Cover Reveal

Cover reveal for October 2015 Issue We are looking for the following to feature in October's Issue: What's your story as a writer? As a blogger? As an editor? As a beta reader? As a publisher? Short Fiction Stories Creative Nonfiction Pieces Poetry Published a book or two? Let us know, and we'll feature it!... Continue Reading →

Feburary’s Issue

Calling all authors and poets, if you are wanting your book/ novel / poem featured in February's Issue please contact me right away at: ! The February magazine issue will be released to the public on the 1st day of February. Bloggers, if you are needing your blog to be advertised in February's issue... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenge #8-1 Creative Brainstorming

In today's challenge, we are going to brainstorm ideas for a novel. What type of Well, let's say you choose as we go along, your characters, your conflicts, your settings all your way! First, let's choose at least two characters. One good character and one bad character. Creating a protagonist and ¬†an antagonist. So,... Continue Reading →

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