. New tasks are assigned and posted weekly. The courses are free of charge. Creative Writing Course Free Writing Short Fiction Course Free Thank you! 🙂 "></

Story Within A Poem

In this competition, you are challenged to write a poem that tells a story and also rhymes. The winner will have their work published in our monthly magazine featuring their work 🙂 Please post your responses down below in the comment area!Best of luck! 🙂

Writing Challenge #8-1 Creative Brainstorming

In today's challenge, we are going to brainstorm ideas for a novel. What type of Well, let's say you choose as we go along, your characters, your conflicts, your settings all your way! First, let's choose at least two characters. One good character and one bad character. Creating a protagonist and  an antagonist. So,... Continue Reading →

Ready for a different topic? One that can be written as a Cozy Mystery? Well here it is: In March 1874, a young woman called Susie Hayes goes missing. Nobody knows where she's gone. She was last seen walking towards the Opera House. No one saw her go in or exit the Opera House. After... Continue Reading →

(NEW) Free Writing Course – Writing Short Fiction

Writing Short Fiction is a free writing course that will be open for all to access. It is self-paced and will help writers, write fiction in a short easy way! In this course, writers will learn characterization, creating conflicts, adding suspense, hooking readers, how to develop different scenes as the plots develop. You do not... Continue Reading →

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